second home

“My best friend and I are really excited for our upcoming trip to Disney. I haven’t been since October because my pass expired. Some of my other friends don’t get why I am so excited. They always say, "It’s not like you haven’t been in years.” They don’t get that Disney is like my second home and is very special to me. I haven’t had Disney magic since October!“

“This is the first year for a really long time that I haven’t gone on my yearly winter trip to Disneyland Paris with my dad and a friend. I’m living abroad and really far from home now and while I can still go to a Disney park, I don’t think it will feel the same. Disneyland Paris has been my 2nd home for years, I really miss it and I’m afraid it might change a lot while I’m away. It’s old and does need some fixing up in places, but I’d be so sad to return and not recognize some of it.”