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on gurren lagann and kill la kill

i recently rewatched gurren lagann and it made me think a lot about all the ttgl VS klk discourse there was back when klk first aired, and now i understand a lot more shit than i did back then.

when i first watched gurren lagann, i was probably around 10-12 and didnt notice a lot of shit, mainly the fanservice. like, okay, it was pretty obvious most of the girls were always half naked but it took me a rewatch as an adult to realize how many fucking ass & tits shots there were and just how ridiculous the animation on boobs was.
and then there was the story, full of bullshit incoherences and weird characterization. also for some reason getting it with yoko = sudden death.

and then after finishing gurren lagann for the second time, mourning my favourite character dying and eating a bunch of peanuts, it hit me. how kill la kill wasnt to be compared to gurren lagann, but rather be seen as an evolution of it.

because no matter how “fanservice-y” klk was, we have to make sure not to forget these are the same people who made gurren lagann, and also the very same people who were so sick of the anime industry and its bullshit rules they made a new studio to produce what they really wanted to make.

ironically enough, despite how revealing the outfits in klk are, the actual amount of boob jiggling  and other hilarious ways to pander to single otakus is very limited. yeah, the boobs are there, but theyre mostly a shock factor and the audience stops giving a fuck pretty fast and focuses on whats actually happening in the story. nudity is more of a joke/theme than a gratuitous thing.

in the same way gurren lagann did, kill la kill does have some contradictions in its narrative, however here they are completely assumed: sometimes the story doesnt make sense but its embraced by the writers whereas in gurren lagann the writers kinda went bonkers and didnt really pay attention to what made or didnt make sense.

in the end, kill la kill is both a revenge on what its staff didnt like about the anime industry but also an improvement over scenario and characters. im also extremely happy that the first protagonist studio trigger created after it was formed was in the form of a badass, foul-mouthed girl whos not shamed for taking control of her body and sexuality and ends up dating an adorable girl.

yay for anime, i guess :V


I’m the Avatar.

y’all, i feel like they’re trying to trick us into thinking that jughead’s staying with betty but i’m also super excited for this scene bc i always had the feeling that alice approved of jughead,,,although alice is my second least favourite character on the show (the first being penelope blossom) her approving of jughead makes my heart happy 

Why I have issues with Lapis and Peridot;

Disclaimer: this is NOT about shipping. So don’t pretwist your panties over there, this is about the characters as individuals and their characterisations in the latter part of the show. Ok?

Also, spoiler warning for the new crystal gems.

I don’t understand why characters keep being turned into these cute quirky characters out of nowhere. Especially when it doesn’t suit them. The biggest offenders are Lapis and Peridot. I’ve never been able to put my finger on this until now, so hear me out;

We will start with Peridot. In the early days of the show, Peridot is an Antagonist. She comes across as sleek, smart and mysterious. After her redemption arc is complete, we see her blossom into an overly eccentric, bossy, sometimes insensitive and frankly annoying character. Yet the fans are besotted with her. What the fuck, she acts like a child. Sure, like who you like but I don’t understand why a smart technician would be turned into a bratty little kid. She had the potential to be Pearl’s tech buddy after barn mates, she had the potential to keep that sleek charm of early Peridot. It’s like she reversed aged and I really don’t like the direction she went in.

Lapis. Lapis is my second favourite character in the entire show. Again, she had such powerful emotions when we first saw her, yet she still had a very human element about her. She was unknown and mysterious. She had a very real connection with Steven and understood the consequences of her actions. Now? She didn’t even apologise to Connie after she pointed out Lapis drowned her, her only purpose seems to be sitting in a barn watching TV with Peridot.

These two characters have a lot of physical and emotional potential. They have potential to mature and grow and be a REAL part of the team, not someone who washes cars and nearly kills people. We saw peridot had been working on her metal powers, they are strong enough to lift a car now. That’s a huge improvement. Remember season 1 amethyst? Remember how immature and reckless she was? This is just like that all over again.

If the war is coming, then these characters need to be sorted out or they can be left behind. It’s as simple as that.

i’ll still hold abed nadir as the best-written autistic character in anything ever but i’m so excited!! over how good billy was in power rangers. he was so much more than just an autism stereotype, and he was so!! freaking!! sympathetic!! like, its awful in shows when you have that Neurodivergent Character ™ and they’re weird and maybe you’re supposed to feel sorry for them but you’re not really encouraged to like them, let alone love them or relate to them. and then you have billy who’s a literal ball of sunshine and he’s Different and it’s Weird but that’s not treated as a bad thing. 

right from the outset, his differences are treated as a part of him, and that’s okay. he doesn’t need to change to fit in. he lines his pencils up exactly on his desk and thats strange to a lot of people and unrelatable, but when the bully comes over and snaps it and the hero character immediately comes to his defence because So What if billy is being unusual when he’s lining his pencils up, that’s his thing and he’s allowed to do it. And yeah he doesn’t like being touched, but that’s cool, and when he’s exact with numbers, it’s humorous, but we’re not laughing at him for being Weird, we’re laughing at him because that’s him, unapologetically him. in fact, there were a lot of moments where billy provided the comic relief, often related to his autism (”you’re not black”) but most of the time, we’re not laughing at him for being autistic. 

if i had one complaint it’d be that billy played the role of the “innocent”; the character that binds the team together, is likeable and funny, the more palatable minor character or sidekick to the strong, often dark, Masculine Hero (like Piggy from Lord of the Flies, or Rue, in the Hunger Games, Sam in the Hobbit, the list goes on and on). i’d hate for it to become a trope for autistic characters to be the innocent, light-hearted one in an ensemble cast, always the sidekick, always taking on the role of the “innocent”. but given there are fuck all autistic characters out there as it is, i think we’re safe for now. 

so yeah, billy cranston is now my second favourite Confirmed autistic character. <3

hear me out: dghda/merlin au

dirk as merlin and todd as arthur


merlin as dirk and arthur as todd

Just trying to make some sense of what I feel

Warning: this is not an eloquent post. 

I am so confused, I don’t know what to think about the last series.

I love the acting, yet I think it’s OOC.

I love many quotes, yet I think the writing is childish.

I love some really thrilling scenes, yet I think the show has lost all its unique atmosphere.There are scenes and cinematography I adore (eg the Sharks scene) and then I come across unfathomably bad CGI and editing in the next minutes.

I am not that much a fan of the secondary characters except Lestrade, yet I needed more scenes of them all. Badly.

I love the music of this series (especially the TST ost) but all my favourite music tracks are about scenes that made me sick to my stomach.

I love Mary, but the foul use of her character especially after TST ruined everything for me.

I expected John to get mad at Sherlock but what I saw scarred me.

Moriarty is my favourite character and he was fabulous, but his superficial role disappointed me. 

Mycroft is my second favourite character and I enjoyed his screentime, yet I disliked the way his character was treated in all this screentime. 

I hated the Eurus background story, but I loved kidlock.

I liked Eurus as an one-time villain as she was depicted in TST and TLD, yet I hated the twist about the super evil powers of the madly clever sister in TFP.

I love the emotional journey Sherlock goes through, yet I think it’s for all the wrong reasons since Sherlock was already a good emotional man since ASIB and, actually, even earlier.

There are indeed links of the plot with the previous series, but most of it seems like a different show, not the one I loved, yet still that one, distorted and disconnected. Familiar and foreign at the same time.

I was promised a Sherlock and John show and that’s not what I got and this goes much much further than just the shipping aspect of it.


Autistic headcanons: Nepeta Leijon

Special interest(s): Hunting, Her Ships

Main stim(s): Stroking Pounce’s fur, Biting her hat, Hiding under her coat

Best Quotes: 

NEPETA: :33 < yes, she had these purrty wings and a splendid hood, i think she might have b33n cosplaying much like friska has b33n!

NEPETA: :33 < this all looks to be in order! *she said*
NEPETA: :33 < please follow me! :33
NEPETA: :33 < *she also said*
NEPETA: :33 < here you go! f33l fr33 to borrow it as long as you like
NEPETA: :33 < oh! also as tempting as it may s33m, please dont go to sl33p in that comfy pile of wands there!

AC: :33 < dont you know you cant ACTUALLY tell me what to do??
AC: :33 < its not like you even have any special mind pawers or telepurrthy or anything!

NEPETA: :33 < yes, i have tried to make friends with her, but so far she thinks i am just teasing her!!!!
NEPETA: :33 < its pretty furstrating. i will purrsevere though

AC: :33 < and he is so adorably grumpy all the time, it probably wouldnt go over well
AC: :33 < its hard to explain, maybe cats think diffurntly, but trolls tend to be pretty cautious about expressing their f33lings when it comes to the flushed quadrant

AC: :33 < *ac gathers up all the brick pieces and builds a cute little house and invites karkat inside*

AC: :33 < i eat them!
AC: :33 < i dont kill anything i dont eat, that would be mean

AC: :33 < i know, but its just not that simple. i could make someone else jealous i think, and what if he doesnt f33l the same way, and, urrgh, its so complickated
AC: :33 < maybe i just n33d to let go of the silly infatuation
AC: :33 < i think its never going to happen honestly

NEPETA: :33 < …
NEPETA: :33 < well ok, goodbye!
NEPETA: :33 < but you had better believe i will s33 you again soon, equius!

AC: :33 < i forgot i have to talk to someone else about this
AC: :33 < i have b33n purrcrastinating :((


30 Day Cheritz Challenge! Day 7: Route that made you the happiest - Jiwoo

Little tsundere bunny’s route made me smile so much, whether it be because of something funny or sweet or comforting. His route was and still is one of my favourites and Jiwoo is my second favourite character in Dandelion. I would very much recommend his route, even if you don’t like him because he’s sort of a prick to us.