second indochina war

Captured Vietnamese women and girls, some of whom were guerilla soldiers during the 2nd Indochina war.
Since they were underestimated and not considered threatening in any way they were able to fight and contribute to the war effort.
Many would create their own weapons and traps and transport supplies under other goods (like food) that they would transport on small boats. They suffered greatly and fought bravely.

(Pic source: Real life is horror)


The MAS 36 CR39 Paratrooper rifle,

Shortly before World War II the French Army began to develop and organize their first airborne forces.  To have good paratroopers, they need a good paratrooper carbine, one that was light and compact enough for paratroopers jumping from an airplane.  Thus, in 1939 the French began development of the MAS 36 CR39, a modified version of the MAS 36, the standard French infantry rifle.  To make the rifle lighter and more compact, the barrel and stock was shortened to make the weapon carbine length.  The most drastic modification was the addition of a hollow folding stock made of aluminum, which could be folded up neatly against the front forearm.  The aluminum stock was flimsy for combat use, but the rifle itself was sturdy, reliable, and accurate.

The French were never able to complete development of the MAS 36 CR90 before the Germans invaded and occupied the country in 1940. However, the project was completed and entered production after the war.  Most were issued to French soldiers during the Second Indochina War in the 1950’s.