second gif ever made

“three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out” 


5 facts about Princess Mononoke

1) In Japanese mythology, dogs/wolves are male-voiced and cats female-voiced regardless of sex. This is why Akihiro Miwa provided his voice for Moro the mother wolf in the Japanese version of the film.

2) The film’s runtime is 134 minutes (2 hour and 14 minutes) which is the second longest animated film ever made. The longest is Final Yamato (1983) (165 minutes).  

3) Mononoke means monster or vengeful spirit. The people of Iron Town called San this because they thought her soul was stolen by the gods of the forest.

4) Since the film Nausicaa was greatly edited down in American releases one of Studio Ghibli’s producers sent the co-chairman of Miramax an authentic katana with a simple message: “No cuts.”

5) Director Hayo Miyazaki took 16 years to fully develop the characters and plot of the film.


6) Princess Mononoke was the first animated film ever to receive the Japan Academy Prize for picture of the year.

Regina making heart eyes at Emma when she saves the day. I can’t believe they actually put this in, this is literally eye/grin sex.

I am seriously interested in hearing Lana’s reason for this acting choice, and Adam and Eddy’s reason for this editing choice.

(also you can see Robin mildly disgusted in the back)


“Good morning!”