second one is a reverse of the first

You know that feeling you get when you hear a band for the first time? Where you hear the first few seconds of a song, and you just want more. And after you fell in love with them. And you just love everything about them. The songs. The lyrics. The voices. Do you ever wish that you could go back to the first time you ever heard a band? Just so you can feel that feeling again. Just so you can relive all of the amazing feelings that this band gave you.

Heavy Petting (M)


Genre: Smut, Cathybrid! AU

Word count: 4k

pairing: Jimin x reader

Warnings: rated M, sexual content, language, cat/human hybrid, (reverse?) thigh riding, sub!Jimin

A/N: part of cathybrid!BTS miniseries!

others:  Yoongi   |   Taehyung

fluffy drabble based on this oneshot

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‘Celtic’ Witchcraft

I remember in my early days trying to find resources on historical Celtic witchcraft. I wanted to learn about the witchcraft from the places I descended from. So, I searched for answers. I read book after book on the supposed witch practices found in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland (Raymond Buckland never steered me so wrong, and that’s really saying something). However, I remember feeling…unsatisfied. It didn’t seem historical or based in any pre-Gardnerian lineage. It seemed like Wiccan influenced witchcraft based in Gaelic and Gallic mythology. However, the authors of the books were claiming that it was truly historical and traditional. Lo and behold, I was correct. So then came the question “What is historical ‘celtic’ witchcraft and where can I find it?” 

First of all, there is no one Celtic witchcraft. The word ‘Celtic’ applies to both Gaels and Gauls (though it’s said that Gauls aren’t included in that term at all, but for now, we’ll use it). There are six nations covered under ‘Celt’; Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, The Isle of Man, and Cornwall. Any witchcraft that originates from those lands can be considered ‘Celtic’, but the use of that term can create confusion and misinformation. Though they may look similar at times, and though they are all witchcraft, they are not the same. Methods changed from environment to environment. The witchery has always been based in the Land. 

I’ll briefly describe the practices and lore found in each land, but it is by no means exhaustive. 


In the circles of traditional witchcraft, Cornish witchery has been made very clear and accessible with much thanks to the wonderful Gemma Gary. Cornwall has perhaps one of the strongest histories of magical practice out of the Celtic Fringe. Not only witches, but Pellars (cunning folk), were a large part of the culture. Folk magic, the basis of both witch and pellar magic alike, ran rampant through Cornwall. The Pellars of Cornwall held a very strong likeness to witches, so much so that some folklorists consider them the same. The Pellars made it a point to have a wide range of services available to their customer. That meant that they would both curse and cure. The magic of Cornwall often came in the form of small spell bags filled with either powders, folded written charms, or other magical ingredient. These bags did a number of things, from love conjuring, curse breaking, and spirit banishing to healing, luck magic, and finding lost possessions. According to Cornish witch lore, a witch’s power fluctuates with the seasons, and it was in the spring that a witch’s power was renewed. The different pellars and witches of Cornwall would also clash through reputation of power. Though they clashed, the witches of Cornwall would also gather for their sabbats, which were a strange thing to behold to outsiders. Witches, both young and old, would dance with the Devil around fires, faster and closer to the flames with each pass, and never be singed. The ability to spontaneously disappear is spoken of (which may suggest flying). Black animals, especially black cats, are often spoke of in Cornish witch lore. The association with witch and toad is especially strong here, and it can be seen as a familiar, a shapeshifting witch, a charm, or an indicator of a witch. 


Witchcraft that comes from Wales can be particularly tricky to find. The term ‘Welsh Witch’ has been popular since the early days of Stevie Nicks. This makes it notoriously difficult to find any historical references on actual Welsh witches. In actuality, there were two kinds of magical practitioner in Wales. The first was a wizard (known as a cunning man in England) and the second was a witch. Wizards were very popular and plenty in number in Wales. Their practice was based mainly in healing the ill and livestock. They also did favors, like giving love potions and undoing witch spells. One Welsh tale, however, tells about a conjuror who is unable to undo a witch’s spell on a butter churn, so the farmer must turn to another witch to reverse it. Welsh witches were thought to have great power. They were able to raise the dead, curse their enemies, and according to older legends, shape shift and fly. Observing the myth of a sorceress named Cerridwen and the legends of Morgan le Fey and Nimue, there comes a general idea of what a witch was in Wales and Welsh legend. The idea of someone brewing potions and poisons was most definitely associated with witches, but more broadly, elements of water and weather seem to have importance. Interaction with the fairies also holds a very strong importance in Welsh craft. Walking between worlds, particularly this world and the world of the Fairy (Avalon, anyone?), was a skill that many wizards, witches, and heroes of Welsh myth acquired. All in all, the witchcraft in Wales is quite similar to the witchcraft found in England, as is the interaction between Wizard (cunning folk or Wise Men and Women) and Witch. 


In Brittany, a very strong fear and dislike for witches is found that is unlike Wales. Witches in Brittany were thought to be many in number. The legends suggest that they targeted farmers especially, making sure always to turn milk sour and spoil butter. They were also accounted to be particularly dangerous and vicious. Any man who watched their Sabbat would either not be found, found dead, or found scared witless and unable to speak. The witches of Brittany, however, were also sought out by the townsfolk. Indeed, there were witch doctors to fix their issues, but the witches were sought out for love spells and favors. Witch-cats are also mentioned, which could be either a reference to familiars or shapeshifting. Most strangely, Breton witches are said to very rarely cast spells on their targets and instead cast spells on the animals and possessions of the target. Every village is said to have a local witch. Some villages are said to be completely filled with witches. Many of them carry cane-like sticks with which they cast their spells. They were also said to be skilled in spells to find things, like lost objects and buried treasure. The line between village conjuror/wizard and witch is difficult to draw here. They may choose to help or harm, depending on their inclinations. For that reason, they still hold a strong reputation in Brittany, despite it being a place noted for its skepticism. 

The Isle of Man

On the Isle of Man, both witches and magicians were an important part of the environment. The first thing you’ll find on the witches from the Isle is that they practiced much magic involving the weather and the sea. Magic was used to help the fishermen catch more fish, make sure the winds were good for travel, and settle storms at sea. A charm was made by a witch and given to a sailor that stored the winds inside. When he was at sea and in need of a gust, he would use the charm. Interestingly, the line between witch and cunning person seemed to blur here. Cunning folk were known as Charmers and Witch Doctors. Witches, however, were employed when needed. There was a perceived difference between the magic of different kinds of practitioners. Do not be mistaken, though. The fear and dislike of witches still existed. Many farmers feared the wrath of witches, especially when their crops failed and their cattle died. To reveal the witch responsible, they would burn whatever died. The person in pain the next day was thought responsible. As throughout all of Europe, witches were thought to have gained their power either through birth or through the Devil’s grace. However, witches were looked upon differently in the Isle than other places. Because of its long associations with magic, it had many kinds of magical practitioners and witches were not always considered to be the most powerful of them. Magicians, who practiced an art to compel and work with spirits and powers beyond other kinds of practitioners, were revered. They were usually compared to the image of Manannán Mac Lir, considered both a sea god and a powerful magician. The ability to fly and walk between worlds was also attributed to the witches and magicians of the Isle of Man, most likely due to the latter. 


Witchcraft flourished in Scotland perhaps as much, if not more than, in Wales. Scotland’s witch trials are famous, and perhaps the most famous among them was Isobel Gowdie. In her free confession, she detailed a story that most labeled imaginary. She spoke of fairies, elf bolts, curses, shapeshifting, flying, and lewd activities with the Devil. When comparing it with the confession of Alison Pearson, another Scottish witch she had never met, a Scottish fairy tradition begins to appear. Alison also details stories of going under the hills to meet the fairies, as well as them making elf bolts. More trials begot more folklore and legends. Stories of witches working the weather to destroy crops, sink ships, and cause havoc spread. More tales of a Man in Black appearing to future-witches and witches alike began to run rampant. John Fian, a male witch, was famed for his botched love spell, teaching witchcraft, harshly bewitching people whom he didn’t like, and attempting to sink the fleet of King James VI with a storm. Much of Scotland’s witchcraft was influenced by Gaelic legend and myth. Scotland’s witchery was not Gaelic alone, however. Norse invaders came and brought their magic with them. In Orkney, a Scottish Isle filled with witch history, the Vikings came often. Their language and culture mingled with the Scots’. Soon, cunning women were referred to as Spae Wives. The word Spae comes from the Old Norse spá,which means ‘prophesize’These spae wives told fortunes, created charms, and protected against foul magical play. The witches of Scotland, however, proved a match for them. They killed cattle, cursed babies, and brought general havoc with them. 


Historical Irish witchcraft is perhaps the most difficult to find out of all the Celtic regions, and this is for a few different reasons. The first being that many lineages of Wicca have taken Irish mythology and applied it to the Gardnerian influenced witchcraft that they have. Many times when the word ‘Celtic Witchcraft’ or “Celtic Wicca’ comes up, this is what is being referred to. The second reason that it’s difficult to find is because the witch trials in Ireland are few and far between. The trials barely touched Ireland, amounting to a whopping 4 trials. The generally accepted reason for this is that Ireland was extraordinarily lax with its witchcraft laws. Most times, using witchcraft against another person’s possessions or livestock resulted in prison time. Only by harming another magically would a witch be executed. Interestingly, many people took this as a sign that Irish witches were generally less severe than their other Celtic counterparts. Florence Newton, the famed witch of Youghal, put the assumption to rest. When a woman refused to give her any food, she kissed her on the street. The woman became extremely ill and began to see visions of Florence pricking her with pins and needles. Florence also kissed the hand of a man in jail. He became very ill, cried out her name, and died. In a Northern Ireland trial, eight women were accused of causing horrific visions and poltergeists in the home of a woman. The ability to create illusions is a trait attributed to fairies in Gaelic myth. Those fairies are said to have taught the witches their skills in both Ireland and Scotland. Irish witches were said to turn themselves into animals, especially hares and crows, to spy on their neighbors. They would also place spells on those whom they wish in their animal form. They were also said to have used bundles of yarrow and branches of elder to fly. These sticks they flew upon, before brooms, were known as ‘horses’. They were said to fly up out of the chimney of their own homes. A tale of witches using red caps to fly also appears in Irish lore. This is another example of their strong ties to the fairies. The similarity between Irish and Scottish witchery has been noted, as they both have strong ties to Gaelic lore.

Witchcraft from the Celtic lands is a complex and unique thing, changing between each of the six nations. To lump them under a single title would be to lose the subtleties and differences between each. Saying that Irish witchcraft and Welsh witchcraft are the same is a fool’s lie. Saying that they are similar is true. Shapeshifting, flying, fairies, storms, and charms are found in each. But they are different.
It isn’t a bad thing when the myths of these lands are paired with Wicca or Wiccan influenced witchcraft. However, the historical practices from those places mustn’t be overwritten. 

Write Like No One Will Read It

For the last few days, I’ve given myself some “time off” writing to get to some projects that are just for me, an essay and a short story I doubt I will ever publish but that I wanted to write because it was a chance for me to imagine a future I’d really like to see come to pass. And it has been really productive. One day I wrote about 7,000 words before noon. And I realized it was precisely because I was writing for myself that I was so productive.

When people ask me how to be more productive, they expect me to tell them about some special writing system I have or ways to organize your life better so that you use those fifteen minutes at the doctor’s waiting. I haven’t found that to be the way to become more productive. On the contrary, more pressure often does the reverse.

This is why some writers only write one book. It’s why the second book is so difficult for most of us (unless you’ve already got it written before the first one comes out and the pressure really starts). It’s why writers sometimes take decades between books. (Yes, I know it could be quality, too, but I suspect it’s fear.)

If you can figure out some trick to convince your mind that no one will ever read your book, that it’s just for you, that there’s no deadline, no fear of reviews, no worries about if it’s good enough, trust me, you will be amazed at the creativity that pours out of you.

Write like you’re a kid again.

Write like it’s a crime.

Write like it’s your journal.

Write like you’ve never been published.

Write like no one ever told you about comma splices.

Write like it’s your favorite decadent treat.

Write like it’s breath.

And it will be.

i saw annadeathglare’s post about the seven playing uno??? and my miND WENT CRAZY I’M SORRY:

  • hazel being super reluctant in using her draw 2s because it’s rude apparently
  • piper “accidentally” charmspeaking people into making the worst uno choices o m g
  • leo spamming all his reverses and skips and draw 2s until he’s left with a shitty card
  • frank being kinda pro at it??? because he’s played mythomagic with nico and nothing can be harder, really
  • jason trying to keep a poker face but he starts grinning every time he draws a good card from the pile 
  • buuuut annabeth tends to overthink a lot and ends up getting flustered and annoyed when things don’t go her way
  • leo’s such a sore loser tho, he burnt the pack once when he lost
  • piper smiles at people the whole game and it gets crEEPY and nobody except annabeth can meet her eyes 
  • “best three out of five!” percy screams whenever he loses, which is, like, all the time
  • frank has thE BEST POKER FACE
  • percy inevitably gets stuck with all the blue cards and has to keep drawing from the pile 
  • leo always forgets to say “uno” when he plays his second-to-last card and annabeth always always notices and makes him draw more cards from the pile
  • only frank can tell the difference between the 6s and the 9s
  • they always play uno and eat nachos AND ONCE PERCY PUT HIS CARD INTO THE DIP
  • jason always says “the winds are changing” when he puts down a reverse card
  • hazel being so excited when playing for the first time; she squeals when she gets a wild draw 4 card
  • percy’s so bad at hiding his cards; one time he looked up and saw everyone giggling at him and peeking at his cards. now he keeps his cards under his shirt.
  • “BETRAYER” frank screams every time someone uses a draw 2 on him
  • piper is actually really superstitious about uno and gets really whiny when things dont work out “the way the cards said they would”
  • whenever jason notices he’s losing he “sneezes” and everyone’s cards go flying and he just shrugs like oops
  • unspoken rule: save all the draw 2s and draw 4s for annabeth
  • leo screams, “OFF THE FIELD” whenever he puts down red cards
  • percy is so dramatic when he plays uno. he always sighs like he’s so regretful and says, “i didn’t want to do this..” and then he plays all his draw 2s at once
  • frank isn’t bitter when he loses but he might fly above you as a pigeon and POOP ON YO FACE
  • one time everyone was sneaking peeks at jason’s cards SO HE PLAYED THE WHOLE GAME IN MIDAIR
  • frank is actuAL SILENT kILLER, he plays so calmly and quietly and then casuALLY DROPS LIKE THREE DRAW 4s 
  • piper flirts with jason the most when they play uno and it throws him off his game so mucH
  • “why can’t you be happy for me??” percy whines every time he wins
  • annabeth keeps a careful scoreboard of wins and losses that leo wipes clean every time he gets the chance
  • hazel always starts off really well but crumbles at the end. she’s also super observant and watches annabeth play a lot and ends up getting better and better
  • “i can’t kiss you during uno. this is war,” annabeth tells percy before using a skip card on him
  • most games usually end up with cards getting burnt, getting blown off the table, or getting flooded. annabeth always groans, “let’s play twister next time” but they never do.
When Your POT Doesn’t Show

How annoying, right? You drive completely out of your way for a POT date for him to completely bail. I will say though, this is a first for me but this does happen to the best of us. Here’s how to help. 

1) Try and get there first and say you need a table for one. 

When you do this, they’ll only set up a table for one, not two. Meaning, you won’t sit through your own lunch or dinner by yourself. No one would ever guess. :) If he does come, getting another table setting is no big deal. 

2) Don’t be discouraged. 

This happens to us all the time. Think positive. Today was such a beautiful day in Arizona that I actually truly enjoyed sitting outside eating my bowl of strawberries. 

3)Try and find a last minute replacement whether it be an SD or just a friend. 

I actually tried calling one of my other ones, or even a friend who lived by to come and join me las minute. “Hey, I’m actually at _______ and was thinking of you, you’re more than welcome to come join.”  

4) Make the day about you. 

After him not showing up, I browsed the mall, got a real lunch and took time for myself. I was even happier knowing I could get to go home and do extra homework I needed to make up before the break ended. 

5) Don’t put your eggs in one basket. 

When I first started SA I only wanted one guy, but then shit like this would happen and I would freak out because I needed cash. Today, wasn’t the story because I’m like eh, I have three others. (AND FELINE FELIX IS TOMORROW! :D)

6) If he contacts you…  

Finds out his friend was in a legitimate motorcycle accident. Picture included of his friend and Reverse Google Image site verified. He said he was extremely sorry and that he would make it up to me. USUALLY I wouldn’t give this guy a second blink but we have conversed, he’s very kind and respectable. He also bought me lingerie off of prior to meeting me. 

However, be warned if you do give a guy a second chance he may end up doing the same thing again. I’ve totally been there. If you want, tell him be better wire some money to your pay pal to make sure he’s actually going to come if you do give him a second chance. 

Hope this helps
- (sbmisstaylor)

anonymous asked:

Alex Goddamn Paknadel instructed us all to seek out your take on Rogue One and I have no idea where to look. Help.

It was in my newsletter ( last year, and it’s not one that’s in the archive. Do sign up if you like this kind of thing.


I started Sunday Morning with the 11am showing of Rogue One at South London cultural institution that is the Peckham Plex. It was the last showing. It was one of the last showings in London. It’s the first time I’ve seen a film twice in the cinema since Fury Road.

I like it a lot. My one-line tweet review ROGUE 10/10 captures my basic feelings, but second time through, things are always going to change. You can’t cross that river twice. You change. The world changes. In the last month, more than most.

But I found it as effecting as first time, on average. Some bits more, some bits less, over-all similarly wet eyed. But it’s lingered in a different way. First time, I came out in a giggly fanboy rush. Second time, I’m pretty much crushed.

Being a working writer, I’m unpacking and trying to reversely analyse choices, and doing my own rewrites to make what I think the effect it’s looking for more efficiently. It’s just something I do, and have done for the vast majority of my life. It’s certainly true towards the end the tangle of game-logic makes it top heavy, and (as always happens when you explain so much) leads to even more questions . You can question the integration of all those fighter pilots into the final act, leaning into the “not a star wars film unless there’s a dogfight at the end” (I felt them weakest bits of Force Awakens, but landed better here for reasons I’ll go into…)

But underneath all that, I can’t question it too much, as I see its point and the reasons for doing so. That’s why we talk about choices, as it’s really about what you choose to prioritise. It’s all done to make the movie turn into a relay race, a chain of buckets. If any one individual doesn’t do their small thing, it fails, and the future for a galaxy far, far away is the Empire’s jackboot, forever.

This rebellion isn’t about one kid getting a lucky shot . This rebellion is about all those individual choices and moments of heroism enabling the kid to get to a place to take that shot. It is many Bothans, writ large. None of the people who died knew that what they did made a difference. Some knew if they hadn’t done it, it’d have failed… but none knew for sure. They went to their graves ignorant. It could have all been for nothing.

To that end, the ballooning of viewpoint characters becomes the point, those pilots as real as anyone else, the actors commitment to those fragments of time meaningful. And as we pull away from our cast, we come to the final scenes, with those nameless Rebellion troops being cut down by Vader, one by one. Look at the details as Vader looms out the dark. The half-lowering of the guns as each consider just not doing this.. and then raising as they decide they have no choice.

Any of them didn’t slow down Vader for a half second, the Death Star survives. Any of them.

Which leaves me aware that’s all we can do when facing fascism in the dark. We have no idea if what we do make a difference. But it may. You have to believe it may.

Imagine Sisyphus watches the boulder tumble back, time and time over. Imagine the centuries, millennia of frustration. Imagine taking a breath, stepping up to its familiar form, and rolling that boulder again.

You wonder why he does so.

He knows that, against all his history, one day maybe the boulder won’t tumble back.

Hope is all we have, but hope - whether new or old – can be cruel.

i-needed-a-new-username  asked:

Hey I'm trying to write a scene where one character is fighting using hook swords while the other is simply using a mace. I want for the fight to end in the mace user winning, however I'm having issues figuring out some weaknesses to using hook swords online and I'd rather have them win the fight in a more creative way than just brute forcing it since even though physically the mace user is stronger, they're effectively on the same level as far as actual fighting goes. Any suggestions?

You’ve got a serious problem and that problem is mismatched weaponry.

A mace is twenty six inches long.

A hook sword is roughly thirty three and a quarter.

That’s an almost eight inch difference in length, and it’s only the first issue.

The hook swords are faster with a longer reach, lighter, and there’s two of them. The blades on the hilt and the pommel mean they can still be deadly in close range, even potentially switching into a reverse grip.

The second point is these weapons were considered difficult to master, and due to Chinese traditions with martial combat come with the experience of an entire martial art behind them. That’s one of the northern styles like Northern Shaolin. The one aspect to ground yourself with about Asian martial arts tradition is: the more advanced the weapon, the later it’s learned.

For the purposes of these traditions your basic weapons serve similarly to the basic hand to hand techniques learned when we begin training in any style, and these weapons form the foundational understanding of all weapon types. We cannot battle the sword if we do not understand it, we cannot battle the staff if it is unknown. The technique used when wielding a basic staff are the foundation for those utilized with the three-sectional and so on.

European training systems don’t really work this way and were far less formalized, though it’s much more difficult to know what their training looked like. Either way, the mace has a much lower entry level in terms of skill.

Add to that, dual wielding weapons is extremely difficult and the longer the weapon the more difficult it becomes. Your hands and arms need to be able to perform complex techniques simultaneously, together and separately, with a balanced body. Your mind must track both weapons, and utilize both tactically against your opponent or the one you’re not using becomes a liability. A well rounded dual wield system will utilize one weapon (or in this case both) as a means of defense, to block, deflect, or disarm incoming strikes while the other attacks. Or, they attack together. Two weapons can blitzkrieg on a multitude of angles, strike one after the other, left and right, high and low, forcibly keeping their opponent on the defensive.

It is a very aggressive form of combat and difficult to master. When it is, (with workable weaponry designed for dual wielding) you’ve got a very dangerous fighter.

So, we have a the wielder of a complicated, unusual, difficult weapon designed for speedy, unarmored civilian combat and from a system requiring significant time investment against a guy with a mace.

Unless the one with the mace has armor and a shield, the hook swords have the advantage. They are also designed to be used in unarmored combat, and function in that role far better than a mace. The mace is a specific weapon with a very limited battlefield role as it’s meant to use blunt force to crack open tin cans.

There’s the additional point that dual wielding effectively in battle also requires a fairly high level of training, as there’s much higher risk of the blades catching on each other. Also, given one weapon is European (assuming we’re discussing the European variants of the mace) and the other is Chinese (including the information that the hook sword was a fairly rare weapon to see in use) the idea that they’re on the same level so far as training is unlikely.

Two people from two different styles are unlikely to ever be “equally matched” due to stylistic differences and training approaches. This is part of why two different people trained in two different styles are so exciting when they’re fighting because “equally matched” is thrown out the window into the unknown. And anything so far as versus with these two is merely supposition anyway as the two cultures were at very different technological points when they encountered each other.

In fairness, the hook swords would be similarly mismatched against the rapier due to its length and might be cut to pieces about as quickly. What advantages the hook swords have versus, say, a spear, are out against longer bladed weapons.

Chinese weaponry like the hook swords tend to favor circular motion, the whole weapon is bladed, and falls towards cutting as opposed to striking with the tip. The dual hooks allows them to hook weapons for a disarm, or stop them midstrike. It can also hook arms, legs, or around the back of the neck, with blades on the pommel and handguard meant to keep it’s use in range transitions.

The mace is a weapon that also moves in circles because of how it gains force, the problem is it’s slower. The heavier head on the mace is means by which it generates force, creating greater momentum as it swings. It’s not a matter of strength, but physics and not entirely dissimilar in concept to a baseball bat. However, the heavy head means it will be slower compared to a light blade like a rapier or an epee which are closer in type to the jian and also designed around the idea of unarmored combat.

The one with the mace needs a shield. They needs some way to get close enough to their opponent to bring their weapon into play, otherwise they’re just sitting there with their thumb up their ass as they’re being carved to pieces.

The big issue with weapons is if the other guy can hit you before you can hit him then you’re in serious trouble. I’d worry less about brute force. If you want the wielder with the mace to win, they need a way to get close enough to hit before any other consideration comes up. Then there’s the hook swords’ and their ability to create an escrima stick like defense with blades. Blades whose design intent is to be wielded together.

There’s nothing equal about it, the character with the mace is at a serious disadvantage. One which will get him killed in a straight fight.This isn’t the kind of disadvantage which can be brute forced through, your hero is going to need to be clever. That cleverness begins with utilizing his environment in order to limit the hook swords utility and ability to move.

The answer to dealing with the katana in a modern environment is a tight hallway, preferentially with furniture. Best case, they unsheath it and it ends up in a wall. Worst case, they’re stuck with thrusts. The katana doesn’t thrust that well compared to other swords.

Figuring out potential ways to defeat a weapon in combat begins with understanding how the weapon moves and what you plan to bring against it. It’s not statistics. It’s not physical strength. It’s not equal levels of training. Or anything outside what’s happening in the moment. You have the person and you have the weapon, and it starts by figuring out how both work together (and separately).

Any “here are two cultures who never encountered each other, who had better weapons?” question invites fanboy infighting that usually benefits no one. Besides that, while there’s more available information on Eastern martial cultures than there used to be, the Chinese martial traditions are still insular. To really understand the weapon you’d need to have a conversation with those who practice with them, preferable the masters. Cross-referencing history for when the hook swords were in use and what kind of combat they saw would also be helpful. Fortunately, Chinese cinema and Hong Kong action films will provide you with lots of choreography to chew through.

The Chinese did have a mace variant called the Chuí, which eventually lost it’s head and moved on to beating people with two metal shafts.

I have no idea if any of this helps, but hopefully it gives you some grounding to work from.


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Malec & s2 fairy tale tropes

It’s not a secret that fairy tale AUs are quite popular in fandom, but what is more interesting is that the canon too played with this trope in season 2.

I’ve counted at least three fairy tale references / reimaginings – the first two are the most obvious ones – the Sleeping Beauty’s kiss (2x03), and the Beast’s wilting rose (2x18); the third one is probably a bit harder to recognize at first sight since it wasn’t yet adapted by Disney – the myth of Cupid and Psyche, which was also used in the TMI books (as far as I can see from the book spoilers). [And also little bonus: Malec vs. the demon!dragon]

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Touchy Feely

Hi! Can you write an imagine with theo where he is really needy like always wants to hold you and kiss you , cuddle with you , sleep on your chest , make you sit on his lap even there are empty seats? I mean i think its so cute. I don’t know. I hope you write it. Love u 💓

Hello hunny! I would love to write this it sounds so cute and I love Theo :D I hope it’s what you had in mind and I hope ya like it <3

Also let me know if you want a part two kinda thing? 


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“Please Lydia, I completely forgot it was due today! It’ll never happen again I promise” you pleaded with your strawberry blonde haired best friend, your puppy dog eyes popping more than they ever have before. Lydia released a short sigh, flipping her hair over her shoulder as she turned to talk to you “Oh please.” She began with a tilt of her head “You never forget your homework, even I have asked you for an assignment or two before, so what were you doing last night that was much more important?” she pressed with a devilish smirk filling her perfectly glossed lips. Your face immediately reddened, your eyes now avoiding Lydia’s “I don’t know what you mean” you lied terribly through your teeth. She opened her mouth to speak, doubt filling her face as she knew you were lying, but something stopped her; Her eyes drifted from yours to something behind you, and then you felt him. Muscular arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against the body behind you as you then felt his head rest itself in-between your shoulder and neck. You didn’t have to turn to know who it was. Your faces red tint only darkened as you fell into the man’s warm embrace causing Lydia to once again smirk “Never mind.” She started in a sing songy voice “I just found my answer”. She stared at the two of you for a moment before handing you a piece of paper labeled ‘Economics Homework’ “See you in third Y/N. Bye Theo” she acknowledged, giving you a knowing look before sauntering off to go socialize with Scott and Stiles, leaving Theo and you alone. You felt a hot breath on your neck and the curve of a smile pressing into your jawline “Hey babe”. You felt a spark ignite throughout your entire body as you turned to make eye contact “Was that necessary?” you questioned with a playful tone, tilting your head into his touch. He quickly maneuvered your position, twisting your body so that your back was now placed firmly against some lockers. A smirk appeared on his lips as he seemed to fake ponder for a moment, his hand snaking around your waist “I think so, yes” he replied quite surely of himself, leaning down to capture you in a long overdue kiss. Your head began spinning upon the contact, your hands reaching up to entangle themselves in his hair. Theo and you had begun dating five months ago, but that didn’t stop him from making your knees weak and your mind go all fuzzy. He pressed his body against yours in an attempt to get as close as he could, nibbling lightly on your lower lip to send shivers throughout your entire body and as if on cue, the bell for your first period rang loud and prominent in both of your ears. It took some effort to push the boy off of you, your hands placed firmly on his chest “I gotta get to class Theo” you grumbled, not really wanting to do anything of the sorts. He scoffed at your attempt yet he pulled away, settling for his hand intertwined in yours as he began to walk you down the hall “Were not done here” he reminded in a gravely tone, stopping in front of your class to give you one last kiss. “Are we ever?” you questioned teasingly, jumping on the tips of your toes to kiss the boy goodbye.


Your eyes began to flutter rapidly, attempting to keep themselves open and your mind and body awake, but that sure as hell wasn’t working. Your groaned silently to yourself as you switched positions in your desk, leaning your head on your left palm and glancing up at the teacher tiredly. You had made it all throughout the school day, so why the hell could that last bell not just ring. Finally, in the longest span of thirty minutes of your life, you were set free by the dinging of the school bell. Snapping yourself awake you were the first person out of that class, running your hands through your hair the second you made it to the hallway. You began your walk to the school parking lot with a new-found pep in your step, not even noticing the boy that was now at your side “Hey Y/N” he greeted a bit nervously. You glanced over where you heard the voice, a smile now on your face “Oh hey Liam!” you greeted happily. Liam was one of your best friends, besides Lydia, he was always nice to you but when it came to video games the two of you were mortal enemy’s due to how competitive you were. He seemed to gain a smile at your perkiness “Someone’s happy” he commented with a quiet snort. You took this opportunity to loop your arm through his “Well my dear boy” you began, overexaggerating your tone “You see, the last bell has finally rung and I now have the chance to go home! Where I can put on sweatpants, make some cookies and not move for the rest of the weekend”. He laughed heartily at your reply, shaking his head as he opened the door to the parking lot for you “Sounds like you have your whole weekend planned out”. You nodded once and turned to him “I need a break from this week”. Your eyes scanned the parking lot until you found what you were looking for, Theo’s beloved truck “Anyway” you began, losing contact with the boy as you took your arm back “My couch is waiting for me and I would hate to worry it” you teasingly hummed, making your way down the school’s steps “I’ll see you Monday”. Liam repeated your goodbye, claiming he’d see you Monday and ask you all about your thrilling weekend which caused you to laugh and mosey on your way. Finally reaching Theo’s truck you made your way over to the driver’s side, your arms resting themselves on the open window, your head peering in “Well hello Raeken” you greeted, pushing yourself a bit further to give him a peck on the lips. He quickly returned your affection before placing a hand on your cheek “How was the rest of your day baby?” he asked sweetly, his thumb grazing circles on your cheek. You thought for a moment before drawing to your answer “Boring as hell” you replied, “But now it’s your chance to make it better” you reminded with a wiggle of your eyebrows. He chuckled at your response and drew you in for another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer than the first “Then hop in, a relaxing evening awaits us”. With that you didn’t waste any time from leaving the driver’s side to skipping over to the passengers, getting in and buckling up, Theo wasting no time to reverse and speed out of the crowded lot. The second he was on the road he settled the wheel with one hand, the other one resting on your upprt thigh “So, what are our plans?” he questioned you, already fully knowing what you would say. Your eyes left the passenger side window as you turned to look at him,” Nothing” you requested pleasurably with a giddy shake of your shoulders. He laughed at your childish response and squeezed your thigh “You get the blankets I’ll start the popcorn” he assigned, speeding up a bit in order to arrive to your house faster. Once the two of you arrived you waited for him to walk over to your side to open the door for you “M’lady” he mocked playfully, taking a hold of your hand and helping you out. The two of you went to work fast, Theo having the food ready before you could even drag down the first blanket from the upstairs cabinet “Someone works fast” you teased, throwing the supplies down on the couch. He shrugged his shoulders, walking over with two bowls in his hands “Didn’t want to keep my kitten waiting”. You crinkled your nose happily in response, moving over to the couch after he had sat down. You were about to sit next to him when you felt his hands firmly around your waist, guiding you to a seat on his lap. You settled in quickly, your head falling to lean on his shoulder “There’s an entire couch” you reminded, referring to his chosen seating position. He quirked one eyebrow “What’s your point?”. You laughed quietly before he closed the space with a kiss, wasting no time to prove you were his. The kiss was deepened as he leaned towards you, needing more contact. You drove that boy crazy, any moment he wasn’t touching, holding or kissing you was a waisted moment in his mind; He loved you more than he could even comprehend. “Theo” you mumbled against his lips, his fingers ceasing rubbing your back. “Hm?” he returned, peppering your face with a hundred little kisses. You tilted your head back slightly “The movie” you reminded with a quiet hum. He groaned more at himself then at you, ceasing his constant affection and settled for resting his forehead against yours “Yeah, yeah”. You giggled with adoration and affection, placing a kiss on his nose before the two of you began to settle, Theo moving to lay on his side, pulling you along with him, nestling his face into the crook of your neck. You shimmied as close to him as you could, sighing in content as his arm curled around your waist “You’re clingy” you playfully stated accusingly. You felt his smile press to the side of your face before he very quickly replied “Just keeping a hold of what’s mine”. Intertwining your legs you smiled “I love you”. He pressed a sweet kiss to the side of your face “I love you too babygirl”

Detective Conan File 1004 [Japanese to English Translation]

Finally, the 1004 that exploded the fandom!

  • There’s something he wants to ensure while he’s still Shinichi…

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so i finally got my life together enough to create a masterlist in post format! yay old woman, technology challenged olivia! all my fics will be here and i’ll update it as i post fics.


● Truth - The reader has been friends with Lin for as long as she can remember. A little jealousy one night leads to a spilling of feelings and a run-away Lin.

First Impressions - The reader is the second eldest Bennet daughter. This is the story of her interactions with Mr. Miranda, of Derbyshire.

- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter III
- Chapter IV
- Chapter V: FINALE

Finding Islands - Day 4 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Worldwide Day. Lin gets the reader to show him around the island of Haida Gwaii. Shenanigans involving seafood ensue.

Golden - Day 5 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Reverse Point of View. Lin-Manuel is holding his daughter for the first time.

After Hours - A collaboration fic with Ren (@alexanderhamllton). Based on the prompt: “I have a key to the theatre, and sometimes I go there when I need to think. Apparently so do you.” 

5 a.m. - A collaboration fic with Ren (@alexanderhamllton​). The reader wants McDonald’s at 5 in the morning. She drags Lin along.


Method Actor - The reader plays Naomi Rodriguez opposite Anthony in 21 Chump Street. He seems to have feelings for her, but she fears it’s just his wonderful acting skills. 

Anatomy 101 - Day 1 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: AU Day. Anthony needs a nude model for his art course, and he goes to the reader. 

King of the Lost Boys - Day 3 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Literature Day. Pan, or Anthony, is the leader of a motley crew called the Lost Boys. He is undoubtedly magical, but remember: love? he has never heard of it. 

- Chapter I
- Chapter II
- Chapter III
- Chapter IV
- Chapter V


Vittsjö - Daveed tries to assemble ikea furniture. There are, as you might have guessed, repercussions. 


Cotton Candy - Oak is infatuated with the girl who works at the cotton candy stand. 

Funnel Cake - Part 2 to Cotton Candy. Involving the universe and a pretty bad date.

The Cascades - All you want is to spend this rainy day cuddling with your boyfriend in bed. Oak needs convincing.  

Domestic Bliss - Day 7 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: #WriteForOak2k17 Day. Small vignettes about a domestic life at home with the love of your life. Warm. Happy. Everything you want. 


Parallel Instances - Day 6 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: First Time Day. The story of firsts and lasts shared with Jordan before your time together is cut short by leukaemia. 


Understudy - The reader is Lin’s understudy and plays Hamilton for the night. It gives Jasmine the excuse to kiss the protagonist but it leads to more. 


Starlight Grounds - Day 2 of the Hamwriters Write-A-Thon: Femslash Day. As a barista, the reader sees Pippa come in every day for the same drink and a song. A mixtape follows. 

every episode of house

[intro of someone doing a normal day-to-day activity with someone else around. suddenly the camera goes blurry and the audio gets all distorted. they collapse, it cuts to black, the theme plays]


cuddy: there’s this case. it’s weird because of these weird things. you might be interested

house: *limping through a hallway* im not interested

cuddy: but there IS this EXTRA weird thing about the case that i’m just mentioning as a side note

house: *grabs all the files out of her hand* i’ll do it


[house, cameron, foreman, and chase are in house’s office. house is at the whiteboard]

house: the symptoms are this, this, this, and this. what could it be?

chase: well it could be [fairly common disease]

house: come on! think outside the box!

cameron or foreman: well…… i guess it COULD be [much more obscure disease]

house: now THAT makes sense. put them on [medication for obscure disease]. 


[cameron, chase, or foreman are with the patient in the patient’s room]

cameron/chase/foreman: well, good news– you seem to be responding to treatment.

patient: *smiles* that’s great!

cameron/chase/foreman: and you can go home in a few days! *turns away briefly to write something on a clipboard*

[suddenly the patient starts shaking and convulsing and the monitor starts beeping really loud and fast]

cameron/chase/foreman: THEY’RE SEIZING! *GRABS PATIENT* ATIVAN, STAT! 

[it cuts to black with the monitor still going crazy]


[house, cameron, chase, and foreman are back in house’s office with the whiteboard]

house: *snarkily* the treatment isn’t working. clearly it’s not [the first obscure disease]. any ideas?

cameron: it could be [another obscure disease], but this one symptom doesn’t match up.

house: it it possible……. our treatment could have caused that symptom?

cameron: oh my god…… yeah it’s definitely possible. get them on [medication for the second obscure disease] and [medication to reverse effects of the first medication], stat.


[a shot of the patient wheezing and looking pale while hooked up to a bunch of tubes is shown. house looks in through the window to the room thoughtfully]

house: this treatment isn’t working either. at this rate they’ll be dead by tomorrow morning.

chase/cameron/foreman: we’ve tried everything……….

house: *sees something completely random in the hallway* *suddenly looks REALLY thoughtful* wait a minute……..

chase/cameron/foreman: what?

house: *explains a disease that’s even more obscure than the first two and that is vaguely related to the random hallway thing*

chase/cameron/foreman: well, if you’re wrong, the treatment will kill them.

house: only one way to find out…….


[shot of medicine dripping into the iv, then fade to black]

[shot of patient looking significantly better, smiling and laughing]

chase/cameron/foreman: i can’t believe it worked……

house: *to the patient* we’ll have you home by tomorrow.

patient: thank you so much. *says something wise and deep that is vaguely related to house’s current emotional state*

house: *looks pensive*

[fade to black]

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“My clothes look good on you.”


It starts with her favorite sweater.

The material is soft and it’s twice her size, and she always feel so warm and safe when she wears it. It’s a gorgeous cream color, and her mom has a yellow one to match. On a rainy Sunday, when everyone is locked away in the dorm rooms studying, Evie goes digging for it. She knows she hung it up last Thursday, and she knows this because she had color coordinated her closet. But after three minutes of searching, she figures that somehow she’s just misplaced it. That is until Mal comes barging in the room without knocking, and Evie stops short at the sight of her. Her tiny girlfriend, in all her scowling glory, is swallowed by her sweater and her purple locks are twisted into a messy bun.

“Are you organizing your closet again?” Mal yawns.

Evie glances at her with a tilt of her head, “Where have you been all day?”

“Well, I was listening to Lonnie and Audrey argue about some chemistry question and it lulled me to sleep.” Mal replies as she drops onto Evie’s bed and stretches her limbs out. “So, what’s the closest theme this week?”

“There isn’t a theme.” Evie replies with a small grin as she crosses the room. “I was looking for a very comfortable sweater, my favorite sweater.”

“And what does this sweater look like?” Mal asks.

Evie hums as she swings a leg over Mal’s lap so she can straddle her, “Well, first of all, it’s about two sizes too big.”

“Oh? Sounds comfy.” Mal smirks as she drags her hands up Evie’s thighs. “Tell me more.”

“It has a small hole in the left shoulder because I caught it on a nail when I was running through my house.” Evie continues as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind Mal’s ear.

Mal snorts and rolls her eyes “I love that to you, your castle is just your house. So, what color is this favorite sweater of yours?”

“Cream.” Evie chirps. “Have you seen it?”

“Maybe?” Mal offers before she dramatically glances down and looks back at Evie with a familiar glint in her eye. “Well, would you look at that, I guess it somehow accidentally ended up in my closet. Do you want it back, princess?”

“I do.” Evie pouts.

Mal smirks as she arches her head up to capture Evie’s lips with her own, “Then take it.”

Evie giggles and does just as she is ordered.


The next thing to go is one of her beanies.

Technically, the beanie isn’t hers. She stole it from Jay two years ago and he had never bothered to get it back. But now, as she trails Mal through the campus, she begs for the ratty old beanie back. It holds a lot of memories, including one of her and Ben pranking Jay and Chad so badly that they had cried. Unfortunately, Mal is as stubborn as they come and she merely ignores her girlfriend as she continues to walk through the quad with an indifferent expression. Eventually, Evie catches her hand and pulls her to a stop before she turns to face her and greets her with a frown.

“Mal, give it back!” Evie whines as she reaches for the black beanie, but her girlfriend is quick to duck away. “Come on, babe.”

Mal catches Evie’s hand as it darts towards her once again, “Nope. It’s mine. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

“But it’s mine.” Evie points out.

“Was. It was yours. Now, it’s mine. Look how hot I look in this.” Mal teases as she tilts her head, and Evie can’t help but soften subtly. “As your arm candy, I have to look my best.”

“Mal, there isn’t a single day that you don’t look your best.” Evie giggles as she frames Mal’s face and tilts her head up for a soft kiss. “But I seriously want my beanie back. I love that thing.”

“Hm…” Mal frowns. “Nah.”

Evie gives a playful growl as she sweeps Mal off her feet, and she can’t help but laugh at the very un-Mal like squeal that fills the air. In the middle of the quad, the couple pay no mind to the people that pass them glances as Mal struggles her way free and tries to run off only to be grabbed around the waist. Evie smiles into the crook of Mal’s neck as a hand creeps up before she successfully rips the hat off purple locks. Mal squeaks in surprise as she turns in Evie’s arms and watches as her girlfriend shoves the black beanie onto her blue locks.

“Mine.” Evie beams.

Mal narrows her eyes playfully, “No fair.”

“All is fair in love and war.” Evie sings as she ducks her head.

“Ha.” Mal snorts as she grabs a hold of the sides of the beanie and pulls it down so it covers Evie’s eyes and nose. “No kisses for you!”

Evie struggles to get the beanie back on her head, and she lifts it just in time to watch her girlfriend race off. It doesn’t surprise her two days later when she sees Mal laughing with Jane while wearing that familiar black beanie, and this time she simply lets her keep it.


The final straw is her letterman.

The final game of the Tourney season explodes into dramatic throws and impressive rolls all the while Evie stands off to the side and happily cheers for her brother. Ben is fearless on the field, and he even body checks a player from the opposite team when he pauses in the middle of the game to wink at Audrey. By the time the game ends, Auradon is crowned the winner and the excitement builds around the students as they all happily pile onto the field. Part of it is a little bittersweet for Evie, this is going to be the last game of Tourney she cheers for but the other part of her can’t wait to have more free time. The happiness around her causes her to go breathless and she can’t help but scan the crowd for her girlfriend.

It takes her a few minutes to look through the entire sea of yellow and blue, and then she glances towards the bleachers and swallows hard. Mal is the only one left, she is leaned back with her weight balanced on her elbow and wearing a dark pair of sunglasses. But what catches her attention the most is the familiar letterman, Evie’s letterman. Evie blinks herself from her daze as she fights her way through the groups of students and bounces her way up the bleacher stairs.

“Hi.” Evie grins.

Mal smirks as she reaches for an abandoned bag of popcorn and shovels a handful into her mouth, “You looked good out there, princess.”

“Thanks.” Evie chirps before her lips turn up into a smile that she knows drives Mal crazy. “My clothes look really good on you.”

“What?” Mal chokes as she bangs a fist against her chest and coughs out a kernel of popcorn. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“No,” Evie drawls. “Just stating the obvious.”

“Well, I know lettermen jackets are used to stamp claims on people,” Mal begins as she stands and moves her sunglasses to the top of her head. “But I wear this one to let everyone know that you are taken.”

“Interesting version of role reversal.” Evie nods.

“I’m just brilliant like that.” Mal shrugs as she glances over Evie’s shoulder. “So, how about I treat you to some dinner?”

“Lemme guess what’s on the menu,” Evie purrs as she tucks a finger in the belt loop of Mal’s jeans and pulls her close. “First course is a salad, light dressing. Second course is a lobster meal…well, lobster for me and chicken nuggets for you. And for dessert?”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Mal replies as she tilts her head. “Got any requests though?”

Evie laughs softly against Mal’s lips as she pulls her closer, “As long as dessert includes that letterman somewhere on the floor, I’m good with anything.”

“Well, then you are very much going to enjoy your dessert.” Mal assures her as she pulls away to intertwine their fingers. “Come on, we gotta hurry before all the chicken nuggets go.”

With a beam, Evie allows herself to be dragged along and she really doesn’t mind the view; on the back of the letterman is her last name, her little stake of claim on Mal. Yeah, she knows she can definitely get used to sharing her clothes.

Empathy VS. Sympathy

In 1909, the psychologist Edward Titchener translated the German Einfühlung (‘feeling into’) into English as ‘empathy’. Empathy can be defined as a person’s ability to recognize and share the emotions of another person, fictional character, or sentient being. It involves, first, seeing someone else’s situation from his perspective, and, second, sharing his emotions, including, if any, his distress.

Continue reading to watch a video, which fully describes the difference between empathy and sympathy by Brene Brown. 

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Is it realistic to have a bladed weapon that operates sort of like a double ended light saber? As in you press a button or lever in the center of the hilt and blades come out of either end? Furthermore, could you see a bladed weapon fight club as something that may exist (it doesn't have to be legal and definitely probably wouldn't be)

On the first part? Not really.

You’ll see collapsing knives that are designed for push button deployment, out the front of the grip. But, for a full sword? No, or at least not with modern technology. Wear and abuse from normal use would quickly wreck the mechanical components. To say nothing of the blood and gore getting forced into the mechanism when you collapsed it after use.

So, again, limited to modern technology, it would be theoretically possible, but they’d have an incredibly short lifespan (maybe only single use), and be extremely annoying to clean and care for (if not outright impossible).

If you’re talking about some kind of hypothetical future tech, then, it will probably be an option some day. Self cleaning tolerances, and a mechanical stability that can’t be achieved with modern materials may make this viable. Though, at that point, this would probably be more of a novelty than a practical combat tool.

Double bladed weapons do exist. Well, I should say, double bladed knives exist, I have one somewhere. It’s awkward, difficult to hold, and I’ve still got a scar on my index finger from the first time I picked it up. These are a novelty. You buy one because you think it looks cool, not because you intend to use it.

There are a few examples of weapons that are designed to be double ended, mostly polearms, which would sometimes include functional spikes on the reverse end. It’s also not unheard of for a sword to have a sharpened, spiked pommel. That said, mounting an entire reverse blade onto a sword is something you’d usually only seriously consider if you’re either a Sith or Klingon.

On the second part, about fight clubs, “No, never; except they did.”

The basic idea of a fight club where people who don’t know what they’re doing wander in and start beating the ever living snot out of one another? Yeah, that can happen. I’ve actually been out on a farm in the middle of the night, dueling friends with plastic bokken because it seemed like fun at the time. It’s not exactly what you’ve got in mind, but that’s possible.

Thing is, there’s a huge difference between dueling with a high impact plastic katana, where screwing up means you’ve got new bruise on your knuckles, and screwing around with a live blade, where a mistake means critical injuries and death.

Organized, underground dueling also has some real world history. The only examples I’ve run across came out of 19th century military academies. I assume the reasoning is roughly the same as why I was on that Indiana farmyard in the middle of the night, it seemed like fun at the time.

Of course, in the case of military academies, we’re talking about students who’d actually been trained to use their blades, so it’s not exactly a fight club. Still stupid and dangerous, but they (kind of) knew what they were doing.

So, my first impulse on this subject is wrong. I’d say, “no one can possibly be that stupid,” except of course, I have been exactly that stupid. I also knew a couple idiots that decided to fight each other with a fire axe and cheap katana in their living room, without ever considering that, maybe, this was a horrifically bad idea. Tragically, they both survived unharmed.

As for a full on fight club? Not so much. When you have people who don’t know what they’re doing throwing punches, the potential risk of injury is, somewhat, limited. Untrained combatants are not a huge threat to one another. They can get some good shots in, and can make it hurt, but actually messing someone else up requires concepts like power generation and a vague idea of where to connect. Without them, it’s just guys flailing impotently at each other.

Blades are inherently dangerous. You don’t need to know how to put together an effective defense, or understand how to generate force, driving four pounds of steel into some poor schmuck doesn’t require training. Training does help; it teaches you how to put up a defense, and how to circumvent your opponent’s, but it’s not necessary for accidental death and dismemberment.

The fundamental problem with a bladed fight club is that the participants need to survive. They need to be in a condition where they can fight again next week. Getting carved up by a stray blow will put a damper on that. To say nothing of a stray death.

In Fight Club, the titular club was an expression of violent catharsis. For random guys who’ve never experienced real violence, it was an escape that presented the illusion of danger, without putting the participants in actual jeopardy. This kept the attrition rate fairly low, and allowed the group to grow. For something like this, that is absolutely critical.

If you start arming the participants, it would only take watching one guy getting opened up, and spraying blood all over the place before you might think, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” When you start hemorrhaging members like this, it becomes impossible to keep the numbers up, and the club would die off quickly; figuratively or literally.


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anonymous asked:

IM GOING TO KEEP POKING YOU ABOUT AUTISTIC NESTA BC THOSE HEADCANONS WERE A M A Z I N G AND IM OBSESSED WITH THIS!!!!! Can you talk about autistic Nesta in the context of nessian though please bc I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Of course I can, friend! ^_^ This will be a weird blend of like…meta and headcanons it’s just a little stream of thoughts, basically? 

Okay first thing that I love especially in the context of this is the differences, socially, between Cassian and Nesta? (And also the ironies that come with this and how they were raised but I’ll get to that in a second.) I just..Love the gender role reversal for a start? 

Women tend to be the ones who are expected to have more social skills and be good at performing emotional labour in relationships. Men are typically allowed more leeway and it’s expected that they won’t be as good at reading other people and are generally seen as less compassionate and what have you. 

This, very obviously, gets flipped on its head when it comes to Nessian. Nesta is uncomfortable in social situations, prefers to be on her own, and when she is around people she can come off as a little…acerbic, sometimes. Like she loves them but dear god she does not have the patience to be around them all the time. Cassian on the other hand, is the picture of social intelligence. He’s described repeatedly as being deeply compassionate and it’s also made clear that he’s excellent at reading and understanding people and knowing how to respond to them. 

The ironies associated with this is that revolve around how they grew up. Think about it. Cassian, who’s so deeply connected to and good with people, grew up alone as an abandoned bastard. He was trained as a soldier and rose to be an army commander, all while having this huge heart and amount of social intelligence that means he’s more naturally suited to solving problems with his head rather than his fists. 

Then there’s Nesta, an autistic who probably wasn’t diagnosed as such in the human world (if they have a concept of autism in this world (let’s say they do)) But Nesta is a girl, and she’s a noble-born girl too, whose mother loved the parties and social life that being of this class afforded her. Nesta is expected to carry that on and be good at it as well and I can just imagine her struggling with it? The parties are too loud and too crowded and there are too many people and it honestly doesn’t matter how many lessons her mother gives her on social politics and etiquette; somehow she always, always manages to do something wrong. And she never understands exactly why or how it’s wrong. Just that when she tries to join in on the conversation everything goes quite. People give her that look. And her mother is standing staring on in disappointment from the corners. 

Multiply this over the course of several years and then introduce a sister like Elain, who is so obviously better at this than her, who gets praise from her mother and from all of her friends while Nesta is shunted to the side and I’m not surprised she gave up and started thinking of them all as ‘sycophantic fools’ instead. Nesta got fed up trying because no matter what she did it was never quite right, and never ever good enough, so she stopped.

 She stopped trying to be like them and she just started being herself instead. People still sometimes fell into awkward silences when she spoke but now she wasn’t disheartened by it, she’d expected it. She still pushed people away but she didn’t sit up late at night crying herself to sleep about it anymore. This was just the way that she was. This was just who she was. She wasn’t her mother, and she wasn’t Elain, either, even if she loved them both dearly. She was herself. And if they didn’t like that, well, she didn’t much like them, either, what did she care? 

And then Cassian and Nesta meet one another and it’s like two sides of the same coin being allowed to face and see each other for the first time. Cassian comes up against someone that he can’t always read, someone who operates a little differently to how he’s used to, someone who confuses him, keeps him guessing, someone he doesn’t automatically know everything about. A challenge. 

And Nesta…Nesta finds someone who actually tries. She finds someone who sees the surface her, that cold, withdrawn, acerbic air she somehow can’t help but project whenever she’s around people (and has long since stopped trying to help it - Elain accepts her for who she is, everyone else can too) but sees her too. He sees beneath to the raging heart, the torrent of fierce emotions they all accuse her of not having.

 She’s heard them whispering in the village, heard them call her heartless and unfeeling and they don’t understand. None of them understand just how deeply she feels, just how strong her heart is. And she tells herself that it’s their loss, their fault they’ll never truly know, never truly benefit from all the fierce love she has to give…But it does get lonely. 

Then he comes along and he sees her. He sees that fierce heart and those raging emotions and he understands. He’s so unlike her, in fact it’s probably difficult to find someone less like her than Cassian. Yet he understands her. 

For all their differences in how they see and interact with the world, though, they respond to it incredibly similarly. Cassian and Nesta have…A lot of the same motives and ideals and goals, actually. They stem from very different places and very different people but they are the same. 

That determination. That ability to sacrifice and destroy yourself for someone that you love. The way that Nesta would have died fighting Tamlin for Elain. The way that Cassian spreads his wings in front of Az to protect him from the king’s magic. The way that Nesta declares herself emissary to the human world because they are the forgotten, the group no-one cares about or seeks to help. But she will. The way Cassian stands before Nesta and swears to defend the humans with her, because dying to save those who cannot protect themselves is a worthy end for him. The way Nesta shields Cassian’s body with her own; as he had done for his brother all those months ago. The way Cassian sets himself up to die so that others will live. 

They are such different people but their hearts are alike and in spite of everything they understand each other

So I love that aspect of this dynamic, but I also love the fact that Cassian accepts and loves Nesta for who she is. Without expecting or wanting her to change, in a way that I don’t think anyone save Elain has ever truly done. (I’ve argued before but I’ll say it again, Elain also has a lot of social intelligence, like Cassian. She also grew up with Nesta and I think that she sees and understands her in a similar way to Cassian and this is one of the reasons that the two sisters are so close - that understanding) 

Cassian’s acceptance of Nesta is really important to me because I think it’s so easy to see a character like her and expect her to change. Expect her to soften herself so that she can more easily navigate the world. Expect her to thaw herself and become warmer and friendlier and more open because this is what’s expected of someone of her gender and class. Expect her to fit the moulds that she never has fit and likely never will, but it’s expected that she’ll shatter some intrinsic part of herself to do so. And in the context of this hc it’s even more important to me that Nesta is never forced to do that, is never forced to change, and is allowed to utterly be herself…and still be loved and worthy of love and a mate and a support circle in spite of all that. Because she doesn’t conform to society’s expectations, because she can’t conform to them. And that doesn’t matter. She is not broken, she does not need to be ‘fixed’, she only needs to be accepted. 

Okay, okay, last thing on this post (which got really long and out of hand, I have other autistic!Nesta/Nessian hcs on another post that someone asked for, smaller and less meta-y ones, so I’ll just post that as it is instead of forcing them in here) but one thing I really love in the context of this hc is, once they’re together, Cassian sort of…helping Nesta understand and navigate the social world around them. 

So Nesta talking to someone and saying something and the conversation ends a little abruptly and she can lean into Cass and ask him if that was okay or- Did she fuck up? How did she fuck up? And Cassian can either gently explain the social rules that have escaped her all her life if need be, or he can reassure her that no, she did good, that was fine, they’re just a prick. 

Or Cass can do what Feyre did for her at the dinner, and reassure her that people aren’t trying to hurt her all the time, sometimes they’re just teasing but they really do mean well. (But also Cassian having quiet words and asking people to stop that if it continues to bother her) and him like…Interpreting other people for her because jfc they’re exhausting, she has no idea what’s going on at all, she is Tired. 

Cassian understanding when Nesta can’t face the idea of a party or a big social gathering, even with his help, so they just stay in that night and snuggle and be together.  

Nesta using the mating bond between them to start learning Cassian’s tells. Because she can learn how to read people’s body language it’s just…like learning any other language because it’s not intrinsic or instinctive. So she can feel through the bond what he’s feeling and thinking, and start to learn how he looks when he’s angry or agitated or upset. Even if Cass tries to hide them from her, then…She knows. 

Cassian just…Helping Nesta to navigate the tangled minefield that is social interaction and working with her and supporting her instead of just sighing at her. Understanding that there are some things she genuinely can’t do because she processes the world differently to him and her brain is just wired differently.

Cassian being completely and utterly fascinated by this and wanting to learn all about it and exactly how it’s different and exactly what he should do to help and Nesta being…Shocked. Because people either turn their noses up at her and assume she’s trying to be rude or difficult, or they just try and beat the same lessons into her over and over again but Cass just…Okay but how do we make things work for you and how can I change a little to better accommodate you for a change and Nesta just…Being really, really touched that he’d do this for her.

Nesta growing more confident in herself and far, far less insecure around other people. She opens up a little more because she can be herself and be accepted and wanted for that. She doesn’t have to choose any more between being who she is, and keeping people around her. She can have both. Cassian helping her and supporting her into reaching that conclusion and refusing to allow her to expect any less from people just because of the way that she is. Cassian never, ever expecting Nesta to change herself this way because then, well, she really wouldn’t be Nesta. This is a part of who she is and he helps encourage her and others to accept that about her. 

Silque and the FE Gaiden Novels

Because so few people in the Western fandom were interested in Gaiden before Shadows of Valentia was announced, even fewer own the two-volume novels written for Gaiden. There’s a scanlation of the Gaiden manga, but barely any information pertaining to the novels. What we knew that this author really liked Silque due to her performance in their playthrough of Gaiden, so she was fleshed out substantially compared to the main game. However, our knowledge on Silque’s involvement in the story was still largely a mystery.

…That is, until I found spoilers for the novels, courtesy of a couple Japanese sites. (Which is also how I found out about Kamui dying to a necrodragon and brainwashed!Delthea killing Luthier. Among other things.) And what I found out was a lot more amusing than I’d ever expect.

So, here’s Silque’s full story in the novels (under the cut because even a summary ended up being super long):

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anonymous asked:

Hello aunt scripty, this may be a really dumb question because it may or may not exist, but has there been a case of anyone that lived with two hearts? If so how do you think it would work? How would it work during CPR/etc? Would having two hearts hinder anyone? Would it pump too much blood because of two hearts!? (Doctor Who, amirite?) Haha... nope, jk, as much as I'm a fan, I'm just asking out of pure curiosity.

Okay, this ask is really, really cool. Thank you for this!

So there are two ways this comes into being.

One is a birth defect. The only report I was able to find of someone being born with two hearts is a guy by the name of George Lippert, who also had three legs. (The third leg had 6 toes, for a total of 16. The things I have learned for making this blog.) At autopsy it was discovered that he had two hearts as well, which…. Sure! That said, this was all in the 19th and very early 20th centuries, so we have no idea if a) it was true or one final prank/an attempt to make some cash by his family or doctors; b) the second heart worked or, like the third leg, if it was just…. there and useless. It was never studied or even discovered in vivo, so we don’t know how it worked. 

It’s likely that he basically absorbed his twin in the womb but was left  with some, well, leftovers. This is called a parasitic twin.

The other thing I’ve heard of regarding a human with two hearts is… adding a second heart.

There are two types of transplants: orthotopic transplants, in which an organ is straight-up removed and replaced, and a heterotropic transplant, in which a weak-but-still-functioning organ is augmented by adding in an extra. Sometimes this is done with kidneys, but occasionally, we graft a second heart into a human and send them back into the wild.

So there was a phenomenal case of a guy showing up to an Italian ER in cardiogenic shock from his two hearts having conflicting rhythm. He coded, got zapped, got a new pacemaker, and left the hospital. Dude was apparently 71, which is kind of badass: 71, two hearts, and death can’t touch him. This guy is clearly an action hero in the making.

Sometimes, the person recovers enough not to need their second heart anymore.

Hannah Clark is a teenager in South Wales who had serious cardiac complications when she was just a baby, had a second heart grafted in, and then had it removed when she was 16. She was suffering immune complications from the grafted tissue, and her native heart had had the time to grow strong enough to carry her itself. She’s the first person in the UK to have a transplant reversed.

In the heterotropic grafts, it seems like what happens is that the transplanted heart’s rhythm is basically paired to the native heart’s, so that one almost paces the other.

As for CPR, it’s unaffected by the number of hearts. Like our Italian man, your character might run into trouble if the two hearts beat at different rates. 

This is an area of fiction where you can kind of make up what you want, because the two hearts idea functionally breaks the Rule of Reality. Just remember that if they were born with two hearts, they have to work together long enough and well enough to get that character out of the womb and into the world and raised to (whatever age they’re at), so however the system works at baseline, it has to work (at least until it goes wrong).

So best of luck with your story!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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