second kinslaying

“Fall of Doriath”

Thranduil in Doriath during the Second Kinslaying. I’ll leave it to your imaginations as to which Feanorion the sword belonged to:P To add a little context to the drawing, I left Thranduil looking quite disheveled because Tolkien said the Feanorions launched a surprise attack during winter which would explain his diva hair look. I imagine they were attacked during the night when most would be sleeping because the Feanorions are wretched that way.

sometimes I think about Celebrimbor hearing about the Second Kinslaying and that Celegorm and Curufin are dead. and there’s this stab of loss because it’s his father and favorite uncle, and even though he knew it was coming that’s different from knowing that someone is really gone. and guilt, because he wasn’t there. two things that were drilled into him almost since birth is loyalty and the importance of family, and he sacrificed both of those. and it feels like…there was always some childish part of him that wanted, somehow, a reconciliation. knowing it was impossible, that he couldn’t forgive - and still wanting it.

and another part of him is angry, because how could they, how could they keep following this path that was leading them to ruin, how could they attack other Elves, again, how could they get themselves killed.

but at the same time, I wonder how many eyes on him were looking, waiting for his reaction, scrutinizing his every expression and word for a sign of what he was thinking, how he was going to react to the atrocity of the Kinslaying but also the deaths of his kin. and there’s no right reaction for him to have. too much grief and they’ll say he forgets the victims. no grief at all and they will call him heartless. once a Feanorian, always a Feanorian.

Celebrimbor’s answer is to retreat into silence and work, hammering out mingled grief and anger into metal.

Doriath - King Thingol’s Realm

Fell in 506 F.A. - Sack of Doriath

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  • Right side - King Thingol & Queen Melian hand in hand with Melian releasing her protective magic for the realm. 
    • When Thingol passed from Middle-earth, Melian followed, and her protective enchantments on Doriath faded. 
  • Top Row - Left: Cirdan, Teleri kinsman of Thingol, in the Havens
    • Middle: Luthien & Beren
    • Right: Luthien & Daeron the minstrel and lore-master of Thingol’s court
      • Daeron held unrequited love for Luthien
    • Below: Lady Galadriel & Lord Celeborn, who met in Doriath.  Celeborn is a kinsman of King Thingol, his grandnephew.
  • Central - Doomed Turin in shadow, foster-son of Thingol, in the dragonhelm with his beloved friend Beleg Strongbow
  • In flames - Shadow Thingol holding the Nauglamir and being slain by the Dwarves for it after they argued about who had the right to the necklace.
    • Below: the second kinslaying for the Silmaril with Celegorm, Caranthir, & Curufin crossing swords with King Dior, all four were slain. They are overshadowed by the Silmaril.
    • Right: Luthien wearing the Nauglamir with the Silmaril in her mortal passing.  After her death, it was passed to her son, Dior.  The Silmaril was saved from the Sack of Doriath by Dior’s daughter, Elwing, who fled to the Havens of Sirion with it.

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Childhood drabble #2: Of Elurín and Eluréd

warnings: character death.
Summary: Thranduil’s life in Doriath from the coming of Thingol’s Heir to the Second Kinslaying.

*glawar nin means my sunlight/sunshine.


Thranduil had become but a shadow of his former, bubbly self after the Battle of the Thousand Caves. Nightmares plagued him constantly and he didn’t feel much like speaking. So many of the faces he once knew were gone now, killed by the greedy dwarves that his people once got along with. Though he hadn’t felt much like smiling himself, he still tried to make others smile, like his father, and he still tried to be the little ray of sunshine in such dark times. He was in need of his own light in the darkness, however, to pull him from the dark place he had now found himself in.

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