second life birthday

Seriously, I just love this whole bit of animation. It’s the most beautifully captured moment of “I have no fucking clue what’s going on”.

Happy Birthday

It was your birthday and you were spending the morning watching a new interview by your ex-boyfriend, Kian.

“So Kian, let’s get into that personal life. Are you okay with those questions?” The interviewer asks.

“Yeah, of course. I’m an open book.” He says.

“You were previously romantically connected to Y/N, but you are broken up now, correct?” She asks.

“Yeah. Unfortunately, we broke up.” Kian says nervously.

“Did you hear that she is now with Tyler Posey? What do you think about that?” The interviewer asks and you watch Kian’s face fall. The truth was you weren’t with Tyler, you went on a date or two but decided to just be friends.

“Well all I know is he’ll never love her as much as I do.”  Kian says.

“So you still love her?” she asks.

“Yeah of course I do.”

“Well is there anything you would want to tell her if she was listening to this?”

“Well I just want to tell Y/N, that I still love her and to Tyler you better know how to run because if I hear you hurt her, I’m coming after you.”

“Well thanks for your time Kian. You can catch Kian’s new movie in theaters next Friday.” The interviewer concludes the interview and you close your laptop speechless.

happy 20th birthday to my favorite piece of art ❤️ (x)


Happy birthday Nathan!
Let’s celebrate with tiny party hats and cake

“Burgah” - if you know what keek i mean i probably really like you.

Happy Birthday to my greatest Idol - Jared Joseph Leto!!!

Thank you for being here when no one was! Thank you for your music! Thank you for saving my life! Thank you for your heart, smile & music! Thank you for making me a better person & for making my life worth! Thank you for making 30 seconds to Mars!!

30 seconds to Mars for me is A CULT, an escape from my shitty life, an inspiration, a way of living - it’s EVERYTHING!

I will always love you, always admire you, always remember you! ALWAYS!

I am so happy for being part of the Echelon! Love you, guys! Today is a Great day! Today we celebrate the born of our Jesus!

(pic not mine)