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This is a great example of what I mean when I talk about the symptoms of personality disorders. Lots of people have the traits described in personality disorders. Most people have them at the “adaptive” or “subclinical” levels. Not many people experience these things to the “disordered” or “severely disordered” level described above.

Note - these specific examples are not enough in and of themselves to diagnose a personality disorder; a personality disorder is a collection of many different traits that all must be experienced at the disordered or severely disordered levels.

Theodore Millon, Personality Disorders in Modern Life (second edition), 2004.

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Hiii Sea! I don't know if you have talked about this but I still find really interesting the album artwork Harry has for Harry Styles. There's no name, no logo, you can't see his face. If you are putting out your first album, it makes sense for you to put you highly recognisable name next to your highly recognisable face. Do you think he wanted to kinda distance his household name from his album? I'm sorry if this has been talked about a lot or something. I recently (finally!!!) got my vynil! xx

Yay for getting your vinyl!

Neither the SOTT single cover nor the HS1 cover have words, and neither show his face. 

Here’s Sign of the Times:

And here’s Harry Styles:

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Going back to school
  • My friend: So what'd you do this summer?
  • Me: (thinks about all the fanfics read and the series watched)
  • Ummmmmmmm nothing big, just a little TV and reading

Jimin: Wait, only Yoongi calls me “Jishit”

Nam Joon: Well you are a shit so I’ll call you “Jishit”


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Life is as easy as doing the bare minimum.

a song where all eyes are on you
Studio Still Life - 2

Last week in the studio, we shot our second still life image of block 1. For my image, I decided to go with an autumn/halloween theme. I don’t have any particular images I have used as inspiration; just what I conjured up in my head and tried to recreate in my shot. 

Pre Optimisation

Post Optimisation

As you can see from my original and optimised images, I have not made too many changes in the optimisation stage. I have merely brightened my image a touch to stop the pumpkin becoming almost one with the background. I feel that with the changes I have made in the optimisation stage, it gives more depth and life to the image. What I like about this image is that there is a warm colour theme, which is appropriate for the time in which the image was shot. I feel that the composition works well, and that the little lights around the pumpkin and the leaves adds that needed touch. For my background, I used some orange paper and some white pattered paper/material over the orange paper. I feel like my top layer of background resembled cobwebs, which also incorporates into my halloween theme. For this image, I used a soft box facing onto the side of my shot. 

f 11.0


iso 100


My 5sos collection

PS I live in the US 😏😏😏😏