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my dear @kuh-boose, please, do always ask me whenever you’ve got something like that in mind! I can’t stop wondering how you come up with such interesting ideas each time, thank you for that! 

Actually I’ve been thinking of serpent turts for quite a long time and then I found @hotmilkytea’s amazing “Birth of Serpents” (100% worth reading) and attempted drawing them but failed every time. Anyways, I just love how the consequences of their second mutation are explained, each brother is less or more dangerous and savage, each one is trying to deal with their new appearance and state of mind differently. 

So here’s serpent Leo ‘cause unfortunately I don’t have enough time to draw them all. No snake-hands this time - blame @zivazivc‘s coolest snakarai design. And he looks more like a horned-viper finally :)

Damerey X-Men/Mutant AU

An unfortunate side effect of Poe Dameron’s mutation: it’s damn near impossible to kill him, thanks to his accelerated healing. That includes old age. So he wanders the world, only ever letting a particular line of corgi’s close to him, simply referred to as ‘BB’ with the generation number after it (he’s always had a soft spot for them, and when he took one in after his mother’s death, well…). Until he ends up in the small, middle of nowhere town of Jakku, where he encounters a young woman who simply calls herself “Rey” and is on the hunt for her biological family, to get some answers as to why all of the sudden she’s hearing other people’s thoughts and is unable to touch people without practically killing them. 

At first he tries to refuse her attempts to join him - he’s perfectly fine with BB-8, thank you - but the girl is stubborn, and he finds himself caving. As the two head back towards the border, things become complicated. Poe develops an unknown second mutation - telekinesis. And he can’t seem to control it. 

Luckily for the two of them, they’re discovered by members of an “Order” from someplace called Skywalker’s School for Gifted Youngsters. At the mysterious school for mutants, Poe and Rey grow closer - and Rey learns she has an interesting tie to the headmaster, Luke Skywalker, one of the most powerful telepaths currently.

Mutation Squared

Mutation Squared:  When Peter Parker gets bitten by a radioactive spider (for the second time, since apparently he didn’t learn his lesson) he undergoes a strange second mutation. Left with eight eyes and a ridiculous amount of body hair, he must learn to cope with his new transformation and new powers. Good thing Wade Wilson is there to help him out.
(Inspired by tumblr artist Polarspaz).

Pairing: Spiderman/Deadpool

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 43,334

Status: Completed

Title: Justifiable Part 2

Length: 2,547 words

Rating: M

Warnings: smut, smutty smut, cussing, racial slurs, possible triggers

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Original Request: Can we have a second part of Justifiable, please? *-* I need to know Kurt is okay ;-;

A/N: There is smut, not the super smut I’m used to, this is pretty vanilla but it’s my first time posting smut on here.

You arrived home before the others, not surprisingly since they took the car. When you and Warren landed, despite being covered in sticky soda, you bolted through the house with Warren behind you trying to find Kurt. You had no idea where he had gone. Jean had mentally told you he wasn’t at the mall anymore so he had to be back at the mansion. You raced through the house to all his usual spots until you went into his room. You found him.

He was laying on his bed, holding his tail that definitely looked broken, in his hands and was trying to hold back his sobs. You had broken your arm once before so you had an inkling of how painful that was, but since you didn’t have a tail you couldn’t really know. He was curled up in a sort of ball trying to hide his face in his pillow and blanket. You ran to him and touched his hair. He flinched at your touch.

“Kurt, it’s Y/N, it’s okay, sweetheart.” You said gently. Warren came running in trying not to hit anything with his wings. He stood at the doorway and watched you. “Kurt, it’s gonna be okay. They got what they had coming to them. What they did was wrong. Warren and Peter took care of them.” Kurt peeked out of his pillow.

“You did?” he looked at you then to Warren. You then noticed Warren had a busted lip and a bruised jaw.  

“Ja, wir schlugen zurück und wurden sie verhaftet. Sie werden wissen, besser als Sie sich jemals wieder zu belästigen.” Warren responded and Kurt smiled through his pain. You had often forgotten your boyfriend spoke perfect German. A gift he’d picked up in Berlin from his time in the fights.

“Danke mein Freund.” He said and put his head back in his pillow. Kurt continued to hold back sobs. You stroked his hair trying to calm him down. “The things they said. It felt just like the circus all over again! It was like Berlin all over again.” You and Warren both knew Kurt had a shit past and was sensitive to a lot of it. Today had been one big fat trigger for him.

“This is all my fault.” You said suddenly. Kurt stopped moving. Warren looked at you in shock and anger.

“Babe, how is this your fault?” Warren asked incredulously.

“We should have left the minute those assholes started saying things to us.” You said. “We should have just left. I kept telling us to ignore them and look what happened. I tried to be nice and look what happened. Kurt’s tail is broken, Jubilee was called racial slurs, you got a busted lip, and Jean had soda thrown at her.”

“Babe, you did everything you could to keep us all calm. They got what was coming to them.” Warren looked at you. You looked back at Kurt.

“Kurt, I’m sorry. If you sit up and let me I can fix your tail.” Kurt sniffed for a moment before sitting up. You took his tail in your hands gently watching him wince in pain. You closed your eyes and focused you power feeling the five broken bones in his tail. You weren’t even aware there were bones in his tail! It was more like a mess of bruised muscle, broken blood vessels, and smashed ligament more than bone. The guy who had done this had one hell of a heavy foot, course he had been wearing combat boots which didn’t help. The actual bones in Kurt’s tail were thin and small but you got them healed. By the time the others came running in the room to join you had healed most of it. “It’s gonna be a little bruised for a week or so but it should be okay.” Kurt took his tail back gingerly moving it along his bed.

“Kurt!” Jean yelled running up and sitting down on his bed. Scott, Peter, Jubilee, and Storm came running in not long after. Jean hugged him and Kurt hugged her back. Everyone crowded in the room, which was difficult with Warren’s wings taking up a good chunk of space.

“I should have blown them all to pieces.” Storm proclaimed in anger. You could smell ozone in the air and gave her a look.

“What good would it have done?” Scott countered. “It would have made us the bad guys.”

“Mutants are always the bad guys no matter what we do.” Storm swore in her home language and sat down hard on the bed. Her expression softened. “Kurt, are you alright?”

“I’m better now. Y/N fixed my tail so I vill be fine.” He flicked it to confirm it. Jubilee looked like she had been crying.

“Jubilee, those guys were being assholes.” Jean said looking at her.

“I know. I can handle being called a freak. I’m used to it. I don’t care if they call me a Mutie Freak, but I’ve never had someone give me hell for my race. It’s feels worse than anything right now.” She said starting to cry again. Peter let her bury her head in his arm.

Everyone was emotionally destroyed and feeling like shit when Charles and Hank came running in. Well, Charles was being pushed in.

“I heard all your thoughts from the basement. What’s happened?” Charles scanned everyone’s minds and looked to yours for final confirmation. “Oh my god, my kids.” Tears welled up in Charles’ eyes as he scanned. “Oh I am so sorry my darlings. That never should have happened to you. Kurt, how’s your tail?”

“It’s better now. Y/N fixed it.” Kurt smiled feeling a little better that everyone was so worried about him.

“Wait, what happened?” Hank asked unsure as to what happened.

“The children were assaulted at the mall.” Charles looked back at Hank.

“Assaulted!?” You suddenly screamed. “Professor, we were humiliated! They broke Kurt’s tail, called Jubilee racial slurs, threw stuff at us, and called us every foul name in the book. They even called Storm a ni…” you could bring yourself to say it. It hung in the air. When the jerks had sat down Storm had been the first one they had started in on calling her the foulest words they knew and you didn’t have the guts to repeat it. Storm looked like lightning might strike from her hands. “Assault wasn’t even the worst of it all. The humiliation, the torment, the physical damage, the racism, it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen experienced in a place where we should be safe.”

“I know that my dear. You do not need to shout. Believe me when I say that I know your pain. I understand it. Today was a hard day and I assure you I will be speaking with the authorities about this. Those men will see jail time.” You had a feeling he was telling the truth. “Listen, everyone go to your rooms and get some rest. You’ve all had a long day.” Charles reasoned. Kurt stayed put as everyone else headed out. Jean and Scott locked hands and walked towards their rooms. Jean still needed to wash the sticky off her. You did too for that matter. Warren wrapped a wing around you and held your hand. Since you rooms were right next to each other’s you didn’t have to part at all. Neither of you said anything till you got to your doors.

“I’m gonna shower.” You said wanting to be alone. He nodded and kissed you.

“Are you sleeping with me tonight?” he asked. You only nodded. “I’ll wait for you.” You stroked his cheek before walking into your room. You heard his door shut and you headed for the girl’s shower. You took a while to scrub the sticky soda off your skin vowing never to drink it again. You let lose tears that had been threatening to fall. You got out of the shower and cleaned your face the most. You didn’t want Warren to see you like this. You dressed in one of his shirts and a pair of sleeping shorts. You didn’t bother knocking as you walked in the door. You never did. You locked it behind you. He was sitting on the edge of his bed, face in hands, wings tensed up around him, and wearing only his pajama pants.

You walked over and stood in front of him. He looked up at you admiring how cute you looked in one of his shirts. You ran your fingers over the tattoos on his face. He closed his eyes. His fingers played with the edge of his shirt and you leaned down to kiss him. He pulled you down so you straddled his lap. You looked him in the eyes and saw his lip and jaw. You closed your eyes and placed a hand over his jaw and lips. He winced for a second as you healed him.

“You didn’t have to do that. My healing factor would have healed it by morning.” He spoke quietly.

“I know. I wanted to.” You said. You reached down and pulled his shirt over your head and tossed it in the corner. “I want to do something else too.”

“You sure?” he asked looking at you. You both hadn’t had sex yet. Six months together and you hadn’t had sex yet. You had been wanting to and after the shit day you had had you both needed this. You needed something to make you feel better.

“Yes, I want you. I want something good out of this day.” You explained kissing him again. He held you close with his hands running over your bare back. His hand went for your shorts.

“May I?” He left kisses on your neck and you nodded. He stood up taking you with him and suddenly you were on your back with him above you. He pulled your shorts and underwear off and they landed by his shirt. His pants and boxers followed thereafter. You looked at him in all his glory and smiled.

“You’re beautiful my Angel.” You said running your fingers through his curly blonde hair.

“You’re the beautiful one, Babe.” He kissed your neck and nipped at your collarbone. You felt something pressing against your leg and knew what it was in moments. You felt something sliding over your slit making you shiver as he pressed a finger into your core. You squirmed under him as he pressed deeper. He enjoyed your reactions more than anything. He added a second finger and you had to bite your lip to keep from being too loud. He pressed his lips against yours and you moaned. He withdrew his fingers slowly and you felt yourself burning with need again. He laughed against your mouth as he pulled back. He disappeared from view and you activated your second mutation. You could see in the dark. You sat up and watched him fishing in his nightstand drawer for something. When he pulled out a small package and you heard a wrapped crinkle you realized what it was.

He was back on you in a second, condom securely on him and he kissed you again. He had one hand on your knee slipping between your legs. You held your breath as you felt him pushing into you. Holy God, what is this man packing? A coke bottle? You winced for a second and he waited for you to adjust. When you were ready again you gave him the go ahead. He was careful at first going slowly trying to make this easier on you. You liked the fact he was doing his best to be gentle with you since you knew he didn’t want to be. But that was for another night.

You kissed him hard letting your mouth open and he got the signal it was okay to go faster, but he got the memo. He moved faster trying to get you to the edge and get himself to the edge. It had been a while since he’d gotten any and as far as he knew this was your first go. He didn’t want to lose control quite yet but God did he want to. He wanted to go as hard as possible but he wasn’t gonna do that to you. Not yet at least.

Hands kept moving, he held himself up, and you tugged on his blonde curls, noises filling the room you hoped no one else could hear. His got louder as he approached his edge, but he stopped himself for a moment. His hand moved down and played with your little bundle of nerves while he thrusted slowly inside you. You couldn’t take this anymore. His fingers worked you and then he shoved himself into you up to the hilt hitting a spot in you that made you scream. His hand continued working your clit until you thought you would go mad. You screamed his name as you finished.

“Warren!” That ignited a bigger fire in him and he kept going as you were still on your high. He swore about a dozen times and came with your name tumbling from his lips.

“Y/N!” he yelled and came hard. He held himself above you looking down at you panting hard looking in your eyes. “I love you.” You gasped silently. He thought at first he had said the wrong thing until you smiled.

“I love you too.” You placed you hand on his tattooed cheek. He pulled himself out of you. He removed the condom throwing it in the trashcan next to his bed. He pulled you up and you both got in his bed never putting on clothes. He wrapped you in his arms and wrapped his wings around you making sure you were comfortable. You stared at each other for a moment before you spoke.

“Warren, what happened today, you beating their asses, it was completely justifiable.” You said knowing he needed to hear that. His fighting past would come back to haunt him now and then and you wanted to make sure it wouldn’t this time.

“I know that babe.” He said kissing you again. “No one hurts the one I love.” He took your hand and kissed your knuckles.

“If that ever happens again, I give you permission to handle it. No more should we have to deal with that.” You said finally sick of it. Maybe Mr. Magneto had a point. You wouldn’t start a fight, but you weren’t gonna let anyone get hurt ever again. “No more of that ever. No more.”

“Let’s get some sleep babe.” He agreed with you but you were both exhausted in more ways than one to talk anymore.

“I know.” You got comfortable in his arms and felt one of his wings wrap around you a little tighter for extra protection. “I love you my Angel.”

“I love you too my Saving Grace.” He whispered using the nickname he gave you your first month of dating. You laid there wrapped in him and felt the safest you had felt in a long time.

Yeah, there were some bumps in the road, but so long as you had your Angel, you could deal with them.

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Why do the Gangrene Gang make you sad?

Hooo boy, where to start… I’m gonna put this under a cut, I can already tell this is gonna get long. And I’m even gonna use images too!

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Any sad headcanons you have about Kurt?

child you really wanna go down this path. ima cheat a lil’ bit and bring in the hc’s i’m using for one of the scottkurt fics i have:

- When Kurt was in the circus, he really did feel that’s where he belonged. He didn’t look human, not with blue skin, fangs, pointed ears, a tail. He was a demon. There were other “freaks” in the show, of course. But none looked quite like him; maybe they had physical deformities. Maybe they had their skin covered with black ink and designs that Kurt swore could move, maybe they could breathe fire, or be able to feel no pain. But none look like him. When he learns about a being, a God, that many of his circus members pray to - an almighty who can grant any wish to a holy follower - Kurt turns to him for help. He prays away his blue skin, prays away his deformities, prays away his mutation. But he never wakes up the next morning with the dark brown, olive, or peach skin he hopes for, never learns what he’d look like if he were normal. When another member calls him a sin for his devilish appearance, Kurt takes a blade and holy book, and bites down on a rag to keep his cries quiet that night when, instead of praying, he marks the skin he hates so much - hoping that if he were to look more holy to his creator, God may grant him his prayers. 

- When Kurt comes to terms with his appearance at 15 years old, the circus has finally seemed to accept him as a member. They call him by his real name rather than his stage name, he even manages to gain little nicknames. Of course, when he finally feels like he has a family, God decides to punish him again. When he slips from one of the bars during his acrobatic stunt, he’s positive he will die; falling from this height would no doubt be fatal in the end. When he shuts his eyes and waits for the ground, he feels the Earth solid under his feet within seconds later.
A physical mutation had affected his status with the rest of the circus for years. When they all learn of another part of his mutation - teleportation - many people who he had considered friends are gone. He’s shunned, dismissed by all but the ringleader, who sees dollar signs over his head. Kurt’s routine is moved from a partner act to a single act, he’s kept separated from the rest, and worked hard to perfect a new routine until he feels like his heart will give out, like his lungs are burning, like his head is swimming. No one fights against the decision. His prayers for freedom turn to begs those nights.

- When he’s come to terms with his life at the age of 19, he’s taken from the only true home he’s ever known. It wasn’t a good home, no. But it was still a home, still full of people who knew him, who he at least felt understood his pain. When those same people hold him down as he’s shoved down into a box, he cries. Because this isn’t how he wants to die.
The box is cold, dark, quiet. The only way Kurt knows he’s still alive and breathing is when his new cage rattles or moves every other minute, hour, day. He’s unsure of how long he’s locked inside, unsure as to why he can’t teleport out, teleport home. He tries, he tries until the pain from whatever’s keeping him locked inside is too much to bear. He turns to his God, praying and begging for help. He doesn’t want to die this way, not alone and in the dark.
When his box jerks up, his heart leaps up into his throat. He thinks this is it, sees his life flashing before his eyes. Then hears chains being removed, hears a crowd and chanting, hears the fluttering of wings. Hears his stage name. And the doors open, he hits the ground.
When he realizes where he is, he wishes he was back in the box. Dying alone would be better than dying with an audience.

- He doesn’t know this woman. Doesn’t recognize her face. But he feels like he knows her, feels like he can trust her. She’s safe. She’s home. She’s an angel. She’s the freedom he’s prayed for. God’s heard him. He might have crumbled into a sobbing mess if he hadn’t been high on adrenaline. 
It took 19 years before Kurt Wagner felt safe and accepted and loved. And it was worth all that wait and pain.

Scientists Notes:

1978, Aged 7. Began basic education and testing. Performed an eager response to the reward system. Is less cooperative when provisions aren’t made as a reward. Tends to be less keen on adapting to flight. 

1982, Aged 11. Began fulltime testing. Education completed. Has been given the right to be monitored around the testing lab in order for notes to be made on general behavior.

1983, Aged 12. Began interaction with other species through mutation. Responded well to interactions with 18010. Failed to interact with 06152. Made mild interactions with 02050.

1987, Aged 16. Interaction and Movement Monitoring removed as rights. Returned to her testing room. Kept on constant cameras for safety. 

1990, Aged 19. Was reported missing for brief time. Found in her room three hours later. Unknown location for the three hours. Possible connection to the death of a recent security guard.

It begins and I finally finished one of these monstrosities!

This is an AU that I am working on - Its going to be written but I’m going to be drawing it a lot. So I’d better clarify the AU in as much detail as possible because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be the only one understanding myself otherwise;

This AU is focused on a novice security guard who has the simple task of maintaining a close watch on four guarded mutations. Said mutations were raised in the laboratory but after an incident in 1987 were unable to leave their ‘cells’. However, these mutations escape their 'cells’ every night and attempt to gain revenge on the unsuspecting night guard in the hopes that it will buy them freedom. The night guards job is to keep them from managing to succeed. 

I can probably explain it better when I write it up since I don’t want to give too much away, but here is Chica. As you can see, shes mutated with a chick to keep to the theme with her animatronic. She is the second most mutated experiment out of the four as she sports both wings and tail of a chicken.