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Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 21)

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He stared at her intently, watching the subtle nod of her head as she listened to the music. He tried not to care what she thought but fuck did he. Every second line his eyes would drift to her, watching each movement she made, each batter of her eyelids and wondered what she was thinking.

It was an opportunity for him to admire her again like he had done for many months before. But now, instead of her being in his imagination, she was now in his reality and it set his heart thumping again.

She was godly beautiful in every way but he didn’t need to tell her that; she knew. Those cheekbones bronzed and shimmered, sparkled like glitter; those long eyelashes battered slowly and delicately like the wings of a butterfly; her eyes glistened like the blue glow of a lake; lips plump just like he remembered, with a pink hue to them. He wondered how they would taste and if they were as soft as he remembered. He could remember them against his own as if it were yesterday, like little pockets of marshmallows that tasted of chocolate.

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btw, for everyone out there misinterpreting pied piper cause you just wanna be mad… “ 착해 “ does not mean “good girl,” it literally means “being nice.” As in, “I’m giving you a reward for being a good person” … the sort of weird, sexual undertone of “good girl” just isn’t there.  For this entire song the person being spoken to is genderless because it is easy to say all this without gender pronouns etc.  There is no way of knowing who they’re talking to in this song, just that they’re using informal speech (which is unsurprising since the song is literally about holding power over someone). 

If it creeps you out to listen to a song about BTS having power over the listener, that’s fine, but that is the point of the song. That’s not an interpretation??  By calling the song pied piper they are referring to themselves as A VILLAIN? I read it as a song about their guilt over making fans sacrifice time and money.  You can read it as a toxic, gross celebration of power over fans if you want, but even if you wanna read it that way please don’t claim that it “is” something sexual despite the fact that it is pretty clearly about them and their fame and their fans and not meant to be metaphorical in that way? Celeb-fan relationships have a very uneven power balance, but you want BTS to just act like they aren’t complicit in that???  Personally, I think it’s cool and fun and less fake to draw attention to in a tongue-in-cheek way, but you do you.

this whole thing just reeks to me of that scandal that IU went through, where she tried to sarcastically tell the story about how she had been objectified and infantilized her whole life, and then was destroyed by netizens for romanticizing lolita-ism.  Like, “we’ll all be ok with weird power structures between idols and fans, but once you idols are honest about them, we’re gonna act mad and grossed out.” You’re welcome to interpret music however you want, and you’re welcome to like it or not, but music cannot always be easily digestible and black and white.  Otherwise it’s boring.


i love this part enough that i wasn’t satisfied with the slow panning up of the ‘camera’ - i decided to copy and paste the images together to show the whole thing at once. thought i’d post it here in case others felt the same way (and also so i can find it again)

θερμὴν ἐπὶ ψυχροῖσι καρδίαν ἔχεις.
Your heart is warm for things gone cold.
—  Sophocles, Antigone 88

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