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Count Down for the Lost in Space set on my society6 on december 1st

Day 1

My development in the last 4 months was definitaly bigger than I thought

How is it that Luke Hemmings who is the approximate size of a giraffe, can balance on the side of his foot like this?


     Your tight white skates pinched your feet as you stood at the edge of the outdoor rink, a brisk winter breeze biting at your cheeks and blowing the pieces of hair that you’d pulled from your braid to frame your face.

     “Are you sure about this, Y/N?” Dean asked, stepping out onto the ice and quickly gliding forward and back to test out his balance on the skates he hadn’t touched for so many years.

      You reached out and wrapped your gloved hand around Dean’s, timidly placing one foot on the slippery ice. “Yes, I’m sure. I thought after the trauma of taking a picture with Santa yesterday that you deserved a little fun.”

     Dean smiled and grabbed your waist with his free hand. “But you don’t even know how to skate.”

     “No, I don’t, but I know you won’t let me fall.” Both feet made contact with the ice and you slid forward, smacking into your wall of a boyfriend. You looked up at him and smiled. “See, I told you! Plus, there’s a really big tree here!”

     Dean shook his head and laughed, helping you stand up straight, then dwarfed your small hands as he took them in his own and started to skate backwards, dragging you along with him so that you were facing each other.

     “See, isn’t this fun?” you asked.

     “You’re not actually skating, I’m just pulling you.”

     You tugged on his hands so that he was close enough to wrap his arms around your waist. “Yes, and it’s fun.”

     Dean smiled and pressed his lips to yours in a lingering kiss, the endless warmth of his body making you feel safe and content. You knew there were people all around you but you couldn’t bring yourself to care, couldn’t separate from the man you loved so dearly – even if your stillness did pose a threat to unruly skaters. But when a spray of shredded ice hit your leg from someone sliding to an abrupt halt in front of you finally pulled away from your boyfriend, the corners of your mouth turning up in a blissful smile.

     “See, fun.”

     Dean laughed and took your hands again, pulling you towards the Christmas display at the far side of the rink. “Come on, let’s go see that tree.”

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