second fave literally


favorite  episode of season 3 ❊  2:10 du er over 18, sant?

control your hoes, is all i’m saying.

So I was looking through that ask meme, and one of the questions was about what the apprentice wears….and I was like…well what would Ellana wear? 

That question got me onto polyvore to see if I could make a board for her……and now I have this…. 

These are the times when I wish I could art because I’d LOVE to draw her in one of these outfits, or all of them tbh

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top 5 class 1-a students?


i’m ….. gonna answer this as best as i can ….. 

1. bakugou (ok look ….. this isn’t even a surprise alijerlwjef i love this boy to bits, i literally can’t even explain it ……he could friggin blast an inch away from my face and i’d still be like ♡(ŐωŐ人) he’s so complex, so layered, which makes him such a great character to watch slowly develop throughout the series + he’s so angry???? i love it???? it’s such a treat every time he comes on akluhduskah i have a thing for angry characters okay) i cannot do him justice here but i love my bakuboy to the moon and back

2. momo (it was actually super hard thinking of my second fave because baku literally is so high up on the list that i can’t even see who comes next …. after a few minutes of rifling, i finaly settled on the queen!!!!!!! momo, my girl, you have my endless support and love okay?? she’s just so adorable in how she wants to help her friends ace the exam because it’s what she’s good at, and she wants to prove herself in her worth like that because she knows she isn’t good when it comes to the practical side of their classes. i actually relate to that a lot … wanting to feel like you aren’t useless by excelling in what you are good at. and she does try her best in combat! she really does, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out for her … *cries* i was actually gutted in her match against tokoyami, because of how realistic it was! she was out so fast, but it made sense … she did what she could, but she still needs to polish her practical side a little more! my heart was actually broken when she lost … it was over that fast, and neither she nor us the audience was expecting it! plus she’s overall just so cute – her polite speech + her shyness/nervousness that surfaces in situations she isn’t skilled in + willingness to accomodate her friends in any way she can, like i would love to be her friend omg akejsfa;ksjdf  ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

3. kirishima (KIRI BBY *SCREAMS INTO THE VOID) my red spiky son …….. i love him so much it hurts ………… his mom-friend personality just grabs at my maternal instincts so hard ;o; he’s so cute and bubbly and he just wants everyone to be happy and i just want the world for him okay?? he just gets along with everyone and he just wants everyone to be friends and i cry …….. he’s the glue that holds the class together)

4. deku (my green broccoli son IS GOING TO BE THE NUMBER 1 HERO AND I’M GOING TO CHEER HIM ON TILL MY LAST BREATH …. no but seriously, no character has ever ever motivated me to get off my ass more than deku has??? i’m not even joking, i’ve seen bleach and naruto but like it’s this smol broccoli boy that literally pushes me to get up and do my best, to work my butt off for my goals and dreams and he’s literally my number one source for inspiration.  i love love how he isn’t a snowflake, he has to work just as hard (even twice as hard) as everyone else does, he knows this, and it’s this mentality that makes me cheer for him so much ;o; I LOVE YOU DEKU)

5. uraraka (URA MY SWEET GIRL!!!!!! she’s the cutest and honestly i would love to hang out with her?? she’s so sweet and selfless and does her best + her quirk and hairstyle are super cute?? i love how she can make things float, it sounds like a super fun quirk tbh, plus she sleeps with mittens so that she doesn’t accidentally make herself float and that’s just too adorable *sobs* PLUS she gets jealous easily, which is hella relatable omg …. someone has the advantage in terms of speed? jealous. someone is getting along with my crush better? jealous. someone has boobs? jealous. IT’S SO CUTE AND I JUST – HER LITTLE POUT ……

AHHHH THIS GOT SUPER LONG i’m sorry anon~ ;o; i just love this series so so much ……. i want to personally mail horikoshi cookies ….. (*´▽`*)


Nagisa & Rei (Clip from Drama CD)
Nagisa & Rei (Clip from Drama CD)

Translation from here

[REI]: B-But..
[NAGISA]: I want to hear it!!! (nudge nudge nudge)
[REI]: Umm…ahh…n-ngh….please stop that…




“your heart was lost to zelena on my watch
but i promise you i will get it back

24/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

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Can you do something where he loves showing you off and just calls you his girl all the time plssssss

“God, look at that fine ass.” 

You turned around laughing to find your very drunk boyfriend smirking down at you. “Hi, Cal.”

“You are the hottest girl at this party, you know that?”

Laughing you reached out to take the cup out of his hand and set it on a nearby table. “I think you’ve had enough.”

“I’m serious!” he huffed, placing his hand on your waist. “Everyone in here’s watching you. Staring at you. At my girl.”

He placed his other hand on your waist and pulled you to him, and leaned down to kiss your neck. “They can look, but they can’t touch.” He bit down on the skin, and you gasped. “You’re mine.”

“Cal,” you gasped, knotting your hands in his hair. You were suddenly aware that people were watching and you could feel your face turning red. You cleared your throat and lowered your voice. “Cal, people are staring at us.”

“Good,” he growled out, lowering his hands to grab your ass, “then they’ll know your mine and no one else can touch you like this.”

He kissed up your neck before brushing his lips against yours, and then took your lower lip harshly between his teeth. You whimpered and felt your knees shaking under you.

“Take me home,” you breathed out.

He pulled back, eyes dark, and smirked. “That’s my girl.”

the bob cut is in

also just look at all that girl power (and once again, asami designed the suits)

this is nothing but 4x the girl power