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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 9)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,055

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: I know this part is a bit shorter than usual, but there’s going to be a lot going on in the next one, so hopefully that’ll make up for it. Sorry for taking so long! Thank you guys for being so patient with me these past two weeks, you guys are saints :)

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You arrived at the Sub Shop around a quarter till noon, taking a seat in one of the corner booths. You ordered an Iced Tea to sip while you waited for Misha, trying to calm down the erratic beating of your heart. You were still trying to figure out your feelings for him, and the situation you were both in. It wasn’t ideal, what you had, but at least it was something. And you really believed that eventually the two of you could reach the point of having a real relationship.

You couldn’t help but smile at the thought: a relationship with Misha. Your childhood best friend, the only person who’d ever really connected with you on an emotional level. And yes, who had also been nonexistent in your life for a good chunk of time, but still came back. He really wanted to fix things. It really seemed to devastate him when he thought he’d lost you for good, and honestly, that kind of made you love him even more.

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can you understand how sweet and down to earth mark lee is??? mnet can give up trying to evil edit him bc even in his interview he kept praising others, saying that he can do well (but never mentioned being better than others) and even mentioned he couldnt believe he got 2nd place. saying that he’s thankful for it. not to mention bowing to every compliment he gets.
tbh the rest of the students are super sweet and encouraging too. i havent heard anyone diss any other contestant. someone admitted he didnt expect much from an idol but was surprised and learnt that mark was also just like them, another student that likes rap. and mnet’s dramatic ass cant do anything to stop these wonderful students. bless their teenage hearts.


“Had you…  s e e n  m e  before that first Kose meeting?”
Y e s.  I saw you the first day of school.”

First Impressions and Second Chances (part 11)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 937

Misha x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, light angst at the end

Notes: FILLER CHAPTER AAAHHHH- lol sorry, I know you guys were wanting more, but I don’t write smut and there wasn’t much else that I could do with this one; BUT! stay tuned for more J2 in the next part (which will have a lot more going on in it!) feedback is appreciated, love you all <3

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You moaned against Misha’s lips as he effortlessly picked you up and carried you from the couch to your bedroom. Your lips migrated to his neck and you nipped at the sensitive skin on his pulse point. He let out a soft noise and gently set you down on the bed, kissing you firmly before pulling away to pull off his shirt.

You began to pull down your sweatpants and he assisted you the rest of the way, throwing both articles of clothing aside. Misha crawled back over you, his hands making their way up from your thighs to your stomach, where his thumbs rubbed small circles into your hips.

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She’s No Angel (Part 6)

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A/N: I’m back … by popular demand. So I made a playlist to help get me into the groove of writing this ridiculous story that I change the plot to every day 🙄. I converted it to Spotify, if you have any songs you think fit, please let me know.

She’s No Angel Mix

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

You have no recollection of what Kylo Ren did to you. Let’s commence Kylo Ren’s second first impression.

Lucky made his way down the silent corridor towards your quarters. He was very surprised that you were going, you were shy and kept to yourself and maybe about 5 other people, including himself. With a gentle knock, the door slid open with you making a brisk exit. “Lucky what took you so long? The more I sit in this dress the more I regret coming up with this silly idea.” Straightening your dress you stopped to look straight at his helmet. You knew he was staring. Looking down the hallway, you whispered “Stop staring. If this is how it’s going to be all night, I might as well not go at all.” Turning around to open your doors, you were stopped by Lucky’s soft lock on your wrist. “I’m sorry. It’s just … You’ve always been beautiful to me and now … I …” You felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You looked back at the expressionless mask, feeling the blue eyes lock with your (y/e/c). “Y/N I’m sorry to make you uncomfortable, I’m just nervous that’s all. The first day on the job and I have to protect my Angel.” You bit your cheek and looked down to stop the blushing. “Let’s go get you to your ball.”

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Mini Matchmaker Pt 2 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Okay, so yeah, this is a mini series now. Oops. The whole one-shot thing rarely works out for me. But luckily a lot of people wanted more, so you’re in luck! There will be at least one more part after this and you’ll see why at the end…. :) Thank you all for your support and comments!! I appreciate it so much. <3


Mini Matchmaker Pt 2 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, Bucky, Clint, OC Justice. Other Avengers mentioned. [modern AU]

Summary: Dinner at Steve’s house. What surprises will this evening bring? 

Warnings: none. Fluff! 

Word Count: 3,444 (oof. I know. But I LIKED IT TOO MUCH TO CUT)

Tags are at the end

<<<Part One  Part Two  Part Three>>> 


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This was crazy.


Ten minutes spent together at the mall, a phone call, and a handful of texts later, you stood outside a modest but beautiful home just outside the city. Strands of red, white, and green lights adorned the eaves, a wreath made of pine boughs hanging on the front door. Warm light spilled from the windows and onto the snowy lawn, occasionally blocked by shadowy profiles of people mingling inside. Everything about this house was inviting, and yet your feet remained firmly planted on the sidewalk.

It had taken you over 24 hours before gathering the courage to call. Natasha had threatened to call for you if you hadn’t. After dialing, you fingered the business card that you had been handling so often the corners began to curl. The phone rang once….twice…a third time, before he answered.

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more new girl rogue one au

- jyn was a petty criminal as a teen, k2 actually arrested her once

- she walks into the building like ‘ok i think i’ve been here before.‘ leia, who came with her because what kind of friend would let someone go alone to an apartment they found on craigslist, says, ‘maybe that’s because this building looks like every building we’ve ever been in in this city,‘ and jyn is like ‘america is so weird‘ and then they see cassian in the hall outside the lost and jyn says, ‘i’ve definitely been there before.‘

- as second first impressions go, it’s really something

- (they hooked up a few months ago after getting drunk in cassian’s bar)

- bodhi is an aeronautics student with a schedule that is consistently erratic and doesn’t actually get to meet jyn until about day four of her living with them; turns out they used to live next door to each other from ages 4-7. he left a year before galen did

- kay: ‘is there Anyone here jyn erso doesn’t have a history with?‘ jyn mutters, ‘your mum’ over her morning coffee.

- baze and chirrut live across the hall from them. she meets chirrut coming up in the lift and finds out about his pet snake via the numerous live mice he apparently bought that day and is now carrying to the apartment. she meets the snake and also baze and is offered the best coffee of her life

- chirrut and bodhi get along really, really well. they are also a dangerous pair when drunk and must not be left to their own devices when inebriated as stated in the list of loft rules taped to the fridge (written by kay)


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Back In Business (hopefully):

Okay so I know I haven’t gotten back to threads in forever, cause I’m terrible, and since it’s been such a long while, my threads have built up again. Good news is that I do plan on getting back to all of them hopefully soon, or at least attempting to! Like the last time I had a bunch of drafts, I’m just gonna mass post them once they’re all completed instead of just posting them when I finishing writing them like I usually do. If all goes according to plan, I will hopefully have those up within the next few days to a week.

That being said!

Below are the following people I owe threads to on this blog:

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Okay so that’s all the threads I owe that I can remember as of now! If you didn’t see your name/thread and I owe you a reply, feel free to message me and let me know! 

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First Impressions and Second Chances (part 5)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,619

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: Enter Jared and Jensen! This part is more of a filler for the next, but I hope you guys still enjoy it. Next part has been drafted and will be posted mid next week, so you won’t have to wait as long for this one! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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Your name: submit What is this?

You were fiddling with the picture in your hands when you saw someone’s feet approaching. Looking up, you saw Jared standing in front of you, a smile on his face.

“Hey, you ready?”

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Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time?

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Dexnursey soulmate au, where your first thoughts when you see your soulmate are printed on them(eg (cos idk if i explained properly)Person A thinks smth like Beautiful and thats on Person B)Dex realises first but is in denial but they do get together

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Thank you for sending me my first prompt!!! <3 I honestly don’t think this is what you were looking for… but I hope you like it anyways??? 

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First Impressions and Second Chances

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,154

Misha x Reader

Warnings: none

Notes: I’ve been developing this story for a while and I’m really excited with how it’s turning out! For story purposes, Misha is single and doesn’t have kids. I already have some ideas for the next part so it should be out by the end of the week. Let me know what you think about this part!

Your name: submit What is this?

A tall, scrawny boy who didn’t have a care in the world. Someone who never let anything or anyone get to him,  and who seemed ready to take all of his problems hands on. The kind of person who always wore a smile and wanted to help make the world a better place. Getting to know him better, you realized that your first impression of him had been spot on. Misha moved into the house next door when you were 7, and despite him being a few years older, the two of you soon became the best of friends. He was like the brother you never had, and you were inseparable. Even when he was in high school and you were still an awkward preteen with braces and glasses, he always found time for you. He graduated your freshman year and went on to take some classes at the community college, wanting to stay home to help support his family. Any fears you had that you’d grow apart when he went to school soon dissipated when you saw him waiting at your doorstep when you came home from the first day of school your sophomore year. You could remember it clearly; the two of you had gone out for a movie and some ice cream, and spent the rest of the day together just talking. You honestly couldn’t remember a time when you were happier.

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She had not intended to be out, not with her timer this low. But the food stores were running low. Anyone who could hunt needed to be out. She’d checked her own timer several times. Lower and lower, and she felt the pull. She’d remembered what had been told to her by the others. To let it lead her, and she did. It was moving the same direction as the great white stag she’d been tracking. Surely this was an omen. It was perfectly timed. The stag was still. She knocked an arrow and drew slowly, watching. The pull was getting stronger. The arrow flew and hit the beast directly in the ear, killing it swiftly without it bolting on her. A supremely lucky shot. She bolted forward and then stopped, she checked her timer.


This close? Already? Who could be out here? Another hunter? She looked around and spotted the movement, and felt the pull so much stronger. She crept forward, stowing the bow on her back. The glow began to form. The timer had reached zero. There he was, dark hair, grey-green eyes, and close to death. No!

“Hello…” It was all he’d managed to say before passing out. She surged forward, feeling the Bond take hold. She knew its magic, had seen it work miracles. He was still alive, barely, but he would need help. And the first thing he needed was warmth. She looked over her Bond-mate. A refugee by the looks of it, escaped from one of the cities. She’d heard rumors of terrible things happening there. She glanced back to the dead stag… A Bond kill… she pulled the warming blanket from her pack and carefully wrapped her Bond-mate in it. It would keep him warm while she retrieved her sled. It wasn’t far. She would take him back to the Clan home, along with the stag. A fitting gift for her Bond-mate.

He awoke with a groan, surprising himself. He had fallen asleep in the deadly cold–and survived. But…how? He closed his eyes tightly, thinking back. He remembered vaguely a glowing figure with red hair…his Bond-mate. He had met her at the last second–some first impression he’d made. But…she saved him. He took a moment keeping his eyes closed,  simply letting the fact sink in, then opened them, looking around for the first time. 

The dwelling was an interesting mix of the modern technology from the city and primitive means. Actual fire burned in a small pit in the center of the room–that kept his attention for a full minute. He’d never seen real fire before, only simulations. He was under a garish orange emergency blanket, and the bed was the firm-yet-conforming Rytex Foam. The walls were steel, but the floor real wood. Out of curiosity, he lowered a hand to the floor, feeling its texture against the grain…it was different than the sims had one believe. Realer. "W-where am I?“ The words were soft, more to himself than anything else…