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The finale is just beautiful for anti-CSers.

I mean, short of the best outcome, which would be Emma heading straight for divorce court and then back to Archie’s office to work on her codependence issues, followed by her moving on to her real TL (Regina, resurrected Neal, Jefferson, Lily, some dude or chick she met on the street, I’m down with anyone).

But we can’t have that, so what we got was the next best thing.

1) No TLK, making them the only major remaining canon couple never to have one. (Let alone that Snowing and Rumbelle have MULTIPLE TLKs.) Even a host of secondary couples–Philora, Scarlet Queen, Jaladdin, Ruby Slippers, Brennan and some nurse–have TLK, but not CY. (And they had another failed TLK just the episode before–their wedding ep, LOL.)

2) Emma has a memory of her wedding and it does nothing for her belief. (To be fair, I’m sure she was thinking “I would never be married in such an ugly-ass dress.”)

3) As the book burns, it falls open to Killy’s page (pic of him setting out for revenge, btw)–and again that doesn’t trigger anything. She literally sees him burn up and doesn’t feel a thing, setting out for Boston right afterward.

4) The beanstalk falls, and  Snow’s true love immediately warns her that David’s in danger. Emma gets nuffink about Killy.

5) Killy’s bean quest is ultimately completely useless. The bean does no one any good. 

6) Everything that helps Emma’s is Henry–his book only covers to their first TLK, and he’s the one whose true love kiss saves her after she sacrifices herself. As it should be.

7) When everyone gets back, Emma runs to her parents and hugs them before Killy.

Bonus: Regina’s hope speech to Emma includes “you never gave up on me”–which we know from Rumbelle is another way of saying “I love you.” (Killy used the line, too, back in Camelot–and still gave up on her two  days back in SB.)

In short, Killy through the whole ep:


I made a Sacred Stonesona? Idk it just happened cause I love the twins so much…

She’s a Renais castle maid who escapes with either one of the twins (I’m thinking Eirika?). No name yet. She’s a Cleric whose canon promotion is Valkyrie but is afraid of riding horses… (She loves animals but horse riding seems just…too…high and dangerous to her)

I wanted to go along with FE8 aesthetics more but I ended up designing her whatever way I wanted… Feel free to join me in SSsona hehe~

can you understand how sweet and down to earth mark lee is??? mnet can give up trying to evil edit him bc even in his interview he kept praising others, saying that he can do well (but never mentioned being better than others) and even mentioned he couldnt believe he got 2nd place. saying that he’s thankful for it. not to mention bowing to every compliment he gets.
tbh the rest of the students are super sweet and encouraging too. i havent heard anyone diss any other contestant. someone admitted he didnt expect much from an idol but was surprised and learnt that mark was also just like them, another student that likes rap. and mnet’s dramatic ass cant do anything to stop these wonderful students. bless their teenage hearts.

pumpkin-pixie99  asked:

You know, I think this is a once in a lifetime chance to really SEE Altissia. Before everything become too CRYSTAL clear. You may feel TRAPPED in Altissia, but I'm sure it's not so bad. You never know what might happen in the next 10 YEARS that might impede your coming back to this wonderful place.

I think I’ll just turn a blind eye to this one.


Dr. Julian taking care of his lizard boyfriend