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star wars rule 63: prequel trilogy

This has been lying around my harddrive for way too long, but I finally got around to colouring it! (just experimenting with a bunch of different things and inspired by SW concept art books :))

…. sometimes I suspect the reason for all these AUs is partly an excuse to draw the Mustafar duel a million times in marginally different ways.


Titanic AU

In which Adrien, the son of a wealthy, aristocratic family, falls in love with poor, artist Marinette

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Hey can you address why you made a comic that implies being mentally disabled is equal to being dead like lol come on. herzspalter[.]tumblr[.]com/post/134087895230/personality-adjustments-i-thought-it-might-be

Good evening!

Yes, I think I can address it, because this is not what I wanted to imply at all, and I think this is based on different ways of interpreting Transformers, so please bear with me as I try to explain and reflect on myself: (this got really lengthy, I’m sorry!)

Please read the whole thing!

So for those who don’t feel like reading the whole comic, it’s an old thing I made about TFA Perceptor and the fact that he erased his personality components in order to make place for science, based on a note in the TFA Almanac that states just that. It’s from the perspective of Red Alert who observes Drift reacting to it and her own thoughts about the thing, and to her and Wheeljack, it feels like they’ve lost a good friend. That’s basically the whole thing, but please feel free to have a look yourself if you’re interested.

Alright so, first of all, I think I need to make something very clear: 
to me, there is a huge difference between mechanical aliens and human beings, and that’s why I wrote this. To me, Transformers are aliens that happen to work like robots, fully mechanical, and don’t work the same as humans. So when I imagine a robot literally removing parts of the machinery that produces their personality so they can put other things in there, I think of it as making space on a computer to install something else. 
To me, this is not how humans work at all, and I would not even think about writing this story about a human character because that would be absurd and ridiculous and, honestly, a dick move. 

From your message I assume you mean to say that I wanted to imply that human beings who can’t express emotions or feel are basically dead, yes? (and if I misunderstood and you meant something else, I apologize, please let me know what you meant in that case) 
This was really, really not my intention and didn’t come up in my mind a single second while I was writing and drawing that comic, because again, this is not how humans work and I wanted to write this story about robotic beings, not humans. Something I love about Transformers is that they work so differently, and that you can write about mechanical proceedings and processes from the viewpoint of a machine that lives. 
I do get where you are coming from, there’s a lot of things in TF that pretty much directly represent something we humans experience or do. And I think this is a bit of a personal preference, but I really really like it more when Transformers do and experience things that are impossible for human beings,which is why i like to write things like this. 

And to me, removing your personality components to make room for science is just that, a robotic ability that I found interesting and alien. I don’t know if you’ve seen the G1 cartoon, but there’s an episode where Starscream builds the Combaticons from old vehicles and he steals personality components, which are these cube thingies he just stuffs into the robots and they come to life immediately with a set personality. That’s not how human beings work at all, we’re not made like that, and that’s how I personally see Transformers as a whole: sort of like humans in some aspects, but very very different when it comes to body, culture and what makes them alive. More “Optimus Prime once died but stored his personality on a floppy disc so it was cool” than “Transformers are like humans” for me personally. I just like aliens a lot.

A human being who is unable to (or having difficulties to) feel, express emotions or anything similar to that is very much alive and a person, I wouldn’t even think about saying otherwise. To me, it’s absolutely not the same as an alien robot removing something from their storage to add something else in it. 
As I said earlier, I personally prefer it when TFs do things that aren’t possible like that for humans, because you can write stories about different things, about what they mean in their context, and that’s how I went about this.

That’s all I can say about this really, I think? I just wanted to write a story about a robot alien literally removing data from his head to make space for science and his friends feeling sad about it because for this species of very hard to kill mechanical beings, there’s other types of fears and things that can happen to someone. Computer horror, so to speak.

I really, honestly did not even think for a second that this has anything to do with human beings, and I would not ever write something like this with humans. I am very sorry for upsetting you, and I apologize to anyone who felt like I was implying such an awful thing. I honestly did not mean to do that.
The comic, of course, seems like that’s clear to me personally, but that may very well be because, well, I wrote it and I obviously know what I meant in each panel. Looking through it again now, more than a year after, with what you said in mind, I think I could have handled this better. I’m still happy that I made this comic, because again, to somebody who sees TFs like I do, a human connection doesn’t happen, but this is something I could have made more clear. 
Even though I genuinely didn’t intend for this to imply that this is representative of mentally disabled people, I think I can see now how it can come across that way. I will keep this in mind and will try to think of it next time I write something, to make sure what I think is clear on paper and not just in my head, and to not upset or hurt anybody through carelessness, because yeah even if it’s an accident, it can still do damage. 

To summarize: I wrote this with the mindset of somebody who doesn’t like to compare Transformers to humans very much and who saw this as a story about a computer mind instead of a human mind, and nothing more. With that said though, if anybody saw it as a mean-spirited implication, I think I get where you are coming from, and though this was an accident that I was simply not thinking could even happen, I sincerely apologize to anybody who was upset or hurt by what they read. I promise you that it was out of carelessness and not out of ill-will, and I will try to not repeat such a thing again, because I really really don’t want to hurt anybody. 

Anon, I thank you for your message and I hope this explains where I’m coming from. I am genuinely sorry that I upset you, and I will do my best to improve my writing to the point where what I intend to do is clear on paper and to re-think what I want to write about enough times so I can pick up on possible implications like this early enough for re-writes. It’s been well over a year since I made this comic and I feel like I’ve grown since then.
The implication was not my intention, and I think I could have been more careful with how I write this thing. Transformers are not like humans to me, and that’s why I wrote it. 

うちはサスケ x 春野サクラ


Desperate pleas from the past still echo…

Day 2: Asylum

[Ah here is my second entry for SSmonth! I am very sorry that it is so late, I hope it can still be counted for participating! Work/schedule was not very easy for me to balance, ah so I am sorry for that. But, please enjoy and take care!ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ Ah also please forgive me if there are any mistakes, I am very tired.]

Characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto ©

I am a old Jonerys fan LOL

When the first book came out 20 years ago, we all thought  (or all the people that I talked about the book) that Dany and Jon were going to cross paths in the second book. I remember it was a very ordinary ship at the time, (we din´t know is was called “Ship” LOL) everyone waiting for they to meet.  For this very reason I did not give importance to Drogo and for Ygritte (i loved her) I felt sorry for her,  for me (very personal opinion here) her “ You Know Nothing “ was her way of saying that she knew that he did not love her in the same “intensity”.

But, for me, Martin wanted to make a mirror of both,( And there is a specific reason why ) the two lived the same, and each one solved it in they own way. Jon was raised as "Ice” and has to learn “Fire” (get his emotions out) and Dany is “Fire” and has to learn to “Ice” (control of emotions).

Maybe this is not  and I have been wrong, but I am enjoying whit all my heart the show , just because i think Martin will not end his book. I wanted this for so FUCKING long . Sorry for my english and sorry all the fans who ship something else, but Who knows what happens at the end, it’s not going to be a fairy tale. I did not lose hope in 20 years! Do not lose yours

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Hi! Just a thought here (sorry to bother I saw that you have a crap ton of asks to get to so you can ignore this if you want) what do you think of the apprentice arc in the teen titans cartoon? It's my like fave thing and I'm wondering if you have ever thought about what might have happened if say he had to to stay Slade apprentice

Yep, yep! No problem. I exist to be harassed with Asks.

I love Slade and Robin’s antagonistic relationship. I’m going to hop under a cut, not because I think this will get particularly long, but because I’m going to be discussing dark themes, an abusive situation, Stockholm Syndrome, etc.

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The Thief and the Moon

Title: The Thief and the Moon

Pairing: Soulless!Sam x Angel!Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,151

Warnings: Violence, Soulless!Sam, and Angst

Summary: Sam and the Reader dated before Sam threw himself into the pit. Now, Sam is back, and soulless. The Reader wants to stick it out with him until they are able to get his soul back and works with Dean to attempt to do so. Meanwhile, Sam finds out just what the reader is and blinded by the knowledge of hunting and lack of emotions he attacks her one evening.

Author’s Note: Yes, I am very aware this is much past the promised time of the next Imagine and yes, I am so very sorry. I did not manage my time very wisely and therefore there was a delay in this and I am awfully sorry and I hope this makes up for it. So now, finally and officially, my second imagine. (I promise my next one will be happier, and longer as this one was shorter than expected.) (Extra also I will probably add more in the morning as to how Sam found out Y/N was an angel, but if this posts reaches 30 likes I will make a part two of Sam getting his soul back and remembering what he did.)

Originally posted by canonspngifs

“You think it’s worth a shot?” Dean questioned. “It’s Sam, Dean, anything is worth a shot!” You proclaimed.

“I know I do I just think it’s far fetched and if it was to not work out I’d rather focus more on trying to find something that will then wasting our time on these small chances.” Dean argued back as you sighed.

“Well, I think we should give it a chance it’s our best lead in a whole week.” You said standing and looking at Dean waiting for a reaction to give you an answer.

“Fine I’ll go and check it out but you stay here with Mr. Soulless up there and keep an eye on him.” Dean said finalizing his conditions.

“Whatever just go.” You pushed him all the while he pulled on his jacket and grabbed his phone and keys.

“I’ll call when I get there.” He said walking up the stairs of the Bunker.

“You better!” You called out to him as he left with a shut of the door.

“Sam.” Crowley’s sudden voice filled Sam’s room as he stood to my feet.

“Crowley, haven’t seen you in a while.” Sam crossed his arms across his chest. “Not going to lie was hoping I wouldn’t have to.”

“What a flirt you are Sam.” Crowley smiled. “Is that how you got that angel downstairs to fall for you?”

“Excuse me?” Sam stepped forward. “The hell are you talking about, Crowley?”

“You know exactly who I’m talking about Sam. I’m talking about wings downstairs.” He said walking around Sam’s room.

“Wings? Her name is Y/N and she’s human.” Sam said uncertainty in his voice.

“How cute.” He looked at the art pictures on the wall. “You once loved with only your heart that your brain overlooked the creature she is. She’s a monster, Sam. Angels, they get a lot more credit than they deserve! She’s not your friend she’s not any of our friends. She’s got something evil up her sleeve and if you don’t take her out we all die!” Crowley yelled turning to me.

“What do you mean?” Sam inquired.

“I mean you know exactly what you have to do to save us all. Sam, Y/N has to die. Angels, their horrible things. Worse than all us others. They shed light on the world in what should be the darkness.”

“And that’s bad how?” Sam pushed.

“You like it in this body don’t you, Sam? Takes away the feelings, keeps things unattached. She wants to take that from you. Bring you back. She didn’t even ask for your consent, Sam!” Crowley hissed. “You have to stop her.”

“How?” Sam questioned.

“With this.” Crowley handed him the angel blade. “One nice jab and she’ll be dead.”

It had now been 2 days since Dean left and you had been left alone in the Bunker with Sam, only a few visits from Castiel to bring back your sanity. Now, with Sam still asleep in the room you two shared, Dean M.I.A, and Castiel gone for the next couple of hours, you sat in front of the TV with a small bag of popcorn to satisfy your boredom. You were an Angel and in no need for food or any other earthly possessions. You merely wanted to eat to give you something to do.

“Ha.” You chuckled watching the lame cartoon of the dog slipping on the banana peel, thus before a blade was pressed to your throat.

“I know what you are.” You heard the deep and dark voice of your boyfriend, well, the shell of your boyfriend. His breath heavy and hot against the hair resting on your shoulders and on the back of your neck.

“Sam,” You started cautious of the angel blade pushed sharp against your throat. “Sam, I am begging you not to do this.” You pleaded with him.

“It’s time I extinguish this light of yours.” He said cutting across my chest and I cried out as my Grace shines through. “I’ll put an end to all the light that you shed on this world in it’s darkest state.” He whispered arm locked across my chest dragging the blade across my cheek making a cut, and I hissed.

“You don’t know a thing about what you seek do you?” You said gripping the couch’s armrest tight as he cut you once more. “You’ll doom the world to wonder in darkness without a bit of light to guide them down the path that men seek.” I glared at him as he looked at me over my shoulder. “Your only loyalties lie with the devil and yourself Sam Winchester,” I said seeing pure hatred and evil in his eyes. “The earth will rise up and devour all that you are.” I hissed. “The skies will call forth thunderous storms from afar.” I said through the grit of my teeth hearing the thunder from outside in that moment in time. “And when you’re dead there will be no grave to remember your name for your hatred will bring your end and there will be no one but yourself to blame.” I said hearing the door open and saw Dean.

“Sam, no!” He yelled right before I felt the sharp pierce in my stomach and I looked to Sam tears in my eyes resting my hand on his cheek as I sunk to the floor Dean pushing Sam away as he smirked and Dean looked at me.

“Don’t you die on me, Y/N. Please!” He pleaded with me.

“I love you, Dean.” I whispered. “Tell Sam- Tell my Sam I love him. Don’t let him blame himself.” He held me until I felt myself fall into a darkness.


Tribute to Robert Pattinson at 43rd Deauville American Film Festival

Official video. Full speech by Berenice Béjo (to read the translated full speech in English) and full acceptance speech by Rob.

Transcript of Rob’s speech:

“Very crazy experience. I cannot really tell if I’m awake or not. *laughs* I mean this is really really nuts, I think I might move to Deauville… come here you get your own beach hut…and meet the mayor…Berenice Béjo says she wants to do love scenes with you, Vive la France! And Berenice I am pretty much always available for love scenes. My agent…*points to the crowd*. I honestly don’t know particularly what to say. I am obviously thrilled. I can’t really believe that I am being presented with this, but then I just watched those (tribute montage clip) movies, and I can’t really believe that the last 15 years happened either.

I really love film, I really love this industry and it’s the love that grows more and more with each year. And I think anybody who works in it really understands what a priviledge and a gift it is to work within it. I don’t know what else to say other than to thank…it is very boring, but I would like to thank…actually I tried to make a summarised list but I literally want to thank every single director that I worked with.*laughs*

Very quickly, Uli Edel, Mira Nair, Allen Coulter, Mike Newell, Chris Durlacher, Robin Sheppard, Oliver Irving, Paul Morrison, Chris…Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade, Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod, David Cronenberg, who really making me approach performance in an entirely different way, and David Michod, Werner Herzog, Anton Corbijn, Brady Corbet, James Gray, Claire Denis, and Josh and Bennie Safdie, the whole Good Time family. It was such a pleasure making this movie, it is something I am extremely proud of and I hope everyone here enjoys it, I think it is a pretty unique cinematic experience.

Sorry I just left out so many names, it’s an incredibly boring speech. It was just the first time I’ve written them all down. And it really stunned me of the calibre of people I’ve been allowed to work with. I’ve had a very very very charmed life, and I appreciate every every second of it.

Eventhough I’ve only said thank yous to people, I’ve only got two more thank yous. One of which is to my team, Sarah, Grace, Stephanie and Nick, who I would have never thought of this, as a job, as a life or anything. I have no idea what I was doing at fifteen, and they provided me with this special thing, and the other one is to you guys, for coming to support films that are slightly more inaccessible than most, the fact that these festivals exist, and that you’re excited about the movies playing, is so important. And it really does mean the world to people who make them. So, thank you very much everyone and have a good night.”                   

After the presentation of the trophy,  Oscar Boyson (producer), Josh and Bennie Safdie joined Rob on the stage to talk about Good Time.

Rob “I just can’t stand it when everyone is one stage talking about my performance *laughs* I don’t like it. I think these guys are the best, and literally, if you are interested in film, or… it’s a dangerous thing to say if you haven’t seen the movie or if you are just about to watch it. But, they are the best filmmakers in the world working right now.”  

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I'm not an expert when it comes to cinematography, but I think I noticed a different camera work in the premiere episode. Like when Clarke talked to Roan or when she talked to Bellamy they kinda focused on them from "weird" angles. Especially when Clarke thanked Bellamy, we as the audience were so close to their faces. I'm not quite sure how to describe it haha it was unusual but I actually enjoyed it. Can you explain their new camera work?

okay, first of all, i’m very sorry for the late reply anon. we are two episodes into the new season already and i’m only getting to answer your question now, so i hope you are still interested in this. second of all, since i am extremely busy at the moment, i have to keep my answer very very short, which sucks because i love getting film related questions and discuss scenes in length, but life loooooves to get in the way so i hope that my rather short answer will satisfy you (lol), and help you understand the cinematography a bit better.

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I love your blog and I am so happy I caught the ask box open! Anyway, how would Bakugou, Kaminari, and Kirishima react to an s/o who is really anxious about how they sound? Like they have trouble voicing their opinions and when someone compliments them they always second guess themselves? Basically just kind of insecure around most people. Sorry if I didn't explain it well ^.^'

I’m very glad you like it! And I very much hope I could do your request justice and that you’ll like it!


- Bakugou isn’t very good with reassuring other people and more often than not, he’s not really sure what he can say or do to make his partner feel better, since he doesn’t want them to hold back around him or because of him.

- He doesn’t push them though, just offers up ideas on what they could try when they pop up if his partner voices the wish that they would like to be more comfortable with speaking up.

- Bakugou also starts to text them a lot, since he figures that if they’re not comfortable with talking, they might be more open when it comes to writing. If it works, their conversations can go late into the night and sometimes, he stubbornly refuses to go to sleep until his partner falls asleep first.

- He learns to be patient with them and to trust them that if it’s important to them, they’ll eventually tell him about it or to give them the time they need to overcome their self-consciousness. Bakugou secretly sees every conversation as a personal victory and he feels pretty satisfied and happy afterwards.


- Kaminari feels a little sad that his partner thinks this way, since he loves to talk with them and hearing their opinion. He wishes he could just make their problems disappear, though he also knows it’s not possible and therefore, he decides that he’ll be the best boyfriend he can be.

- He tries his best to reassure them and tells them that it’s okay to take their time if they want to tell him something. Even though he knows they aren’t good with compliments, he still tries to give them as many as he can and tries to word them in a way that his partner finds them easier to accept or believe.

- If his partner is more comfortable with speaking quietly, he develops the habit of leaning towards them when they talk so they don’t have to raise their voice.

- Kaminari is very supportive of his partner and is always willing to reassure them or encourage them if they want to try something out or take a step out of their comfort zone.


- Kirishima does his best to reassure his partner that it’s okay that they aren’t comfortable with certain things and he tries to lighten the mood by joking around or telling them funny or interesting stories. Whenever he manages to make them laugh or chuckle, he can’t help but grin happily at them.

- Similarly to Bakugou, he starts texting his partner a lot, especially when he’s out somewhere or at home or in his room and knows they won’t see each other again until the next day. He texts them whatever thoughts enter his mind and leaves it to them if they want to respond to anything or want to start a conversation.

- If his partner needs more time to say something, Kirishima has no problem with it. The occasional silence doesn’t bother him and he’s happy, if his partner and he have a good time and can enjoy each other’s company.

- He’s making sure his partner knows he’ll support them as much as he can, be it that he offers to practice talking with them or gives them as many compliments as he can think about so they can work through some of their worries or self-doubt.

Park It

Hi! Since smut is my favorite I was so excited when I saw a request for car sex with Jooheon (my second favorite in Monsta X) from an anonymous requester. I hope you like it ;3 sorry it’s so long I am very very very detailed with these things haha. Please message back when you see this and let me know what you think :3 

~Admin Takara-yeolie~ 

Originally posted by wonyeols

You were very excited to see Jooheon after he had been gone for so long. His schedule was packed for months and he had a hard time convincing the manager to let him see you. He decided that a classy quiet dinner would be the best way to celebrate your first night together in months. He wore a black suit without a tie with a navy blue shirt and you wore a fitted black sleeveless dress with red stilettos.  “You know how I asked you to not wear such short tight skirts on dates?” Jooheon teasingly chuckled as he kept looking at the road. You smile to yourself as you cross your legs making your dress ride up a little more.“No oppa…I don’t.” You scoot closer to him and guide his free hand from the arm rest to your upper thigh. You see his eyes widen from the side then hear the blinker. Jooheon checks the side mirror as he crosses lanes to pull over. He violently puts the car in park and locks all the doors. “What are you doing?” He adorably scowls at you before sliding his hand further up your thigh. You display a devilish smile as you turn to him and slightly open your legs. Jooheon takes off his blazer as your lips meet. Your lips stay locked in a passionate feverish kiss as he rapidly scrambles to unbutton his shirt. Your breaths echo in the silence of the car and you can feel the temperature rising. Jooheon loudly moaned as the threw his shirt to the floor, his muscles were flexing as his hands were roughly exploring your body. He planted kisses everywhere he could before he stopped and softly calls your name. “…yes?” You slowly open your eyes to see him lovingly gazing at you smiling with his adorable dimples. “You’re so beautiful…I’m glad we can have this time together. I missed you so much…I love you.” He closes his eyes before gently kissing your forehead. He lingers there then looks in your eyes again with a smile. You shyly smile back then lean to his ear and seductively whisper. “We should take this to the back. We have more room there.” You gently kiss and nibble on his ear making him shudder and moan. You climb into the back seat giggling as he follows doing the same. His fair muscular body hangs over you when you see his face you can see how much he wants you. You pull your dress straps down exposing your bra and extend your arms out to him. He falls into your embrace kissing your neck and breasts leaving hickies. You moan as your hands claw into his back and your toes curl with ecstasy. Jooheon’s hands creep further up your dress to your panties and you can feel him rubbing you. He removes your dress and kisses you lower and lower. Your moans grow louder with each kiss, suck, and lick which spurs him to move lower and lower. His head goes between your legs and he slides your panties down your legs. You let out a piercing moan at the first sensation from his tongue which makes him let out a sexy deep moan in response. He goes without let up using everything he has to please you. “Does it feel good? Do you like it?” You nod and moan trying to hold back.“Yes~!” After what seems like forever you feel your senses peaking, your toes curling, your back arching, and your breath getting short. “I’m gonna…I’m gonna cum~!” Your hands grab Jooheon’s silky hair as you move his head up and down until you peak. Your breathing is rapid and short as your body relaxes. Jooheon comes back up to your face and as he lays against you, you feel his excitement. You share a kiss and slide your hand to his bulge and began to stroke him through his pants. He moans and begins to grind his hips in your hand faster and faster. “Wait…” He takes off his pants and underwear with a little struggle due to the cramped car space and returns to you. “…is it ok if…I put it in?” You smile at him and gently nod in response making him get a condom from his wallet and rip open the wrapper with his teeth. You stroke him more before he puts on the condom. You both lay down and look at each other with apprehensiveness and excitement. He gently kisses your lips again and then your forehead before he enters you. “Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt does it?” You smile as you bite your lower lip.“No I’m fine I promise. Keep going oppa.” He kisses your neck and continues to move inside of you making you moan. Both your moans fill the car as you feel the car rock and sway from Jooheon’s strong thrusts. The car windows steam as your passions, groans, and moans rise. The sound of skin on skin is clear as it sensually mixes with the car’s rocking. Jooheon wraps you his strong arms as his thrusts pound into you. You begin to gasp and quietly scream in pleasure as you see his face squirm into pleasure. “Ugh I think I’m gonna cum!” You wrap your legs around his waist and claw into his big toned back spurring him on. His thrusts reach a record pace and you’re both ready to boil over with passion. He lets out a strong groan as he lets out three unimaginably strong thrusts into you. As you both finish and come down from the high your bodies shake and tremble and you faintly try to catch your breath. He lays on top of you deeply breathing in your ear as he wraps his strong arms around your waist. He kisses your neck softly over and over again as you gently stroke the back of his head. He weakly pushes himself up to look at you one last time before he pulls out. The sensation of him leaving your body made you moan a little. “Getting dressed in here is gonna be tough.” He laughs displaying his deep dimples and cute little eyes. You laugh and smile back sitting up shaking as you scramble to find your clothing. You get dressed in silence but the joyous afterglow is obvious to see. “What time is it oppa? We don’t want to miss our dinner reservations.” Jooheon’s eyes widen as he checked the car clock. “8:00 we might be a little late love.” You both get out the backseat to the front. Jooheon starts the car and pulls off again. “That’s what happens when you eat dessert first.” You stick your tongue out and wink at him with a giggle.“Yah! You started with me! Do I need to pull this car over again missy?” He laughs and scoffs teasingly at your playful statement making you laugh even harder. You both laugh and talk all the way to the restaurant where you end up being fifteen minutes late for your dinner reservation but it was totally worth it.            

“Night ride” - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by gabalecki

(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) and Stiles take a night time drive in his jeep together and stop on a side of the road over looking the lights on the buildings and talk about forever.

(Y/N) and Stiles have been friends since he invited her to his 6th birthday party and threw pièces of cake at other kids. This is why it has always been just the two of them, the other kids never really liked (Y/N) and Stiles, they were considered as weirdos - not that (Y/N) and Stiles cared, they liked being together, they didn’t need other friends.
Then Scott came along and they became the golden trio. The three of them were inseparable, even now, at the age of 18.
But now things were about to change, high school years were over and they were all going to go to different college, and even if they made a promise to always be friends, they were about to take different paths now and none of them were ready to say goodbye.

(Y/N) was slumped on the couch with a huge jar of ice cream on her lap. She was pretending to watch TV but she was actually drowning in her own thoughts. Then, her phone started ringing. She picked it up from the table and answered it.
“Hello?” (Y/N) said, turning off the TV.
“Hey there, armadillo. What’s up?” Stiles asked enthusiastic.
“Not much.” (Y/N) replied while she was eating ice cream.
“Is something wrong?”
“What do you mean?” (Y/N) frowned.
“You haven’t really talked to me today. Are you okay?” Stiles asked slightly concerned. (Y/N) didn’t answer right away, she was thinking, it seems like it’s all she’s been doing lately, thinking, overthinking.
“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” Stiles asked again, a bit more concerned now.
“I just had a really bad day, that’s all.” (Y/N) said, quickly emptying the jar of ice cream.
“Is it because of Matt?” Stiles asked, referring to (Y/N)’s recent boyfriend.
“OK, get dressed. I’ll be at your house in 5 minutes.”
“Stiles, I don’t want to talk about it, I just think I’m gonna go to bed, you know.” (Y/N) declared.
“Fine, we don’t have to talk about it, we don’t have to talk about anything, but you still need to get dressed.” Stiles insisted.
“We’re just going for a ride. Come on (Y/N), you love taking night time rides.”
“Fine.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes. “But you better bring lots of ice cream or you’ll be driving around on your own.”
“Girl, get to know me already.” Stiles replied with a chuckle.
(Y/N) smiled and hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, (Y/N) and Stiles were going on their night time adventure aka driving around the neighborhood.
“I remember telling you to get dressed. I have a pretty good memory and I remember very specifically saying ‘get dressed’.” Stiles said, highlighting the last words of his sentence.
“I am dressed.” (Y/N) said, lacking enthusiasm.
“You’re wearing your pyjamas.” Stiles said, paying attention to the road.
“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise I had to put on a very fancy dress to sit in your old jeep all night.” (Y/N) said sarcastically.
“OK, first of all, my jeep isn’t old and second of all, my jeep is fancier than any dress you could ever wear.” Stiles said, defending his beloved car.
“Matt cheated on me.” (Y/N) suddenly said.
Stiles looked at his best friend very quickly before resting his eyes back on the road.
“And with Lexie by the way, which, you know, is the worse decision he could make because she slept with every guy at school so she probably gave him some kind of sexual disease.” (Y/N) explained.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry.” Stiles said softly.
“Thanks. But I’m okay. I actually feel sorry for him, the poor guy thought he could be Lexie’s boyfriend, but everyone knows that bitch doesn’t date, she only sleeps with guys, get their hopes up and then ignore them like they never even existed.” (Y/N) said as she took a bite of a chocolate bar. “So you know what he did then? He came back to me, begging me to forgive him. That guy’s a joke!”
“Do you want me to break his nose?” Stiles joked.
“What do you think I did when he came back to my house after I found out that the bastard cheated on me?” (Y/N) said as she raised an eyebrow.
“You broke his nose?” Stiles asked, shocked.
“He broke my heart!” (Y/N) replied as if breaking this guy’s nose was a normal and obvious thing to do.

Stiles and (Y/N) looked at each other for a second and burst laughing. Then, Stiles parked on the side of the road and looked at his best friend.
“I can’t believe you broke his nose! I wish I was there to see his face.” Stiles laughed.
“Well, I didn’t mean to, I just punched him a bit too hard, I guess. But hell, I don’t regret it.” (Y/N) laughed too.
(Y/N) and Stiles then got out of the car to admire the view. They could see the whole town from where they were standing.
“So, are you okay?” Stiles asked.
“I’m fine. Thank you for doing this for me by the way, I feel a lot better already.” (Y/N) smiled at her best friend.
“Anytime.” Stiles smiled back.

“Stiles?” (Y/N) said, looking at the lights on the buildings in front of her.
“Promise me we’ll get to do this again, even if we don’t go to the same college.”
Stiles looked at (Y/N) who was still looking at the buildings.
“(Y/N).” He said.
“Look at me.” Stiles said softly. (Y/N) looked at him and he immediately locked his eyes on hers.
“No matter where I am, of who I’m with, or what I’m doing, you’re always going to be my best friend, my favourite person in the world, the girl wearing Star Wars pyjamas and eating ice cream in my front seat.” (Y/N) chuckled. “And that’s never gonna change. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, but I know one thing, whenever you’re having a bad day, I’ll be parked right outside your door, with a full tank and a tone of ice cream.”
Suddenly, (Y/N) felt like bursting into tears. She was so thanksful to have Stiles in her life, because he made life so much better.
“I don’t care if you live hundreds of miles away from me (Y/N), you’re stuck with me for a hell of a long time. I’m not going anywhere.”
(Y/N) threw herself into her best friend’s arms who held her as if he was afraid she might slip away from him.
“Neither am I.” (Y/N) whispered. “It’s you and me against the rest of the world, remember?”
“How could I forget?” Stiles said, smiling.

(Y/N) and Stiles stayed up all night, driving around town, eating tones of ice cream and laughing heartily until sunrise.