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Sauron had not served Morgoth, even in his last stages, without becoming infected by his lust for destruction, and his hatred of God (which must end in nihilism). Sauron could not, of course, be a ‘sincere’ atheist. Though one of the minor spirits created before the world, he knew Eru, according to his measure. He probably deluded himself with the notion that the Valar (including Melkor) having failed, Eru had simply abandoned Ea, or at any rate Arda, and would not concern himself with it any more. It would appear that he interpreted the 'change of the world’ at the Downfall of Númenor, when Aman was removed from the physical world, in this sense: Valar (and Elves) were removed from effective control, and Men under God’s curse and wrath. If he thought about the Istari, especially Saruman and Gandalf, he imagined them as emissaries from the Valar, seeking to establish their lost power again and 'colonize’ Middle-earth, as a mere effort of defeated imperialists (without knowledge or sanction of Eru). His cynicism, which (sincerely) regarded the motives of Manwe as precisely the same as his own, seemed fully justified in Saruman. Gandalf he did not understand. But certainly he had already become evil, and therefore stupid, enough to imagine that his different behaviour was due simply to weaker intelligence and lack of firm masterful purpose. He was only a rather cleverer Radagast - cleverer, because it is more profitable (more productive of power) to become absorbed in the study of people than of animals.
—  Tolkien, J. R. R. The History of Middle-Earth X: Morgoth’s Ring. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. (London: HarperCollins, 2002.) 397 (Myths Transformed, Text VII “Notes on motives in the Silmarillion” (i))
Borrower!Septiishu pt. 3!

This takes place after a Teamiplier sleepover.


Sean was more than happy to swipe breakfast for Signe the next morning. Mostly because she didn’t want to wake up.

He scoped out the kitchen to make sure that no one was around. Tyler had made breakfast, so once everyone had gotten their share, Sean could run out and steal some.

He darted out from the hole in the wall behind the sugar, then darted toward the plate of pancakes. He grabbed a few handfuls of pancake and some bacon, put them in his bag, then ran back into the walls.

Signe was sitting up now. “Hey, you brought food!” She murmured. She still sounded half asleep.

“Yeah I did!” Sean said. He grabbed their plates- old shards from a plate Mark broke- and piled the stolen food onto them. He gave Signe her share and dug into his breakfast.

They laid low until lunch, then went off to get more food. This time, though, they went another route after hearing noises and seeing shadows from their first hole.

Sean jumped into the top of the dish cabinet, Signe following close behind. None of Mark’s friends were this tall, so they were relatively safe.

Sean pushed open the cabinet door, just a hair. He peered out into the kitchen, and his heart dropped to his shoes.

It was Tyler. He had moved the sugar jar and had his arm up to the elbow in the wall. “Mark, I found something.” He called out casually.

Mark appeared, walking over to Tyler. If he were to look up, he would see the borrowers. “Is that-”

“One of their entrances. I can’t tell where this goes.” Tyler said. He pulled his arm out of the hole.

“Don’t bother it. They’ll try to move out, and there’s no way I’ll let them risk their life just because we got nosy.” Mark said.

Signe tugged on Sean’s jacket, signaling that they should move out of sight. Sean closed the cabinet door soundlessly.

“We’ll be okay.” Sean said. “Mark won’t let his friends hurt us.”

Signe sighed. “Yeah, I know. But…”

Sean cuddled her close to his chest. “You’re okay. We’re okay.”

Signe laid her head over his heart, eventually calming down enough to continue borrowing with Sean.

Over the next few weeks, this became a common occurrence. Tyler and Mark were looking for their hiding spots. Occasionally they would leave gifts, like clothes. That was helpful.

But it was still unnerving.

pjmcito  asked:

69 or 81 + Jimin. (Love your writing btw, you're so talented <3)

au: makeup artist!au + fluff + epistolary form
words: 500
rating: s for shameless jimin
a/n: i chose 81 if you don’t mind!! and ty for the compliment ♡
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from: serenjiminty
to: y/n

>> do you think anyone will notice if i go out without shaving this morning

from: y/n
to: serenjiminty

>> dude have you seen the speed of which your 5′o clock shadow grows? i’d start calling it a 12′o clock shadow with how hairy your ass is

from: serenjiminty
to: y/n

>> so you admit to looking at my ass then? ;)

from: y/n
to: serenjiminty

>> jimin, everyone and their grandmother has looked at your ass. no need to act surprised
>> and second off, what does that have to do with the conversation?

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Not my work but a fanfic by my best friend (and soulmate and rp buddy who gives me so many ideas for my art) Kat who has!!! A really unique writing style and flow, she stuns me all the time with how she uses words.

Just a lovely little character study for Jesse during the events of Uprising and gasp a tease of Mchanzo. Give it attention, comment if you dig it, for her & for me because I want to see that second chapter. >:3c

wrote a tiny thing based on this amazing post:

I hope you like it!!! writers block has been kicking my butt ;w;

“G’mornin! Is this too close?” Jack’s face peaked up over his desk to the little bed you were sitting up in. You blinked at him lazily, still half asleep.

His face came closer, and he poked you gently, making you wobble back into your blankets. “Am I too close? Do you feel weird now?” he purred, resting his chin on the table and nudging his nose against your chest, smirking playfully.

“I was sleeeeping,” you grumbled at him, sluggishly trying to push his nose away.

He quirked his eyebrows and brought his hands over to you, jostling you to try and get you to stand up. When you continued to droop back down into bed, he poked at your stomach. “Am I annoying you?” he asked, fluttering his eyelashes at you.

“Nnnope,” you replied with a sleepy smile, laying back down.

“Dammit,” Jack huffed, pulling away. “I guess you can sleep more, then…”

You smiled wider and your head hit your makeshift pillow.

Suddenly, you were scooped up in Jack’s hands and were right in front of his face again. He grinned evilly. “HAH! I can’t believe ya fell for that! Time to get up!”

Act two

Originally posted by kpoptasteslikesin

Word count: 1190

Warnings: Angst

Author’s note: Since I possibly could not be that cruel I made a second part. Enjoy!

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Recent: Act one

Excerpt: “You know what?”, he made a short pause before he said those very crushing words…

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Sauron had never reached this stage of nihilistic madness [that Melkor had]. He did not object to the existence of the world, so long as he could do what he liked with it. He still had the relics of positive purposes, that descended from the good of the nature in which he began: it had been his virtue (and therefore also the cause of his fall, and of his relapse) that he loved order and co-ordination, and disliked all confusion and wasteful friction. (It was the apparent will and power of Melkor to effect his designs quickly and masterfully that had first attracted Sauron to him.) Sauron had, in fact, been very like Saruman, and so still understood him quickly and could guess what he would be likely to think and do, even without the aid of palantíri or of spies; whereas Gandalf eluded and puzzled him. But like all minds of this cast, Sauron’s love (originally) or (later) mere understanding of other individual intelligences was correspondingly weaker; and though the only real good in, or rational motive for, all this ordering and planning and organization was the good of all inhabitants of Arda (even admitting Sauron’s right to be their supreme lord), his ‘plans’, the idea coming from his own isolated mind, became the sole object of his will, and an end, the End, in itself.*

* [footnote to the text] But his capability of corrupting other minds, and even engaging their service, was a residue from the fact that his original desire for 'order’ had really envisaged the good estate (especially physical well-being) of his 'subjects’.
—  Tolkien, J. R. R. The History of Middle-Earth X: Morgoth’s Ring. Ed. Christopher Tolkien. (London: HarperCollins, 2002.) 396-7 (Myths Transformed, Text VII “Notes on motives in the Silmarillion” (i))