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I recorded that song [Closer]. They were like do you want to be in this song. And I loved the song but I had to turn it down cause I was with the group [Fifth Harmony] at the time & we were about to put an Album out and I didn’t want. I always try to do solo stuff off cycle. So that was super on. I had to say no and it was the number one song in the world.
—  What Camila said on Elvis Duran show. about the Closer song she did with the Chainsmokers. Few Seconds Demo got out.

On this day in music history: July 15, 1983 - “The Crossing”, the debut album by Big Country is released. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, it is recorded at The Manor in Oxfordshire, UK and RAK Studios in London in May 1983. Formed in 1981, Big Country goes through a number of personnel changes before before their classic line up is in place in 1982. For their debut album, the band are paired with producer Steve Lillywhite, best known for his work with U2 and Peter Gabriel. The first release by the rock band from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland firmly establishes them and their trademark sound, a solid rhythm section with twin lead guitars played by Stuart Adamson and Bruce Watson. The album spins off two hit singles including “In A Big Country” (#17 Pop) and “Fields Of Fire” (#52 Pop), and is the most successful album for the Scottish band. The original LP release is issued with three different color variations for its sleeve artwork, coming red, blue and green. It is first remastered and reissued in 2002, with the “Wonderland” EP included as bonus tracks on the CD. It is remastered again in 2012 as a two CD deluxe edition to commemorate its 30th anniversary. The first disc features the original ten track album, plus seven bonus tracks. The second disc features demos and outtakes. “The Crossing” peaks at number eighteen on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


A/N: Well here is the second part. I’m very excited about this whole thing. It’s a bit more mysterious but I hope you like that. Also sorry if this is written poorly I was writing it while watching the Pens win the cup. 

Word Count: 6, 848

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I was walking through the halls of the studio running a few minutes behind. Quickly entering into studio six I stopped short. She was there again, sitting in the same place as before and somehow she took my breath away even more than the last time. All because there was a small grin on her lips. 

All six eyes turned to me as I came in slightly breathless. 

“Sorry guys I’m late.” I said pulling off my jacket. 

“No worries Shawn. Y/N was keeping us entertained.” James said grinning to her. 

She bit her lip as she rolled her eyes but said nothing. 

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I don’t know why but i really want valve to make a tf2 short or something that involves the offensive, defensive and support class

so like in one sfm or something it has scout, soldier and pyro (the offensive boys)

in the second one will have demo, heavy and engineer (the defensive boys)

and last one will have sniper, medic and spy (the support boys)

i’ve read a fanfic that has the support boys talking and having fun and it really works for a sfm short for the support class 🙂

and i know they put the offensive classes together in the comic where they are trying to get heavy but they haven’t done it yet with the defensive and support

so all i’m saying is… make a sfm short or something where the 3 groups are together 🙂

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On this day in music history: May 1, 1989 - “Disintegration”, the eighth studio album by The Cure released. Produced by David M. Allen and Robert Smith, it is recorded at Hookend Recording Studios in Checkendon, Oxfordshire, UK from November 1988 - February 1989. After the breakthrough success of The Cure’s 1987 album “Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me”, bandleader Robert Smith finds himself at odds with the tidal wave of fame and mainstream exposure that comes his way. Newly engaged to his childhood sweetheart Mary Poole, she and Smith move to the Maida Vale district of London, in semi seclusion to get away from the press and fans. Feeling pressured to follow up “Kiss Me”, and depressed at the prospect of turning thirty, Smith begins taking LSD to cope. The result is a return to the bands dark, gothic sound of years past. Upon hearing the finished album, The Cure’s US record label Elektra Records feel that Smith and the band have committed “commercial suicide” by making a deliberately “gloomy” record. They even go as far as asking Smith to push back the release date of the album feeling that it is “willfully obscure”. To everyone’s surprise, it becomes The Cure’s most commercially successful album. “Disintegration” also is the final Cure album to credit founding member Laurence “Lol” Tolhurst who is fired during the recording sessions. Originally The Cure’s drummer and later keyboardist, his contributions to the band diminish throughout the 80’s as his drinking and drug taking escalate. It’s later revealed that Tolhurst did not play on the album at all, but Robert Smith gives his old friend partial songwriting credit along with the other band members. It spins off four singles including “Fascination Street” (#1 Modern Rock, #46 Pop), “Lullaby” (#5 UK, #74 US Pop) and “Love Song” (#2 US Pop, #18 UK), the latter becomes The Cure’s biggest single in the US. The album is remastered and reissued on CD in 2010 as triple CD deluxe edition, featuring the original album on the first disc, the second disc featuring demos and tracks as works in progress. The third CD features an expanded version of the live album “Entreat” (titled “Entreat Plus”) including all twelve songs from “Disintegration” performed live. It is also reissued on vinyl as a 180 gram double vinyl LP, releasing the full album in that format in its entirety for the first time. Original LP pressings released on a single disc omitting “Homesick” and “Last Dance”. This is done to improve the vinyl LP’s sound quality. At nearly seventy two minutes, the full album is too long to fit on two LP sides comfortably.  "Disintegration" peaks at number three on the UK album chart, number twelve on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

shaloved30 replied to your post “How the absolute fuck did The Exorcist get renewed but Pitch…”

Both my shows did better. Smh

okay so i went to compare both powerless and trial & error ratings and i can kinda see why powerless got the axe because they demo is way lower but not that much viewers wise. and then i saw fox’s and SIS. it was on a friday doing horribly and this is what they decide to do????? rosewood and pitch did better and they got cancelled i’m madder than i was the first time i heard the news

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Are you going to do a second tumblr demo compilation in a few months with everything you release after resting state

I’m not going to upload anything for a while and hopefully that’ll help me actually finish a new album. I just don’t feel as inclined to finish things people have already heard


‘Hamilton’ Mania! Backstage at the Cultural Event of Our Time (Rolling Stone):

Bay Area rapper Daveed Diggs had never seen a Broadway show before he was cast as Hamilton nemesis Thomas Jefferson. “I knew Fiddler on the Roof, because my mom really liked that and we always had the album around the house growing up, and that was about it,” Diggs says. “But I was totally intrigued the second I heard the demos of the songs in Hamilton and read through the music. The rapping is good – that’s what really got me.”


“When you’re developing your voice as a rapper, you figure out your cadence – your swag – and that’s how you write,” Diggs says. “Lin managed to figure that out for all of these different characters – everyone has their own swag, and it feels germane to them. And that’s really impressive. Hercules Mulligan [a Hamilton pal who spied on the loyalists during the American Revolution] raps exactly like a dude named Hercules Mulligan!”

Even more radical than the catholic musical approach is Hamilton’s reckoning with our country’s creation myth. There’s an almost indescribable power in seeing the Founders, in an otherwise historically rigorous production, portrayed by a young, multiracial cast. “It is quite literally taking the history that someone has tried to exclude us from and reclaiming it,” says Leslie Odom Jr., who comes close to stealing the show with his turn as Hamilton killer Aaron Burr. “We are saying we have the right to tell it too.” If every presidential administration gets at least one mass-cultural moment it deserves, then Hamilton has become the Obama era’s Wall Street, its 24, its Spice World – even more so, perhaps, because the show has actually managed to fulfill candidate Obama’s promise to bridge the divide between Red and Blue America. Fans of Hamilton include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Dick Cheney and the president himself.

Christopher Jackson, Hamilton’s towering George Washington, has known Miranda the longest of any of the major cast members, having previously starred in In the Heights. “Lin told me about his idea for Hamilton a few days after that fateful vacation,” Jackson recalls. “We were actually onstage doing Heights. He said, 'I’ve got the next thing. It’s about the Treasury secretary!’ And then he paused, and before I could say, 'What?!’ the music started and we had to do '96,000.’ When Ron Chernow came to see Heights, I had never seen Lin that nervous. He said, 'Ron Chernow’s here!’ I said, 'What does that mean?’ And he said, 'The show needs to go well today.’”

Odom first saw a workshop version of Hamilton at Vassar and found himself responding, almost viscerally, to “The Story of Tonight,” an early number in which Hamilton and three friends (Mulligan, the Marquis de Lafayette and John Laurens) boisterously drink together in a tavern on the eve of the Revolution. “That’s the one that made me a puddle, because it was four men of color onstage singing a song about friendship and brotherhood and love, and I had never seen that in a musical,” Odom says. “I had seen white guys do it, in Jersey Boys, in Les Miz. Never seen a black guy. So I was a mess, and from that point, I was along for the ride.”

Phillipa Soo, who makes her Broadway debut as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, says that she had to figure out her relationship to her stage husband, to answer questions like, “Who is this man to me, and why do I love him?” In the end, she realized her “research was already here for me. It became less about finding facts about Eliza and Alexander Hamilton and more about just watching Lin. I remember him coming into the rehearsal room in his slippers, because he’d been across the street writing. And I was like, 'Oh, my God, this guy is nonstop!’ Kind of like Hamilton.”

Helium Vader also gets a shout-out in the article

I checked my blog 3 times, I thought I uploaded this? It’s when the second demo was released a couple months back. I was really hoping cat-magic would be involved. I knew I’d play the game non-stop until I could play Grave’s route!

June Monthly Report

Time really goes by quickly. Yikes. Can I turn the clock back, please?

No? Well, okay… 

Have an SDS promo image, then, I suppose.

Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~

  • The demo with the updated GUI was uploaded to… at some point. A week or two ago? I’ve lost track of time because of something I’ll talk about a bit farther down.
  • I’m presently working on editing the scenes for the second demo. They were written a while ago but they really need to be polished.
  • Both Leo and Sho’s routes are 100% finished! They just need to be edited and programmed in.

The Seven Districts of Sin - The Tail Makes the Fox

  • Chibi & regular CGs are both underway!
  • The bonus illustration pictures that unlock when you get an ending are 50% finished. These are separate from the regular and chibi CGs.
  • The GUI is like 95% finished. It just needs the credits list finalised and to have a few parts programmed in.
  • Recording for Saleos & Gaki’s lines are both about 50% finished.
  • The whole script is finished both writing & editing! Woohoo!
  • The word count sits at about 58,000 but may go up a bit, as Ashe deary is giving it a final once-over just in case. It may also fluctuate a bit during beta testing.
  • The script is programmed in but awaiting asset programming, minus backgrounds.
  • The backgrounds are about 50% finished. They could be finished as soon as next month.
  • Depending on when I get the first batch of voice lines for Luci, Anzu, and Kali, the demo may come out in August. I’d like for this to happen, anyway.


  • Unfortunately, due to a death in the family this past week, I ended up losing valuable development time.
  • If that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve been very sick since before that tragedy. I’m finally starting to get better, but between these two points, I suspect it’ll take me a few more days to get everything back on track again. I’ve still been working but I’ve had less time overall.
  • But wait. That’s two bad things, right? That means a third one is going to happen anytime. Please no.