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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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So Apparently It’s British Mother’s Day?

I follow too many British people and I thought today was Mother’s Day and nearly had a heart attack

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Forgetting Mother’s Day is one of the worst things you can do why would you make me think that?!

reblog if you think fathers day should be replaced with a second mothers day because your dad’s birthday falls on fathers day every year and you’re mad at him because he said his pool wasn’t open yet so you didn’t bring your trunks and you went over and it was open


A/N: Hello there! Sorry if I’m not active anymore. School has been busy and I’m still adjusting with my University life. But here’s a imagine for all of you (not requested!). I will  start writing the remaining requests and I promise to post it as soon as i finish it. And also, I will update Kid In love series soon! This is not edited so sorry if there are a lot of typos or any errors. Also REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!

It’s been 3 years since I last saw him. Funny thing is that we’ve never been together, but I feel like I just had my break-up with my first boyfriend. I love him but I guess being honest with him is a bad idea. Today, for the first time again I’ll be seeing him at Ian’s birthday party. A few months ago he started liking my Instagram photos which is shocking to me. We follow each other but he never liked even a single photo that I posted. But these last few months he’s been liking my Instagram photos. But I don’t want to assume anything, we all change. Maybe he just really like my photography I don’t want to assume anything more.

‘What should I wear?’ I asked my best friend, Maine.

‘Uh, I don’t know!’ Maine comments while she’s busy scrolling up and down on her phone.

‘What ya lookin’ at?’ I asked.

‘Fan comments.’ She said. She’s still focuse on her phone.

‘What?’ I asked and slightly laughing. ‘You have fans? Since when?’ I jokingly asked her.

‘Stop it. Shawn’s been liking your Instagram photos and he’s fans are going crazy about you two! Ya know, people thought you guys were dating.’ She said. ‘Wait, did you guys really dated?’ She asked.

‘Nah. We never dated. I guess confessing to him my feelings is not a good idea!’ I said and I continued looking for a nice dress to wear at Ian’s birthday.

‘But when he started avoiding you, you look like you just broke up with him.’ She said.

‘I guess I was just really into him that time.’ I said.

‘What about now?’ She asked and I paused for a minute. I don’t know what to say, I still do have feelings for Shawn but everything’s clear to me now that he doesn’t have feelings for me.

‘Not anymore. I don’t want to push myself to someone who doesn’t love or like me.’ I said. ‘You know what, let’s just go to Pull and Bear. I want a new top to pair with this one!’ I said as I raised my denim skirt.

‘You’re the queen of changing the topics!’ She jokingly said and I winked at her.

We drove to Pull and Bear blasting some Dua Lipa since we’re so obsessed with her. It’s crazy to think that tomorrow I’ll be reuniting with Shawn and seeing Shawn’s fans comments on my Instagram photos makes me nervous without any reasons. I’ve been seeing comments like, ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N IS ALIVE.’ ‘WAIT ARE THEY BACK TOGETHER?’ ‘OHMYGOSH Y/N AND SHAWN JSANHUIHEUWHEU’ ‘MY Y/N AND SHAWN HEART IS SO ALIVE U GUYSNABDBHIBDHW’ everytime I post a photo and Shawn likes.

Maine and I walked inside Pull and Bear and the first person we saw was Aaliyah with Karen. I got so nervous because its been 3 years since I last saw them. I don’t know if I should go out or what but I’m already here and what’s the point of running out if I’m reuniting with Shawn tomorrow. Aaliyah and I met gazed and I smiled and that’s when she realize it was really me. She run into me and Karen followed.

‘OH GOSH Y/N!’ Aaliyah said excitedly and hugged me so tight. I miss this girl. She’s all grown up now, I’m sure Shawn is getting crazy of how big Aaliyah now is and I’m sure he’s a crazy brother when it comes to Aaliyah’s suitors.

‘I miss you!’ I said and hugged Aaliyah back. When Aaliyah and I pulled away I hugged Karen and she hugged me back.

‘How have you been?’ Karen asked. ‘We missed you, it’s been like what? 3 years?’ She said and smiled at me.

‘I’m fine. How are you? Aaliyah, oh gosh you’re all grown up now!’ I said as I look at Aaliyah who’s smiling so widely and Karen who’s also smiling so widely.

‘He missed you.’ Karen said. I stopped for a moment. But I just smiled at her, because right now to be honest I don’t know what to feel.

‘I missed him too.’ I said.

‘I hope you and Shawn will be okay. You guys will make a cute couple, you know?’ Karen said seriously. That’s when Maine popped in thankfully.

‘Oh, hey Liyah. Hi Karen!’ Maine said with her joyful voice.

‘Hi, Maine. I missed you!’ Aaliyah said and hugged Maine.

‘Me too! We should do our usual girls night soon ya know!’ Maine suggested.

‘OH GOSH, YES!’ Aaliyah said excitedly.

‘That’s sound so much fun, am I invited as well?’ Karen asked and we all laughed. ‘Hey, I’m a millennial as well.’ Karen added.

‘Of course, you’re very welcome!’ said. ‘Oh, we gotta get going we still have some errands to do!’ I said. Before we left we hugged each other tight and we exchange numbers to stay in touch with each other. It was amazing to see them again. Aaliyah became the little sister I never had and Karen became my second mother.


This is the day, the day that I will see Shawn. I was pretty nervous but I keep on telling myself that I’m going there because it’s Ian’s birthday. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m there to celebrate my friend’s birthday and enjoy with my friends and aquintances. I put some light make up and wore the pinkish kind of floral crop top that I bought at Pull and Bear and paired with my denim skirt and my favorite white shoes. Maine and I went straight to Ian’s place and when we arrived the first person I saw was him. I feel like everything and everyone stopped at that moment. But thankfully Geoff was there to greet us.

‘How are you kid?’ Geoff asked.

‘Great, how are you oldie?’ I asked.

‘You’ll get there, Y/N!’ Geoff joked and told us where Ian is.

I saw Ian with Matt, Meg, Leah, Rayah, Lyall, and the person I want to avoice, Shawn. But I still walk into their place with Maine beside me.

‘OH GOSH! Look who finally showed up and give time to her friends!’ Ian joked. He hugged me as I greeted him happy birthday.

‘Shut up, Ian!’ I said jokingly.

Maine hugged everyone and I did as well. But when Shawn was standing there I don’t know if I should hug him but I did hug him.

‘Hi.’ He said as I pulled away with our hug.

‘Hello.’ I said.

Everyone felt what I felt. Awkward. That’s why Lyall decided to break the awkwardness with telling a corny joke. I went at the not crowded part since I’m not the life of a prty kind of girl. I just want to sit there and look at the people, enjoy the music, enjoy the laugh that I hear, enjoy every moment.

‘Hi again’ Shawn just popped in.

‘Hello again.’ I said.

‘You look gorgeous tonight.’ He said and looking straight into my eyes but I looked away immediately.

‘Thank you. So are you.’ I said. ‘Congratulations on tour!’ I said.

‘Thank you.’ He said. ‘What about you? You continued interior designing?’ he asked.

‘I did!’ I said. ‘Can you believe it? I followed my instincts and not my parents?’ I said and laughed. Back then Shawn would always tell me how I always tend to my parents, to him, to Maine, and to other people. That’s one of the reasons that he told me why me and him would not work out.

He just smiled and looked at me again. I feel like I’m going to melt with how he looked at me but I pretent like I don’t care.

‘I’m proud of you.’ He said. And that’s when I looked at him.

‘Thank you.’ I said and smiled.

‘I have always been so proud of you, Y/N. Maybe back then I was just so scared to lose you.’ He said with his eyes full of sincerity. But I tend not to say anything but just listen to what he wanted to say. ‘I have always been in love with you. Even before you knew you’re in love with me. But I was just so scared because I care about you too much that I don’t want to lose you.’ He said.

My world stops with everything that he’s confessing right now.

‘And I thought back then that if we remained friends things will be more better, that it will work out. I remember when you told me that you love me, my heart was so happy but my mind kept on telling me not to, because I can’t give you everything. All those things that I told you that day was a lie. I love you before, I love you now and I will love you in the future.’

‘Shawn-‘ I said but he interrupted me.

‘It’s okay, Y/N. I understand I hurt you and what I did was an asshole move and I know that-‘ I cut him off with a kiss that I’ve been wanting to do since earlier.

It was the sweetest kiss. Both of us don’t want to pull away. We don’t care what these people would say, but tonight, it was magical. It was like a dream. But I’m glad it wasn’t a dream, I’m glad that this is my reality now.

For Mother’s Day: Tier List of Evillious Moms*

* Not to be taken seriously, because if it were I wouldn’t try to fit them into rigid tier rankings to begin with.

(New and improved with edits because I forgot a character and I figured out how to compromise on a joke.)

Top Tier:

  • Meta Salmhofer
  • Clarith’s Mother
  • Banica Conchita

High Tier:

  • Rin
  • Clarith
  • Mei Miroku
  • Mariam Futapie

Mid-High Tier:

  • probably Chartette Langley
  • probably Lukana Octo
  • Mikina Freezis

Mid Tier:

  • Anne Lucifen d'Autriche

We Just Don’t Know Tier:

  • Maria Moonlit
  • Milky Eights
  • Mikulia Greonio
  • Riliane Mouchet
  • Mira Marlon

Mid-Low Tier:

  • Rahab Barisol

Low Tier:

  • probably Behemo’s mother

S*** Tier:

  • Meguru Conchita
  • Ma

S*** Tier And Also Not Even My Real Mom:

  • Eve Moonlit
  • Irina Clockworker

Are You A Demon Or My Mother:

B.A.P Le Noir AU: Ch.2 The Arsonist

Wowza! Third part coming right at ya! Haha I’m cranking these out a a lot faster than I expected, but I’m really attached to this story so that might be why haha. Thank you all for the feedback and commentary! It is really helping me improve my writing so keep sending them! Anyways, enjoy this new chapter with our favorite cutie gummy bear leader as it’s main lead :)

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You let out a small yawn as you opened the doors to Le Noir. The smell of pricey liquor and cigar smoke welcomed you as you set your fur coat on the counter. You greeted some familiar customers with a sweet, wine red lipped smile before giving some cheek kisses to each of them. “Well aren’t you late, Bearcat? Finally found yourself a man to keep you up late at night?” You couldn’t help but let out a boisterous chuckle at the accusation.

“Oh hush, Tatianna. You know I haven’t brought a man to bed with me for ages.” You scoffed offering her a light for her cigarette. Tatianna was a close family friend of your mother from back in the day. The queen of sass and the madame of the Ruby Lounge. She would go from Whitney to Diana Ross on any given day. Her strong, stocky build, and wide shoulders that contrasted the prettily beat face she had. She was practically a second mother to you. By day, however, she was simply Nathaniel. A hard-working, equally sassy, choreography for local performance groups.

“Well then what about that man over there? Your girls seem to be weak in the knees with him around.” Tatianna let out a whistle as she swiveled in her barstool in the direction of your girls. You raised an eyebrow, confused at what she was insinuating, when you noticed four of your girls hundled around one end of the bar peering at a certain young man sitting alone with his lighter. You playfully rolled your eyes at their silliness and crept up behind them, teasingly tickling their sides to grab their attention.

“Now what are you girls doing? Aren’t there customers you should be attending to?” You chuckled as all four young girls stared at you like deers in the headlights.

“W-we are!…we were…” Karin, the oldest of the four, began to blubber as she attempted to conjure up an excuse for the staring escapade.

“Oh don’t be to hard on them, Bearcat. With that fine hunk of man just sitting over there like that, if only I were ten years younger.” Tatianna let out a wolf whistle as she rested her chin in her hand, staring at the fine specimen of a man.

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xarrya replied to your post “wait a second….Sunday is mothers day…..are they gonna kill Emma on…”

Jen said she is coming back for one episode in season seven so I highly doubt they are killer her off now.

I don’t think they will ‘actually’ kill her this Sunday but my concern is they are going to heavily imply she is dead in the future at the end and pick up confirming it. I know Jen is happy where they ended Emma this season but she has no control over what happens next season and they may not have even told her before she signed…I mean they could also drag it out like the fathers whereabouts on ‘This is Us’ since that was a popular arc on tv this year…I mean I am of course hoping they don’t but they also have to explain her lack of being there somehow and it scares me