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Final Fantasy XV Judgement Disc | 05/?? Random Gifs.


‘Hamilton’ Mania! Backstage at the Cultural Event of Our Time (Rolling Stone):

Bay Area rapper Daveed Diggs had never seen a Broadway show before he was cast as Hamilton nemesis Thomas Jefferson. “I knew Fiddler on the Roof, because my mom really liked that and we always had the album around the house growing up, and that was about it,” Diggs says. “But I was totally intrigued the second I heard the demos of the songs in Hamilton and read through the music. The rapping is good – that’s what really got me.”


“When you’re developing your voice as a rapper, you figure out your cadence – your swag – and that’s how you write,” Diggs says. “Lin managed to figure that out for all of these different characters – everyone has their own swag, and it feels germane to them. And that’s really impressive. Hercules Mulligan [a Hamilton pal who spied on the loyalists during the American Revolution] raps exactly like a dude named Hercules Mulligan!”

Even more radical than the catholic musical approach is Hamilton’s reckoning with our country’s creation myth. There’s an almost indescribable power in seeing the Founders, in an otherwise historically rigorous production, portrayed by a young, multiracial cast. “It is quite literally taking the history that someone has tried to exclude us from and reclaiming it,” says Leslie Odom Jr., who comes close to stealing the show with his turn as Hamilton killer Aaron Burr. “We are saying we have the right to tell it too.” If every presidential administration gets at least one mass-cultural moment it deserves, then Hamilton has become the Obama era’s Wall Street, its 24, its Spice World – even more so, perhaps, because the show has actually managed to fulfill candidate Obama’s promise to bridge the divide between Red and Blue America. Fans of Hamilton include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Dick Cheney and the president himself.

Christopher Jackson, Hamilton’s towering George Washington, has known Miranda the longest of any of the major cast members, having previously starred in In the Heights. “Lin told me about his idea for Hamilton a few days after that fateful vacation,” Jackson recalls. “We were actually onstage doing Heights. He said, 'I’ve got the next thing. It’s about the Treasury secretary!’ And then he paused, and before I could say, 'What?!’ the music started and we had to do '96,000.’ When Ron Chernow came to see Heights, I had never seen Lin that nervous. He said, 'Ron Chernow’s here!’ I said, 'What does that mean?’ And he said, 'The show needs to go well today.’”

Odom first saw a workshop version of Hamilton at Vassar and found himself responding, almost viscerally, to “The Story of Tonight,” an early number in which Hamilton and three friends (Mulligan, the Marquis de Lafayette and John Laurens) boisterously drink together in a tavern on the eve of the Revolution. “That’s the one that made me a puddle, because it was four men of color onstage singing a song about friendship and brotherhood and love, and I had never seen that in a musical,” Odom says. “I had seen white guys do it, in Jersey Boys, in Les Miz. Never seen a black guy. So I was a mess, and from that point, I was along for the ride.”

Phillipa Soo, who makes her Broadway debut as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, says that she had to figure out her relationship to her stage husband, to answer questions like, “Who is this man to me, and why do I love him?” In the end, she realized her “research was already here for me. It became less about finding facts about Eliza and Alexander Hamilton and more about just watching Lin. I remember him coming into the rehearsal room in his slippers, because he’d been across the street writing. And I was like, 'Oh, my God, this guy is nonstop!’ Kind of like Hamilton.”

Helium Vader also gets a shout-out in the article

”Baby Noctis & Carbuncle”


Final Fantasy XV  (Platinum demo) ♥ ♥

Sooo sorry for the delay… I started this picture when the second demo of Final Fantasy XV was released but I couldn’t finish it until this week, when I’ve  finally managed to find some free time (T^T)

I haven’t played personally, but I’ve seen the walkthrough on youtube and it was gorgeous. I enjoyed the setting but specially the music, since Yoko Shimomura is the composer. 

As usually, open in a new window for full size.

kidd-penn  asked:

Are there online groups for getting feedback on reels & portfolios? I've gotten vague feedback on my reel & portfolio that I need to narrow it down & 'only show my best', it totally stumps me! I feel I'm making it worse by wild guessing. Then I feel guilty removing something & think, "It isn't as technically good but it shows my variety or creativity better." & visa versa. Or I'll remember in the past when someone liked it. How can I ask for a more specific critique without being annoying?

Hi there kidd-penn! Sorry for the wait to answer your question.

We had a similar question before of where you could ask others about looking at animation reels/demos. 11 Second Club’s forums do have animators of different levels where you can request a critique. 

How you can ask a critique, and I am being honest, is just simply ask for a critique on your animation demo reel, and see if they can provide suggestions in improving your reel and skills. Some may not answer back (and please do not take it personal) due to overload of work themselves (animation is a very busy profession). Another thing is to continue to reach out to other animators/studios, and see who will respond back. After one does, thank them for their time, and apply their knowledge to your works.

Animation Director Ron Doucet provided great insight for creating animation demo reels, as well as what to say when emailing someone about an animation position. It’s a pdf, so you can download it and read to your liking too. 

On this blog, we do have a demo reel tag that you can look at for reference. Now, don’t copy exactly what’s on others’ reels, study them. See why they have them there, and then try to aim that kind of level of quality for your reel. Another big tip about reels/portfolios: Make sure it is your own work. I have heard too many stories of those who use other people’s works for their reels, and they get blacklisted afterwards (you do not want that as an artist). 

I do hope this all helps, and again, ask nicely for a critique for your animation reel, and then continue to seek out and ask other animators. If you sit and wait after asking 1-3 contacts, it may not happen. Aim to at least ask 10 different people each day, and something will definitely come back sooner.  

Hey just a quick Update!!!

Tesh and I have gotten really close to being done with the First Demo!

For this First Demo it’s just going to be the canon prologue for the most part; An introduction to the characters and the set up to the gameplay that will be throughout the rest of the game.

This version will not have an original soundtrack or voice acting, but the Second Demo we have later WILL as long as everything goes according to plan ;v;

We appreciate all of the wonderful support thus far and cannot wait to share the First Demo with you soon!

This is a really rough estimation but I’m going to say within the next 4 weeks


2001. Ensiferum

is the first album by band Ensiferum. It was released on January 7.

Ensiferum was founded in 1995 by Markus Toivonen (guitar), Sauli Savolainen (bass) and Kimmo Miettinen (drums). For the band’s name, they took the Latin neuter gender adjective ensiferum, which means “sword bearer”. In the next year, Jari Mäenpää was taken into the band as singer and second guitar-player. In 1997, the first demo was released, containing three songs.

The highly stylized logo of Ensiferum has appeared on all of their releases.
In 1998, Sauli and Kimmo left the band and were replaced by Jukka-Pekka Miettinen (Kimmo’s little brother, then 14 years old) and Oliver Fokin. In January 1999, a second demo was recorded, which although it did not produce a recording deal, boosted the band’s confidence.

Ensiferum is an album that truly defines the genre of folk metal. Still this is probably one of the better folk metal albums you will come across; you could certainly do a lot worse than listening to Ensiferum’s self titled debut if you direly needed to listen to listless music that eschews the tenants of heavy metal so they can wank around with weird folk instruments.

Jari Mäenpää     Markus Toivonen    Jukka-Pekka Miettinen      Oliver Fokin


Don’t mind me, I’m just getting comfy.

Remember this?

* Please, don’t use my art or animation without my permission. Thanks.

> After battle

> Bk’s Diary

> Bestiary

> Dragonkind

> Dragon Knight, Dragon Monk, Dragon Lancer

Group of dragons, all walking on their hind legs. Encountered in a dark water passage.

Bk > These dragons are tough individually, but when they fight as a group, they’re nearly unstoppable…!

Kuya > Maybe for you, But then again, I don’t get distracted in the heat of battle!

B > W-Well, if you did get distracted by the heat of battle, you could cool off using some water based attacks, which happen to be their weakness.

K > But you said it yourself that they were “Hot” I thought you wanted me to turn up the heat! Unless you meant something else when you called them “Hot” Hmm?

B > I-I didn’t want you to burn them………

K > Also, why did you draw them so handsome looking? YOU WERE CHECKING THEM OUT BACK THERE WEREN’T YOU!!!


The Boy With The Music Box feat. Casey Wehr (Basement Sessions)
Super Movies
The Boy With The Music Box feat. Casey Wehr (Basement Sessions)

“Passed out on the stairs,

Someone’s on the phone.

Give him something warm to wear;

Is he breathing?

I don’t know.”

-The Boy With the Music Box by Super Movies

Merry Christmas everyone! To mark the occasion, we decided to post our demo of “The Boy With the Music Box” from the basement featuring our wonderful and talented friend Casey.