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I painted some clouds this week~

the first one is just brushwork, wet blending, a little dry brushing to fuzz edges. the second one is kitty litter masking, which is why I included the process pictures. sprinkle kitty litter to mask off the very lightest parts of the clouds, lightly spray a thin color, wait for it to dry, then mask the next lightest parts and repeat until your whole cloud is masked and you can spray the sky color. (or brush in the sky, doesn’t much matter if it isn’t a translucent drop.) making a gradient test flat was helpful, because it told me how many spray passes it would take to reach a certain darkness.

kitty litter makes a really nice gradient and works well on translucencies - spray is your friend when you need light to filter through the fabric. it’s just hard to match a rendering because you can’t tell what your painting looks like under all that litter. you just have to trust it. usually, matching a rendering exactly is not necessary when it comes to clouds - it’s more important for the clouds to look organic and fluffy.


*takes moment of silence*

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Are we going to ignore the fact that Squrrielflight and Bramblestar had their own kits at the ages of elders? Same for Sorrel and Brackenfur and their second litter....

are we gonna ignore the fact that patchpelt was only 7yrs old at death and yet he was already an elder and considered old as balls and therefore cloud, bright, bracken, thorn, bramble, squirrel, leaf, white, and birch should all be in the elders den

On February 14th 2003 “Dolly”, the sheep, the first cloned mammal, was euthanized. 

Three years earlier after the death of another cloned sheep Dolly was tested for and diagnosed with sheep pulmonary adenomatosis (SPA), her second second litter of lambs was also diagnosed.  Dolly bore six lambs in three litters in total, her first lamb was called Bonnie, as seen in the photo together. 

She remained healthy until Monday the 10th February 2003 when an animal care worker reported that he had noted Dolly coughing. Full veterinary examinations and blood tests were conducted but failed to establish a diagnosis. Further investigations were necessary a CT scan was carried out on Friday the 14th February 2003. The scan confirmed their worst fears, tumours were growing in Dolly’s chest. 

Since a general anaesthetic had been necessary to perform the CT scan it was decided that it would be best if Dolly did not regain consciousness and an overdose of an anaesthetic agent was administered to end her life.

Betty smiled at Bruce as she lye in their nest, Bruce had just gotten back from a hunting trip with their oldest pups while Betty nursed their youngest. They had just had a second litter and things were getting hectic, the big pups got restless and jealous and the little ones needed all the attention they could get.. Bruce and Betty rarely saw each other and Bruce hadn’t even gotten much one on one time with the babies.. Betty got up and went to help Bruce check all the pups to make sure they were okay. She licked Bruce and smiled
“So.. How were they?” She asked, Betty was a husky, she didn’t know much about hunting besides that Bruce had taught It to her while she was eight months pregnant with six pups and she hadn’t enjoyed it much.. She could do it now, easily.. But she had been so busy with the pups lately she’d lost her touch. She couldn’t smell any wolf blood so she knew no one was badly hurt but she still worried, counting her pups over and over again.

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Age: 19

Biggest fear: spiders or getting trapped in an elevator

Current time: 09:41am

Drink I had last: orange juice

Easiest person to talk to: can’t think of one really, there are a few cool peeps

Favourite song:

 I’m gonna list a couple recent ones:

  • Placebo - Protect Me From What I Want
  • Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
  • Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You
  • Placebo - Kitty Litter
  • Placebo - Second Sight
  • Panic! At The Disco - Camisado
  • Melanie Martinez - Tag, you’re it
  • twenty one pilots - Polarize

Grossest moment: my life

Horror - yay or nay: YAY! I love scary things?? Mystery channels on Youtube give me life

Jealous of people: yesss

Killed someone: jfc no

Love at first sight: kinda unrealistic

Middle name: have none

Number of siblings: zero

Person I called last: boyfriend

Question I’m always asked: none really

Reason to smile: seeing Dan Howell smile makes me smile

Song I sang last: MCR - To The End

Time I woke up: i had a nap from 3-5am that’s about that

Underwear colour: black

Vacation destination: NY or LA

Worst habit: being a lazy ass that doesn’t leave bed

X-rays I’ve had: mouth, spine

Your favourite food: pizza or fries

Zodiac sign: LIbra

I kinda feel like people hate me for tagging them but here you go:

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Warning-Part 3

Prompt: Fem!Reader has been staying with the Avengers (pre-aou) for about a week. Loki is busy with the events of Thor the Dark World, although the reader is his motivation. A certain star-spangled captain, however, has taken an interest in the new Asgardian ;). There shall be a part 4, beauties.

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Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: none

Loki sat on the ground of his prison. For the second time, it was littered with destruction. His face conveyed severe pain, though one could have mistaken it for a near calm state. Loki placed an illusion as he heard his brother hurrying toward him. Thor saw Loki stand up and face him. He began to taunt the blond man.

“Here to remind me that you’re allowed to see your love while I remain parted with mine? Or have you come here to gloat?”
“No more illusions, Loki,” Thor barked.

Just like that, the trickster dropped the illusion. Thor now saw the grief-stricken man before him. He was originally going to offer his brother vengeance; however, he was going to need to add something else. Finding Y/N was the first thing to come to mind.

Y/N swung the staff she had been given at a hanging punching bag. She had been living with the Avengers for roughly a week now. They respected her privacy and even gave her some normal looking clothes. Although, they were curious as to why she never removed the amulet. Steve thought it was best if she had a weapon, just in case they were to be attacked. This was the current reason she mercilessly battered the training equipment. A few moves she had learned from Sif, but she was mostly improvising. She paused to catch her breath.

“Well, I’m impressed,” a voice complimented.

Y/N turned and gave Steve a small smile. She held her staff straight. Steve started to scan her, but averted his gaze. A slight blush appeared across his cheeks.

“Thank you,” she replied breathlessly, “Did you need anything?”
“No. I just came to train…I guess we had the same idea.”
“Would you like to train together?” she suggested.

He smirked and gave a small nod.

“How about, without the weapons, though?”
Y/N chuckled before agreeing, “Sure.”

The pair continued to spar for a few more hours. They would take a five-minute breather every now and them. The super soldier took these as an opportunity to try and get to know her better.

“So, do you have any powers, like Thor or his brother?” he asked.
“No. Not all of us have those extra abilities,” she replied, “Though we seem to have a better endurance than you Midguardians.”
Steve raised a brow and chuckled. “And how am I keeping up?”
“Quite well, actually. You would’ve made a fine warrior,” she complimented with a smile, “Shall we continue?”

He gave her a nod in agreement. Steve smiled to himself as he was captivated by the woman in front of him, despite her secretive nature. He could only hope that she felt the same. 

Later, the Asgardian sat on the couch as she flipped through the pages of a book. Her eyes were glazed over as she failed to read the actual book. Her thoughts were too focused on Loki. She closed her eyes and gulped as she remembered the pain from the last time she saw him. She opened her eyes. A gasp escaped her lips as she noticed an amber color below her neck.

“No,” she panicked, “I want to remain hidden.”

As quick as it had changed, it had returned to the onyx color. She set down the book as she ran a hand through her hair. She felt a sudden chill run down her spine. Y/N quickly stood up and gazed out the window. A paper bag was blowing in the wind before quickly disappearing. Her eyes widened drastically. She hurried out onto the roof as she glanced around.

“Convergence,” she whispered.

She shook her head, chastising herself for worrying. She figured it was just an event and everything was under control. However, her nerves got the better of her. She focused on the amulet. It turned to amber.

“Heimdall? Is everything okay?”

Her questions were greeted with no answer. She reflexively clenched her jaw.

“Brother, are you there?”

Receiving no answer, she thought it best to hide herself again. The woman gripped her fingers as she tried to calm her nerves. Something was not sitting well with her.

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@bluenecromancer They are! Nermal’s fur is more dense than long, like a really plush blanket. Mara’s is wicked long, and wicked soft. Fun fact about Mara: both of her parents are short haired! No one knows why Mara’s got long fur, or why her brother from a second litter (same parents as Mara, and identical to Mara) has long fur!

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Craig do you really not find Kenny attractive?

CRAIG: Everyone and their mother thinks Kenny is a sexy piece of shit, are you joking?

CRAIG: Anybody who says Kenny isn’t hot is lying, that’s just a fact.

CRAIG: And he knows it, too.

CRAIG: He knows it and he abuses it.

CRAIG: (Accurate depiction of Kenny, by yours truly.)

CRAIG: When he was 16 he decided he’d pick up weight lifting as an exercise, and then a year after that he got a job that required a lot of heavy lifting or some shit. Basically over the past two years he’s just decided to become some man hunk.

CRAIG: But the thing is, he doesn’t overdo it. He’s got the decency to make sure he never hits the disgusting body builder level. 

CRAIG: Then he’s got the fucking tattoos all over his arms and body. He’s been 18 for about four months now and he hasn’t wasted a second littering his body with as many tattoos as he can.

CRAIG: I heard a rumor he’s already got one right around his crotch.

CRAIG: Considering he’s always showing up with an arm around someone new every week, I’m gonna assume tons of people can vouch for the rumor. Honestly, knowing him, it was probably the first one he got.

CRAIG: And don’t even get me started on his hair. It’s some raggedy-assed shaggy bullshit but somehow it still works with how he looks.

CRAIG: Basically he’s just some kind of god among hicks.

CRAIG: But he’s such a little shit. Overly polite, but at the same time not polite enough to know when to shut the fuck up. Helpful and friendly, but always in your personal space. It all kind of ruins everything he’s got going on.

CRAIG: He gets a B-.

Ok but honestly don’t even come at me with some bullshit argument about children “being TOO YOUNG to understand lgbt people!”.

I’ve worked as a teachers aid in multiple classrooms of 3rd-5th graders for years. On several occasions I’ve had children argue about my gender identity to each other. knowing the risk I was putting myself in to be out, I decided to explain to them that I’m not a boy OR a girl; that I’m something different and that’s just who I am, so we could try to move on and not create a distracting learning environment when I’m trying to teach them multiplication. And let me tell you, I have NEVER in my life been met with anything but enthusiasm for how “cool” it is that I’m nonbinary. I fully expected them to have soaked up so much bullshit transphobia from their parents but I was wrong. Not one time did a kid ever react negatively and literally no one was distracted by my gender after that.

Transphobia is learned and those kids truly taught me that. Not allowing your children (who might be lgbt themself!) to have education about lgbt ppl is what causing the bigotry you willfully ignorant fuck

Another Round!

I woke at 3:30 AM from a dream of animals screaming to the sound of…animals screaming.

 My VERY pregnant cat, Nil, was finally giving birth. Kitten #1 had somehow crawled itself to the corner of her cage, and was wailing its’ tiny little head off. Healthy lungs on that one. Mama was too busy giving birth to #2 to quiet it, so I lent a hand.

 It took two hours, but so far Nil has had five kittens, all healthy-looking, nursing happily, already squabbling for position. The only problem is Nil looks like she hasn’t given birth yet. I’m hoping it’s just healthy fat reserves and not another three or four kittens.

 Pictures later!

The pain caught Wily off guard; so much, she dropped the potted cactus she was holding and had to double over her own stomach with a loud groan.

“Oh my lord, that fish doesn’t agree with any of you, does it..?” she panted to her swollen stomach. No reply from the tiny cubs within. She growled as she was forced to squat down to pick up her flower pot, but the sharp pain racked her again, making her entire body shake and fur begin to raise.

Something in the back of her mind flickered to life; she knew this discomfort. It wasn’t food cramps. A rush of excitement, then fear washed over her all at once, and she abandoned the planter and began to hobble back toward her room.

“Kakooraaaaa, Draykaaan!!”

“Whaaaaat!” they both called up the stairs in unison. Then Draykan, saying “So you finally decide to join us in a game of cards?”

“Get up here and help me!” she groaned. “The kittens are finally here!”

Dead silence followed, then the thunderous beating of her mate rushing down the hall, and the sound of claws skittering and sliding on the stone floors as Takka and Kakoora hurried to meet her.