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I don't know how you can be excited that SPN was renewed again. It's enough. I stopped watching mid way thru season nein. It's getting old no new stories brothers fighting again Cas off doing dumb shit. I wish it would just end.


I’m not sure what kind of response you would like. I am very much a SPN positivity blog. Sure, I acknowledge that there is some crap that they have done wrong and definitely could do better, but I still love this crazy show and especially love being a part of this fandom.  If you stopped watching during season 9, you have missed some really great stuff and, honestly, a very obvious attempt by TPTB to make some positive changes.  

Here are some of the reasons that I still love SPN and am quite excited about what stories they can tell us in the future:

Dean’s storyline - I have read complaints for years that Dean’s story was always ‘protect Sammy’ and nothing else. Well, season 9 changed that for sure. He now has a story that has forced him to face some of his deepest feelings and literal inner demons. And now Dean is poised to start the second half of season 10 with Team Free Will all united in a common mission - to help Dean. Yay for TFW love and character growth!

New histories to explore - I have read lots of comments about SPN not having any more stories to tell. I couldn’t disagree with this more. One of the best things about Supernatural is that it is not bound by the limits of either spiritual or human history. It blends the Biblical with the natural and supernatural worlds without being constrained by any of them. Just in the last couple of seasons they have introduced the Men of Letters, Cain and Able, Mark of Cain, and Oz. Not to mention delving more into Crowley’s back story as well as giving us more glimpses of Dean and Sam’s youth. Right there alone is endless story potential.

Expanding cast including lots of women - SPN with just Sam and Dean travelling from town to town never making lasting connections can feel a bit claustrophobic. But in the last few seasons, they have expanded the recurring cast to include recurring characters like Jodi, Charlie, Donna, Kate, Claire, Rowena, Hannah, and Linda Tran (notice a trend here - women).

And to take that even a step further, these women all have their own stories, make their own decisions, kick ass when they need to, and call out misogyny even when its the Winchesters that need called out. And are you aware that every episode this season has passed the Bechdel test? This can’t be an accident. It is obviously a concerted effort on SPN’s part to correct some of the mistakes of it’s past.

Character centered arcs - Castiel learning ever more about humanity through his temporary stint as a human and through his interaction with other angels, especially Hannah. This friendship this season has been really beautiful. Sorry you missed it. Not to mention now he has been given yet another opportunity for growth with the return of his vessel’s daughter, Claire. Dean has spent the last year brooding - he has had to face the sometimes toxic relationship that he and Sam have while also facing his own inner demons. Sam has had to stand up for his own autonomy with Dean but also realize that holding a grudge over the Gadreel thing wasn’t the best choice. He is dealing with the complexity of his relationship with Dean. And Crowley… well, he’s regretting the responsibilities of running hell while dealing with mommy issues. 

Writing and film making talent that still gives me chills at times - We still get moments like Metatron asking us (Cas) what makes a story? Character, text, subtext. Author or you? chills! We get Jodi bonding with and adopting a girl who was a victim of Stockholm syndrome. They gave us moments of enlightenment regarding angels and free will not to mention the repercussions of taking human vessels. And Fan Fiction treating the fans with so much respect, acknowledging the validity of various interpretations. And will we ever get over Dean telling Sam he is proud of us and Sam admitting that he lied about being OK with Dean sacrificing himself? Plus every week they are setting higher and high bars for themselves with settings and direction. We get stunning sets like the MOL bunker and Cain’s house and Jerry’s set dressings that are endlessly fascinating to analyze.

Acting talent that is a joy to watch - J2’s chemistry, both onscreen and off, is still as strong as ever and is the foundation of this show. And we are lucky enough to have actors like Misha and Osric, who bring such life to characters (that weren’t even supposed to stick around) while treating the fans with such respect and care they are impossible not to love. And, although we love to hate the character Metatron, there is no denying that Curtis has been brilliant in his portrayal of this villain. 

Returning beloved characters - since you stopped watching we have had episodes with the Ghostfacers, Jodi, Donna, Kevin, Chuck, Kate, Donna, Claire, and Gabriel. Plus we know that we will be seeing more of Charlie and young Dean soon as well. 

I certainly respect anyone’s decision to stop watching a show if they are no longer enjoying it or if they are finding it personally stressful. However, I am very glad I never gave up on SPN because, in my eyes, it is only getting better and better. Every episode this season has been thought-provoking and engaging. And, as I stated above, I think that the stories that they still have to tell are limitless. I encourage anyone who gave up last season to give SPN another look. Episodes like First Born, Meta Fiction, Soul Survivor, Hibbing 911, and Fan Fiction are certainly worth the time. 

For all of the people who are still watching along with me an excited to see season 11 confirmed, I’ll be here watching and spreading SPN posititivity wherever I can.