second impact syndrome

Concussions: How Much They Can Truly Cost People

Despite common belief that concussions are not serious and do not have a large impact on the individual, that is completely false.  The brain is made of what is similar to a wet tissue and a concussion is a bruise on that tissue.  What people don’t consider is that for a concussion to happen, it has to hit into the skull; which takes approximately 1,300 pounds per square inch to break.  That is over a third of the weight of a car.

Not only that, concussions do have a tendency to change a person’s personality.  Changes in personality is a symptom of concussions, however it can be a long-term symptom after the bruising has healed.  Whenever the brain has trauma inflicted, the actual chemical balance can change.

Little known fact: potential complications from concussions include epilepsy and if two concussions occur within a small time frame, PCS (post concussion syndrome) and second impact syndrome.  Post concussion syndrome is where another concussion occurs before the previous has completely healed resulting in an even longer healing time.  If enough concussions occur, the healing time could be as long as years.  Second impact syndrome (SIS), however, is always after the second concussion but doesn’t always occur.  SIS is where the brain rapidly swells after a second concussion and is typically fatal.