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A Fine Life

This fic was inspired by the amazing art of @bluuesparrow / @moineau-bleu! Happy birthday blue! I hope you had a wonderful day full of surprises and best wishes! Hope you enjoy this fic! You are an incredible friend and I’m so happy to have met you through our mutual love for Gajevy haha

Quick reminder! Blue is offering art commissions! And I’m involve along with some other awesome writers with a special offering to write a drabble for an additional $1 with said commission. Go check the details out!

Pairing: Gajevy

Words count: 5.5k 

Rating: T


Seahorses are among those species that mate for life. Once one dies, the other will soon die too. They can’t live without the other. That’s why people say seahorses die from heartbreak.

Levy’s life was something most people wanted for themselves. She had a beautiful apartment with a nice view to the oldest district in Magnolia; she had her dream job at the local library and was a part-time Literature teacher at a nearby high school; her social life wasn’t bad either since she had some friends to hang out with every once in a while.

Levy’s life was definitely fine, but she always felt like something was missing in it.

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no listen im really pumped up about this oh my god!!!! i really need to finish dissipate asap AHHHHHHHHH. i also have a few paraodies to record im lauhging about already oh m ygod they’ll be fun 👀

Seriously, I just love this whole bit of animation. It’s the most beautifully captured moment of “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”.

Jared Leto saw an “O” performance last week Wednesday!


Happy birthday Nathan!
Let’s celebrate with tiny party hats and cake

happy 20th birthday to my favorite piece of art ❤️ (x)

Happy Birthday to my greatest Idol - Jared Joseph Leto!!!

Thank you for being here when no one was! Thank you for your music! Thank you for saving my life! Thank you for your heart, smile & music! Thank you for making me a better person & for making my life worth! Thank you for making 30 seconds to Mars!!

30 seconds to Mars for me is A CULT, an escape from my shitty life, an inspiration, a way of living - it’s EVERYTHING!

I will always love you, always admire you, always remember you! ALWAYS!

I am so happy for being part of the Echelon! Love you, guys! Today is a Great day! Today we celebrate the born of our Jesus!

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