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To continue the hype of beating Bravely Second, I drew my party config, outfits and weapons included! Thanks to hina, I can’t stop drawing Tiz with hairclips

Random HC #23 (Continuation of #4 - #22)


The night is long over and has made room for a new morning. That’s the first thing, Sportacus realizes, when he opens his eyes with a small yawn. The next fact, catching his attention is that it though isn’t as bright in the airship as it uses to be at this time of day and the next second, he can already hear the raindrops, splashing against the outside of his home. Usually, he’d feel a little disappointed when he understands that the day will be rainy. Probably too rainy for the kids to play outside. But today is different…
His eyes roam Robbie’s relaxed body. The other is still cuddled up close to him and he can feel the steady heaving and sinking of his chest against his hand, still resting on the villain’s back. Robbie’s hands are lightly holding on to the hero’s pajama top, as if he wants to make sure that he isn’t leaving him after all. The damp cloth on his forehead had actually soaked through Sportacus’ top, but it feels warm meanwhile and therefore, he still doesn’t really care…
He can’t help a soft, happy smile, although he can still feel the heat coming from the other’s body, proving that his fever still hasn’t ceased one bit. But at least, Robbie slept peacefully through this part of the night… Sportacus gently starts caressing the villain’s head again, extracting a soft noise from him. It’s a very low humming, almost edging into a purr. The hero’s smile brightens and his heart does a small, happy jump. Robbie simply looks incredibly cute, when he’s sleeping this peacefully and this sound only adds to his appearance. It makes Sportacus wish to be able to watch him sleep like this, every morning, to hold and cuddle him and help him realize that he’s not alone. On the contrary. The hero would do anything for him! But at exactly this thought, Sportacus’ heart grows heavy again, because it reminds him that Robbie isn’t here, because Sportacus told him how he feels about him and he shares these feelings, but because he’s still very sick and needs his care. And this leads straight to the question whether the hero’s care actually will be enough to help Robbie becoming all healthy again. He still doesn’t know what is wrong with him, after all. So he should take him to a doctor, as soon as possible! But…why does his instinct still reject this obviously right decision?
…Maybe…because something about Robbie’s symptoms simply doesn’t seem right? Sportacus is no doctor, of course, but he does now a lot about illnesses, injuries and medicine in general. It was his second favorite class at school, right after health education (and yes, even before P.E., because as much as he loves to move around all the time, it was NOT his favorite class during his time at school). And the way, Robbie has described his hallucinations and how the last one came along with his fever and stomach cramps… It’s just strange… And adding to these doubts comes Robbie’s obvious fear of doctors. What if he’ll only make it worse by taking him to a real physician? And with this very likely also loose his trust again, he managed to build up during the past half a day?
He sighs lowly. He’s used to facing problems and fixing things. But this situation now… He knows that he’s letting this get to him on a level, where it becomes difficult, if not even impossible to remain objective about Robbie’s condition. But how could he NOT feel horrible and scared, himself, when someone he likes so much is involved?! …He never understood… That’s why most of his teachers always told him that he’d never graduate and become a hero. But he did. And then he was send to LazyTown to capture this man and take him back to his people to be punished. But he couldn’t. Because he instantly felt that Robbie is not evil. On the contrary… And now he realized that he…fell in love with him. He’s not sure when exactly, nor how. But…he is sure that this emotion, sparkling in his chest, each time, he does so much as look at Robbie, is love. A love, that goes beyond pure friendship…
“…Oh, Robbie…” he swallows hard and runs his hands through his hair and over his back again, before he places a long, soft kiss on his hair and tries to shift away from him. At once, he’s met by a low but heartbreaking whimper and the grip on his shirt tightens “…Sportacus…” The hero freezes in his move. “…Shush…” he quickly pulls the villain closer again and nuzzles his nose into his hair, murmuring “I’m here. It’s okay…”
“…Hm…” Robbie moves his head, the cloth drops down on the bed and he mumbles once more “…Sportacus?…”
“Yes,” the hero smiles softly, although he knows, the other can’t see it “…Are you awake, Robbie?…”
“…No, I sleeptalk,” grumbles the villain and sighs lowly “Silly question, Sportagoof…”
“I’m sorry,” he chuckles and strokes through the black hair once more “…So… May I get up? I want to prepare some breakfast. You need to eat…”
“It’s your bed. Of course, you can get up,” mumbles Robbie, but without loosening his grip on the other’s top one bit “…But I’m not hungry…”
“But you NEED to eat!” carefully, Sportacus removes the villain’s hands, ignoring the half suppressed whine for the moment, and makes sure that his patient is lying comfortably, propped up by the pillows, then he jumps out of bed and turns to look at him with a serious gaze “ESPECIALLY if you don’t want me to take you to a doctor right away!”
“That’s blackmailing!” Robbie quirks a brow, a light smile tugging at his lips “Should I feel proud now, that you’ve learned something from me?”
“I’m serious, Robbie. This isn’t for joking!” Sportacus crosses his arms “I’m really worried about you!”
“…Yeah, I… I know…” Robbie looks away uneasily, his voice low “…But you’re waisting your time…”
“Why do you keep saying this?! Robbie!” Sportacus kneels back down at the edge of the bed and takes both of the other’s shaking hands in his own, searching his eyes “Don’t you understand that… That I… That you’re incredibly important to me?! Since you are so sick, I feel horrible! I try to figure out how to help you, but for the first time in my life, I feel completely powerless and scared and desperate! Please…” he lets go of Robbie’s left hand to cup his cheek instead, he barely notices his own tears before they start running down his face “…You’re so pale… Robbie, if you know or have any idea what could be wrong with you, you HAVE to tell me! Now!”
Robbie breathes in. He struggles to not lose himself entirely in the touch of the hero. “…You…have to be more careful…” his voice is low and strained. “…What?…”
“…I guess, you’ve lost this during your sleep…” a very weak, wry smile washes over the villain’s lips, when his free, left hand now blindly reaches for something next to him and then holds it up, next to his face and into the hero’s view “…Next time, this might happen, when somebody else is around, who isn’t me and therefore quite surprised, not to say…shocked…”
Sportacus stares at the item in the other’s hand and the next second, he’s sure, he becomes just as pale as Robbie, and his voice threatens to stop working when he now rasps “…You… You already…knew?!…”
“I’m your declared archenemy. Of course, I knew!” he chuckles weakly and shrugs “…It wasn’t THAT hard, actually… Sugar meltdowns, always moving, flipping, jumping around, a magic crystal, living in an airship, this ridiculous hat… And come on, your Icelandic accent! You know, I don’t remember too much about my own birthplace, but there are some stories about your folk, I DO remember hearing from my mother!…” his smile drops a little, and he lowers his hand again. A long pause follows, during which neither of them moves a muscle. “…You’re not…staring at them…” murmurs the hero suddenly weakly. “Why should I?” Robbie blinks puzzled and smiles, lightly confused “I told you, I knew before…”
“Yeah, but… At school, they told us…everybody would stare…”
“Well, I don’t think, staring is very polite,” a nervous chuckle “…Besides… Right now, I’m busy staring into your eyes, am I not?!” He blushes. Sportacus blushes, as well, but more out of joy than embarrassment. He isn’t entirely sure what to make of this, but he feels a great tension falling off of him, of which existence he wasn’t even aware before. “…So… Since you knew… Why haven’t you ever told anybody or used this knowledge against me?…” more absently, he caresses Robbie’s cheek with his thumb, still without breaking their eye contact. “I’m a villain. But not cruel. I…sensed that you had your reasons not to tell anybody… Not even the brats. I…” now Robbie shifts a little uneasy “…What you said yesterday… About me… That I never really wanted you to leave or to get rid of you…was true, I guess… I…” he breaks up and swallows hard. Then he suddenly, gently pushes Sportacus’ hands off, puts his hat in one of them and turns his face away from him, his eyes squeezed shut. “…Robbie?…” puzzled, Sportacus quickly puts his hat on again, covering his slightly pointed ears with it, before he carefully brushes a few strains of hair out of the villain’s face and notices the tears, rolling down his cheeks “Robbie, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” The other opens one eye to look at him again “…Why are YOU crying, Sportacare?…”
“Because I’m worried! And…confused and desperate…” Sportacus shrugs helplessly. “…Yeah… Me, too…” Robbie wipes his face and sniffs lowly “…See….When you’re the villain, you’re supposed to cause trouble and keep the hero busy…but not like THIS!…” a weak, strained laugh “You care for me more than anybody else ever did! And this feels so…incredibly wrong on one hand but…even more incredibly good on the other! I… I don’t know, what I’m supposed to DO!” The laugh turns into a sob and he buries his face into his hands. “…Nothing…”
“You don’t have to do ANYTHING, Robbie. Except of accepting my help and…following my suggestions at best, so you can become all healthy again,” the hero’s gentle smile is audible. “B-But…”
“No. No buts,” Sportacus sits down sideways on the bed now and carefully grabs Robbie’s hands again, to pull them away from his face and squeeze them gently “All you REALLY have to do is trust me, Robbie. And…that shouldn’t be that hard, right? I mean…I trust YOU!”
“Of course! I have every reason to! Look, you’ve even kept my secret for all these years! Stop telling yourself, that you don’t deserve my care, trust and love! You do!” Sportacus is talking without really thinking about it before now “Not just because you’re no real villain, but because you’re an amazing person and there isn’t anybody else who makes me feel so happy when he’s smiling for once, not looking so sad and depressed anymore!” He breathes in. Just now, he notices Robbie’s stunned…or rather shocked expression. And then, it hits him what he just said and his face turns dark red “…Oh…”

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MORE!!! CHUBBY!!! ICHI!!!! HCS!!!! Esp if they're with an s/o OH MY LORD

Okokok this is fair to ask for bc the first time around I only did 3. Time for m o r e

Chubby Ichimatsu:

-You know what’s one of the funnest thing to do with chubby stomachs? Tummy drum. I can see him laying down, lifting his hoodie up and just lightly patting his stomach to a rhythm.

-I think we’ve found the reason why so many cats like him, his tum is the best cushion ever. All the cats just curl up on it and sleep because it is so damn soft, who wouldn’t want to sleep there?

-This is from awhile ago, but anyone remember the hoodie popping scenarios? Imagine chilling in this guys hoodie with him, all cuddled up to his chest. It’s like an endless world of softness.

-Of course, he’s bound to be insecure about his chub at some point, so what does s/o do to combat this? Kissing! From his cheeks, to his stomach, to even his thighs, whatever part of his body that he says is “bad” or “gross” gets a smooch, because that is what it deserves.

-Part of being chub means having lots of thigh, which means having lots of room to sit. In his lap he can hold one s/o and at least four cats at a time, and that might be his favorite part about himself.

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About Hogwarts AU, do you have headcanon you would like to share? :P

So many!


- Lena is a Slytherin. Hands down. That is her personality belongs without any other outside factors like her personal choice. However, I would support the headcanon that she’s in Ravenclaw, only because she doesn’t want to be the same as the rest of her family who is in Slytherin. 

- Kara Danvers is in Hufflepuff. Supergirl would be in Gryffindor. But ultimately Kara Zor-El would be in Hufflepuff. (See Busted Chapter 8 for my reasoning) 


- Lena’s favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. Most would expect it to be something like Potions or Transfiguration. But Lena Luthor really loves magical animals. It reminds her that there are still pure things in this world. 

- Kara’s favorite class is Astronomy. She loves the stars and interpreting their meaning. Followed by her second favorite class, Ancient Runes. Because it reminds her of her parents who were deeply involved in the study of Ancient Runes before they were killed in an archeological excavation accident in a tomb in Egypt. 


- The Luthor’s are a pureblooded, aristocratic sort of family. Despite the second Wizarding War being over and the Dark Lord defeated, they still believe in blood purity. Lena, who was adopted into the family after the war, being orphaned by parents who died as casualties to Voldemort’s cruelty, is something of a black sheep. Her birth parents impressed upon her the importance of tolerance, yet warned her to be cautious of everyone that might do her harm, not just those painted as the villains. Hence why she refuses to truely trust any of the Luthors, though they have given her a home. 

- Kara’s family (as mentioned above) were archeologists interested in the study of Ancient Runes and died during an excavation gone wrong. She was placed with the Davners’ family. Clark Kent is her cousin, but his family couldn’t support another child at the time, so Alex Danvers’ family, a friend of the Kents offered to take her in. 

Social Circles

- Lena keeps to herself for the most part. She’s on speaking terms with people from her house like Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant, but she wouldn’t consider them friends. She doesn’t buy into the whole house rivalry thing because she thinks it’s a waste of time. But she consistently finds herself picked on by Gryffindors for being just another Luthor. It annoys her to no end. Sometimes she loses her temper and just flat out hexes them (in such a way that they can’t prove she did anything, thus her reputation remaining spotless). 

- Kara has many, many friends from all the other houses. Alex and her girlfriend Maggie are a couple years her senior in Gryffindor. James and Clark are also a couple years her senior in Gryffindor. She and her best friend Winn are in Hufflepuff together and thick as thieves. She has what she would consider a tentative friendship with Mon-El from Gryffindor as well. She also has a budding friendship with Lena Luthor of Slytherin house, but her friends, particularly Clark, keeps trying to warn her off of the other girl. Of course, Kara doesn’t listen. 

Affinity for Magic

- Lena is an extremely powerful witch, even from a young age. She showed signs of advanced magic early, learning non-verbal magic and becoming fairly proficient at it before she left Hogwarts. Her dueling is second to none, except maybe her brother Lex who is more her equal rather than more advanced than her. Any advantage he has is not of skill but of experience. She’s also a very accomplished at Occlumency, only the most advanced Legilimens being able to break her walls. Though she does struggle with some of the more hands-on forms of magic that don’t require a wand, such as Ancient Runes, Potions, and Astronomy. She does, however, have a certain calming effect on most magical creatures. No on knows why. 

- Kara, on the other hand, is the opposite. She excels the most where she doesn’t require a wand. Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Potions, Arithmancy. That’s not to say she’s bad with a wand, she is simply more on the average side. Nothing compared to Lena. She could hold her own against most of her classmates but would struggle against someone like Lena is light years ahead of her in dueling skill. 

Dueling Skill

- Only bested by her brother Lex, Lena always gains top marks when they duel in Defense against the Dark Arts. She is always paired with the most advanced in her class and even then she steamrolls them. Sometimes she’s paired up with the teacher, who she can hold her own against. Her dueling skills are subtle, not flashy like James Olsen or Clark Kent. But the subtlety is what makes it dangerous. She’s hard to predict and can strike at a moment’s notice, catching her opponent off guard. 

- Kara is not to be underestimated in regards to her dueling skills. She has to struggle more than Lena does because Lena has the raw talent, but Kara is determined and patient to improve her skills. She starts out slow her first few years, but by graduation, she’s also one of the top duelists in the class. She isn’t as patient while dueling an opponent as Lena is and her magic is a little more flashy and impressive, but her deceptively kind and shy attitude catches her opponent off guard when the ferocity of a lion comes out to play. 

Personal Alignments

- Lena is torn in the middle between the dark and the light. She doesn’t believe the dark is inherently bad though it can be used to horrible things. She believes that in order to learn how to defend against it, one has to understand it. She wouldn’t call herself a practitioner of Dark Magic, but she has knowledge of it that most don’t because of her family library and personal interest. She doesn’t want to be branded as another Luthor, so she keeps her interest in Dark Magic to herself. 

- Kara is a light sided witch, but also understand the allure of Dark Magic though she would never seek it out. Until she met Lena Luthor, who eventually trusts her with her attention to Dark Magic. Kara is initially apprehensive towards it, but as Lena explains further she comes to see the importance of awareness of all kinds of magic in their world. 

I’ve got some others that I want to do research on like wand types and patronuses, but that takes a little bit more time than I have right now to figure out. And I’ve only recently been thinking about Hogwarts headcanons. But these are some for now. I’ll probably post my wand/Patronus headcanon later. 

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omg you write so well.. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. can you do the harry potter au thing you did for vixx but with seventeen?

yes yes more harry potter!au i love  it 

House: Gryffindor
Fav Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts & Apparition 
Type of Student: An eager student that likes everything about magic. Not that good at classes which don’t require magic or a wand such as textbook based classes like History of Magic or Muggle Studies. He’s a quick learner when it comes to Charms, Potions, and of course - Defense Against the Dark Arts. Is the Head Boy in the Gryffinfor dorm. 

House: Ravenclaw
Fav Subject: Charms 
Type of Student: A student who doesn’t have to try hard to be good at anything he does. Has a natural talent for most magic, but has a habit of sleeping in some classes. The only he class he never sleeps in is Charms, the class in which he’s most interested in. Some people joke that Jeonghan himself probably casted a charm on himself to be that good-looking. 

House: Ravenclaw
Fav Subject: Astronomy & Magical Theory 
Type of Student: A studious student who is always top of the class, no matter what the subject. A lot of the teachers think he would one day make a good professor. His interests are in Astronomy and Magical Theory, two classes which don’t require magic at all, but are grounded in sense and knowledge which is something he likes. He isn’t that good at flying. 

House: Slytherin 
Fav Subject: Transfiguration 
Type of Student: Rather laidback, Jun has a tendency to be a little flirt even in class when answering questions. Sometimes when teachers ask for his homework he just smiles at them and the girls in school say his smile is a charm in itself. He likes Transfiguration because he wants to become an Animagus. 

House: Gryffindor 
Fav Subject: Potions 
Type of Student: Known as ‘Mad Wizard Hoshi’, he absolutely loves potions and experimenting with anything and everything new. He’s an ok student, but he gets in trouble a lot of playing around with DK in class and encouraging Mingyu’s mischievous ways. Likes to play pranks on his friends by making them drink his weird potions. Once turned DK into Jeonghan and almost got in trouble because he forgot how to turn him back. 

House: Hufflepuff
Fav Subject: Divination  
Type of Student: He’s well rounded in all his classes, but is always encouraged to put more effort into his classes. Divination, though seen by others as sort of a joke class, is one of his favorites because it’s usually quiet and the work isn’t all that hard. Also he’s apparently super good at reading tea leaves. 

House: Slytherin
Fav Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts & Music 
Type of Student: He’s smart, but he’s not interested in classes that aren’t hands on. That’s why his favorite class is Defense Against the Dark Arts. He’s absolutely amazing at mastering spells and his wand work is top notch. Lots of people say that because he has an interest in composing music, his hand correlation is better. 

House: Slytherin
Fav Subject: Muggle Studies 
Type of Student: Slacks off in most classes, usually caught trying out nonsense spells under his desk and is interested more in curses and illegal charms than he is in the required ones he has to learn. Interestingly enough, he has a weird infatuation with muggles and tries his hardest to learn about the aspects of their daily life. No one really knows why he’s so into them. 

House: Huffflepuff
Fav Subject: Herbology & Potions 
Type of Student: He does well in most of his classes even though he seems to always be laughing or making jokes along with Hoshi. Surprisingly he has an interest in Herbology and the many different species of plants. He finds Mandrake Roots and Chinese Chomping Cabbages to be rather hilarious, but is also interested in their health and potion benefits, making potions his second favorite class. 

House: Hufflepuff
Fav Subject: Care of Magical Creatures 
Type of Student: Has a keen interest in animals, especially animals of the Wizarding Word. Spends a lot of his time in the Forbidden Forest looking for the animals that are said to reside there. He makes friends with Hippogriff’s rather easily and even the Unicorns, who usually only allow women near, let him take care of them. 

House: Gryffindor 
Fav Subject: Frog Choir 
Type of Student: Pays less attention in his core classes then he does practicing for Frog Choir. He’s obviously a good singer and everyone knows him throughout the four schools. He is an ok student who does enough to get the grades he needs to progress, but all the teachers encourage him to do more because he is actually very bright and displays good leadership qualities. 

House: Slytherin
Fav Subject: History of Magic (though he won’t admit it) & Muggle Music 
Type of Student: Sometimes a bit of a show-off, especially when he feels like he’s mastered a spell. Him messing up has cost Slytherin some points. Overall, he does try rather hard in his classes but when asked if he’s studied or not he brushes it off as if he hasn’t. Says he has no favorite class, but is fond of History of Magic and Muggle Music. 

House: Gryffindor
Fav Subject: Charms & Ghoul Studies 
Type of Student: A fun loving student who is always eager to learn more! He likes charms because they are the basis of magic and there is an endless amount to learn! Makes friends easily with the dormitory ghosts and takes the extra-circular class Ghoul Studies pretty seriously. Sometimes he dozes off in class because he spends long periods of times at night chatting with Nearly-Headless Nick. 

How you met ASTRO at school

MJ: Sometimes in the quad kids blast music. On your way to your second class your favorite song started playing, so of course you start singing and dancing along. Apparently it’s another kids favorite song. And he’s trying to out do your performance. You only have four minutes to get to class, but showing the student body that you know the song better than him is obviously of top priority. Immediately you walk over to him, but once you make it there, it’s the chorus and at this point you don’t really care who’s better both of you are just having a good time. Except now the song is over and you only have 30 seconds to make it to class. Both of you sprint to class. In the same direction. Actually the exact same direction. Both of you are late to math, but at least you were late together. 

JINJIN: You were taking the bus home from school. You got on the bus and pulled out your card to pay, and guess what. It wasn’t there. You lost your bus card. You apologize, and step aside and let the rest of the students board while you dig through your back pack for it. The last kid in line asks the bus driver if he can pay for two rides, taps you on the shoulder, and says he’s paid for you and that you should stop worrying. You immediately thank him and sit down next to him on the bus, promising to pay him back the next time you see him. He shakes his head and tells you its alright, everybody messes up and makes mistakes. Then he proceeds to tell you all the times he messed up and made mistakes in highschool. The list is long. So long (and so entertaining) that you miss your stop by several stops. Which means you have to get off the bus and take the one in the opposite direction. Except for you don’t have a card. So Jinjin gets off with you and takes you on the other bus so you can get home

EUNWOO: You were sitting outside in your favorite spot doing homework when zoom zoom someone runs by, and a couple of papers go flying from his stack but this boy keeps running. You look down and pick up the papers. It’s a speech. A speech addressed to the student body. Which begins with “Hello I am your student body president”. It looks kind of important. The kid who just ran past? probably the student body president. Should you give him his speech? Probably. Do you want to run? Not really. Are you going to chase him down? Yes you are, because you’re a good person. You chase him all the way to the meeting room. The student council meeting room. You walk in, awkwardly smile to everyone, apologize for the interruption, but ah, the student body president dropped his speech. Very flustered he thanks you for it, and suddenly the council bursts out laughing understanding why the president was late to the first meeting. Everything’s all good and now the president owes you a favor, nice.

MOONBIN: First day of school, couldn’t open your locker. You’ve been standing there for at least 5 minutes trying to get it open. Class starts in 10 minutes. Some kid has been wandering in the area, looking for his locker probably. Eventually he chooses the locker next to you. The kid next to you can’t open his locker either. Both of you struggle together so you introduce yourself. Turns out you guys were trying to open each other’s lockers. He blames you for picking the wrong locker causing him to pick the wrong locker. You blame him for not correcting you and telling you it was his locker. The next day you show up to school and there’s two post-it notes on the set of lockers. There’s one with your name stuck to your locker, and one with moonbin stuck to his locker. No need to get mixed up again. You switch the post it notes to the wrong lockers for the hell of it. The next time both of you are at your lockers at the same time moonbin glares at you. But it’s all in good fun. 

ROCKY: During your lunch block you go to the vending machine to buy a soda. A frantic, frustrated kid is currently sitting cross legged at the foot of the machine. His shoes are scuffed and there’s a visible dent in the side of the machine - he probably kicked it. You walk up to him and ask what’s wrong. His bottle of water is stuck in the machine and he’s out of money to buy another to knock it down. You buy a drink too, making sure to pick one above his bottle of water so it’ll knock it down. You choose a soda that’s not heavy enough to knock it down and now both your drinks are stuck. And you’re out of money too. And there’s no one else in sight. Your drinks are stuck, and both of you are thirsty.  The two of you spend the rest of lunch pounding the machine and begging it to give you your damn drinks. You didn’t get your soda and he didn’t get his water, but at least you made a new lunch buddy. 

SANHA: He walked into the wrong class on the third day of school. Like he had gone to the right class for the first two days but on the third day he just ended up in the wrong place and he was really confused - how did he get it right before but now he’s just lost. You were sent to take the poor kid to the right room. The fourth day of school he doesn’t show up to your class, so you assume he made it to the right place. You leave class to go the bathroom and there he is, pacing the hallways. You sigh and help the kid to the right place, making sure to drill it into him. You take his phone and record a video of you walking from your classroom to his class so he’ll always remember. 

Nyx Von Rosenberg + Dark Flier

The Dark Flier is my second favorite class in the game (The sorcerer being my favorite) . Nyx never actually goes through this class, but it doesn’t hurt to design what she would be wearing if she was in this class~ 

Also my first time painting an actual horse . It’s not bad for a first attempt considering I’ve only drawn horses back when I used to be in the MLP fandom


(( I actually drew pyro, my second favorite class to play! For the first time too! :D I drew Pyro in celebration of my first night in my new home. We still have a bunch of things to move in from the other place though (like my precious Mac) ^^’ but yeah. I’ve also been thinking of making a Pyro OC lately, so if I really want to make her real, I gotta start practicing! ))

Carmilla: The Series: Episode 27: Here Is Our Haul, or The Dragon Cannot Be Slain

Laura: “So we survived the research trip…”


“…which we should probably never speak of again. And here is our haul.”

Oh, it’s one of those videos.

I don’t understand; how could Laura get any cuter?

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