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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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Pairing: Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: Smut and swears, rough sex

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got two requests from anons and I thought they would be good together: “Anon: Captain boomerang having a tiny s/o who is very fiesty and won’t put up with his bullshit” and “Anon: Digger Harkness begging the reader for sex after him being away for longer than expected but she’s pouting, but finally gives in after him charming her” Also, don’t kill me, I can’t write accents 😂 so just ignore it. Also, this is literally the LAMEST title ever, I’m sorry. @speedypan wanted to be tagged!

You heard the front door open and then he was on you in seconds. He littered your neck in hot, sloppy kisses, his beard slightly scratching your neck. “I’ve missed ya so much love,” he purred in your ear. You punched him lightly in the stomach and pushed him off you. “What the hell was that for?” Digger asked, pouting. You stood up.

“Digger you were gone for over three months! You said that you would be gone for two weeks!” He shrugged his wide shoulders, the faded grey leather trench coat squeaking. Almost reluctantly, he smiled, his gold tooth glinting in the light from the ceiling fan light above him.

“The score was good.” He reached forward and pulled your hips to him. With a low groan, he pulled up your shirt to be above your hips and started kissing your hips. His hands slipped around and grabbed your ass. “I need ya. Now.” You pushed him off you, glaring at him.

“No Digger. You are getting no sex.” Digger mouthed wordlessly at you.

“W-what!? You can’t do that!” He yelled, grabbing the waistband of your shorts and pulling you hard enough that you fell into his lap.

“I can, and I will.” You got up and walked away. Digger got up and literally ran after you. He caught up, pulling roughly on your waist, pulling you tightly against him.

“Baby girl I have missed you.” You fought out of his arms.

“Yeah? Then spend time talking to me and stop trying to get me naked.” Digger groaned loudly. He let you go but sunk to his knees, rubbing his face against your stomach.

“Please baby girl,” he begged. You could not believe it. The ‘terrifying’ Captain Boomerang was literally on his knees, begging you for sex.

“No,” you say, disentangling yourself from him. “Stop begging.”

“Y/n! Please! I need ya. I miss ya and that body.”

“You have two hands,” you snap.

“But those aren’t the same!” He whines loudly, it almost sounded like he was going to cry. You looked down at him, shaking your head and laughing. There was an actual tear rolling down his cheek.

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I painted some clouds this week~

the first one is just brushwork, wet blending, a little dry brushing to fuzz edges. the second one is kitty litter masking, which is why I included the process pictures. sprinkle kitty litter to mask off the very lightest parts of the clouds, lightly spray a thin color, wait for it to dry, then mask the next lightest parts and repeat until your whole cloud is masked and you can spray the sky color. (or brush in the sky, doesn’t much matter if it isn’t a translucent drop.) making a gradient test flat was helpful, because it told me how many spray passes it would take to reach a certain darkness.

kitty litter makes a really nice gradient and works well on translucencies - spray is your friend when you need light to filter through the fabric. it’s just hard to match a rendering because you can’t tell what your painting looks like under all that litter. you just have to trust it. usually, matching a rendering exactly is not necessary when it comes to clouds - it’s more important for the clouds to look organic and fluffy.

The Very First Letter For The Scamander's

Tina opened her eyes with a little smile when her new husband kissed her nose gently.

“Morning.” she said with a lazy voice.“Morning"he replied with a gentle smile on his face.“Are you planning to getting up sometime?“He asked."Not in near future."She said still smiling and hugging her pillow."Okay then."he said and kissing her quiqkly before she turns around playfully.

While he was shovering she lyed a little more in the bed and listened the birds outside.Then she get out of bed for making a coffie and breakfeast.

She walked right in the kitchen but suddenly turned back and walked to the door.There was a letter on the ground.She turned it around to see for who. The letter was for Mr. and Mrs.Scamander. "Aww,our first letter."she said with a smile on her face. She opened it and sit in a couch in living room.

There was two pages,one of them is old and written in a very bad writing.Like someone who just learned to how to write.The second was new and the writing was entirely perfect. She start to reading the old one first but she eventually start laughing at it.

When she start to second one she was litterally crying over joy.That’s was the time that Newt finished his shover and coming to her with a confusion.But instead he turns to kitchen to make some tea.

"Why are you laughing that much?” He asks to her curiosity mixed with amuse.

Meanwhile Tina finally puts herself together again.She says “We got our very first letter as Scamander’s!Oh,let me read it to you!"she said still trying to not to laugh.

"I’m listening!” Newt yelled from the kitchen.

“My dear family,” Tina started to reading the old letter first.

“I’m writing this goodbye letter to you because I don’t want to you come after me.I’m going with Susan..” she stopped for a second then continued “the hippogriff.”

At this moment Newt start to realize something.

“I asked her to marry me and she said yes.We are going tomorrow in the morning because mom told me we can’t marry each other.So we are gonna run away.

We maybe come back someday but I can’t promise.

With all my love,


She finished reading at the same time Newt entered to room. “Where did you get this?!” he asked while getting the letter from Tina and started to reading it.

“Oh,there is more!” Tina yelled.Then started to read second one.Newt tried to catch the letter but Tina blocked him with a pillow.

“Dear Tina,

Don’t worry they couldn’t escaped.Newt fell down the stairs and broke mom’s favorite vase while he was trying to carry his suitcase.So the voice was very loud and he started to cry immediately and waken up everybody.

So don’t worry he don’t have a hippogriff wife called Susan.

And to my little brother, I told you to stay away from my chocolate frog cards.”

“I was five!!” He yelled.

“And you didn’t listen me.I know you hate this story so I saved this letter over 25 years to just annoy you at the moment you never expected and the first morning with your wife seemed so perfect.

I told you I’d take revenge.

My best wishes,

Theseus Scamander.”

After she finished she started to laughing uncontrolably again.Newt was so angry that he just covered his face with his hands and started to yelling death threats to his big brother.

Tina was still laughing like she just drinked a whole bottle of gigglewater.


*takes moment of silence*


This is my cat BreeBree. She’s the love of my life and she was born in my house from my previous cat Abby. I’d die without her tbh and I just…loev her SO much. She was the second born in a litter of 4, originally I thought she was a boy so her siblings altogether were named Thomas, Theodore/Teddy, Tobe and then my mom named the last one breaking my trend of “T” names and called him “Kinks” because the last born’s tail was broken into an upsidedown “L” shape. BreeBree’s original name was Tobe (tubby Tobe because she ate a lot) and eventually it was changed to Bree. Her mom was a long haired calico with a gentle soul and all of her brothers were medium/short hairs with grey and briwn stripes but she was short formal hair with black and white and in the sunlight it looks chocolate brown. She almost died when she was born so she’s a miracle baby and before she was born I used to talk to her mom’s tummy and give the babies kisses. And after they were born we put them in the kitten crib and I used to sing to them and none of the other ones cared but she stayed to listen and I’d rock her to sleep. She was born when I was in 4th grade and she’s soft hearted like her mother. Once her mom brought me a baby bird that fell from a tree without hurting it because she was worried about it and once Bree brought me a mouse and put it down gently and she carried it like a baby dbfjcncn but despite her softness towards tiny animals she’s kinda cat racist. She hates her own kind and especially other girl cats. She especially HATED Ellie. But every cat seems to respect her even if she’s not very powerful looking. And nobody, even cat haters have ever called her ugly or disliked her. I used to have a bunny and my bunny would beg for her attention, he’d follow her around like “blease senpai….just give me validation!!” and when I had 2 ferrets they’d noodle around and the second BreeBree was in view they’d be like “!!!!! SHES HERE!!!!! SENSEI ISHERE OMGOMGOMG WHAT AN HONOR, PLEASE PLAYPLAYPLAY W/US PLSGDGFBFBVBBBBB!!!!!” and they’d jiggle over to her at full speed and she’d be like “uGH not These Smelly Losers Again!” And she’d run to her chair which was exactly ONE inch out of thier reach no matter how high they attempted to jump and she’d act like she hated them but she still let them dream of catching her tail. She also loved my lovebird Pretty Boy and they were good friends before PB got a boyfriend named Speckles and became prehistoric. But yea :’) I loev her. She always comes to me when I cry, she’s very smart and wise and mindful and she’s the best friend I could ever ask for. I wish she could be with me forever I love her so muhc.


sobs 50/10 what a good cat, a queen, the best 

Home is where your cat is

Rating: General Audiences

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Tags: fluff, cuddling, cats judging you, pre-slash


“That’s a cat.”

“An adorable big, fluffy, cat!”

“It’s fat.”

Stiles gasps and smoothes down the cat’s big fluffy ears with his free hand. “Don’t say that! You will hurt her feelings! Don’t listen to the mean wolf,” he coos at the cat in his arms and plasters it ’s head with exaggerated smooching kisses.

The cat looks about as done with him as Peter feels.

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Cloudtail/Brightheart second litter au?

As much as I love these babies and want them to have a lot of babies of their own, I’m still irked about the idea that they were basically 70 when they had their second litter.

I love the idea of them having more than one litter, but couldn’t that have happened much earlier? I mean, even if it was stated in the book that she was old to have kits it still doesn’t make it any better you know.

And so I’ve thought about an AU with a little different timeline that I’m going to share here!

(I might make a bigger post in the future for the whole AU but for now it’s just Cloud/Bright)

So here it goes:

• Instead of having their second litter in the late OotS, Brightheart gives birth to Ambermoon, Snowbush and Dewnose in the New Prophecy some time after the Journey 

• This adds to her jealousy of Cloudtail spending time with Daisy and her kits, because Brightheart feels like he doesn’t care about his own family.

• However Daisy reconciles with Brightheart by helping her with queen duties and the two become friends through that. Cloudtail is pleased with this, but does apologize to Brightheart for neglecting her and starts spending more time again with her and the kits.

• Through all of this Daisy’s kits become close with Brightheart and Cloudtail’s 2nd litter (Amberkit, Snowkit and Dewkit).

• The kits are made apprentices in-between Sunset and the Sight, with Sandstorm mentoring Snowpaw (sorry to take away your first apprentice Ivypool, but), Greystripe mentoring Ambermoon (to give him another chance after that disaster with Brackenfur. Seriously, did he ever mentor anyone else after that?) and Squirrelflight mentoring Dewpaw.

• They recieve their Warrior names in Outcast not too long after Daisy’s kits, becoming Ambermoon, Snowbush and Dewnose respectfully. Through all this time they are shown to be really close with Berrynose, Hazeltail and Mousewhisker.

• Later on Ambermoon becomes mates with Mousewhisker and Hazeltail with Snowbush (instead of that yucky first-cousin-basically-teenage-pregnant-thing they pulled with him and Lilyheart) 

• Cloudtail and Brightheart happily retire before OotS, with elders den already being habited by Dustpelt, Sandstrom, Greystripe, Brackenfur and Thornclaw (some of them die earlier to thin the group, but that’s a topic for another a post)

• Hazeltail has her kits first at the beginning of OotS while Ambermoon has hers later durng the arc.

• Dewnose sadly dies in the battle against the Dark Forest. Hazeltail still dies of greencough in-between the Last Hope and Bramblestar’s Storm and is dearly missed by her kits (named Froskit and Wrenkit, maybe there was more but they died as kits?) and her mate.

• Many of Ambermoon and Mousewhisker’s kits die of greencough as well, with only one kit, Dewkit, (named after Dewnose respectfully) surviving.

Might add stuff later on, but for now this is it. Feel free to share your thoughts if you like.

box of kittens - evak drabble

yes i wrote another drabble, i feel as though every saturday I will write drabbles and such and its a good plan!! anyway, i put together two of my favorite things - evak and kittens - and wrote a lil something. enjoy!!

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Isak and Even had agreed - no pets until they were completely settled in. They agreed that as soon as they had the proper environment and space, that they would get a dog or a cat. Isak hadn’t completely remembered the rule all that well. Without Even knowing, he had been keeping three kittens in their closet. After Even would fall asleep, he would carefully get up and feed them their warm milk, play with them a bit, and then crawl back into bed. He had kept this routine going to weeks, but he knew he had to tell Even eventually but that’s not exactly how it went.

It was the fifth week, a Tuesday, and Isak was complaining that his stomach was hurting and that he didn’t want to hold Even back from going to school. He stayed lying in bed and Even made him a quick and easy breakfast before he headed out, a worried expression on his face, but he went anyway. Isak ate the meal and placed the dishes on the side table and got out of bed, opened the closet doors, and took the small box that held the kittens and put it in the middle of his and Even’s room. He picked them up one by one, smiling as one of them meowed as he set them gently on the carpet.

He had already given them names; the small, orange tabby was Nala (the only girl of the litter), the second orange tabby was Bech, and the last pure white kitten was named Isakyaki. Isak sat cross-legged on the floor as the kittens made their way around the room. Nala was the most attached to Isak and wouldn’t leave his lap and she eventually fell asleep as Isak stroked her soft fur. He watched as Bech and Isakyaki started dragging around Even’s sock around the room. It was almost 1 o'clock as Isak set out the small bowl of warm milk and what he didn’t know was that Even was heading home to check on him at that very second.

As he carefully placed Nala at the edge of the bowl, she yawned, sending a warmth feeling all throughout Isak’s body. He was careful as to watch Bech because he was known to bat at the other two while they drank from the bowl. While Isak was watching, he didn’t even hear Even open the door and step into their flat. His heart froze as he watched the knob to their bedroom turn and he quickly tried to pick up the kittens and put them back in the box, ignoring the scratching and biting from the three due to them wanting to finish their milk.

“Isak, are you awake-” Even started, but he stopped in the doorway as he looked down at Isak, still holding Nala and Isakyaki in his hands.

“Um, yeah?” Isak responded innocently, smiling nervously at his boyfriend as he slowly and carefully set them in the box.

“Isak, what is this?” Even asked as he picked up the box and set it on the bed as Isak quickly got up and stood next to him. “Kittens?! Isak I thought we agreed to wait..” Even said but he picked up Bech and held him close to his chest.

“I’m sorry! While you were away at your moms I was walking home from the coffee shop and I saw them on the side of the road and… I wanted to help them,” Isak explains, biting his lip as Even looks at him.

Even sighed as he set Bech back in the box, turning to look at Isak, smiling, “If you wanted kittens so bad, you could have just told me.”

“So we can keep them?” Isaks eyes brightened as he grinned at Even.

“Of course. If the love of my life wants to skip school just to take care of kittens, then I should allow him to keep them.”

“I’m the love of your life, hm?” Isak ponders, smiling as he picks up Isakyaki.

“It’s a hashtag, remember?” Even laughs.

Isak smiles, “I already named them, by the way.”

Even groans, “Of course you did…”

“This one is Isakyaki,” Isak states, holding up the little kitten in Even’s face as Even takes him. “This one is Nala, and that one is Bech.” He finishes, pointing each one out.

“How did you manage to take care of three kittens all by yourself?” Even asks jokingly, laughing as Isak shoves him a little and he lands on the bed, picking up Nala from the box and she immedietly crawls into his sweatshirt pockets.

“It looks like someone has taken a liking to you,” Isak says.

“She reminds me of you, always cuddling up to me.”

“I did raise her, you know.”

Even smiles, pulling Isak down onto the bed next to him with his free hands, kissing his head, “At least these kittens give us something good to do.”

“At least I don’t have to keep them locked up in a closet,” Isak adds, rubbing in between Isakyakis ears as he purs and closes his eyes.

“Kittens remind me so much of you. Soft, cuddly, important.” Isak blushes, leaning his head on Even’s shoulders.

“A lot of cute things remind you of me.”

“Kittens especially.”

Isak picks up his head and looks at Even, smiling, as he connects their lips together and they pull away as they hear Nala whining in Even’s pocket. “She must not like her parents making out while she is in the room.” Isak laughs as Even pulls out Nala, setting her on his lap.

“I don’t blame her, it’s gross.” Even jokes as Isak shoves his shoulder again.

“They’re sleeping in the room tonight, I can lay out some blankets,” Isak says, not even waiting for his boyfriend to respond as he takes an extra blanket from the closet and folds it into a neat square in the corner of the room.

“They can’t be in here all the time, Isak.”

“Why not?”

“Because we do stuff, do you not realize that? I don’t want kittens meowing as we have sex,” Even grins as Isak blushes again, rolling his eyes. “Well, it’s true!”

“Fine, then they can sleep in the living room when we do that,” Isak offers.

“If we remember to get them out first,” Even smirks.

“Why are so cocky today, hm?” Isak laughs, shaking his head lying down on the bed.

“Because Magnus wouldn’t shut up about him and Vilde today at lunch.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that alone, I had business to attend to with these kittens.”

“Better be sorry.”

Isak laughs as he sets Isakyaki on his chest, Even lying down next to him, and they and the kittens fell asleep, the rhythm of their breathing and chests rising setting a calm environment for the kittens and the soft purring of the kittens sent Isak and Even off to sleep.

(WTP: Today’s answer is probably just going to be this today.)

Trenton Hunter: Last of the second litter, and the youngest Hunter of the pack. Trenton is good at keeping a calm demeanor despite how emotionally investing a situation can be. That isn’t to say he is cold and unfeeling, in fact it is the opposite. Trenton is simply trying to be mindful and understanding without making those sort of situations worse. He is a wolf that rarely raises his voice unless it comes defending those he cares about, but in turn the wolf rarely stands up for himself when called into question. Trenton is also known for being the best at keeping a secret among the Hunter brothers, and prides himself on maintaining that trustworthy reputation. Trenton recently graduated from The Greater Burrows Police Academy and began working as an official Burrows Region Trooper, usually sticking around the roadways between Bunny Burrow, Foxes Glen, Tunneler’s Hill, Oakwillow West, and the greater Hare County area.

Qali Pelagere: Hailing from a family of arctic foxes that immigrated from North Canidea to Foxes Glen, Qali is a second generation immigrant, born in a litter of three (all girls) who currently helps run her families ‘Holiday Tree’ farm. Qali is a bit energetic, and summarily more passionate than Trenton. Often times when the wolf won’t stick up for himself, or Qali perceives he’s taking something to calmly, she’s quick to jump in and start fighting on his behalf. To Qali it doesn’t even seem to matter the size of the opponent when it comes to the argument, but that seems to go paw in paw with her tendency not to fully think emotionally charged things through. Qali also has a poor mind to mouth filter and sense of other’s personal space, which can often get her into trouble. She met Trenton when the wolf was called to the farm to investigate a trespassing call, and energetic and sweet nature quickly won him over. Well, that and her general forwardness on getting the wolf’s number.

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I noticed in your fox hux drabble yesterday with the 8 foxlings that they have names??? have you named them all?? ❤️

hahaha yeah, I’ve thought of names for them all!! I couldn’t resist!

Elora, Leyla, Alana & Leon are all the first litter, and then Elyse, Milo, Sammy & Rosie are the second litter ✨ (and if you’re curious, Techie’s and Matt’s twins are Darcy & Fleur, then they have a little boy called Luca 🌸)

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Steven it would have taken litterally two seconds to say "if you come with us on earth you'll be free to live together!" I mean come on

im not entirely giving up hope…,. what if he convinces the topaz carrying him to think abt it…… when theyre running away she helps them get home….. bleas..