second one is so perf

Imagine sitting in a train or subway and you’re jamming out to Sounds Good feels Good and you’re just lost in the music. The rhythms and melodies helping you unwind from a busy day. You feel someone take the unoccupied seat next to you. You look up to see it’s one of the boys and you can’t stop yourself from smiling at him. You show him your phone screen playing your favorite song from the album. He looks at it, then looks at you and smiles. “They’re shit you know” he grins. You play along by smiling and you say “oh ya they absolutely suck ass” and then you continue to talk about the album and other music as the train car just bounces along. He tells you about what his favorite song to write was and you tell him all your favorites and why. You’re amazed by his smile and the way the sun is catching his eyes, unbeknownst to you he’s just as amazed by your passion for music.

I have never seen the full version of this photo until today and let’s I’m not disappointed