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Keep the faith

A simple song I made for gruvia week

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anonymous asked:

can you do Nozoeli, V? thank you!

unedited bc im lazy haha sorry

NozoEli - V/#22 “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

After three years of practice, Eli was very, very good at picking up on Nozomi’s fake smiles, but nearly anyone could have noticed this one.

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okay, so… i have decided to try and go by another name than sofia. well, at least online to start with. i’ve never been that comfortable with my name, and i can remember many times as a child when i would try to come up with nicknames for myself and for a few years i simply was “berry” to a lot of people, and i still am to a few.

there have always been other sofias around me, and it doesn’t help that it’s the 14th most popular female name in sweden. i simply don’t feel like one.

if course i won’t be mad if you use sofia, but i would prefer if you refer to me either by my url or the name/s i want to try out.

okay, so. i want to try out the name Lei (pronounced le-i in swedish, lee-eye or le-ih in english), or the name Eli, which is also based off my second name Elisabeth. i think i prefer Lei more, but i don’t know yet. you can use either!

it won’t hurt anyone to try it out, so yeah :) just wanted to let you know :)

edit: oh, and my pronouns are she/her if anyone was wondering :)

edit 2 (april 2016): i don’t mind being called sofia now, either is fine! i think i still prefer eli on the internet but tbh i will react more if i see the name sofia. do what you want!