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How many pets do you have? Do you even have room for a fish?

I do have a lot of pets, but you have to understand I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living room, office space, storage room, second storage room, two garage and one shed house that we literally own so no worries on moving anyone :) I have plenty of room(one of our rooms is still 100% empty), if we were getting her, especially for a fish that does well in only 5 gallons to 10 gallons or so. Honestly I might do a video tour of my house one of these days to kinda give y’all an idea of just how much space I do have. But I don’t even know if she is still there, or if Brett will agree to keep her XD

Dean’s Baby Girl

Daddy Dean X Reader

AN: I’m sorry it’s so sad

Warnings: reader’s attacked by a werewolf

You were sick of it. Sick of your dad not letting you hunt, sick of Uncle Sam always taking his side. Which was why when they fell asleep you slipped through the bunker to the garage and hurried to the well-built American muscle car that your dad had insisted you have because it would survive a crash if needed.

 You started up the engine and pulled out of the garage, hopping out for a second to close the garage, unaware that the loud creaking had woken both the brothers who were instantly in survival mode.

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BEAUTIFUL MELODY (Ricky Horror Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

You had just got out of a long and stressful day at work and now you were driving home, you checked the time to see that it was already about ten o'clock at night.
You couldn’t wait to just come home, relax, and most importantly, see your loving boyfriend Ricky.
You knew he was home early today from being with his band mates, it made you happy because usually he would come home late at night and you wouldn’t see him until way later.
You pulled up and parked your car in the garage.
Seconds later you were inside your house.

“Babe!” You called out as you took off your shoes and slammed yourself on the couch.
“Ricky!” You called once again.
“I’m in the bedroom babe!” He replied from down the hall.
“Oh God I’m not gonna find you naked with black rose petals again right? Because that’s kind of what I’m hoping for.” You giggled.
You could hear him laugh his ass off from the room causing you to crack up too.
“No! Just working on a new song!” He notified.

“Ooooh.” You cooed and got up from the couch, making your way over to the bedroom, the hallway echoing with your heavy footsteps on the hard wood floor.
As soon you as you reached him, there he was, your adorable boyfriend just sitting on the bed with his guitar in his hands playing his heart out.
You smiled, still not believing that he is all yours.
His handsome face always brought you back to when you first met at a Motionless In White concert you went to.
Best day of your life.

“Hey there!” You happily greeted, his head snapped up and as soon as he caught sight of you a wide smile appeared on his angelic face.
“Hey beautiful. How was work?”
“Stressful as fuck! I wanna quit that job! I’m so tired of bitchy people!”
“Awww come here.” Ricky said, putting away the guitar and opening his arms wide to you.
You blushed and sat on the bed snuggling up to him.
He held you close in his arms and rocked you back and fourth.
“If you want to quit then quit, I make enough money for the both of us anyway.”

“Yeah but I don’t want you to be the only one keeping us up. I want to help.” You tell him.
“Well whether you stay at that job or not then I support you. Just know that you don’t have to.” He assures you, placing a sweet peck on your forehead.
“Thanks babe.”
“No problem honey.”
“Well I’m home now so fuck talking about work, what song are you working on?” You ask.
“Just something that Chris and I wrote together.”

“Bet it sounds awesome.” You compliment.
“I think it might be our best one yet, wanna hear it?” He grinned raising his eyebrows up and down making you laugh.
You nodded and sat up on the matress, Ricky grabbed his guitar again and began playing the song for you.
Your mouth dropped wide open at the beautiful lyrics and rhythm.
These guys never failed to amaze you.
But more especially Ricky, the way his fingers just smoothly pulled the strings on the guitar, the way he created such an incredible and beautiful melody, it was truly magnificent.

“Wow….beautiful….” You whispered when he finished.
“You talking about the song or me?”
He asked with a seductive smirk.
You smiled and rolled your eyes as you shook your head.
“Good.” He said and pulled you close to him making you squeak.
Ricky began to tickle your ribs, it made you scream and bust a gut begging him to stop or else you were going to piss yourself.
“Nope!” He laughed continuing to do his evil work.
“I’m gonna piss on you!!”
“Even better!”

“Fuck you!! Stop!!” You exclaimed, your face super red from the hard laughter escaping you.
Your stomach even felt like it was going to kill you.
“RICKY!!” You shouted, he laughed and finally let go of you.
“Okay okay, I’m done.”
“Good….oh my God I seriously thought I was gonna die…” You said a little breathless.
“If that would’ve happend I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.”
“Awww.” You cooed, pulling yourself up to passionately kiss his soft lips.
You kissed for a couple of minutes before leaning away with a huge, loving smile on your pretty face.

“I’ll let you go back to working on the song honey.” You tell him as you got off.
“Okay then babe, you get some rest.”
You were about to walk out of the room until you heard the sweet sound of his guitar being played once again.
You stopped in your tracks and turned around, watching him play work his magic. You crossed your arms above your chest and tilted your head to the side as you gazed at him.
“How the hell do you do that?”
“Do what?” Ricky laughed.
“How do you play the guitar so beautifully? I seriously wish I could play like that.”
You say.

“Really?” He questioned with a soft smile.
“Yeah, it’s so awesome!”
“Well I can teach you if you want.” He offered, his expression already turning excited.
“Really? Like, right now?” You asked.
Ricky nodded and patted the spot next to him on the bed for you to sit.
You did just that and he handed you the guitar, putting it around you.
“Okay, place your fingers here.” He began.
You did everything he told you to do, you had fun but at the same time frustration started to take over when you couldn’t get the note right.
This was surely a lot harder than you had expected.

“No no no, you place this finger here, and the other here, now you got a different note, try it.”
“How about no?”
“This is a little frustrating.” You whined a little with a pout.
“(Y/N)….it hasn’t even been five minutes…”
You laughed and fake sobbed leaning your head back on his shoulder.
“You know damn well I don’t have that much patience for instruments.”
“Well you have to if you really wanna learn how to play this, come on baby I know you can do it. Girls who can play the guitar are a major turn on to me you know?” He winked.
“So I’m not a major turn on to you?!” You yelled with a shocked expression.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean to-”
“Babe, I’m kidding! Let’s continue.”
“You’re a butthole.” Ricky muttered.
“Shut up, okay how do you do this again?”
It seemed like hours had passed by, or maybe even years, you couldn’t play any of the notes correctly and it only caused you to get more and more frustrated.
“Ugh! That’s it I give up!”
“What? No you can’t quit!”
“Oh yes I can, the guitar hates me and I hate it!” You exclaimed.
Ricky chuckled but you glared at him letting him know that you were legit upset and not playing around.
“Oh…oh you’re serious…” He muttered.
You slowly nodded your head with your eyes squinted.

You were about to get up and leave but your man grabbed your arm and pulled you back down beside him.
“Sweetheart don’t be mad, you don’t have to learn if you don’t want to.”
“I know I don’t but….well it would be so awesome for me to play as good as you…it will make me look badass.”
You grinned.
“(Y/N) you’re already very badass.”
“Really? How?” You wondered.
“Oh trust me, if I start explaining I’m never going to shut up because I can go on and on.” He tells you.
You let laughter escape you once more, and you also felt your cheeks blush a deep red.

“You’re amazing you know that?”
“And you’re fucking sexy as hell.” He whispered along with a low growl.
Your eyebrows shot up in shock, you swear you could even feel your breast twitch at how sexy he just sounded.
“What?…you love it when I speak to you like that?..”
You couldn’t say anything, it was like your tongue forgot how to form words all of the sudden.
Slowly Ricky took away the guitar from you and put on the floor, when he came back he wrapped his arms around you and gently turned your head so that you can face him.

“What do you think you’re doing?…” You slowly spoke. Although you didn’t really care for the answer.
“Kiss me…” He whispered.
Not another word was said, your lips just leaned in and began to caress his passionately.
You always blushed hard whenever you felt his lucios lips upon yours.
“Mmmm…” You moaned, slightly turning him on by the sweet sound of your voice.
You can tell that he was trying to make you feel better since you were feeling so frustrated.
Boy was he succeeding.
His kiss deepend, the tempurature in your body only getting higher and higher.

“Mmm baby…” Ricky groaned, his tongue poking your lips, begging for entrance.
You granted him access inside of your mouth, and without hesitation his wet and warm tongue slid inside of you.
One of his hands came up to cup your breasts, he can feel your nipples slowly popping up as he rubbed them more and more and squeezed them.
“Aaahh..” You moaned again, your hands touching his hot and smooth skin under his shirt, feeling his hard body rubbing against yours.
You wanted him so badly, the more he touched you the more horny you felt.

You can feel your vagina already getting a little wet as he tugged your nipples with his fingers.
It seemed like the two of your deeply making out forever, but you didn’t care, you wanted it that way, you wanted to continue kissing him and kissing him until you ended up making sweet, romantic, love to each other.
Little by little you felt him leaning away from you, although you kept pulling him back which caused him to laugh against your lips, he leaned away anyway.
Your bottom lip was taken in between your teeth as your stared into his hypnotizing eyes.

“You feel better beautiful?…” Ricky cooed, his thumb gently caressing your soft cheek as he smiled so lovingly at you.
“Mhm…” you hummed, a wide, bright smile tugging at your lips.
He loved that smile, he always told himself that your smile is the only thing that made him so happy.
“Thank you….I love you…” You whispered.
“I love you more sweetheart.” Ricky softly replied, leaning in once more to give you a cute and sweet peck on the nose.
You giggled and played with his short black hair for a moment, your eyes just gazing and gazing, you felt so lucky to have such an awesome and sexy boyfriend to always make you smile and feel loved,
and he’s all yours, and only yours.

“Hm?” He hummed.
“If you don’t mind….I would like to get back to learning the guitar now….” You say.
He laughed a little and nodded in approval.
“Let’s get back to it then.”
He stood up and grabbed the instrument, bringing it back over to you.
“Alright, one quick lesson.”
“Why?” You questioned with a raised brow.
“Because I wanna do it, you left me horny.”
You gasped and cracked up shaking your head.
“ME?! YOU are the one who leaned away!!”
You shot.
“Oh yeah!! Well…….you know what? Screw learning the guitar I want you!” Ricky exclaimed grabbing you and pinning you down on the matress.
You squealed and giggled as he began to kiss your neck.

“I fucking love you…..”

(So so so sorry this took me so long to post! Please forgive me! I apologize lovely! Hoped you enjoyed! 💕)

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Joker screeched around the corner, skidding behind an old garage, seconds later a bunch of cop cars went flying past. He leaned his head back against his seat as he laughed, rolling his neck to look across at her. 

“I told you I could lose them..” he winked across at her, his tongue then sliding slowly over his front teeth as he watched her. 

“And.. no bat.. in sight..” he breathed, stroking his fingers up and down her forearm as he spoke, chewing on his lips absently. 

My clothes washer and dryer are in a second garage and require going outside the house, down two flights of stairs around to the opposite side and then unlock and open the garage door. This is the face I make when there are 9 minutes left on the dryer. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS ARE REAL! I’m going to go collapse now.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

On Friday 13th March 2015, I was lucky enough to see my favourite band, Black Veil Brides live for the second time at The Garage in London. A friend of my dad’s used to tour with them, but I was very surprised on the Sunday before the show when I got an email from their tour manager, Jon, asking me if I wanted to go to the meet and greet before the show! Of course I said yes and the few days leading up to it were some of the longest in my life. My mum and I got to the venue and were really happy to see that there were only about six other people there. We waited for a while and were talking to some of the other people there. Finally, it was time to meet them and I was shaking so much! We went into the main room, up by the bar and lined up. BVB came out from backstage, CC first, then Jinxx, Jake, Andy and Ashley. Andy and Ashley waved to us and asked us how we were. We were then allowed to go up and get up to two things signed. I didn’t know what to do as my mum rushed me out of the house before I could grab my CD! One of the other girls suggested I get my shoe signed, and I couldn’t come up with anything better so I went for it! I went to CC first. He singed the shoe and I asked how I was. I said I was really good and asked him how me was. He said he was awesome and then I handed him a note book full of little letters fans had sent me on tumblr. He said ‘Wow, thank you!’ and had a look through it while I was standing there! I then went to Jake, then Jinxx who both asked how I was and signed my shoe. When I got to Ashley and Andy, they signed the shoe and I asked them if Jon was around as I had something to give him and I wanted to thank him for the tickets. They said they didn’t know, but gave the thing I had brought for him to someone else and then gave me literally the most charming smiles ever (not even kidding, if I could take pictures with me eyes… wow).I then went back to the line while the others had their pictures taken. When it was my turn, Andy put his arm around my shoulders and I put my arm around his waist. He pointed Jon out to me, as he was now in the room (I already knew who he was, CYBERTRON DUH). We took the picture and I thanked them all loads. Andy’s smile makes me so happy! I went over to Jon, he said he got the thing I took him and that he had put it up in his office (I got proof of that later thanks to the mutual friend-type-person that got me in contact with him in the first place) and said it was great. I thanked him so much for the tickets and he said it was no problem. Then we all got to be some of the first in to the venue as doors weren’t open yet. I was at the barrier for the whole gig, almost in the middle, and I even got to speak into Andy’s mic when he asked some of the crowd questions! They even did Turka Mayne live with Yanni and Savior acapella! It was truly the best night of my life and BVB are just absolutely incredible and seriously some of the nicest people ever.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiggggghhh I really try to be nice about the people who are getting deceived by big larries and I know it’s confirmation bias and how much they’ve been lied to and bad assumptions and it’s hard to get away from it.


Come on.

This post has 700 notes and this one has 350.

Apparently we’re not supposed to feel bad about violating Danielle’s privacy because, “she drove past the photographer taking her picture as she got out of the car and stood in the driveway for several minutes letting him get shots that identify the rental house.”

I’m sorry but this is a mess on so many levels that it makes my brain hurt. First off, she has to get into the house???? Whether she saw the paps or not? She has to use the garage. Second off, you have no fucking clue how long she stood there? Remember that video where you could hear that paps take like a million pics per minute? I guess she did shit with the garage door open but maybe that’s cos she had shit to do?? And also - third off, and I can’t believe I’m linking to this post already, but it looks pretty clear that the photographer was trying to conceal themself. I kind of think she looks a bit skeeved, but she actually really may not have known anyone was there!!

And finally, as ever, Larries’ fucking desire to tell themselves all this is fake is NOT A GOOD REASON TO MOCK PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO PRIVACY. This is one of the problems with them acting like they know this shit for real without any doubt, as if they don’t have to at least try to be respectful just in case they’re wrong.

As to the other post, they say, “the more she calls the paps to be papped there, the more she confirms Louis doesn’t live not even near where she pretends to stay”

Just two things on this one. One: what the actual fuck??? “The more she gets photographed there the more obvious it is that she’s only pretending to live there and Louis isn’t nearby.” Um. Of course in their minds, this is based on their absolute certainty that she is calling the paps. But here in the real world, they have absolutely no fucking way of knowing that and it’s just something they made up to soothe themselves. So here in the real world, this would be looking at evidence and declaring that it proves the exact opposite of what we see. That’s not a great foundation for an idea.

Two: bph apparently knows they live on a goddamn cul de sac and has a picture of it but we’re not supposed to believe paps could just find Louis’s house on their own?? And bep gets in a dig at UAs for not caring about privacy when larries are supposedly posting pictures of the street Louis lives on???

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I have a question for a linguist! Can you help me? No my normal waking life I often shorten usually to its first syllable but I have no goddamn idea how to do that in text form. Would it "as per yoush" "I'll have the youdj" or something else? I'm completely lost. Help me, David.

Ah, yes… The eternal question. Specifically, how does one spell the sound [ʒ] in English? It’s super common: the “s” in “usual”; the second “g” in “garage”; the “g” in “genre”; the “g” in “mirage”; the “z” in “azure”… Doing “ge” might do the trick if we didn’t have “huge”, which is pronounced differently.

I have always been of the opinion that there is a simple solution:

s : sh :: z : zh

Ta da! Thus you could do “uzh” or “youzh” or “yuzh” (I like the last one best). Unfortunately, I don’t think English speakers are used to “zh”. I’ve had a lot of problems with actors mispronouncing “zh”. I don’t know why. It seems perfectly logical to me (I mean, look at that analogy!), but I’ve heard it come out [z], [ʃ]—even [s], for some crazy reason.

The truth is outside of a mandatory spelling reform, or a popular meme, I don’t see us ever coming up with a consistent way to spell [ʒ], which is a shame, because it is, without a doubt, my favorite sound.

That’s my 2¢. Best of luck with your predicament! It’s one many of us share.