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Hi, me and my friends are planning to do a crystal gems cosplay. We're planning on making the costumes ourselves. Do you have any tips for us that might shorten the time and look amazing?

Cosplay is a fickle medium. Sometimes you can rush things and have a great finished product, other times the quality is sacrificed for speed. 
Although they may not help quicken the process for you, here are some tips to help give that extra oomph of amazing.

  1. Get a good wig. Whether this means buying a couple cheap ones and putting them together, getting an expensive one of higher quality, or having one commissioned, the best thing you can do for a cosplay is to have a great wig.
  2. If you’re going to paint, practice first (AND SEAL IT). It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or elaborate either. 
  3. Same goes with makeup! If you aren’t wearing bodypaint, just basic beauty makeup really helps. (High Quality/Cheap brands include ELF, Nyx, and LA Color).
  4. If you’re unsure how to do something, try looking for a premade pattern that might work. McCalls, Simplicity, and KwickSew are all pretty good pattern brands.
  5. Alternatively, sometimes its easier to modify existing clothes. You want to make Amethyst’s current outfit? Old Navy has the perfect tank top. Need help with Rose’s dress? Check second hand stores for wedding dresses or petticoats. Don’t be afraid to shop second hand!
  6. If you order online, do it sooner rather than later. Shipping either takes forever or it costs waaay too much. If you have to purchase online (which is the case for wigs or bodypaint usually), try to do it at least 2 months out. This will give you enough time to alter whatever you’re buying if need be.
  7. Remember, cosplay is about having fun! If you’re stressing out because every little detail isn’t right or your deadline is coming quick, load up some cartoons and try to relax. Even a couple hour break can really help!

If anyone else has tips on speedy cosplay, let us know! Sorry this is a very general list, I usually work at a snail’s pace myself and this is what I’ve gathered so far out of my own experiences.

i am not beautiful. no, that is wrong: i am beautiful, but not in the way that men want. i am not beautiful in the way that women long to be. i am beautiful in the way that a shipwreck is beautiful (hidden in the bottom of the ocean, lost among fish and sand, lost in the muck that swallowed the dinosaurs), in the way that a natural disaster is beautiful. i share a sisterhood with the fires that consumed rome, and my kin are those wilted flowers atop a tombstone.

i have the looks of pompeii, sealed forever in stone: explorers will find me hauntingly gorgeous. i am the odd shine of a bathroom tile; i am a ghost in a graveyard (swathed in mist, hollow whispers and a haunting farewell). i am a cheap suite in a motel, a dying flower coated in frost –– i am beautiful in the way odd things are, in the way a forest fire is. 

i am beautiful in the way that makes one shiver and turn away: i am cheap shampoo, nail polish dried and chipped, lipgloss forgotten in a purse. i am a wedding dress, yellowed and hanging in a second-hand shop. i am beautiful, but not in the ways that people want me to be.

                      –– –– –– –– here’s to us: the beautiful ones. (CNS)