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(via Troublemaker - Infinite (인피니트) Sungyeol + Sungjong - Second Invasion DVD - YouTube)

I’m still amazed that they ‘kept a straight face’/’stayed in character’ the entire time. If I had to do this with a close friend of mine I would’ve cracked up. But I suppose that’s why I am not an actor/performer (because I would suck at it.) xD

On another note, I think I was strangely more attracted to 성열 as a girl than anything. It was pretty hot. lmao. (I feel like Sungjong had the easiest job of staring at Sungyeol the whole time because dude looked dayumn good as a woman.)

I mean, just look at this gorgeous creature!


Q: What have you contributed as the leader during the practice?

SK: If you compare it to establishing a country, I’m like the founding member.




Picture one: Banners 100sek/€10/11USD + shipping
BTS official
4minute official
VIXX official
VIXX special edition

Picture two: Infinite 100sek/€10/11USD + shipping
Infinite - In the Summer 2 DVD
Infinite - Second Invasion Evolution 2012 

Myungsoo photobook Part 1 and Part 2 (150sek/€16/17USD + shipping for both)
Reality Special Edition 

Picture three: Infinite Japan edition 100sek/€10/11USD + shipping 
Last Romeo photobook version
First Japanese album + DVD

Picture four: Infinite DVDs 150sek/€16/17USD + shipping 
Reality Special Edition
Infinite I.D.E.A DVD
Infinite Japanese edition She’s Back
Infinitize - The Mission DVD

Infinite Second Invasion DVD (a little damaged)

Picture five: Infinite Japan edition 50sek/€6/7USD + shipping
She’s Back
Infinite F

24 Sunggyu CD
Last Romeo normal edition

Picture six: Infinite Japan edition 100sek/€10/11USD + shipping
Be Mine CD+DVD
Be Mine CD Dream edition
Be Mine Pop edition
Last Romeo CD+DVD
Infinite F Korean version 50sek/€6/7USD + shipping

If you have any questions just hit me up in the askbox. The prices are up for discussion and I won’t budge on shipping which can be expensive if you live outside of Sweden and Europe!
If you have questions and want a price estimate on shipping to your country just let me know!



Hello everyone! Under unfortunate circumstances I have to sell all of my kpop albums. A reason being that money is tight and I will be going to college in a few short months also, growing up I just am no longer into kpop that much (i know sad times). I’ve grown over the years and i have grew out of kpop. So why not sell my albums (and photocards) to make some extra money to help pay for college.

All albums are in near mint condition! All CDs have only been played once and the photbooks flipped through a few times. I will be selling them for either the price I paid for if not less. I will also negotiate if needed, i swear I’m reasonable!

Here is part one, all my infinite albums, dvds, and photcards.


  1. Infinite: First Invasion …$12
  2. Infinite: Evolution …$12
  3. Infinite: Inspirt …$10
  4. Infinite: Infinitize…$12
  5. Infinite: New Challenge…$12
  6. Infinite: Destiny…$15
  7. Infinite: Be Back…  $15
  8. Infinite: Paradise…$15
  9. Infinite: Season 2 (Repackage)…$15
  10. Infinite H: Fly High…$12
  11. Kim Sungyu: Another Me…$15
  12. Infinite: Destiny In America DVD…$30
  13. Infinite:  I.D.E.A Photobook…$45
  14. Infinite: Second Invasion Concert DVD (no longer in print)…$50


  1. Myungsoo Be Back…$5
  2. Myungsoo Destiny…$5
  3. Hoya Destiny…$5
  4. Sungyeol New Challenge
  5. Sungjong Paradise…$5
  6. Woohyun Paradise…$5
  7. Dongwoo Season 2…$5
  8. Hoya Fly High…$5
  9. Dongwoo Fly High…$5


  1. L’s Bravo Viewtiful Pt.1 with DVD (no longer in print)…$50
  2. L’s Bravo Viewtiful Pt.2 with notebook… $30

Payment will be through paypal. However, depending on the circumstance, I will be willing to accept concealed cash. I wish i could do shipping for free however, it got way to expensive and i was barelymaking a profit since half the money went to shipping. So i will give you an estimate on the shipping and that will be added to your final pay (this also applies for international customers). Please contact me with any questions,inquiries, or more pictures of the album at

Please get these albums off my hands! All the help is seriously needed. Thank you!

If anyone need the ENGLISH SUBBED Video that I ever posted here on my Tumblr but the video is blocked or deleted, you can always leave me a message and I’ll personally send you the video through email. Or if you are in search for old videos or something you can ask ^ ^ Here list of the videos I have.

List of The Video :

- Variety Show :

  1. EXO First Box Disc 1,2,3,4
  2. EXO on Weekly IDOL (All episodes)
  3. INFINITE on Weekly Idol (All episodes)
  4. BAP on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  5. EXO Showtime (Complete)
  6. INFINITE Ranking King (Complete)
  7. EXO on Happy Camp (All Episodes)
  8. EXO on Various Radio shows (I can’t mention all TT__TT)
  9. This is INFINITE (complete)
  10. Teen Top on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  11. Law of The Jungle (Chanyeol) All Episodes
  12. Teen Top on Guam Ep. 1 (on going)
  13. B1A4 on Weekly Idol (All Episodes)
  14. Infinite Challenge with EXO
  15. BAP Live on Earth Seoul DVD 
  16. Law of The Jungle (Sungyeol) All Episodes
  17. Runningman (All Episodes) – Well for this one I’ll just give you the link because one Runningman Episodes is approximately around 500MB so it’s better and faster if I send the link instead.
  18. SHINee One FIne Day (The Documentary where they are going to several countries separately)
  19. APink Diary
  20. APink News Season 3 (Complete)
  21. APink on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  22. INFINITE Second Invasion DVD Concert
  23. INFINITE and Apink Birth of Family (complete)
  24. CNBLUE on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  25. BEAST on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  26. EXO on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  27. SHINee on Weekly Idol (all episodes)
  28. SHINee on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  29. INFINITE on Beatles Code (all episodes)
  30. SMTOWN IAM Documentary
  31. Other Videos I can’t mention all, just ask me if your desired video is not on the list.

- Old Videos of :

  1. Super Junior
  2. SHINee
  3. 2PM
  4. Mblaq
  5. Beast
  6. Boyfriend
  7. BAP
  9. EXO
  10. ETC. ^^

Just ask ask ask~ Leave me message!

2012 INFINITE Concert「Second Invasion?!?!?asdfghjkl!@@#$#

   We’ve been getting plenty of questions regarding the Second Invasion DVD and what’s the difference between them. Why the prices are difference..etc..

so..Here’s the difference between the 3 version… 

2012 INFINITE Concert 「Second Invasion」in Seoul | Korean Version  
- bonus dvd
- 120 pg booklet
- Region code - 3 + 1
- language/sub: english+chinese+korean
- Price ranger $40-60+shipping [depends on the seller]
- sellers: Yesasia + Kpoptown + DVDheaven 
** Release 120820

2012 INFINITE Concert 「Second Invasion」 in Seoul | Japanese Version
-  bonus dvd
- 140 pg photobook
- A5 clear file
- photocards  
- Region code 2 
- language/sub: japanese+korean
- Price - $80-90+shipping [deppends on seller]
- sellers: Yesasia + cdjapan
**Release on 120905

2012 INFINITE Concert 「Second Invasion」 in Tokyo | Japan [no Korean ver]
- bonus dvd 
- photo stand 
- photocards
- A5 clear file
- trading card sheet
- Region code 2 
- language/sub: japanese+korean
- Price - $70-80 [depends on seller]
- sellers: Yesasia + cdjapan
**Release on 120905

2012 INFINITE Concert 「Second Invasion」in Seoul | US Version 
- region code 1 
- Eng sub
- Price - $70-80 [depends on seller]
- sellers: Yesasia
*very little information about this
**Release on 120807

*bolded the main difference between all. 


Just roughly translate what inside~ XDDD 

INFINITE - SECOND INVASION 1st LIVE in SEOUL CONCERT DVD will be released on 25th July 2012

3 DISC in total.

Price: 45000 KRW

Audio: Korean

Subtitles: Korean, English, Chinese (WOW~ got english and chinese XDD)

Region Code: U.S, Canada, South Korea, South East Asia (I just translate what it written there)




+ 120 Pages 1st CONCERT LIVE IN SEOUL Booklet (photobook i guess)


And I just checked, it’s already up in GMARKET for pre-order~

here’s the disc list:

1. ∞
2. 다시 돌아와
3. Hysterie
4. Tic Toc
5. 날개
6. Can U Smile
7. 붙박이 별
8. 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 (엘)
9. Because (Sungkyu Solo)
10. Btd (Before The Dawn)
11. 파라다이스 (Paradise)
12. 좋아 보여 (동우&호야)
13. Crying (Infinite H Feat. Baby Soul)
14. 시간아 (Woohyun Solo)
15. Trouble Maker (성열&성종)
16. Hidden Track (그 해 여름)
17. 3분의1
18. Real Story
19. Cover Girl
20. 하얀 고백 (Lately)
21. Nothing`S Over
22. She’S Back
23. Amazing
24. 내꺼하자
25. 맡겨
26. Julia
27. 마음으로.. (Voice Of My Heart)
1. 1. Second Invasion” Live 콘서트 Making Film