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If you're still doing Voltron fics, could you do one with a Winged AU where Lance hides his wings because they're different, pretty, but different, and when something goes wrong on a mission he uses them to save everyone with some really cool unique power he has? I mean, if you want to. I really love your work and wanted to know.

This took me like three days to do because I couldn’t stop colouring wings for them. Anyways, I hope you guys like this.

Lance watched his teammate’s fly around the nest he was laying in. They set up the nest in the hanger’s rafters so they could easily go up there after missions and still have plenty of room to fly around when they were traveling through space. He found it funny; when he first met each of them in the Garrison he was puzzled by their wings but now that they were in space, it all made sense. Shiro soared above him, his black and white speckled wings stretched out to either side of him. Unlike usual, he looked completely relaxed as the air blew through his fringe.

He dodged neatly to the side when Keith shot up from underneath him, trying to knock him off course. They laughed and circled each other in mock fight formation. The red, yellow, and orange wing beat wildly trying to make up for the sheer size that Shiro’s wings had over his own. He laid his head on his arms to look over the side of the nest when they fell into a nosedive towards the floor.

Hunk and Pidge both shriek and dove out of the way, Hunk’s chocolate brown and golden wing instinctually covered Pidge even though they were already standing on the ground. She huffed and pushed the limb off as Hunk gave sheepish apologies. She only gave him a fond grin but looked up at Shiro and Keith with an annoyed glare, which they didn’t notice as they were still chasing each other around the hanger. Her emerald green wings snapped up and she gave chase, surprising the two at her speed. Hunk laughed and gave a powerful beat and was gliding alongside the others. Lance looked on with a smile, he loved seeing his friends fly. They were able to forget about where they were and what they were meant to do and just became kids again.

‘Maybe it’s time to tell them the truth,’ Lance thought with a small frown. It had been months since they came to the Castle and they had undoubtedly bonded as not only a team but closer to a family. He heard the sound of soft flapping and looked behind him to see his team with ruffled feathers and carefree smiles on their faces.

‘No time like the present, I guess,’ he turned to them with a smile.

“How come you didn’t join us?” Shiro asked curiously trying to stroke his feathers into place. Lance looked down with a nervous gulp and started wringing his hands together.

“I was actually thinking of that right now,” he said. Looking up he saw that he had every paladin’s attention. He pressed his hands together to try and stop them from trembling.

“What is it?” Hunk asked. His forehead was creased in worry as he looked at his best friend. Not even he had seen Lance’s wings and he had known him the longest out of everyone. Not by much, they met the first year of the Garrison but still.

“I-um,” he mumbled trying to work up the courage. It wasn’t supposed to be this hard, he trusted them and he wanted them to know.

“It’s okay Lance, we’ll understand,” Shiro said encouragingly with a small grin on his face.

“I- I’m wingless,” he finally blurted out.

‘Shit,’ he thought. He cautiously looked up at his teammates and almost cringed at the pity that was plan on their faces. They all rushed forward, engulfing him in a hug and began chirping and cooing at him in comfort. He sighed into the group and after a while ducked down out of it. Although being wingless wasn’t uncommon, they still felt guilty that they had been flying around carelessly while he was grounded.

“Lance… I am so sorry,” Shiro said after a moment of silence. The others nodded in agreement looking heartbroken at Lance. He gave them a single shrug and slightly turned away from them.

“It’s alright I guess, I’ve lived with it my entire life,” he stated softly. He walked to the edge of the nest and made to get out.

“Where are you going?” Keith asked. Lance turned to them and gestured to the door at ground floor.

“I’m pretty beat, I’m going to crash for the night,” he replied with a shrug.

“You could sleep up here,” Pidge suggested looking at the rest of the team. They nodded and looked at Lance with hope. He bit his lip and looked away.

“I would but I, uh, have to shower and do a face mask and stuff still,” Lance replied shooting finger guns at them to their disappointment. He felt guilty as their wings drooped slightly.

“Maybe if I’m not too tired I’ll come back after I’m done,” he sighed. They immediately perked up again with a smile. He headed for the ladder attached to the beam and shrieked in surprise when arms lifted him up and began descending to the ground. He glanced up and saw Shiro grinning down at him. He gently placed him on the ground and ruffled his hair.

“I hope I see you later,” he said before taking off again back up to the nest. He nodded even though he knew that Shiro couldn’t see him and trudged out of the hanger.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Lance growled at himself as he turned the water in the shower on. He paced in front of the mirror and wrung his hands together in agitation.

“Wingless?! Really?” He groaned dragging his hands down his face. He faced the shower and grasped the hem of his shirt and carefully peeled it over his head. He carefully unwrapped the bandages wrapped around his torso and let the cloth slide down his feathers. He sighed and ran his fingers through the dull blue feathers and looked in the mirror. He winced as the ache in his joints when he lifted and flexed the four wings on his back.

Not two.


As far as he knew he was only the third person to ever have four wings. The first he came to find, told the world of his condition believing himself to be descended from a god. Ultimately he was captured by the government and experimented on to find out more about his mutation. The second was a newborn girl who was taken away from her mother the minute she was born.

She didn’t make it to her second birthday.

The government dubbed anyone with four wings as a rowan.They found that that the wings were far more durable than normal wings almost as strong as a military grade armour. When they seemed threatened they turned into sharp and hardened like steel, it rendered them incapable of flight but the feathers were razor sharp. This is what made the government so wary of rowans. That and the fact that the first subject immediately attacked them after he transformed his wings this way. However, it was after months and months of merciless experimentation.

Lance was lucky and blessed to have been born to a very large and loyal family. He had his mother and registered midwife of an Aunt to thank for being born in the family home instead of in the hospital. He was registered as being wingless from the moment he was born and grew up being carefully monitored and maintained his whole life. Not that he minded much, he knew the danger he could potentially face if he was ever found out.

They couldn’t keep him locked away for long and relented when he decided to apply to the Garrison. Thanks to his distantly related Uncle who worked as a medical examiner he was able to get in and confirmed as wingless. He may have been lying to the government but hey, they lie all the time and no one gives them shit about it.

He knew that he could potentially be in a lot of danger for doing this but it felt like something that he needed to do. Maybe one day, he would become a famous explorer and he could become an advocator for rowans, just like him. That is if there were people like him on Earth. He looked mournfully at his tangled and muted feathers and wanted nothing more to soar through the air with his new family but he wasn’t sure what they would do. They were all still members of the military and were constantly briefed on what to do if they ever encountered a rowan in the field. He missed feeling the wind in his feathers though, he hadn’t had the chance to fly since he joined the Garrison.

He sighed and climbed into the shower letting the warm water wash away his thoughts. He couldn’t exactly go back to the nest tonight and tell everyone that he wasn’t wingless but actually a rowan. It would be too much for them to process. He would just have to wait a little bit longer until he knew for sure what they thought of him. He smiled at his plan and decided that it was the best course of action for now. If only to make himself feel more comfortable with the situation. After a half hour, he got out of the shower and attempted to dry off. He shook his feathers slightly trying to rid them of water but stopped when they started to sting from overuse. He sighed and locked his door in case anyone tried to get him in the middle of the night, he would have to leave them uncovered to dry properly and wrap them again in the morning. He carefully laid on his stomach and propped his head up to look at the door. Deep down he wished one of his teammates would come and ask if he was going to join them but he knew that they would be busy enough grooming each other’s wings to worry about him.

Usually recon missions went very well for them, all things considered. When your bones were light enough to step without making noises and were able to quickly fly out of a galran’s visual range, it was quite hard to detect them. Because of this they usually didn’t have a contingency plan prepared if something went awry.

“We’re pinned, Shiro!” Keith yelled into the coms. The sound of Keith’s bayard slicing and shots from Hunk’s cannon were loud in the background.

“Everyone head to Hunk and Keith’s location if you’re able,” Shiro commanded.

“Roger,” Lance said in response, he turned from his own defeated sentries and headed towards their position. They were lucky that this particular outpost was occupied only by sentries and drones as it had been abandoned by the Galra a long time ago.

“I’m close guys,” he heard Pidge say. Looking at the schematics of the base, he could see that Shiro made it to them and Pidge was heading down the corridor to join them, making Lance the furthest away. He sighed when he noticed that they had been corralled in what looked to be a sealed storage hanger and the only exit was the way they went in. He gritted his teeth and leaned forward into a full sprint determined to help his teammates. He could hear their laboured breathing and pain grunts as they took hits from the sentries.

“There’s too many of them!” Pidge yelled out in panic. He darted around the corner clutching his bayard tightly in his hands. The minutes felt like hours as he rushed through the halls, the sound of his teams panicked yells and shouts of pain. He froze when he saw the state that his team was fighting in. It almost felt like he was watching the scene in slow motion. Pidge’s foot being grabbed as she tried in vain to fly away and being slammed into the ground. Hunk trying desperately to shoot away the sentries but being tackled mid shot. Keith swinging his sword wildly and the look of surprise when he was punched in the jaw; and Shiro, oh Shiro. He was already on the ground and was absolutely covered in them, he swung his arm taking out sentries left and right but he was still trying to drag himself over to protect the others.

It only took a split second for Lance to take all of it in and begin storming towards the opening. Without thought, he banished his bayard away from him and began running towards the entrance. There must have been almost one hundred sentries activated, maybe more but he wasn’t about to falter.

“Lance! Run!” Shiro shouted when he noticed the paladin coming closer to the battle. At his voice, the sentries turned their attention to the newly arriving human. The marks on their body gave an ominous red glow as they began running at Lance. The others began struggling anew, wanting desperately to help their friend. The one they thought would be more helpless than them because he was wingless.

“Lance!” They screamed out in terror for him. Their eyes widened in shock when the back of his armour shattered and metallic looking wings burst out. He twisted around with the wings pushed out. They sliced clean through the first line of robots. They watched in shocked awe as Lance twirled around with his wings spread, destroying sentries in a deathly dance. As the last one fell he faced away from them, his wings lifted.

“Rowan,” Pidge breathed out in shock. The wings dropped in realization and Lance looked over his shoulder at them.

“I’m sorry,” is all he said before he ran away from them. They leapt up ready to follow close behind him but Shiro held out his hand for them to stop. They looked at him in confusion.

“We need to give him a little time, just enough for him to settle,” he said. They reluctantly agreed and walked out of the hanger.

After exiting their lions, they decided that they had to look for Lance. It wasn’t that difficult since they found his abandoned chest plate near the rafter ladder. They landed in the nest and saw Lance huddled in a ball at the other side of the nest. Without the metallic sheen on Lance’s feathers, they could see how lifeless and messy the wings really were.

Without a word, they all cuddled up against Lance. Shiro and Hunk on each side and Keith and Pidge in front of him. They didn’t need to say anything to him, and they didn’t need his explanation. They already understood why he was afraid to tell them. They could feel Lance begin to tremble between them and start to let out small sobs between breaths. Hunk gave a small smile and cradled Lance’s head against his shoulder. After an hour of silent comforting, Shiro laid a hand on Lance’s wing and carefully folded it out over his lap. Lance abandoned Hunk’s shoulder to look at him in confusion. Shiro grinned at him and began brushing his hand through his feathers, gently untangling them.

“You don’t have to Shiro,” Lance mumbled.

“I want to Lance,” He replied grabbing Lance’s cheek in his palm. “Let me do this for you,”

“I want to too,” Hunk said excited and carefully draped his other top wing onto his lap. Lance’s head whipped to Hunk’s side again in shock.

“No arguments either,” he said when he saw Lance begin to open his mouth. He gave Hunk a pout but obeyed.

“Me too,” Pidge grinned reaching for his lower wings. He didn’t even try to put up a fight this time, even when Keith mumbled something and got to work on the last one.

“Thank you,” he said gratefully. He rested his chin on his folded arms as he leaned on the edge of the nest. He wasn’t sure if he could look at any of them without bursting into tears, so he looked down at where he could see Blue instead.

“Maybe after this, we can go flying?” Pidge suggested. The rest of the paladins nodded their heads but this time they all turned to Lance as well. At their silence, he turned just enough to see them.

“Um, I haven’t exactly flown since I joined the Garrison,” he stated sheepishly.

“Well, then it’s about time you stretched your wings then isn’t it?” Hunk smiled.

“I guess it is,” he smiled back after a moment’s hesitation. Everyone gave a small cheer and got back to their jobs. Just as careful as before but now with a sense of urgency. Lance beamed down at Blue, feeling absolute love for and from the people around him. He couldn’t be any more lucky and blessed than he was right now.

Leo’s forced second mutation caused him to become like the one thing he hated the most…

That leaves me to assume, that the Shredder never left the forefront of his mind. Even after he defeated him and showed his family Shredder’s severed head ((in true samurai fashion)). His arch nemesis, the man who murdered  his father has probably always and will always haunt his nightmares..

He had tears in his eyes when he tried to push his brothers out of harm’s way. :,(


my dear @kuh-boose, please, do always ask me whenever you’ve got something like that in mind! I can’t stop wondering how you come up with such interesting ideas each time, thank you for that! 

Actually I’ve been thinking of serpent turts for quite a long time and then I found @hotmilkytea’s amazing “Birth of Serpents” (100% worth reading) and attempted drawing them but failed every time. Anyways, I just love how the consequences of their second mutation are explained, each brother is less or more dangerous and savage, each one is trying to deal with their new appearance and state of mind differently. 

So here’s serpent Leo ‘cause unfortunately I don’t have enough time to draw them all. No snake-hands this time - blame @zivazivc‘s coolest snakarai design. And he looks more like a horned-viper finally :)

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I was curious about the corn farm post. How do Botanists find or induce mutations in plants?

well, in the corn post, all those plants were plants that the corn breeders at the facility had found in the field. the facility i work at is interesting in that the plants that grow at the main “home” nursery - where the zoo corn lives- aren’t the corn varieties grown in farmer’s fields, but the parents of the corn varieties grown in farmer’s fields. this is a little sidetracked but ive been wanting to talk about it for a while bc i bugged the breeders about it until they told me: so like, all the varieties at the nursery crossing facility are inbreds. like, they’ve been bred with themselves down up to 13+ generations. this means that when you work in the nursery with the inbreds and then work in fields with commercial corn, you notice some distinct things about the stuff that has been inbred for years:

-the plants are stunted. like, they are physically smaller plants. they’ll go above your head, but not by much (im like 5 foot 5). corn in the field can be regularly be like, 7-8+ feet tall. 

right now, we’re doing data collection on our hybrid corn, which involves me and a team of four other people driving out to a test field each day with literal 144 inch tall folding yardsticks and a breeder’s assistant with an ipad or data collection device; our whole job, for the past week and a half (and for the next two weeks), has been to go from row to row in certain columns of the corn and shout out plant and ear heights as we measure the corn in certain areas. from here, the breeders can use the data to calculate an average plant hight and ear hight for each variety in testing (there can be thousands per field). usually, the corn we measure is between 100 inches and 120 inches. a couple days ago we visited a field that’s notorious for drought conditions, and this year was no different- the corn was stunted to about 80-90 inches. the corn in the nursery can be anywhere from 80-100 inches, usually, but stuff that has been inbred for more generations tends to be progressively smaller.

-the plants get mutated in really weird ways. the most common ones we see in the inbreds are things like whip tassels (where the flag leaf on top of the plant concealing and protecting the tassel tightly around it instead of opening it up for pollination, causing the whole top to curl up into a tight semi-circle shape), cases where corn will be growing out the top of the plant (the corn “ears” generally grow off the side of the plant, as the female flowers; the male flowers are the tassels on the top. in this case, the plant has no ears and instead has decided to fuze its ear into its tassel, so you get a weird, mutated tassel with random kernels everywhere and dying tassel strings hanging out), cases where the whole plant is just a mess (leaves dont furl out all the way and are misshapen, tops are mutated, ears dont grow, tassels dont grow, and the whole plant is stunted to knee height), etc. 

-the plants don’t germinate. like some varieties just dont germinate after so many inbreeds, for whatever reason; something along the line just got so mutated that the whole seed just decided to stop growth altogether. this is a really weird thing that happens because you’ll be walking through the varieties and suddenly there will be a completely bare section with like, one stunted and mutated plant sitting in the middle. thats all thats left because thats all that germinated

you may be like “why would you inbreed plants so much???” and the idea is to create a pair of purebred parents so you have a better cross. the plants are bred with themselves until they reach 100% genetic homogeny. so every. single. plant. in the variety. is genetically identical. you may be like, “whoa i didn’t know that was possible!!!” and thats because it is, but like. its illegal in humans. its the same genetic ideals, but…it doesn’t apply to humans well. for understandable reasons. 

anyway, so, the plants are crossed, and then the hybrid children are badass. they have all their genes recorded. they’ve been planned down to the nucleotide for the market. because their parents have the same genes in both their lines, every single plant is more or less dependable and reliable– you won’t have random secondary traits popping up. hybrids are stronger, more disease resilient, and generally bred specifically for farms– and that’s the corn that gets sent to production facilities. the production facilities grow them en mass and multiply them up, then sell the grain as seed to farmers, who then have hardy, reliable seed for their fields. 

so like, the mutations. all that stuff?? its kind of accidental, but when you work with plants that are explicitly cultivated for performance…like, all the stuff that naturally would stop mutations in the wild (for example, there’s not much of a chance that you’re gonna get bred with yourself 13+ times in a row) kind of gets thrown out the window, and weird stuff happens. that being said, bending the rules like that has allowed us to make huge strides in breeding. 

that being said…if you wanted to cause some plant mutations, it’s not hard. for example in the book ive been reading since it was recced to me yesterday (”Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart, which talks about the ornamental cut flower industry) there are some techniques that get used for intentional mutations. like, they were talking about Plant Patent 165, one of the first patented plants (patented in the 1930s) by General Electric. In flower breeding for cut flowers, it’s undesirable to have plants that shed flower everywhere. #165 (a lily variety called “Regal Lily”) was one of the first patented plants ever, and didn’t shed pollen due to a treatment where the seeds were X-Rayed for 30 seconds, causing a sterile mutation. from the same book comes this example:

so mutations: sometimes they’re intentional, sometimes they’re bred into it, sometimes its accidental or caused by overbreeding as a side effect. thats completely excluding GMO manipulation btw

P.S. “corn” in this post means Maize specifically, for those wondering 

Spread Your Wings Pt. 3: While you were sleeping...

Summary: Reader is a HYDRA experiment (like the Maximoffs, but not voluntary) who grows wings (like Angel from X-Men). She escapes (escape covered in Prologue) and is now trying to rescue and prevent further kidnappings and experiments.

Word Count: 1953

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of past torture. I used google translate for the Portuguese in this chapter, so there’s likely more than a few typos…

A/N: Here it is. A very, very large THANK YOU to both @imhereforbvcky, and @writingwithadinosaur, for their general wonderfulness and amazing writing skills! I have tagged everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on the prologue, if you would like to be tagged, or untagged, just let me know! There’s a few POV changes here FYI

Updated 11/12/17 with translation help from @elaacreditava

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Bucky’s POV

As the last word left her lips, her body froze, her muscles all tensed and her eyes rolled back in her head. She collapsed on the ground, her body convulsing.

Bucky and Nat ran, Bucky moving to stabilize Y/N’s head and Nat moving to the small boy who had been revealed when Y/N fell; talking to him quietly. Wanda and Tony came to crouch by Y/N while Steve called for Sam and the rest of the team to bring the quinjet for a quick exit.

“The fuck is happening?!” Bucky asked Tony and Wanda.

“That chip in her head is malfunctioning. F.R.I.D.A.Y. says this seems like something that happens frequently.”

“It has,” Wanda confirmed quietly, “HYDRA put it there. As long as it got the job done, they didn’t care that it hurt her. She’s had these seizures multiple times.” Wanda rested her hand on Y/N’s forehead and Y/N relaxed a little.

“Assuming she even wants to keep that thing, I can probably fix it so it doesn’t try to kill her anymore,” Tony mumbled, running his hands through his hair and over his face.

“Y/N?” a small voice called from over Bucky’s shoulder. He turned his head so he could look at the little boy’s face while still keeping his hands on Y/N.

“Ela ficará bem?”(Will she be alright?)

“Sim, ela ficará bem. Ela é dura,” (Yes, she’ll be okay. She’s tough) Bucky answered reassuringly. When Tony gave him the okay, Bucky picked Y/N up as gently as possible, careful of her wing, and tucked her to his chest.

“Ela estava te ajudando?”(She was helping you?) At the boy’s nod, Bucky asked, “Você nos deixaria ajudá-lo agora também?” (Would you let us help you now too?). The boy didn’t answer right away, looking uncertainly to Y/N.

“Nós vamos cuidar de Y/N,” (We’re going to take care of Y/N) Natasha assured, moving from behind the boy to in front of him and just slightly in front of Bucky and Y/N.

“Vamos, ela vai querer vê-lo quando ela acordar” (Come on, she’ll want to see you when she wakes up) Bucky shot the kid a small smile and tilted his head towards the alley exit. The boy nodded and followed when Bucky began to walk.

As the boy closed the distance between them, Bucky got a better look at his face, and his eyes. He had snake like eyes.

“Você consegue ver as cores? Ou é tudo diferentes tons da mesma cor?” (Can you see colors? Or is everything different shades of the same color?) Bucky asked conversationally once they were on the jet headed home.

The boy, who introduced himself as Tomas, blinked and tilted his head a bit before saying, “Não tenho certeza.” (I’m not sure).

Bucky spent the rest of the flight asking Tomas questions, and answering many in return. Tomas’ eyes fascinated Bucky as much as the Avengers and Y/N fascinated Tomas.

The plan was to take both Y/N and Tomas to the compound; no one wanted to face Y/N’s wrath if she woke up to find Tomas gone. Once Y/N was settled in medical, Bucky and Steve showed Tomas around a little. Tony asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to watch out for him, and tweaked the language parameters so that Tomas could communicate with the AI.

By the time Tomas was situated in a spare room with F.R.I.D.A.Y. monitoring him, Bucky was exhausted. He had forgotten how high-energy little kids could be. He was walking into Y/N’s room before he had consciously made the decision to do so, but it made sense; it would be a bad idea to let her wake up alone, in a place she didn’t know and had no memory of traveling to. Bucky settled himself into the armchair across from Y/N’s bed and dozed, until he felt the press of a scalpel at his throat.

His eyes flew open and snapped up to meet Y/N’s. She was staring at him, not angry, but confused and scared.

“Where is Tomas?”


You pressed the scalpel harder against the soldier’s throat when he didn’t answer right away, drawing blood.

“He’s two floors down, should be asleep. Do you want to go see him?”

“How do I know you’re not lying?” The soldier met your eyes, held your gaze and lifted his hands in an appeasing gesture.

“Do you remember what happened? When we all met?” Your heart raced; all you knew at the moment was that the Winter Soldier was in the room with you, and Tomas wasn’t.

“Natasha and I found you in an alley, your wing was bleeding. You told us about Tomas, then you met Stark and Steve. Stark got hit and his armor started to malfunction. You fixed it, and the collapsed.” As the soldier spoke, your memories pieced together; you hadn’t intended to use your chip anymore, knowing that you’d relied on it pretty heavily in order to track Tomas. But Iron Man had been hit, and you’d reacted. Sighing, you closed your eyes and lowered the scalpel.

“Sorry,” you muttered, “sometimes the seizures cause memory loss.”

“I understand that more than most I think.” Yeah, he would wouldn’t he? Looking at him, you see the cut you made on his neck. You reached for a handful of gauze on the table beside him and press the handful to the cut.

“Sorry,” you say again.

“‘’S all good. I’d have done the same if I were you. It’s Y/N right?” the soldier asked, brushing your hands away and pressing the gauze to his throat himself.

“Yeah. What’s yours?” It was weird not to have a name for someone. In HYDRA, you hadn’t met him, hadn’t ever had a conversation with him, so it was okay to only have a title to refer to him by. But you were more than what HYDRA made you, so he must be too; you wanted to use his real name, not what HYDRA called him.

“My name’s Bucky.”

“Bucky?” you asked; you’d never heard that name before.

“His name’s James Buchanan Barnes, but I called him ‘Bucky’ growing up. For some reason he let me and it stuck,” Captain America said from the doorway. He was leaning against the frame with his arms crossed over his chest. You tensed, you hadn’t seen or heard him approach. Your eyes darted to him and you took a step in the opposite direction, keeping both him and Bucky in your sight.

“Y/N, this is Steve you met him for a second before you passed out.”

“Right,” you nodded slightly, not moving from your position, but dropping your hands which had raised into fists at your sides, “sorry,” you muttered again; you were saying that a lot today.

“Nothing to be sorry about. Gotta imagine the seizures take a lot out of ya. How are you feeling now?” Steve asked, not moving except to uncross his arms.

“I’m okay, it’s like this most of the time now.”

“Now?” Bucky asked, brow furrowing.

“Yeah, it used to only happen once in awhile, but the more they made me use the damn chip, the more often I’d have an episode. I thought they were getting worse cause I escaped, but I dunno.” You shrugged then wrapped your arms around yourself. The you noticed that your wings were out; focusing on them becoming invisible caused an ache to form behind your eyes, but your wings were soon hidden.

“How do you do that?”

“What do you mean ‘worse’?” Bucky spoke over Steve. You looked back and forth between the two.

“I don’t know who to answer first…” Steve nodded in Bucky’s direction, deferring to him, so you answered Bucky first.

“Once I left, the seizures got longer and more violent. They’ve always caused a little bit of memory loss, but that’s gotten worse too. I figured HYDRA had some sort of control over it still and were making it worse on purpose. I get headaches now, and some dizziness, but they aren’t debilitating.”

Bucky looked like he was going to ask another question, but you turned to Steve before he could.

“As far as my wings, I was born with that mutation. HYDRA added the chameleon thing. I’m not really sure how.”

“They experimented on you.” Steve looked a mix of appalled and unbearably sad; you didn’t understand that reaction. You had gotten interest, shock and revulsion before, but never anger and sorrow. You tilted your head and furrowed your brow, but before you could ask anything, a voice spoke.

“Captain Rogers, Sergeant Barnes? Agent Romanoff requests your presence in the common room,” the computerized, feminine voice said.

“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y. We’ll be right there. Could you let Nat know that Y/N is awake please?”

“Yes, Captain,” there was a pause before the voice came back and said, “Agent Romanoff requests that Y/N accompany you.”

Looking down, you noticed that someone had changed your clothes; you were wearing what you assumed were a pair of Nat’s sweatpants and a halter top that accommodated your wings. You didn’t have a bra, so you weren’t all that comfortable walking around, but you could cross your arms you guessed; at least you were clean.

“Alright then, let’s go see what she wants,” Bucky said, rising from his chair  and walking to the door, letting you fall in step beside him with Steve leading the way.

Bucky’s POV

Bucky sighed as they sat on one of the couches and waited for Nat to arrive. He’d known that HYDRA had messed with Y/N, but to know that they’d not only forced a chip into her head that caused her physical pain when used, but they’d fucked around with her DNA and added a second mutation… Bucky was in disbelief. He sat, running his hands through his hair and over his face. He was frustrated, angry that more people had been hurt, that he couldn’t do anything about what happened. But now, Bucky understood a little of how Steve felt; the regret and heartache Steve felt when he looked at Bucky, Bucky felt a little of that looking at Y/N. Bucky swore to himself then, that he would help Y/N anyway he could. Not because he felt like what happened to her had been his fault, but because he understood where she was… probably more than anyone else.

He felt a twinge in his chest when she smiled; Tomas was coming out of the hallway with Nat. The smile lit up her face, crinkling her eyes at the corners. The kid smiled in return and went straight to her.

“Ei, garoto, você está bem?” (Hey kid, are you okay?”)

“Sim, estou bem. Steve e Bucky me mostraram os arredores e o computador me contou histórias até eu adormecer.” (Yes, I’m alright. Steve and Bucky showed me around and the computer told me stories till I fell asleep).  Y/N smiled softly as Tomas told her about his night with the Avengers.

“Tomas,” Natasha interrupted gently when the boy took a breath, “Você pode dizer a todos o que você acabou de dizer?” (Can you tell everyone else what you just told me?)

“Sobre os homens maus?” (about the bad men?) At Natasha’s nod, Tomas continued, “eles disseram que o anjo deles estava voltando pra casa.” (They said their angel was coming home).

Y/N froze, eyes looking to Bucky, heart racing as the other Avengers looked to her.

“W-what?!” she stuttered.

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A/B/O Verse Alleles and Genotypes

Even though I hate genetics, I love working with punnet squares. I got to thinking that Alpha/Beta/Omega/Human dynamics worked a lot like Blood Typing. So I created these charts for people who would want to know the outcome of a particular pairing with their ABO/Human characters. 

In my head, Alpha and Human seem to be the most logical co-existing dominant traits. In most of the worlds that I read ABO verse in, ABO presentation is secondary to regular human gender, so I figure No Secondary Gender/Human would be a dominant trait. 

Then, in my head, I thought that Alpha presentations would be the first genetic mutation, as it allowed for more people to be born. And then a second genetic mutation occured later to create Omegas, but it was a submissive trait. While human and Alpha presentations are co-dominant. 

For those who aren’t familiar with genetics, the punnet square is a way to calculate the possible genotypes (genetic make up) and phenotypes (appearence) of specific crosses. So it takes the parental genotypes and does a lattice combonation to try to estimate the Genotypic and Phenotypic results of their offspring. 

Here’s the punnet squares for any combination of ABO/Human Genotypes, and the Phenotypic Ratios:

let me know if I missed any combonations!!! 

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Damerey X-Men/Mutant AU

An unfortunate side effect of Poe Dameron’s mutation: it’s damn near impossible to kill him, thanks to his accelerated healing. That includes old age. So he wanders the world, only ever letting a particular line of corgi’s close to him, simply referred to as ‘BB’ with the generation number after it (he’s always had a soft spot for them, and when he took one in after his mother’s death, well…). Until he ends up in the small, middle of nowhere town of Jakku, where he encounters a young woman who simply calls herself “Rey” and is on the hunt for her biological family, to get some answers as to why all of the sudden she’s hearing other people’s thoughts and is unable to touch people without practically killing them. 

At first he tries to refuse her attempts to join him - he’s perfectly fine with BB-8, thank you - but the girl is stubborn, and he finds himself caving. As the two head back towards the border, things become complicated. Poe develops an unknown second mutation - telekinesis. And he can’t seem to control it. 

Luckily for the two of them, they’re discovered by members of an “Order” from someplace called Skywalker’s School for Gifted Youngsters. At the mysterious school for mutants, Poe and Rey grow closer - and Rey learns she has an interesting tie to the headmaster, Luke Skywalker, one of the most powerful telepaths currently.

Mutation Squared

Mutation Squared:  When Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider (for the second time, since apparently he didn’t learn his lesson) he undergoes a strange second mutation. Left with eight eyes and a ridiculous amount of body hair, he must learn to cope with his new transformation and new powers. Good thing Wade Wilson is there to help him out.
(Inspired by tumblr artist Polarspaz).

Pairing: Spiderman/Deadpool

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 43,334

Status: Completed

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Why do the Gangrene Gang make you sad?

Hooo boy, where to start… I’m gonna put this under a cut, I can already tell this is gonna get long. And I’m even gonna use images too!

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Scientists Notes:

1978, Aged 7. Began basic education and testing. Performed an eager response to the reward system. Is less cooperative when provisions aren’t made as a reward. Tends to be less keen on adapting to flight. 

1982, Aged 11. Began fulltime testing. Education completed. Has been given the right to be monitored around the testing lab in order for notes to be made on general behavior.

1983, Aged 12. Began interaction with other species through mutation. Responded well to interactions with 18010. Failed to interact with 06152. Made mild interactions with 02050.

1987, Aged 16. Interaction and Movement Monitoring removed as rights. Returned to her testing room. Kept on constant cameras for safety. 

1990, Aged 19. Was reported missing for brief time. Found in her room three hours later. Unknown location for the three hours. Possible connection to the death of a recent security guard.

It begins and I finally finished one of these monstrosities!

This is an AU that I am working on - Its going to be written but I’m going to be drawing it a lot. So I’d better clarify the AU in as much detail as possible because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the only one understanding myself otherwise;

This AU is focused on a novice security guard who has the simple task of maintaining a close watch on four guarded mutations. Said mutations were raised in the laboratory but after an incident in 1987 were unable to leave their ‘cells’. However, these mutations escape their 'cells’ every night and attempt to gain revenge on the unsuspecting night guard in the hopes that it will buy them freedom. The night guards job is to keep them from managing to succeed. 

I can probably explain it better when I write it up since I don’t want to give too much away, but here is Chica. As you can see, shes mutated with a chick to keep to the theme with her animatronic. She is the second most mutated experiment out of the four as she sports both wings and tail of a chicken.

Notevember 3 - Powerless

Raphael held his hands out, trying to calm the woman down, but he knew it was too late. She had released a terrified screech the second she saw his mutated green face, scrambling back across the pavement.

Footsteps sounded around the corner, and a police officer appeared, hand already going to his holster as his eyes took in the scene before him. Raph knew what he was seeing, too. Ugly monster, looming over a helpless human woman, intending to do God knows what to her (making her his dinner not out of the question). The cop raised his gun and pointed it at Raph.

And Raphael’s gut twisted with dread when he saw how round and young his face was, how his eyes were blown so wide, how his hands shook with adrenaline that he had not yet grown accustomed to. He was just a kid. An inexperienced, terrified kid with a gun and accuracy training.

“Back away from the lady, mutant, nice and slow. Don’t make any sudden moves. Just don’t make any. Sudden. Moves.”

Raph moved back, hating how that gun barrel stared back at him, how it watched his every move. Hating how he couldn’t do a damn thing about it, because sai he could handle, but bullets? They were a whole new ballgame.

And that feeling must have done something, triggered him to move in a way that was not appropriate to the officer, because the officer squeezed the trigger.

Raph felt the bullet lodge into his breastplate, knocking him to the ground, the woman screamed as his suddenly limp body crumpled to the ground.

The cop was yelling something about how he had told him not to make any sudden moves.

Raphael barely had the energy to listen.