second favourite relationship in the entire show


MCU Ladies Week

[Day 5-Favourite Relationship] Melinda May and Daisy Johnson

Melinda May and Daisy Johnson are my favourite and second favourite characters, respectively, on Agents of SHIELD. Furthermore, their relationship is my favourite on the entire show. May and Daisy are both absolutely incredible women, they are fighters and protectors, and they clearly care about each other so much. We’ve seen their relationship develop so much since season 1, and they’ve clearly become very close. It’s such a shame that the writers don’t include more scenes between these women, because they make such a great team. It was amazing this season to see Daisy hug May, so happy to see her back at SHIELD, and some of my favourite moments between them are May protecting Daisy from Ward, and later Sif.

But I also love when they fight together, because they are both really intelligent and kickass women who happen to fight in sync. Importantly, they make such a great team not just because of their complimentary skills, but because they have each other’s backs. They always have each other’s backs. They’ve been through so much together they can’t help but trust each other. The revelation that Daisy is an Inhuman may be a surprise to May, but she immediately protects her as best she can. She doesn’t have to think about it, because there’s no way that she’d abandon Daisy. Every tough situation they’ve been through together simply makes their relationship stronger, and I can’t wait to see more of it when the new episodes arrive.