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Prompt: After sending Steve to find something in your room, he finds….compromising pictures meant for Bucky.

Warnings: Implied stuff, NSFW…obviously.

Author’s Note: It is so late and I have a 7:30am math class but this hit me straight in the face and I had to write it.

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Pairing: Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: Smut and swears, rough sex

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got two requests from anons and I thought they would be good together: “Anon: Captain boomerang having a tiny s/o who is very fiesty and won’t put up with his bullshit” and “Anon: Digger Harkness begging the reader for sex after him being away for longer than expected but she’s pouting, but finally gives in after him charming her” Also, don’t kill me, I can’t write accents 😂 so just ignore it. Also, this is literally the LAMEST title ever, I’m sorry. @speedypan wanted to be tagged!

You heard the front door open and then he was on you in seconds. He littered your neck in hot, sloppy kisses, his beard slightly scratching your neck. “I’ve missed ya so much love,” he purred in your ear. You punched him lightly in the stomach and pushed him off you. “What the hell was that for?” Digger asked, pouting. You stood up.

“Digger you were gone for over three months! You said that you would be gone for two weeks!” He shrugged his wide shoulders, the faded grey leather trench coat squeaking. Almost reluctantly, he smiled, his gold tooth glinting in the light from the ceiling fan light above him.

“The score was good.” He reached forward and pulled your hips to him. With a low groan, he pulled up your shirt to be above your hips and started kissing your hips. His hands slipped around and grabbed your ass. “I need ya. Now.” You pushed him off you, glaring at him.

“No Digger. You are getting no sex.” Digger mouthed wordlessly at you.

“W-what!? You can’t do that!” He yelled, grabbing the waistband of your shorts and pulling you hard enough that you fell into his lap.

“I can, and I will.” You got up and walked away. Digger got up and literally ran after you. He caught up, pulling roughly on your waist, pulling you tightly against him.

“Baby girl I have missed you.” You fought out of his arms.

“Yeah? Then spend time talking to me and stop trying to get me naked.” Digger groaned loudly. He let you go but sunk to his knees, rubbing his face against your stomach.

“Please baby girl,” he begged. You could not believe it. The ‘terrifying’ Captain Boomerang was literally on his knees, begging you for sex.

“No,” you say, disentangling yourself from him. “Stop begging.”

“Y/n! Please! I need ya. I miss ya and that body.”

“You have two hands,” you snap.

“But those aren’t the same!” He whines loudly, it almost sounded like he was going to cry. You looked down at him, shaking your head and laughing. There was an actual tear rolling down his cheek.

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Here’s a quick clip of 9 week old Drewbert that was taken during our second visit to the litter. We found out which boy was matched for us and it was this good, good floppy eared boy!

Just look at his pudgy paws, floppy ears, and soft, plush puppy fuzz!

#Drewbert #Pupbert #corgi #throwback #throwbackthursday #tbt

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Akiyama no Roushya Kishu Ken Live Puppy Cam - Due July 10th, 2017
Akiyama no Roushya's 3rd Litter ---- Hakuzan no Sekirou go Hakuzan Ryousou x Oosaka no Sekihime go Kishu Yoshitaka sou ABOUT THE LITTER Nami was bred to Cuch...

One of the things about living in an urban society is that a lot of people are way more distanced from natural occurrences like reproduction. Unless you work on a farm or your family breeds animals, it’s not common to see what labor and birth looks like for animals. 

If you’re one of those people who - like me - wasn’t exposed to that sort of thing, and you’re interested, this link is something you can watch. It’s a puppy cam from Akiyama no Roushya, where @crispbean‘s Kishu Ken bitch, Nami, has just gone into labor for her second litter. She’s set up in a den box and we should be seeing puppies soon! 

(Minor warning for animal discomfort (going into labor in the middle of summer is no fun) and small amounts of blood and the other bodily fluids that accompany the birth of placental mammals). There is no audio on this video. 

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If Leafpool and Crowfeather had a second litter, what would they look like/ be named? I'm wanting to write a fanfic about au where leaf and crow do not return

uh well this is just a personal preference but i love the idea of kits being named after family members/influential cats 

Shrewkit (after shrewpaw) - black ticked tabby

Cinderkit (after cinderpelt) - blue ticked tabby

Eaglekit (after eaglekit) - solid blue

Tallkit (after tallstar) - solid black 


I painted some clouds this week~

the first one is just brushwork, wet blending, a little dry brushing to fuzz edges. the second one is kitty litter masking, which is why I included the process pictures. sprinkle kitty litter to mask off the very lightest parts of the clouds, lightly spray a thin color, wait for it to dry, then mask the next lightest parts and repeat until your whole cloud is masked and you can spray the sky color. (or brush in the sky, doesn’t much matter if it isn’t a translucent drop.) making a gradient test flat was helpful, because it told me how many spray passes it would take to reach a certain darkness.

kitty litter makes a really nice gradient and works well on translucencies - spray is your friend when you need light to filter through the fabric. it’s just hard to match a rendering because you can’t tell what your painting looks like under all that litter. you just have to trust it. usually, matching a rendering exactly is not necessary when it comes to clouds - it’s more important for the clouds to look organic and fluffy.


Soulmates Imagine.

Imagine:On everyone’s 18th Birthday a Tattoo of their soulmates name appears.-Part 4.

Ever since the night at the school you and Stiles had been stuck to each other. Every time Stiles wanted to explore you were the person sat beside him in his Jeep. Whenever you had any trouble Stiles would be straight at your side.

You would often find yourself hiding your tattoo from Stiles, scared that he would see it but with his birthday party approaching you wouldn’t be able to avoid it any longer.

After what seemed like years the day finally arrived. Stiles’ 18th birthday was here and he’d get his Soulmates tattoo. You knocked at his door your hands shaking.

Within minutes Stiles was at the door, a lazy smile playing on his lips.
Eyeing the big boxes behind you.

“Are they for me?“Stiles grinned.

"Uhh no, they’re for your dad"you rolled your eyes and smiled.

"Hi y/n"you heard Stiles’ dad call out from the kitchen.

"Hello Mr.Stilinski"you answered happily.
A couple of seconds later and Noah was stood at the door next to Stiles.

"Now y/n I know that you are responsible and you know that I love my house and my son…"He began to say.

"Don’t worry, tonight I will look after them both"you promised.

"I know you will, Stiles look after y/n"The sheriff warned before ruffling up your hair and returning to the kitchen.

Stiles’ eyes wandered back to the boxes stood next to your cars.
"Oh yeah, your presents"you jumped out of your position and ran over to your car.

You waved him over and grinned.
"So I know for a fact that you’re stubborn and you love Roscoe so you won’t get rid, I also love Roscoe the Jeep so instead of buying a new Roscoe I brought you everything you need to mend his broken heart"you smiled as you patted the hood of the loved Jeep.

You reached over and lifted the heaviest box, it had a bright blue bow on top.
Stiles opened the box and his mouth fell open. He looked at all the expensive tools and paints inside you’d even gotten him specific car parts.

"Y/n… you can’t be serious, this is amazing"Stiles blushed.

"We’re not done yet"you smirked as you wheeled out another wrapped box.

"Your dad is always moaning at you because when you investigate you pin all your evidence up on the walls and it leaves holes in the wallpaper so I got you this"you wheeled the gift over to Stiles.

Within seconds the colorful paper littered The Stilinski driveway, he pulled off the red bow to reveal a police detectives board, along with string, different colored markers and a cute box full of pins.

He turned to you and smiled, you’d never seen his smiled that big and it warmed your heart.

"Y/n Thankyou so much you are seriously amazing, you can read my mind, it’s like we’re soulmates and I just don’t know what to say"he exclaimed before pulling you in for a tight hug.

As soon as he said the word Soulmate you started to choke.
Stiles pulled away worriedly.
"Are you okay?"he rubbed your back gently.

"Mmmhmm, just swallowed too much air"you mumbled as you took deep breaths.

"I have to go, I’ve left your last present at home I’ll see you tonight"you lied as you walked briskly back to your car.

He raised his eyebrows at you before waving, as soon as you pulled out of his drive you called an emergency number from your car.

"Hello y/n? You’ve been M.I.A all day has Stiles got his tattoo yet?"Lydia asked down the phone, her voice echoed throughout your car.

"Uhm I think we should have a meeting at my house ASAP"you quickly said.

"I’ll take that as a no then"Lydia replied.

"We’ll be right there"Allison called down the speaker.

The five of you stood around your table.
"Does Stiles even know about the Soulmates Tattoo?"Malia asked loudly as she rummaged through your wardrobe.

"Yeah, we spoke about it once when we were kids"you replied before throwing yourself back onto your bed.

"Maybe he has it but he’s too scared to say"Kira offered her opinion.

"Hmmmm no I don’t think so, Stiles would probably tell Scott and Scott would tell me"Allison mumbled as she bit her nails.

"Y/n, why don’t you just wait for tonight we’ll all be there"Lydia sat down next to you, pulling out a brush and running it through your hair.

"What if he gets it and he doesn’t like it"you worried.

"Why don’t you tell him first"Malia shrugged.

"That’s not an option, I’m not going to walk into his house like ‘oh hey Stiles I got this tattoo of your name which means we’re somehow connected forever and I think I’m falling in love with y-

The girls stopped what they were doing and turnt to look at you.
"I’m not going"you simply stated.

"Stop being ridiculous if you don’t turn up Stiles will go loopy"Lydia pointed out.

Malia looked down at her phone.
Her eyes widening.
"Okay well we’d better start getting ready because it’s 6:30 and the party starts at 8”

Lydia leapt towards your wardrobe, pulling out a tight black dress, whilst Malia buried herself in your shoe boxes finally popping out to reveal a cute pair of pastel pink heels. Allison sat you down to do your makeup before she moved onto her own and Kira pulled out her hair curlers, working magic on your hair.

It’s was 7:50 and all 5 of you were ready to leave. As you piled into Lydia’s car you were having second thoughts.

Lydia looked back at you from the drivers seat.
“Y/n, no matter what happens tonight we’re here for you"she reached over and squeezed your knee as Malia and Kira squashed you with a hug.

"I love you girls"you smiled happily before Lydia started the car.
Within minutes you were hopping out of the car and making your way to Stiles’ front door. You could already hear the loud music and chatter of your high school friends.

When you walked through the door you were hit with the stench of Sweat and alcohol, red cups littered the floor and the smoke machine had clouded the room temporarily.

"Find Stiles"Lydia whispered in my ear before linking arms with the others, guiding them over to Scott and the rest of the pack.

You nodded before weaving your way through the crowd, it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be because after a minute of two you were in the Stilinski’s kitchen.

The room wasn’t hot and stuffy like the others so you took a deep breath in, not realizing someone was watching you from over the counter.

"Is it that bad in there"Theo smirked at you, his eyes roaming over your body.

You cringed at the fact that he was mentally undressing you.

"I bet you weren’t invited"you mumbled as you walked over to Stiles’ fridge. Pulling out a bottle of ice cold water.

"What are you talking about me and Stiles are the best of f-

"Don’t lie"you rolled your eyes and made your way to the door, it was obvious that Stiles wasn’t in the kitchen so you didn’t have a reason to stay.

"I’m not lying"Theo called out.

"Bye Theo"you answered.

"Wait y/n"Theo shouted after you as he followed you out of the room, his hand reached out and took your arm.

His eyes caught sight of something on your wrist and he flipped your arm over to reveal the soulmates Tattoo.

"Well this is interesting"Theo hummed.
You yanked your arm back, hiding it behind your back.

"Does Stiles know?"Theo smirked.

"No he doesn’t, if you say one word Raeken I will-

"Today’s his 18th birthday, has he got his tattoo?"The boy raised his eyebrows.

"No I don’t kn-why am I talking about this with you, Theo leave me alone"you hissed before pushing through the crowds once more.

You finally made your way to Stiles’ bedroom, he wasn’t anywhere else so you figured he must be in his room.

You slowly opened the door and a gust of cold refreshing wind hit you instantly.
Stiles was stood at his window his head already half way out.

"Careful Stiles you might fall out"you laughed. He jumped at the sound of your voice, hitting his head on the window.

He spun around, hands holding his sore head.
Stiles’ mouth dropped open when he caught a glimpse of you.

"Wow, y/n you look beautiful, I mean you always look gorgeous bu-

You grinned at Stiles’ attempt to compliment you.
"Thank you Stiles, why aren’t you attending your own party"you asked curiously.

Stiles stumbled over to his bed and sat down. He was drunk.
"I was waiting for you"he hummed cheerfully.

"Well I’m here now"you nodded as you stroked his head.

"I still haven’t got my soulmates tattoo"he frowned.
Your heart stopped.

"Did you get yours?"he watched as your cheeks flushed red.

"Uhh yeah, yeah I did get mine"you said quietly.

"Why do you sound so down about it, Whoever it is he’s a lucky guy and don’t you forget it"Stiles wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

You decided that is was time to tell Stiles.
"Actually Stiles there’s some-
You didn’t get to finish your sentence because Stiles leapt up off the bed covering his mouth, he sprinted into the bathroom and you could hear him all the toxic alcohol exiting through his mouth.

You made your way to the bathroom and rubbed his back. After he was finished he washed his face and you rummaged through his wardrobe, finding him some comfy clothes to sleep in.

"Sorry about that What were you saying y/n?"he asked tiredly.

"It can wait, you need to get some sleep. Don’t worry me and the others will take care of everything"you smiled as you passed Stiles a water bottle.

Just as you were about to leave the room Stiles called out to you.
"Thankyou y/n, I’ve never said this but you’re a real gem, you always have been”

You smiled as you closed the door behind you. Making your way downstairs back to the party.

Unaware that Theo was lurking around upstairs.

6 hours later.
You had kicked out all of the students until it was just the pack left. Everyone had been tidying up for at least an hour when Stiles came trudging down the stairs.

“I missed it"he pouted.

"I missed my own birthday party how does that even happen?"he laughed.

Scott shook his head with a smile and patted his friend on the back. Scott’s eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes travelled around the back of Stiles’ neck.

"Stiles, did you not feel it?"Scott asked worriedly.

"Feel what?"Stiles asked confused.

"You’re soulmates Tattoo, you’ve got it, it’s on the back of your neck"Liam mumbled as he stepped forward to take a look.

"And who is it?"Lydia asked as she glanced at you.

"Are you sure you want him to read it out loud?"You quickly questioned Stiles.
Stiles hesitated for a second before slowly nodding.

"It’s… It’s Malia?"Scott announced.
You dropped the cup you were holding and gasped, you didn’t realize how loud you were.

"What?!"Malia almost screamed.
Kira and Allison glanced at each other with widened eyes, and Lydia was at your side immediately.

Scott’s eyes wandered over to you, watching your reaction. He caught sight of the swirly writing on your wrist, his mouth falling open slightly.

He kept quiet about it.
"My soulmate is Malia?"Stiles repeated confused.

Part 5???


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The Very First Letter For The Scamander's

Tina opened her eyes with a little smile when her new husband kissed her nose gently.

“Morning.” she said with a lazy voice.“Morning"he replied with a gentle smile on his face.“Are you planning to getting up sometime?“He asked.“Not in near future."She said still smiling and hugging her pillow."Okay then."he said and kissing her quickly before she turns around playfully.

While he was shovering she lied a little more in the bed and listened the birds outside.Then she get out of bed for making a coffie and breakfeast.

She walked right in the kitchen but suddenly turned back and walked to the door.There was a letter on the ground.She turned it around to see for who. The letter was for Mr. and Mrs.Scamander. "Aww,our first letter."she said with a smile on her face. She opened it and sit in a couch in living room.

There was two pages,one of them is old and written in a very bad writing.Like someone who just learned to how to write.The second was new and the writing was entirely perfect. She start to reading the old one first but she eventually start laughing at it.

When she start to second one she was litterally crying over joy.That’s was the time that Newt finished his shover and coming to her with a confusion.But instead he turns to kitchen to make some tea.

"Why are you laughing that much?” He asked to her curiosity mixed with amuse.

Meanwhile Tina finally puts herself together again.She says “We got our very first letter as Scamander’s!Oh,let me read it to you!"she said still trying to not to laugh.

"I’m listening!” Newt yelled from the kitchen.

“My dear family,” Tina started to reading the old letter first.

“I’m writing this goodbye letter to you because I don’t want to you come after me.I’m going with Susan..” she stopped for a second then continued “the hippogriff.”

At this moment Newt start to realize something.

“I asked her to marry me and she said yes.We are going tomorrow in the morning because mom told me we can’t marry each other.So we are gonna run away.

We maybe come back someday but I can’t promise.

With all my love,


She finished reading at the same time Newt entered to room. “Where did you get this?!” he asked while getting the letter from Tina and started to reading it.

“Oh,there is more!” Tina yelled.Then started to read second one.Newt tried to catch the letter but Tina blocked him with a pillow.

“Dear Tina,

Don’t worry they couldn’t escaped.Newt fell down the stairs and broke mom’s favorite vase while he was trying to carry his suitcase.So the voice was very loud and he started to cry immediately and waken up everybody.

So don’t worry he don’t have a hippogriff wife called Susan.

And to my little brother, I told you to stay away from my chocolate frog cards.”

“I was five!!” He yelled.

“And you didn’t listen me.I know you hate this story so I saved this letter over 25 years to just annoy you at the moment you never expected and the first morning with your wife seemed so perfect.

I told you I’d take revenge.

My best wishes,

Theseus Scamander.”

After she finished she started to laughing uncontrolably again.Newt was so angry that he just covered his face with his hands and started to yelling death threats to his big brother.

Tina was still laughing like she just drank a whole bottle of gigglewater.

A baby creature; Newt Scamander x reader

This idea has been going around my head for awhile and now I’ve finally taken the time to write it down.  I hope you guys enjoy my second Newt Scamander oneshot and hope it fills your day with nothing but teeth-rotting fluff. 

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It started like any normal day. Newt and I woke up and had breakfast before heading down into his case to care for his creatures.  While he was feeding the Occamies, I went over to the Graphorn habitat.  I let out an animal cry and soon the male came running up towards me.

“Hello Adam, hey there big guy. How are you?” I stroked the side of his head while his tentacles gently kissed me all over my face.  “How’s Eve doing?” Adam and Eve were the last Graphorns in existence and if Newt and I hadn’t found them when we did, that could’ve been the end of them forever.  

Now we breed the two of them whenever Eve’s in heat to hopefully rebuild the Graphorn population and right now I had found out a couple weeks ago that she was gonna have her second set of babies.

He gurgled and grunted at me before leading me towards their den where I knew Eve was sitting at getting her rest.  As I entered inside the den and saw Eve along with her first two children Isaac and Betty who were playing next to their mother.

“Hey there Eve, how you feeling?” I approached her cautiously and she allowed me to get right up to her and I gently touched her face which made her gurgle out a purr. “Now let’s check you out ole girl huh?” I then began to take her vitals and seeing how her pregnancy was coming along.

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