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Please watch this. Especially if you are a fashion blogger. She has the same opinion as I do regarding tagging brands in outfit posts and buying fast fashion brands second hand.


HEY! I’m trying to buy a MacBook for school and my job only pays 7.25 an hour, so I’m selling my stuff! These are all clothes of mine that are perfectly good but I just don’t wear anymore/they don’t fit me. They’re all in perfect condition and have been washed prior to taking these pictures.
-I wear a US women’s size 18 for pants, and XL-XXL for leggings and shirts. All of these fit perfectly.
-I am selling these for 5-10 A POP depending on whether or not they’re brand name, dresses, etc. (Not including shipping and handling.)
-I’ve got tons of fandom/band tshirts of things I’m not longer interested in, so shoot me an ask if you’d like to see them!
If you don’t want to buy, I’d appreciate it if you could signal boost. I really need the money and you could be getting someone some cute clothes!

Goodwill Outlet & Confusion

Every time I go to the goodwill outlet I always see re-sellers digging through bins, filling up carts overflowing with potential profit makers like squirrels searching for nuts. But when I dig through the bins, all the way to the bottom of the bins, I find actual money, jewelry of all sorts, and high end perfumes, sunglasses etc. which there is no doubt of how much they cost when originally purchased, and free cash, Bonus! Maybe if they slowed down and actually searched the bins like a normal person without flinging items widely they wouldn’t need to try so hard to pack their cars overflowing with no guarantee of profit.

anonymous asked:

I buy a lot of my Lolita dresses second hand and some of them are a couple years old and I have a hard time finding matching accessories such as the matching headbow or matching OTKs. Do you have any suggestions on how to find accessories to coord with these types of dresses?

Last year I was at a convention where RinRin was the Lolita guest and someone asked her about differences in trends between Western Lolitas and Japanese Lolitas. I remember her talking about how she feels that Western Lolitas often come up with very creative and unique coordinates because we don’t always have such easy access to all the pieces that are released in a line and have to work with what we’re able to get. So don’t ever think that because you have the dress you must have the socks, headbow, etc. Not having those things just opens you up to more opportunities.
If you really want to find the matching pieces you can always try making a WTB post on a sales community, but don’t feel like you have to make your coord with all the original pieces from the line. Search for other things that suit the look you’re going for and pull inspiration from different elements of the dress. Let’s say, for example, we the have Toy Fantasy OP. The most noticeable elements of the print are probably the bunny and bear, two characters that AP has used a lot in their prints and accessories so that opens you up to a lot of possibilities. Looking closer at the print though you see some more basic elements like hearts, stripes, and polkadots which are things that you can find a lot of places. Polkadots are one of my favorite patterns so I would be drawn to polkadot tights which would be really cute with tea party shoes. For your headwear you can always use a solid color and then if you want to bring in elements of the print you can add things to that. Like here you could add a cute bundle of heart balloons.