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This is always going to be one of my favorite scenes.

When I first read the manga, I decided that Krista was my favorite character the second I saw her. In a series wrought with horror, she was the tiny moe one in the top ten. I spent my entire binge read hoping that she’d get an awesome story to go with that contrast.

Utgard is my favorite arc in the entire series, and more favorite aspects of it are incoming, but this is the moment that makes all of the future ones for me.

Attack on Titan is a series about humanity’s pursuit of freedom–of life, essentially. Our Heroes fight desperately for it, laying down their own lives for the greater purpose of humanity thriving. Their deaths are always, always tragedies, and they litter the setting.

Kristoria, as defined here, is the character who can’t see the tragedy of her own death. Her happy ending isn’t an ocean, or a world without titans. Her happy ending is mattering, and she’s given up on life providing that.

[Pretends to crack knuckles]

Welcome to a new series that I’m lamely calling “The Legend of Meta”, because boy howdy, I sure have a lot of things to say on a lot of characters and about Breath of the Wild in general.. And I’m bad with naming things. I love writing meta (aka long ramblings) and the zelda series is my heart and soul, so why not make a series right? None of this is #confirmed by Nintendo, none of it is #official, merely my own thoughts and opinions.

If sonicmega finds this I’m gonna kick my own ass tbh I love him, great dude, great VA, but listen ok I don’t need him knowing I spent more hours than I’m willing to admit thinking about every little detail about his character. That’s just weird.

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Anyways, this post will contain spoilers from here on! Even the link!

Here is the complete dialogue script for Revali for your convenience!

So as you can plainly tell by the title card, I’m going to be starting off with our well known local bird and arrogant friend, Revali. I’ve seen a wide spread love, and wide spread hate rather quite equally for this character, and quite honestly? I can understand it. From what we are given in game, Revali is a self-absorbed, arrogant and rather downright rude Rito, but seemingly only to you, to Link. Many find this to be annoying, and many find it to be relatable, comical even! Which is fine, do what makes you happy! But as a rhetorical question, how many have you truly thought on his character?

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Keep Me Dreaming - Chapter 1 of 2
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Ch Summary: Pidge Gunderson is the paladin of Green Lion, a technical savant, and Lance’s voice of reason on many an occassion. While a valuable member of the team Pidge remains a very private person and for good reason, the events that shaped who Pidge is are a roller coaster of emotions. This story recounts the events that lead Katie Holt to becoming Pidge Gunderson and ultimately her return back to Earth with her brother and father.

This story is inspired by @knacke‘s Lance comic series and I tried to imagine a similar series of events for Pidge. The second half is already under way and will be out soon and if you haven’t seen it you should really check it out.

The only ship I’ll be showcasing is Matt/Shiro since this story is Holt family centric and Shiro was very much a part of their lives. That’s more in the second part but the focus of this story is Pidge so make no mistake their. Pidge deserves all the love b/c they are amazing for everything they’ve undergone to get they are at.


crystal getting goodbye kisses in 2x13

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Will we get to know about Victor's family and stuff in his rivals fic?

No because this fic is supposed to be canon divergence so while I can’t avoid putting some backstory into it I’m trying to keep it minimal so that nothing gets contradicted when the second series comes out 

Youth in Rebellion (working title/au

hey everyone Mr.E here back from month long break. I didn’t mean to be gone so long but i realized after writing for 2 years, that despite the fact there were moments i didn’t write for periods of time, I never actually took a real break from writing and while I didn’t mean to miss Starco week (and I’m trying to catch up) i think i needed it. so I’m back, almost done with the bad boy au. but first I needed to get this out of my head.

So I am a huge fan of the whole gentleman thief archetype. Katio Kid or the Phantom thief kid is my favorite anime character of all time and any time he comes out, it’s always my favorite episode. 

The second half to this idea was the fact one of my favorite game series Persona has finally released the 5th game *i waited 9 years people and no persona Q doesn’t really count * and what do you know it’s all about thieves doing good. 

So I’m hooked but i’m fusing the two concepts because I am not even going to try to explain persona (and it’s a rated M game so yeah) I decided to simplify it.

So in this AU, Connor is a new student who finds an ancient mask that grants him supernatural powers. He decides to rob and teach lessons to those who abuse their power and their positions. Marco is a private Investigator asked to look into this sudden rash of thefts and Nova is suspecting Connor. (they are not friends in this version)

So here’s a small preview. I’m still working things out but i wanted to get this out of my head so i could finish starco week. Let me know what you think, any of your favorite parts or any ideas you have. Italics means flashaback have a great week and I’ll have a story up soon. a special thanks to @artgirllullaby who helped me with the idea and @hains-mae for drawing a really awesome Nova pic that inspired her outfit here

@hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies

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Mission Control

A/N: So I’m thinking about starting a second series (besides my batman one) and am planning to do it in the Star Wars universe. Tell me what you think

(Y/n) sighed, looking around the room she was currently trapped in. It was simple, cold, and made of only metal.

“Would it kill them to put a pillow in here” (y/n) murmured as she lounged on the black bench that was built into the wall and waited, knowing now that she was awake it wouldn’t be long.

And she was right (y/n) had just started to count the seconds when General Hux appeared flanked by two storm troopers.

“Ah, morning Hux. What am I in for this time?” (Y/n) sat up straightening her jacket. (Y/n) had worked for the First Order every now and then, but more often then not she was brought onto the base to fix something or be reprimanded for one of her jobs.

“Can you just shut up for once?” Huh came over grabbing your arm and hurrying you down the hallway. (Y/n) pretended to be shocked at his harsh tone.

“Now, is that anyway to talk to a business partner?” (Y/n) stumbled, but quickly found her footing, years of smuggling and thieving helping to make the task easier.

“If that business partner is my sister, then yes” Hux huffed turning a corner. (Y/n)’s eyes scanned the hallway doing her best to memorize all she could, in case of emergency.

“I can walk you know, and I’d appreciate not being treated like a prisoner every time I come here. It’s not like I have any other place to be” (Y/n) huffed just like her brother, pulling her arm free. Hux narrowed his eyes but kept moving forward, knowing his sister would follow. (Y/n) let out a loud laugh when she sensed the storm troopers tense up.

“Do you have to laugh at my soldiers?” Hux glared, finally pausing in front of a door, quickly opening it.

“I’ll stop when you stop treating me like a child” (Y/n) waltzed into the room, not missing the small smile her brother allowed to slip through before becoming serious again. He nodded at the storm troopers, dismissing them. (Y/n) sat down at one end of the long black table, swinging her feet up onto the edge.

“So what am I in for now? Need me to smuggle something, get you guys some information? Oh, I know, you heard about me swindling some huts in the outer rim and you want me to give you a portion of my earnings?” (Y/n) smirked, watching her brother stand at the door, waiting for something or someone. You paused trying to figure out what was the hold up. It was then you heard the large footsteps of the only person in this huge place that your brother was forced to wait for.

“Hello (Y/N). Let’s get started” The man in all black sat at the other end of the table closely followed by your brother.

“You’re late Ren” Hux hissed through an almost closed mouth as he stood behind the enormously tall man. Kyle Ren simply ignored him, sitting down. You could tell that under the mask he was probably smiling.

“The mask Kylo” (Y/n) insisted, sitting up properly. She began to play with her fingerless gloves, picking at her nails. She smiled when she heard the familiar hiss.

“That’s a nasty habit to get into (Y/n)” Kylo set his helmet beside him on the table as he watched the smuggler. He did his best to suppress a smile, watching as the girl brushed back a lose hair locking eyes with him.

“Old habits die hard…” (Y/n) leaned back. It was a rare sight to see both her brother and Kylo in a room together and not fighting, she was enjoying it. “Speaking of old habits, what can I do for you?”

“We need you to get us some information” Kylo leaned forward, resting on his large muscular arms. Hux paced behind murmuring to himself before interrupting the conversation.

“I still don’t agree with this plan Ren. It’s too dangerous” Hux rested on his hand, trying to stop whatever was about to be set in place.

“It’s over your head Hux” Kylo quickly turned back to (y/n), scrambling to get the words out before the annoying twit behind him could stop him.

“We need you to get information from the Resistance. They’ve been recruiting lately and we need you to get inside of them” Well crap, no wonder Hux didn’t agree to this.

Blake’s 7 Birds- Cally

Blake’s 7 characters and their associated bird familiars/ daemons/ only friends in the entire Galaxy.

The second in the series of Numbers is Cally, and her Barn Owl.

Of all the owl species, barn owls are top of my list for ‘Most likely to be a bit possessed and get weird about it.’

Cally’s owl is a silent presence (to everyone else, anyway), perched on her flight station or ghosting through the corridors behind her. It can be quite un-nerving when he turns his head thru a ridiculous number of degrees to look at you, but he is invaluable on night reconnaissance missions. 

He has never coughed up owl pellets in anyone’s boots, particularly not someone who Cally was annoyed at at the time, that thought is unworthy and I am ashamed of you,

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What attracted you to writing Harry?

this is kind of a long one because harry was the first character i ever wrote at all. way way back in the dark days of like invisionfree i wrote him on a few groups before taking a break from all writing. 

but alright it irritates me that harry potter is the most slept on character in his own damn series. – okay, second after ron. but really i’m drawn to him because i find him to be an interesting character. 

i like his charisma, i think it’s probably pretty obvious i like how snarky he can be. i’m also drawn to kind characters and harry is ‘unfailingly’ so without ever coming across as a dudley do right. he forgives and he is soft and pure and trembled when he got his first ever birthday cards but he struggles and sometimes he snaps, sometimes he is insensitive and that’s okay too. 

he is intimidating and stubborn and secretive even sometimes from the people he loves the most. he is willing to die for a total stranger but has a very clear idea of who his friends are. i find how isolating his fame is interesting to delve into. he is a very good study in boundaries and what can happen when you cross them ( i e the entirety of ootp ). the way he responds to trauma interests me. 

there’s a lot of personal reasons i connect with harry but mostly i just love Every Single Thing about him and want to protect him always
Modern Art Despite Modernism

Throughout the twentieth century, the evolution of mainstream Modernism in the arts has been shadowed and made complex by alternative expressions of a seemingly retrograde type, art that appears to set back the clock or to redirect the stream of progress. Modern Art Despite Modernism explores the anti-Modernist impulse in painting and sculpture through socio-cultural conflicts of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Texts by Robert Storr advocate the strengths of this impulse in paintings and drawings by Otto Dix, Lucian Freud, Francesco Clemente and even Pablo Picasso–and note the enduring popularity of such artists as Pavel Tchelitchew, whose “Hide and Seek,” along with Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World,” remain among the public’s favorite pictures. Storr also discusses taste and its implications, both part and present, for institutions like The Museum of Modern Art. This book was published as the second in a series of three titles, in conjunction with the millennial exhibitions schedule of MoMA2000 at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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So, after re-reading the D:M series i have some questions. In the second Teiko, we saw children with Green and Gold abilities... Can the Proyect's powers be "transplanted" with any organ/body part or does it have to be a specific one?

That is an awesome question, thank you friend! And it actually touches on one of those things where I know the answer but I’ve never got around to putting it in a story yet so thanks for the chance to discuss it!

(I’m answering your asks in separate parts, since they were neatly divided with different asks. So your next question will be answered shortly).

One of the things I was trying to clarify in “Filthy Halls” (because it becomes important later) is the fact that all of the Miracles’ abilities are psychic abilities, even the ones that are more physical based. That’s why they all glow when they activate their powers. So even powers like Aomine’s or Murasakibara’s work because of how they function psychically and not because of changes to their bodies.

To me, I guess it’s the difference between what Aomine can do and say, DC’s Flash or Marvel’s Quicksilver. Aomine is not super fast in his own right, he is only inhumanly fast when he activates his power. The psychic components of their powers cause a “Latent Overflow” to their physical forms—Aomine is faster than most humans, just not supernaturally so—but that’s not an inherent superior advantage.

So the whole organ transfer thing was very mysterious even to the scientists and it didn’t always transfer the abilities. The most successful body parts that did transfer over abilities were eyes and hearts, but other organs were used. (I think Tajima has a Gold kidney. I don’t think I ever said that in the story? I can’t remember. But that’s what I was thinking). Things like legs or other actual body parts probably wouldn’t have worked at all. But Purple eyes or what have you would have transferred some of a Purple’s abilities, if the transfer was successful.

All of this, naturally, is dependent on science that doesn’t exist and I couldn’t explain even if it did. Science is a mystery me =D

Thanks again for the question!! I was really glad to have the chance to explain how that all worked.


its been like 6 years since i’ve last drawn nico, my little italian death prince


random list of my favourite characters — ragnar lothbrok (vikings)

“It gladdens me to know that Odin prepares for a feast. Soon I shall be drinking ale from curved horns. This hero that comes into Valhalla does not lament his death! I shall not enter Odin’s hall with fear. There I shall wait for my sons to join me. And when they do, I will bask in their tales of triumph. The Aesir will welcome me! My death comes without apology! And I welcome the Valkyries to summon me home!”