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Eric Bittle Is A Problem

(AO3 here)

Eric Bittle is becoming a problem. Not the problem Jack thought he was going to be in the beginning, no, he hasn’t had to worry about Bittle not pulling his weight on the team since pretty much the first time they played together. And certainly not now, when they work so well together on the ice. And off of it, too; it was surprising, but Jack considers Bittle to be one of his greatest friends, even if sometimes it feels like there’s maybe something shimmering around the edges of their relationship, something Jack doesn’t quite understand, it’s good with them, comfortable and fun in a way Jack isn’t used to.

But he’s becoming a problem, worse, a distraction . A menace, really.

The first time it’s a problem, Jack and Shitty had gotten back from a beer run, and Shitty was explaining some essential feminist theory to him as they made their way from the car to the Haus, “And that, my Canadian friend, is why intersectionality is so important. Like, you can’t really understand anything  unless you understand all of the realities and identities that inform a person’s existence, my man. I me-” as Jack turns to enter the kitchen, the rest of Shitty’s lesson is lost to a loud thrum in Jack’s ear that he distantly realizes is the rush of his own blood through his veins as he almost fumbles the case of beer and the bag of fancy nuts and chocolates that he thought Eric might appreciate- for his bakin g- and had purchased on a whim.

He manages to save the beer and the bag of goodies, but not to suppress the inelegant “ Buh -” that escapes his slackened mouth. Because Bitty is bent over at the waist, looking into the oven and making a satisfied little hum at the progress of whatever is baking in there, and he’s wearing those shorts, the short, short shorts that barely qualify as such in Jack’s opinion. And the way he’s bending is causing his muscles to tense and bulge, and his butt . Oh, Crisse , his butt is like a work of art and on display right in front of Jack, and he is in so. Much. trouble.

Jack manages to turn his random noise into a reasonable approximation of “B-Bittle,” and to reassemble his face into a generally neutral expression as Bitty stands and turns toward him and Shitty, who now stands next to Jack and thankfully doesn’t mention his near stumble. The late afternoon sun slanting through the window catches in Eric’s hair and he appears to glow for a moment, Jack manages not to choke on his sharply indrawn breath at the sight, because Eric Bittle is beautiful, and Jack is awed that he hadn’t noticed it until now.

“Oh, hi, y’all,” Bitty says brightly, a genuine smile lighting his face and stretching his lips distractingly. “You’re just in time, because this pie is almost done, so if you wanted some, you’ll just have to wait for a few while it settles,” Bitty checks the timer with a brief glance before looking back toward the doorway where Jack is still frozen, he quirks a perfectly shaped blond brow as if to ask what Jack’s problem is, but when he speaks again, he says “Did you two have fun at the store?”

Shitty moves into the kitchen, patting Jack’s shoulder on the way, “It smells swawesome in here, Bits. You’re the best!” Bitty grins and a slightly pink tinge paints his cheeks as he watches Shitty begin to put away his beer and the few other groceries they procured. He looks back at Jack, eyes darting briefly to the bag he is clenching before settling back on his face, a curious little smile on his pink lips. It spurs Jack into action, finally, and he moves into the kitchen holding the bag out like an awkward shield.

“These are for you,” he says, sounding too loud to his own ears, and maybe too loud in general, because Shitty looks over from where he’s stacking beer into the fridge with a strange look on his face that Jack will not analyze later. He continues, careful to regulate his volume this time, “Um, for your baking, I mean. I thought you’d like them,” he amends. Jack can feel his face heating, hopes Bitty doesn’t notice, that he writes it off as the heat from the oven, but when Bitty takes the bag and their fingers brush he feels the flush deepen. It gets worse still when Eric opens the bag and he makes an excited little sound.

“Oh, gosh, Jack, thank you! I know just what to make with these,” Bitty places his hand on Jack’s forearm and squeezes gently, repeating a thank you and grinning at him, his smile is open and fond and it warms Jack in a different way than the hot flush that he knows is painting his face and neck now.

“ Bienvenue ,” Jack says, voice a little too quiet and close now. Bitty smiles at his slip into Quebecois. It’s almost too easy to slip into the quiet of the moment, the little bubble of space around them, warmed by the sunlight through the window. They stay close, looking at each other for what feels like a long time, but realistically can’t be more than a second or two, then the sound of Shitty shutting the the refrigerator door and exclaiming “Shit, Bits, that pie smells fuckin’ delicious! Think it’s done yet,” effectively breaks the moment.

Bitty laughs and turns away from Jack, his fingers trail along Jack’s arm leaving a warm tingle lingering on his skin. The buzzer sounds as Bitty steps away fully, and Jack shakes himself, realizes he’s still holding the case of beer and places it on the counter. Bitty looks at him briefly as he takes the pie from the oven, and Jack feels the confusion rumbling through him play across his face, but Bitty thankfully looks away before he notices.


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In which Harry is a stripper…

3943 words / Mature

The boy who delivered our drinks was only wearing a flimsy, black apron, which was tied carefully around his waist. With the tray perfectly balanced upon the palm of his hand, he began to pass our drinks out, a huge grin on his face, and his cock just inches from my face.
I turned to the rest of the girls with wide eyes.

“Special occasion?” He asked, a thick Irish accent.

“I’m getting married!” The bride to be piped up, as smug as ever.

“Congratulations!” He beamed. “Sad to see you off the market, Gorgeous.”

All the girls sat around our table let out almighty giggles, swooning and fanning themselves, whereas I was too busy trying not to turn back in his direction and stare at his groin. I figured he was used to it in his line of work, but it still felt a little intrusive.

“What’s your name?” Katie barked at him.

“Niall.” He replied. “I’ll be your waiter for the evening. You need anything, just give me a shout.”

“What about your number?”

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Day Off

Warning: Slightly NSFW, hints at stuff but nothing more.

Prompt: Hey I love all your writing! I’ve been working like crazy and I feel I like I’m dying if I’m doing honest. I was wondering if you could write something where Jason notices his SO working too hard and he forces her to take a day off with him, tons of fluff. If you can please! Thank you and I love you 💖

Requested by: @cecygee

    The first thing you realize when you wake up is the fact that there are hints of light streaming in through the curtains. The second thing you realize is that there is no blaring alarm going off in your ear. The third and final thing you realize, is that your boyfriend is so curled around you that there is no way to get out of bed without waking him up.

    You try a few different moves, but nothing works. Jason’s arms are around you, his head is resting on your chest, and one of his legs are thrown over both of yours. Finally you give up on being nice and start poking him in the side. His eyes don’t open, but you watch as his lips quirk upwards.

    “Jason, I need to get up and I know you’re awake.” Your eye twitches when he let’s out a fake snore, “Seriously, I need to get to class.”

    You watch his eyes open slowly. He frowns at you, “No.”


    He nods, “No. You’ve been working too hard. You’re getting maybe three hours of sleep a night, and you’re exhausted.”

    You scoff, “You don’t show this kind of concern about Tim.”

    “I’m not in love with Tim, I’m in love with you. And part of being in love is making sure that you take care of yourself. Now you make sure I don’t go out after being shot, and I’m making sure you rest. Missing one day of classes won’t kill you.”

    You purse your lips and stare at him, “I do not appreciate this.”

    He kisses your neck, “Yes you do. Admit it, it was nice not waking up to that stupid alarm.”

    “What did you do to my alarm, Jason?”

    “I threw it out the window. You can thank me later. After we get some more sleep. It’s only eleven.”

    You sigh, “Jason.”

    He kisses you, before rolling on top to straddle your hips, “If you’re really not tired we can find other ways to pass the time.”

    You raise an eyebrow, “I thought I was supposed to be relaxing?”

    He smirks, “You are.”

    Smiling you decide that one day off won’t kill you and might actually be very interesting. 


It took waaay to long for me to finally do this request I am sorry…

Welp, here you go. The strangest circus in your life.
1. The mighty magician Ghetsis, his pretty assistant Colress and their victim sideshow N (who actually does all job alone, escaping the trap box within 20 seconds behind the curtains, while Ghetsis is doing his “magical” moves)
2. Cyrus is a mix of a acrobat, a balancer and a juggler. His shows always take place at high altitude and always are space-themed. They look pretty stunning tho.
3. Maxie is a walking volcano in tights, a fire breather. He is always super serious during his shows and thinks he looks pretty cool breathing fire. Hovewer after shows Archie barely kisses him.
4. Pretty obvious, I think. Archie works with sea creatures as a trainer and he loves them all really much. He named on of his seal as “Maxie” and that drives insane the real one Maxie.
5. Again, pretty obvious. Lysandre is a rich and cool lion trainer. He is also sponsoring the circus (I don’t know why is he doing that seriously). He also loves to talk with a cute french vet who works with his lions. 
6. Just no comments.

The boys with an S/O that partakes in some kind of activity which requires you to be on stage (dancing, singing, etc.) but gets bad stage fright? Thanks!

Such a unique request! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He doesn’t really understand what you’re going through at all
  • You’re amazingly talented… what is there to be nervous about?
  • In a way, though, that actually helps you
  • His faith in you is blindingly strong
  • Truly believes you’ll be completely fine and you have nothing to worry about
  • He promises to watch you from the first row
  • If you get nervous, just look at him!
  • Even if you mess up, he’ll be there enjoying your performance wholeheartedly
  • You’re absolutely stunning as you perform, after all!
  • The clear pride in his eyes helps spur you on!
  • When the performance is over he gives you a hug
  • “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”
  • Promises to attend all your future performances as well!

Rantarou Amami

  • He can tell you’re nervous as you wait for your turn backstage
  • He wants to help but he’s not sure how
  • So he turns to the internet for help!
  • “Hey… Did you know that while watching a performance, the audience is almost always rooting for the performer?”
  • He goes through his phone and keeps reading off trivia and helpful hints for you, right up until it’s your turn to take the stage
  • He even looks up videos of other drummers performing your same song, to show you how often mistakes happen, and how little the audience cares!
  • Also so he can show you how much more prepared you are compared to them
  • Right before you go on, he gives you a hug and whispers that he’ll be watching you from the wings, so he’s right there when you need him!
  • You can see him smiling and clapping for you every time you turn your head
  • You feel more at ease now!
  • Even though your performance wasn’t perfect, you actually managed to get out there and have fun
  • You got almost everyone in the audience to feel the beat somewhere in their bodies!
  • Amami’s super happy about how free and happy you seemed!
  • When you’re finished he gives you a big bear hug
  • “I’m so proud of you! You did amazing.”
  • Lowkey brags about your performance to pretty much everyone afterwards

Kokichi Ouma

  • “Ehhh? Why are you so nervous? Who cares about anyone in the audience.”
  • You should just have fun! You like doing this stuff, right?
  • You try to explain to him that you can’t really help how you feel at times like these, regardless of how much you enjoy dancing
  • He takes a moment to think that over
  • “Can I perform with you, then? That way you can just focus on me, and we’ll have so much fun!!”
  • Ouma, no
  • He’s not a member of your dance troupe
  • Pouts when you say he can’t. He thought it was a brilliant idea!
  • Still, he assures you he’ll take the pressure right off you during the performance
  • Oh no
  • What are you planning
  • You keep asking him to tell you what he’s going to do but he refuses to say anything
  • The day of the performance, he does give you a big smooch and promises you’ll enjoy what he has planned
  • Since it’s you, he’s not going to mess around!
  • Hearing that does assuage your nerves somewhat
  • You actually start getting kind of excited to see what’s going to happen!
  • You don’t have to wait long
  • The second the curtains open you spot the gigantic sign Ouma’s holding in the front row
  • He wrote a bunch of short, supportive messages!
  • …Is that a pun?
  • You almost start laughing onstage, but manage to hold back. Instead, with Ouma cheering you on, you have the most enjoyable dance performance ever!
  • When it’s over, Ouma stands on his chair to cheer for you!
  • You’ll never forget how much fun you had with him cheering you on!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Saihara’s a bit taken aback when you tell him how you’re feeling
  • He’s heard you sing before, and you’re amazing! He never expected you’d be nervous about doing it on stage
  • Still, he understands, and offers you his full support
  • In the weeks leading up to your performance, he probably gathers your friends and has you try singing in front of them as practice
  • He’s super patient with you. If you ever get too nervous to continue he has you stop and assures you of how wonderfully you were doing!!
  • He’ll even sing along with you if it helps you feel more comfortable! Although he’s embarrassed to do it himself, he wants you to feel at ease!
  • On the day of your performance, he tells you that no matter how you do, he’ll still enjoy watching you perform so much!
  • Gives you a hug
  • Crosses his fingers in the hopes that things will go well! For your sake
  • Once it’s over, he has the biggest grin on his face
  • Is the first person to give you a standing ovation!!
  • Immediately after you leave the stage, though, he leaves the theatre so he can meet you
  • Is too shy to do what he wants to do (immediately take you into his arms and kiss you)
  • But he kisses you on the cheek and holds your hand!
  • He’s your biggest supporter and he’s so happy he got to see you perform!

Kaito Momota

  • Yeah, he heard you about the anxiety thing, but hold up. You can do ballet????
  • Gets the conversation completely sidetracked immediately because he wants to know more about what you do!!
  • Asks you a ton of questions. Do you go up on the very tips of your toes?? Doesn’t that hurt?? Do you… you know… get lifted by other guys, and stuff??
  • Momota. Chill.
  • Eventually you get back to your issue with stagefright
  • He tells you that your issue is how you’re focusing on the wrong thing
  • You really like ballet, right? You like expressing things to the audience
  • So, you shouldn’t think about how well you do… Just think about expressing yourself to the people watching.
  • “Listen, even if you make a mistake or two, people aren’t really gonna care. What really matters is whether they experience something through what you do, right?”
  • How is he so wise about this. He’s an astronaut
  • Still, he’s actually spot-on
  • You try taking his advice, and…
  • Your performance becomes truly special.
  • Momota denies that he cried or anything like that, but… When he hugs you afterwards, his eyes are definitely red
  • He tells you that you couldn’t have done better, and that he’s so happy for you
  • He means every word.


  • He doesn’t understand, but he’s sympathetic
  • Truly wants you to do well, and hopes he can help somehow
  • He doesn’t really know what he’d be able to do, though, so he just asks you!
  • Is there anything that helps you stay calm while on stage? Anything he can do to help?
  • You hesitantly answer that you’d like to practice your routine in front of him?
  • He agrees immediately of course!
  • The first time he watches your routine, he’s enthralled! Sure, you made a couple mistakes, but… what you were doing was so incredible!
  • “Hey… can you show me how to do that??”
  • It ends up turning into a teaching session
  • Although Kiibo just cannot get the hang of tossing a flag like that
  • How do you catch it?? If only his reflexes were enhanced beyond the capabilities of an elderly man!
  • He’s so impressed by your abilities that it ends up as a huge boost to your confidence
  • In a way, it was like he sacrificed his dignity to help your anxiety since he hits himself in the head with your flag at least a dozen times
  • You thank him for helping you out like this!!
  • He’s happy that he managed to get you to feel better!
  • During your performance, he cheers for you louder than anyone else!!
  • Afterwards, he asks you on a “celebratory date”, since you did so well!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta feels so bad when you tell him how nervous you are!
  • He wants to help as much as he can!!
  • But what can he do in this situation?
  • He ends up asking all of his friends for advice
  • The advice he heard most was that if you had fun and enjoyed yourself, you wouldn’t feel as nervous anymore
  • So he decides to join your performance!
  • Gonta, you can’t just decide that on your own
  • He assures you that what he has in mind will work!
  • So, you allow him to play the tambourine along with your guitar
  • Of course, you have a lot of time to practice before you have to perform
  • Gonta manages to keep a pretty steady beat, and the tambourine adds more to your song!
  • More importantly, however… you find yourself so much more relaxed when he’s playing along with you
  • Watching his gentle smile, seeing him swaying slightly from side to side as you play… It’s truly a soothing picture
  • During your performance, you truly feel at ease as he’s by your side
  • He also enjoys himself a lot! It’s so nice that he gets to watch you play right beside him
  • After the performance is over, he tells you how much fun that was for him, and asks if you were able to feel less nervous
  • He’s super happy when you tell him how much he helped!!!!
  • From now on, you can remember this day whenever you perform, and feel more at ease!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He listens to you explain your stagefright without commenting
  • When you’ve finished, he thinks for a moment, and gets an idea
  • “Did I ever tell you my ‘winning trick’?”
  • He explains how, before going into a match, he used to always be sure to step off on a certain foot. That way, he’d have luck, and he won all of his matches!
  • …Does that kind of thing really work?
  • He promises that he knows what he’s talking about.
  • So you decide to give it a try!
  • Of course, you’re still super nervous when you’re going out onstage, but…
  • For some reason, you feel like things are going to go well?
  • And they do!
  • Your tone at the beginning could’ve been better, but…
  • Otherwise, your recital goes really well!
  • You’re so relieved you almost just lie down on stage
  • Hoshi’s the first to greet you when you come out of the auditorium
  • And… he brought you a small bunch of flowers!
  • “It’s not a big deal, you just… did really well.”
  • He’s so precious.
Their First Meeting: B.A.P


He was holding a gun against your boydriend’s forehead when you two first met, threatening to blow his head up if the man wasn’t going to pay up with his debts. It was on that day that you broke up with your so-called boyfriend and fled the city, a wild Mafia Boss under the name of Bang YongGuk was after you.

First impression? Stay the f u c k away from that man.


You saw a small glimmer of red hair when you had been dragged into an alley by your collar, the red head was standing in front of you with a bored expression, not caring as you yelled and begged for him to help you. He did not care. Not at all.

Just as you thought that all hope was lost and you’d be killed right there, in that alley, the red head had appeared in the scene again, holding a lit up torch and carelessly swinging it into your assailant’s head, smashing the man against the cold brick wall. 

His voice was cold when he told you, “You have a debt to pay.”


The first time you met DaeHyun was actually by an unfortunate accident. They had been looking for a woman of similar features to yours, and in her stead they brought you up in front of him.

However, instead of being scolded, his men received an extra payment, and you had never left the barracks after that.

DaeHyun’s eyes had now been set on you, the other woman completely forgotten. He growled at everyone who had stepped a foot too close to you, and nearly came to a conclusion of locking you up in the basement when you tried to escape once.

After that, you had never tried to escape again.


You met YoungJae in a club, him sitting all along on the bar counter and sipping on a solid drink, a dart in his hands as his eyes wandered the place packed with people.

Feeling pity on the lonely an, you had stepped closer to him and started a conversation, trying to entertain him out of his rotten mood.

You haven;t even realized how the evening passed and you were drunk out of your mind. You only remembered YoungJae softly telling you to sleep as he drove you to somewhere and when you opened your eyes hours later you had noticed yourself being in a cage and on a stage. A second later the curtain that separated the stage and the podium iopened and you were blinded by the lights.

It was a human auction.


You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It just so happened to be that the cafe you loved to frequent in  turned out to be a shooting field in the middle of the day. Being a clueless mess you ran straight for the counter and hid yourself there, where you saw another man with a gun laying with a concentrated face, looking over the small holes of bullet in the wooden counter.

When he saw you his concentrated face broke into a smile which sent a cold shiver down your spine. You could still clearly remember the cheerful words he spoke to you on that day. “After this ends, wanna go on a date?”


A first day at uni was always the scariest one, particularly when you had been paired up with a scary looking tall young man who had glared daggers at you for no particular reason. It seemed that he simply decided to dislike you upon setting his eyes at you.

In this way, or that you had been forced to follow his one dark evening, together with your two new friends that had fled the scene as soon as the young man took out a gun from his gun, leaving you all alone before him, as his gun was pointed at you.

“It’s you again.” he had murmured, malice in his voice.,

Understudy [Pt. 3]

Jasmine returned from her vacation two weeks after your pleasurable time with Lin. But after her arrival, things became awkward.

You made it awkward. Let’s be real here.

Your feelings for Lin grew more over the eight shows you did per week and the time you shared back stage.

Even when you showed only co-worker feelings in front of others (to keep what was happening a secret until the time was right), the ensemble still poked at you. All in good fun.

But now, they all ask if seeing Lin with Jasmine makes you jealous.

“Of course not!” You always started. “Why are you even asking me? You should be asking Anthony if he’s jealous. His girlfriend is the one grinding on Lin.“

“Oh. Getting defensive are we?” They prodded. “Do you hold feelings for our Linammonroll?”

“I’m pretty sure he has a thing for Groffsauce, ” was your reply as you walked away.

But you were jealous and you wanted to kick yourself in the ass for allowing this emotion to control you. Lin was nothing like Hamilton but. Eating away at the back of the mind is always a ‘but’.

Currently, you were hugging a pink fuzzy pillow in the corner of Daveed’s couch. After tonight’s show, you had a week’s vacation. You were anticipating the second the curtains closed to race out the theater.

Yes. You were avoiding Lin. Have been doing it for the last month successfully. Exiting backdoors, through the stage area, fire escapes. Ninja should become your profession after all the sneaking you did.

“Stop being petty and talk to him.” Daveed entered the room, taking the pillow from you and whacked you with it. You slumped to the side, starting blankly at him.

“I don’t wanna.” You had told him everything including Lin being your first. When telling him, you thought you saw hurt in his eyes but he turned away before you could get a closer look. Since then, he’s been supportive enough of the confusing situation if not a bit flirtatious.

Daveed grabbed your leg and pulled you onto the floor. He sighed when you did nothing but stare up at the ceiling.

“I don’t know if you noticed but Lin’s emotions have been showing onstage.”

Everyone noticed. The sweet child-like man had turned into a raging bull once you started to steer clear of him. Lin also noticed that you spent more time around Daveed following this. And jealously was rolling off him in waves.

Daveed laid his head on your stomach. You ran your fingers through his curls without breaking your concentration on the roof.

“I swear girl. If he tries to punch me in the face again then he’s going to catch these hands.I love the guy but it’s becoming a little much.”

During the Cabinet Battles, Lin made it seem like he’ll jump on Daveed. And in ‘Yorktown’, he would smack his back a little too hard.

You blinked slowly. “He should go to anger management class.”

Daveed moved so his face was over yours, filled with astonishment. “You’re kidding right? He needs-”

You raised an eyebrow as he abruptly stopped. His eyes widened before his expression turned angry.

“Wh-” you began only to have his lips pressed to yours. Your hands flew to his chest, your own eyes wide. He moved back after a second and he smiled.

“I know just the way to get him to publicly admit his feelings.”

You looked at him confused. “What does kissing me have to do with it?”

Daveed sat on his haunches, and grabbed his phone from the rolling chair. “We’re going to act like a couple. Cute pictures on social media, PDA, all the works.”

You sat up with mouth agape. “He’ll see me as a whore! I would really then be a Maria Reynolds. And what if he does actually want to fight you? I thought that was something you wanted to avoid.”

Daveed waved you off. “If anything happens, Lin will do it behind closed doors.” He grabbed your arm, pulling you to him. “I make it fool proof. If you’re around, he won’t dare try anything. Not if it will hurt you in anyway.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “So basically I’m your body guard?”

He nodded. He held the phone out with selfie mode activated. “I’ll give him a week. Now pucker up.”


Lin clenched the phone in his hand. A Twitter update from Daveed showed him kissing [F/Name]’s cheek while she smiled at the camera, them gazing into each other’s eyes loving, and one with Pippa making funny faces while rubbed their noses together. Captioned: “Best Friends 4Ever (minus Pippa. She’s not a part of our club)”.

The comments underneath made his eyes twitch violently.

“Best Friends? Uh… I’m pretty sure that’s love!😍💙”

“Haha! Phillipa shouldn’t be. She ruin all that fluffiness going on 😝.”

“How dare you didn’t tell us you two were dating!”

But the last one led him to buy a new phone.

“I thought [F/Name] and Lin had a thing but this is WAY better. #Waiting4Babies”

He was livid.


moments ♥ twenty-second

The anime finally closes it curtains. The second season is on 2016–still too far :/   But let’s drift away from the angst www KaruNagi in this episode is—what the hell why do we have a fckn confession scene ohmyghad and Nagisa looks like he has boobs ohmyholymacarons, wth anime staffs wwww ♥

AND KARMA, OUR LITTLE DELINQUENT. his expressions killed me too many times. Each facial responses he makes to Nagisa’s pain and badassness–I CANT EVEN PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY FEELS DAMMIT. I am too proud of my precious pair ♥

*embraces both Karma and Nagisa as well as the whole cast* SEE YOU NEXT SEASON, GUYS. I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to join your fandom. Stay Badasses!



how did I never notice (how perfect you were for me)

aka First Time someone told you that you made a cute couple even though you weren’t dating




Cassian x Reader

Words: 1861

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 2 ½ months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 3/20

Author’s notes: This kinda happened to me in real life with my guy friend so I’m speaking from experience….

Never mind, you were completely wrong. People totally did assume more. You’d figured that since nobody had said anything by now that people believed you and Cassian to be just friends, but you were wrong. You were so wrong.

It all started with whispers. At first you didn’t notice. You would usually spend your free time with Cassian, either in the mess hall, the hangar, or one of your rooms. You weren’t usually around other rebels.

It wasn’t until you and Cassian were walking down the base one early morning, him telling you a funny story about how Kay “accidentally” blew up General Draven’s quarters a few years ago, that you noticed.

You were laughing over Cassian’s flamboyant retelling of his story when soft whispers flowed into your ear. Without pausing you turned your head, catching sight of three women looking at you and Cassian. When your eyes met them, they froze.

You stopped walking abruptly, yet somehow Cassian in all his infinite wisdom didn’t seem to notice and kept walking continuing on with his story.

For a second you were worried you would miss the rest of the story, but your attention quickly focused on the three women in front of you.

One of the girls seemed to muster up some courage and giggled before saying, “You guys make such a cute couple.”

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For the Love of My Life- Part 1

Characters: reader, Tony, Bucky, Steve, Sam (mentioned)

Summary: Modern AU. Reader is a young actress in her first big role when a man from her past offers a chance to fix her biggest regrets. 

Song Inspiration: Cleopatra by The Lumineers

Warnings: drinking and sex mentions, fluff, mention of death, bit of angst.

Word Count: 3,278

A/N: This story gripped me tight and wouldn’t let go from the instant I thought of the opening scene. It took on a life of its own and I’m kinda in love with how it’s turned out? I really hope you like it. Part 2 (of 2) will be posted tomorrow or the next day, I promise! It just got way too long. Oops. :D 

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Part Two>>> 


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“Cleo….my darling, lovely Cleo. Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” the man asked in earnest, hope shining in his eyes.

Arm draped over your eyes as you lie on the couch, you lifted it to see the man on one knee before you. Your eyes briefly flitted to the small velvet box in his hand.

“No,” deadpan expression upon your face.


“I said ‘no’. For the fourth time, no I will not marry you, Tony!”

“Why not? And please, call me Antony.”



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I finally updated! Sorry for the absence. I’d make an excuse but I don’t have one 😕 But I’m back now so hey 😉

WARNING - REALLY REALLY SMUTTY. Like hella! And I’m using the name Jade instead of ‘Y/N’ because that’s what was requested 😊 Also this is probably the longest imagine I’ve written so have fun  💞

Word count - 1362


“Hey girl, cm’ere!” Jade sighed, turning round slowly to face the source of the shout. Daryl stood with his arms folded, an arrow tucked between them. He had that same look on his face that he always had, the ‘I don’t wanna talk to you but I have to’ face. Little did Jade know, that wasn’t true for her. Since they’d met, Daryl had been hiding his feelings for her. Jade obviously had no clue, and Daryl certainly wasn’t about to go up to her and confess himself. So they continued as if they only spoke when forced. But every time Daryl even saw Jade, he got a weird feeling in his stomach. 

“A ‘please’ would be nice sometimes.” She walked towards him, eyebrows raised. Daryl faked a smile, rolling his eyes.

“Please.” He drawled sarcastically. Jade sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to get any better. It was only them out in the field, everyone else was inside the prison. Except Glenn and Maggie, who had ‘gone on a run’. Everyone knew they were fucking. Sometimes Jade felt jealous of them, she hadn’t got laid since before the world ended, and the only person in her group she found desirable was Daryl, who was the last person to screw around. He barely even spoke.

“What do you want?” Jade asked, not looking Daryl in the eye. He laughed quietly, she wasn’t sure what at, but she didn’t ask. He pointed to the boards of wood behind him.

“Put them by the fence, make it strong or sumthin’. Come find me when ya done.” Before she could ask where he was going that prevented him from doing it himself, he was gone. Jade sighed, and began picking up one of the boards.


It was starting to go dark by the time she was finished. She stepped back, admiring her work and wiping her hands on her trousers. Jade finally decided to go and find Daryl, and ask him why he couldn’t have done that. She headed towards the cell blocks, picking a splinter from her palm. He better have a good excuse she thought, wiping the small amount of blood on the bottom of her shirt. There wasn’t many people about when she got inside, but she saw Carol with Judith outside the cells. 

“Have you seen Daryl anywhere? He made me build some bits of wood up and told me to find him after, but I can’t find him.” Carol smiled, turning her head slightly towards the cells. 

“He went in there about 10 minutes ago.” Jade nodded a thank you and headed inside. The walk down to Daryl’s cell seemed longer than it really was, and when she finally got there, she wasn’t surprised to find the curtain shut. He was always one for excessive privacy. But the sound she heard did surprise her, but not completely in a negative way. Moaning.

“Shit. Oh god, Jade.” Jade couldn’t help the smirk that began forming on her face. She moved the curtain a tiny bit, trying to peak. Daryl had his arm over his eyes, his hips slightly raised as he moved his hand up and down his dick. Jade was slightly surprised at his size. From her experience, guys who acted tough usually had little dicks. She laughed out loud before she even noticed, immediately clasping her hand over her mouth. But it was too late. Daryl had gone quite, and she heard the creak of the bed as he moved. Jade knew she should leave before he opened the curtain, but she found herself stuck in place. Not 5 seconds later, the curtain was torn from in front of her, and Daryl’s eyes were practically burning into her soul. “The fuck ya doin’?”

“I…you told me to find you when I was done. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…you know.” Jade stuttered, eyeing his features. She tried to stay calm, but she couldn’t get the image of him masturbating over her out of her mind. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch, his bulge still there. Daryl grabbed Jades face, making her look up to him.

“How much did ya see?” Jade felt her cheeks flush, her face heating up. She thought she saw a smirk on Daryl’s face, but she wasn’t sure. 

“I just, you said my name I think.” Daryl looked away. “I mean, I’m not sure. I didn’t…I’ll go. I won’t tell anyone.” She began to walk away, until she felt a hand wrap tightly around her wrist. Daryl spun her round, pulling her so close to him that she could feel his hard-on against her stomach. 

“Be sure, ya not wrong.” Jade frowned, before realising what he meant, the smirk from earlier returning. “Hey, cm’ere.” Daryl grabbed her, one hand on her lower back, the other on the back of her head. Jade closed her eyes as he moved his lips closer. “Can I?” He whispered, his voice sounding strained and quiet.

“Just fucking kiss me.” She spoke, causing a small laugh to escape Daryl’s mouth. He smashed his lips to hers, slowly walking her back into his cell. Before the curtain was even closed, Jades shirt was on the floor and Daryl’s trousers were half way down his legs. He pulled away briefly, resting his forehead against hers. 

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He gasped, pulling her jeans down and grabbing her ass. Jade didn’t even try to form words, just grabbing Daryl’s face again and frantically unbuttoning his shirt. She felt him smirk, so she grabbed his dick and palmed him through his boxers. His breath hitched, his grip on her ass tightening. Jade squealed when her back hit the bed, Daryl quick to climb on top of her. He crawled down, pulling her jeans right off and starting to kiss the inside of her thighs. She bit her lip, tangling her hands in his hair. He growled lightly, glancing up at her. She pulled him up so their faces were level, the tension evident.

“Fuck me.” Jade whispered in his ear, as seductively as she could manage. Daryl smirked at her, lining himself up. Jade closed her eyes, lifting her hips to meet his as he slowly thrusted in. Jade squeezed her eyes shut, putting her best effort into not making a sound. She opened her eyes again when Daryl moaned quietly next to her ear. He had his head buried in her neck to prevent anyone hearing them, but that didn’t stop the sound that came out of Jades mouth. Daryl smacked his hand over her mouth, both of the freezing and listening to see if anyone had heard them. “I think we’re good.” Jade whispered,  grabbing his face and kissing passionately. Daryl nodded, continuing to thrust in and out of her at an increasing pace. 

“Jade…shit. Please tell me ya close?” Daryl gasped in between thrusts and breaths. She nodded, wrapping her legs around him as his movements became sloppy. She felt the familiar tightening in her stomach, squeezing her legs to tell Daryl. He sighed, resting his forehead against hers and they both came. 

They laid there for a few minutes, Daryl still on top of her, catching their breath. It was only when Daryl made the announcement that he ‘needed to piss’ that they moved. But before he left the cell, he put a hand on either side of Jades face, a look in his eyes that she’d never seen before. 

“I have to tell ya something, so please listen.” Jade nodded. “I love ya, have for a while. I was just too scared to tell ya cause I thought I wasn’t good enough…”

“You’re more than good enough, Daryl.” Jade took a deep breath. “I love you too.” A child-like grin spread across his features, as he brought her to his chest in a hug. “But you should probably get dressed before you go wandering around the prison.” They both laughed, looking around at the mess that was their clothes. Daryl bent down to pick up his boxers, and Jade couldn’t help but admire his ass 😉

A/N - Sorry, I had to end it with the ass thing. I mean like, have you seen that ass?! We’d all look 😉😉

Imagine Jimmy cheating on you, with an old flame

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You and Jimmy sat on the bench while all the other troops celebrated, you both were extreme light weights so after one drink, you were being stupid. You watched with him and laughed, as Ethel took your drinks away, and told the others to not give ya anything more. And as you laughed at the others as they joked and performed a bit you felt it. It was light against your thigh as it settled under the turquoise fabric and tool under your skirt. You drunkenly looked to your leg and followed the arm up to the torso of the very person sitting beside you, the man who was taken by the newest member of the troop. You blushed as he squeezed lightly before leaning forward and attaching his lips to yours. After what felt like seconds he pulled away leaving you in a flustered mess before he slipped his hand away, winked at you and left the tent, his beautiful hands going into his pockets as he left. You counted to ten… and then followed. However as soon as you stepped outside he grabbed your hand and pushed you against one of the trailers, where his mouth drunkenly pressed against yours, as your hand tangled into his brown curls. 

“Jimmy.” You gasped as his lips moved to your jaw, and then your neck, and then your collarbone, your breath hitching as he did, “What about Maggie?”

“Maggie can wait.” He whispered as his hands went under your ass and pushed you up, and pushing himself between your legs, causing the skirt to push up as you wrapped your legs around him. This support allowed his hands to move to your button down and begin unbuttoning, as his lips went from your neck to the top of your breast. 

“Jimmy, let’s go in your trailer. It is closer.” you moaned as he detached from you, leaving a hickey on your breast.

He began carrying you as you leaned your head on his shoulder, leaving your own mark on his neck as you listened to his soft moans, once he kicked the door open, he ran to the bed and slammed you into the quilt, finally getting the opportunity to pop the buttons off his own shirt as you sat up to deal with his pants, his member already at full attention as they fell to the floor, once down his pushed you back down and ripped your skirt down revealing the underwear you wore. your shirt was already ripped open and your breast were hidden behind the bra you wore.

“Are you sure about this?” You asked as he put his hands on your underwear and slowly started pulling down.

“I am positive.” he whispered before tossing yours across the room, removed his own and leaned over your exposed body, and thrusted inside, earning a loud moan….

The next morning your head laid over his chest, his hands rested on your back as your own laid on his bare chest. your makeup was smeared and your clothes discarded, the sunlight beginning to stream in, and the sound of the trailer door opening and closing.You felt peaceful, until you felt the cold water hitting your sweaty skin.

“You ass!”A voice screamed, a voice you could only identify as one person.

“WHAT THE HELL MAGGIE!” you heard Jimmy yell tiredly as he shifted under you.

“I left for one day…. one day was all it took for you to sleep with this bitch!”

“Hey! [Y/N] is not a bitch, I should know seeing how she is my best friend, the only bitch here is the one who is fucking the Hollywood producer.”

“What?” She asked confused, her expression softened as he pointed at her.

“You really think I wasn’t going to figure out that you were sneaking off with Stan? Bet you are sleeping with him just hoping he will give you your own show, since that is the kind of shallow bitch you are. I don’t even understand why I am with you. Last night…. was the best sex I ever had, and she loves me. I don’t want you anymore you selfish, shallow bitch. So just get the fuck out!”

“Jimmy…” She started to plead

“I SAID OUT!” He screamed as she went running out, he let out a breath before turning back to the bed.

“Did you really need to yell at her while showing her your dick?” You chuckled as he climbed back int bed, pulling you to him as he nestled his head into your shoulder.

“I meant what I said, except I failed to tell her one thing.”

“Which was/”

“I love you, not her. She is too shady, and I feel like she only loves me for my hands, and nothing more. With you I feel like I am more then just a person with these stupid hands, I feel like a real person. I always wanted that feeling, and ever since Elsa picked you up four years ago, that is all I have had.However I was always…”

“too scared to tell me?” you whispered as he pulled back and pushed a strand of hair from your face.

“Yea. I hope this doesn’t ruin….”

“I love you too.” you gasped as he leaned in and kissed you, your hands finding his curls again as he moaned into your lips.

“Well guess I can officially call you my girl now right?” he asked after pulling back.

“Yea I guess you can.” You smiled as he settled back into your bare shoulder.

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That felt like forever ago, when in reality it only happened eight months ago, a lot had changed, you had a nice ring on your finger, it once belonged to Ethel and she passed it on to Jimmy when he expressed his desire to marry you, and you had a small bean in your body. Your stomach was barley showing under your dress. However not all the changes were good, for the troop was dropping like flies, and the most recent was the hardest. Ethel, the woman you considered an important member of your life, and the grandmother you always wanted for your child, was dead. No one took the news worse then her own son, who cried into your lap when he found out. That was days ago and now his tears had turned into drunken slurs as he turned from you to the bottle for comfort. 

You were currently standing in the tent with Eve, Penny and Paul as they practiced, your hands rested on top of the bump in your dress as you watched in the seat, a smile on your face until you heard the rather loud moan, from behind the curtain. Eve, Paul and Penny all looking towards the noise as well as you slowly pushed yourself up, and started walking onto the stage.

“I thought we were running a respectable entertainment establishment here, not a sex dungeon.” You hissed as you pushed though the curtain, and towards the sound. However when you ripped the second curtain back you stopped and stared in horror as a pale pink middle finger greeted you. He didn’t even notice your presence as he banged her back into the mirror again and again as she sat upon Ethel’s makeup station. The liquor bottle was shattered on the group and the smell made you sick. As you heard the other three come up behind you, you turned and ran from the space, and puked as soon as you reached the fresh summer air.  And then came the tears, and you went to the only place you could think of.







It felt wrong, it felt foreign, it didn’t feel like her, it felt boring and bland and stupid. But I need it, I can’t have sex with her right now, not when I made her the way she is now, and I can’t hurt my baby more then I possibly have. What if they have my hands, what if they get ridiculed like I did, or put on display. I never want that, I want my child to have a normal life, I want them to have friends and fun, be able to go out without gloves, and be viewed as more then just entertainment or a freak. 

I heard her moan, I knew I was done, and I pulled out one last time, and wiped a tear from my eyes. I turned around to see my friends staring at me with blank looks and heard the sound of heels clicking away from where we were.

“What?” I snapped as I went to push past, however Eve pushed me back.

“Penny. Get this bitch out of her.” She snapped as Penny grabbed Maggie’s hair and dragged her out of the tent.

“Hey get your hands off…”

“Now you. Sit down.” Eve instructed as I sank into my mother’s old seat.

“Jimmy, what the hell was that?” Paul asked as I rolled my eyes.

“Well Paul, that was sex, I am sure you and Penny have it.” I snapped

“Yea well not with other people.” He snapped back.

“What does it matter it isn’t like…”

“She saw what you were doing and just ran out of here and puked at the sight.” Paul finished my sentence as Eve crossed her arms.

“No.” I realized as my eyes widened.

“Yes Jimmy. The mother of your child, the person who has stood by you though all of this, who loves you more then anything, just saw you having sex with the woman you cheated on with her.” I put my head into my hands as I sighed.

“You messed up mate, why did ya do it?”

“Because….” I sighed as I looked at the smashed bottle, “I was drunk, and I needed some way to relieve some stress. I can’t have sex with [y/n], not after I already ruined her life and the life of her unborn child.”

“And how do you figure that? Because I know for a fact that [Y/N] loves you more then anything, and she is over the moon that you are engaged and about to be parents. She just wants you.” Paul answered as my eyes watered.

“Because I am nothing more then a freak, and I am sure that any child of mine will be viewed just the same. I have ruined that kid’s life, and it isn’t even born yet.”

“James Darling, that has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” Eve snapped, “You have no ruined anyone’s life. Just because you are a freak doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, or don’t deserve to be truly happy. The fact that you even had sex with that thing again isn’t even as awful as what just left your mouth. Now I suggest you find your fiancee and apologize.” Eve instructed as she pointed toward the flaps of the tent, where [y/n] left from.

I slowly stood up and pushed between the two, as I started towards the flap, realizing what mistake I made. I loved [y/n], I always have. That night I drunkenly had sex with her, and then later revealed my true feelings, was the greatest night of my life. She has done nothing but right with me, and shown me nothing but love, and this is how I repaid her. She has made my greatest dreams come true, she loved me for who I am, and is willing to have a family with me, and this is how I repaid her. I burst into the sunlight as I looked to the left and right, seeing her no where. When I looked down, I saw her shoes thrown beside a pile of bile. I looked up again in a panic, not knowing where she would have gone. I started towards the trailer we shared since the day we made it official, and she wasn’t there, went to her old trailer, and she wasn’t there, went to Ma’s old trailer, and she wasn’t there. I ran around the whole camp and couldn’t find her.

Instead I found Maggie, who was smoking on the black horse of the carousel. She smiled at me as I walked towards her, “Maggie, have you seen [Y/N]?” I asked as she took a drag.

“Oh you mean your soon to be ex? No.” She smiling as I glared at her.

“Listen Maggie, I am sorry that I slept with you and have given you some form of false hope but I have no intention on leaving my fiancee and unborn child for you. What we just did was a stupid drunken mistake and I…”

“I know you have no intention, but do you really think someone like her would want to stay with a freak like you? Trust me honey, she has probably skipped town already, leaving me as your best bet toward love.”

“You are nothing but a stupid, fake, bitch Maggie.” I hissed as I started back towards camp, leaving her to smoke alone, with a smug look on her face.

“Sounds like something Ethel would say!” She screamed behind me…. and then it clicked. 

I went in a sprint towards the woods on the other side of the lake. As I ran I thought of my apology, but all those thoughts left me as I got closer, and saw her outline by the small, white cross covered with flowers. Her back was to me, her legs pulled to her side, as she leaned on her right arm, her hair fell across her back as she possibly played with the hem of her skirt. As I slowly walked closer I could hear her teary voice in the silence as she looked at the grave.

“…I just can’t figure out what to say, leaving is not an option to me. I love him too much to just pack up everything and skip town, and I can’t do that to my baby. I know how Jimmy felt growing up without a father, and I will not let my baby feel that way. I just am scared Ethel. What if it is like the last time he did this? What if he leaves me for her? I just…. I love him.” She chocked out as I stepped closer.

“I love you too.” I whispered, her body stiffened at the sound, “I always used to tell Ma about how much I loved ya. I never wanted you to feel like you had to leave, and I know if Ma was here she would be kicking my ass for makin’ ya feel this way.” I took a step closer and slow sank next to her. Her body shifted to lean into me, her head resting on my shoulder as I wrapped an arm around her, “I’m so sorry for this, I just was so angry about all of this, and the booze just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I just need you, all of you, but I can’t ask you to risk it. So I made a drunken mistake and I never want to make it again. Maggie ain’t no you, and you are what I need.”

“So she was just meant for meaningless sex?”


“And you no longer love her?”

“I only love you.”

“And you aren’t leaving?”

“No, I would never leave you for her. I will never regret cheating on her with you, I will never regret loving you, or asking you to marry me, or agreeing to start a family with me. I will never jeopardize you or my baby again.”

“You promise?” She whispered with tears filling as I pulled her face to mine and gently kissed her nose.

“I promise.”

“Then lets go home.” She whispered as she softly smiled. 

I slowly got up, and took her hands in mine as I gently pulled her up. We walked back hand in hand, and I made a promise to my mother right there at my mother’s grave, that I would make her dream for me a reality.

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musicaltheatrenerd525600  asked:

Hey, this is for the ask meme "fact about yourself based on a word" thing: theatre!

Wow, I hate theatre so much. Why would you put this in my ask box.

Okay, so I could ramble about my personal experiences with theatre, but I think I would rather just mention some of my favorite things about theatre instead.

  • I love being at the theater until 2 am during tech week and being the one to turn off the lights in the dressing room.
  • I love dancing, even if I’m not the best.
  • I love wearing leggings and a baggy t-shirt on show days because I don’t have to worry about looking cute.
  • I love singing show tunes in the dressing room as we get ready.
  • I love leaving myself behind when I step out on stage.
  • I love the ten seconds between curtain speeches, when the lights are dimming and everyone is so nervous they can barely breathe, but also incredibly excited.
  • I love how even if you find someone in the cast or on the crew super annoying or rude, if someone were to insult their performance unjustly, you’d be willing to fight.
  • I love two show days and going and getting lunch with castmates, or staying in and ordering yummy food. 
  • I love putting on a costume for the first time and really and truly feeling like your character.
  • I love absolutely nailing a song and feeling invincible.
  • I love, love, love theatre.
Spotlight Shining

Nonnie prompted famous Klaine, where Blaine’s a singer/songwriter and Kurt’s a fashion designer. Their fans always freak out when they’re seen together.
Note: I tweaked it a little. Their relationship is kept as a secret first because speculating fans are the most fun to write. Song used is All About Us by He is We. AO3
Warning: Fangirls swear here, much like we do on tumblr, but just a tiny bit.

Kurt stood in front of the mirror in his room, putting on the finishing touches on his outfit. Being the owner and fashion designer of Hummel’s Designs meant that everywhere he went, paparazzi would be snapping pictures of him and he had a reputation to uphold. He checked himself over, gave himself a spin and nodded to himself, unlocking his phone to see a text from Blaine.

Hey there, sweetie. Headed to hair and makeup now and as usual I reserved a seat for you in the front row. Can’t wait to see you! xoxo, B

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Keep Me on My Feet

I started writing this for jilytober last year, and I’ve finally picked it up again. An ‘if they lived’ au. 

AO3    FF.Net

Lily fights tooth and nail when Dumbledore tells them. It’s the safest place, he says. No one would expect you to be there. 

They go. Because they’re scared, because of the sleeping child in James’ arms, because they have nowhere else to turn.

The Dursleys are just as pleased as the Potters when the latter show up at their door step. Vernon’s face turns a ghastly shade of red, and James almost laughs out loud. 

“What are you doing here?” Vernon spits out, his words like poison. He looks around as he says it, as if afraid someone will see the family and know they are not ‘normal’. 

“We had no where else to go,” Lily says, a wiggling Harry in her arms. “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t necessary. Please, just let us in, we’ll explain.”

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#164: You Crawl Into The Wrong Bunk


So this preference was suggested by @cliffordfam! I thought it was genious the second I saw it so I just had to write it :-D I’m blind as fuck so I can honestly imagine myself do this if I were on tour with the boys :-)

Find my Masterlist here // Read The Math Teacher here


With a yawn escaping past your lips and your eyes squeezing tight by your action, you tried to adjust to the turned off lights in the tour bus. You and Michael were the only one left awake, the other boys having clear ease with falling asleep despite the new arrived jetlag. But with Michael’s skills of staying up to the sunset you couldn’t manage to keep your eyes open any longer. Using your hand as your only sense you clapped around until you found the lowest bunk, and moved down to take a seat on it. You took off your pants and left yourself in Luke’s shirt, moving under the duvet and smiled softly by his warm bare back facing you. Though when he turned around confused and you were met by Asthon’s face a squeal left past your lips shocked. “Hi Y/N?” He grinned amused and you were so shocked you fell backwards, your body crashing onto the floor outside the bunks. At least his bunk was closest to the floor. “Wrong bunk?” He questioned and stuck his head out of the curtain. You nodded your head agreeing, pants coming from your lips by your shocked state. “That one,” Ashton pointed towards the other side, “Is Luke’s bunk.” He added. You nodded your head agreeing with a laugh, your cheeks blushing in a deep shade of red before you removed Luke’s curtain and crawled into his bunk.


Stressing around with your suitcase you tried your best to make the things organized. This was the first day on tour and you needed to pack out everything, preparing for the many more days to come inside this crowded bus. Calum and the boys had already crawled to bed, being so used to this and faster at packing their stuff out. You, on the other hand, were determined to make things organized rather than your lazy boyfriend simply throwing all of his stuff into one messy pile in the closet. It was a satisfied smile that came to your lips when the last piece of clothing was folded out and you backed away from the back area to get into the bunks. Silence was clear so you tried your best not to make any sounds while you crawled into what you assumed to be Calum’s bunk. Though your eyes widened when the guy next to you didn’t have the usual dark curly locks, the sight of blond strikes making your jaw drop. “Y/N, what a pleasant sight.” Michael grinned and turned around while stretching his arms. “Wait, you’re in Michael’s bunk?” Calum asked from below, clearly not sleeping either. “Cal?” You asked confused, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks while winking over at you. You moved your body so your face was facing downwards, removed the curtain on the bunk below Michael’s to see Calum with a confused expression. “I uh, I thought this was your bunk.” You grinned and even if his confused expression turned into a huge laughter by your small failure.


It was a mix of drunken slurs and giggles that filled the tour bus the second you stepped inside. Your arms were wrapped around Michael’s tiredly while the others were in front, already by the bunks and crawling inside. The night had been a blast, you guys heading out for beers at the current place you were visiting on the tour. But one turned into many and now you could barely register what was going on around you. “I need to pee. Just head for bed already.” He mumbled into your hair and let go of you to head outside, already knowing that Ash was using the toilet on the bus. You nodded your head agreeing and slurred towards the bunks, expecting Michael’s bunk to be on the top. Though when you crawled inside and were met by Calum’s face, your eyebrows furrowed and your jaw fell slightly. “Well this isn’t Michael’s bunk.” You commented with wide eyes, and Calum nodded his head agreeing and rested his chin on the palm of his hand. “No his is on the other side below Luke’s.” He grinned and couldn’t stop laughing by your puzzled drunken face expression. “How many times is it this week?” He questioned while you crawled out and in the second you did Michael came back from peeing. “You crawled into his bunk again?” he questioned in a laugh and you rolled your eyes drunkenly before crawling into the right bunk, “At least I had a right excuse this time.”


With a toothbrush in your mouth and your hair tied up in a bun you walked around the hallway mindlessly, hearing the soft chats from the boys in their bunks. Bed time was near, the boys were exhausted after the show and it was safe to say it was going to be one of those tired nights. “Y/N, are you coming?” Ashton asked faint from his bunt waiting impatiently for you. You hummed lightly against the toothbrush before heading back to the bathroom to clean your mouth. Wiping off the excess water you yawned silently and crawled into what you had thought to be Ashtons’ bunk. “Luke?” You questioned confused with blushing cheeks, seeing the blond boy stare at you while having his phone in his hand. “Hey you. Welcome to the shitbag bunk.” He giggled slightly and sat up, his eyebrows furrowing but regardless he was amused by your shocked face. “Wrong bunk.” You mumbled slightly, ready to crawl out of it again but Luke stopped you and wrapped his arms around you. “Ash I’ve stolen your girlfriend.” He yelled with laughter, “She chose my bunk over yours. Seems like this bunk isn’t as shit as you’ve claimed it to be.” Seconds later the curtain was ripped open in Luke’s bunk, Ashton standing with tired eyes and only wearing a pair of boxers. “Do I need a name sign too or what?” He asked and scooped you out easily, placing you in the right bunk with a satisfied smile on his face.

So today I had the extreme honor of seeing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Live Stage Project, featuring original game voice actor Mitsuaki Madono reprising his role as Adachi.

I was unsure about attending in cosplay, as it was my first major fandom event in Japan. However, I did eventually choose to go in the femme!Adachi cosplay I recently designed (as the skirt /tights is a lot more suited to Tokyo in July than the full suit of my standard Adachi outfit). My friend also cosplayed as Human Teddie and we got a lot of compliments from fans before the show started. I was wearing a caution tape hair bow and belt which many people found very creative.

The show itself was amazing. Madono was perfect, he had such great stage chemistry with the actors playing Sho and Yu and even included some (probably ad-libbed) flirty moments like making kissy faces at Yu during their fight scene. All of the other actors were also amazing - especially those who had to play both normal and Shadow versions of their character.

Anyway, during the first curtain call, the house lights were up and my friend claimed that Madono had pointed and smiled at me. (We were seated in the second row, easily visible from the stage.) I didn’t notice because I was focusing on the….interesting….dance Sho and Kanji were doing.

The cast came out again for a second curtain call, and this time Madono had a big plastic Junes bag with him.

He walked off the stage and into the audience.

Walked STRAIGHT to where I was sitting.

Took me by the hand and raised me from my seat, while spotlights zeroed in on the both of us.

Took a large autographed sign out of the bag and handed it to me.

I was in shock. I remember bowing to him probably too many times, unable to communicate how grateful and thankful I was to him. When I sat down and he returned to the stage to finish the bows, I started crying happy tears.

After the show, many other fans came up to me asking to take pictures of it, to touch it or to touch my hand that had held his. At one point I stood in a circle of applauding Persona fans, repeatedly going “congratulations” and “Adachi-san, Adachi-san,” several of which were also happy crying.

I’ve only been in the Persona fandom for a little over a year, but it’s already been such an amazing experience - making new friends, getting back into writing fanfic and now getting to meet my favorite voice actor.

I’ve never been happier or prouder to be an Adachi fan than I am today.

THE PREDATOR Chapter 14 [ Olicity | Mob AU ]

Summary :  Oliver Queen is the one anomaly in the Chicago Outfit. He is the only non-blooded member to be a part of the high circle in the family. His reputation precedes him and he is their best hunter.
Felicity Smoak, daughter of the Starling boss, infiltrates his house, intent on killing him.
But a startling encounter tips the scales. He goes on the prowl and she escapes. Hate, heat, and friction. Sparks. But something bigger is happening in their world. And despite their disagreements, only they can fight it down. Mob AU. Not Bratva. Enemies-lovers.


It was already getting darker outside, the sun fading away to give room to the moon, the air chilly as she crossed the lot to the main door, shivers racing down her spine, not entirely due to the cold.

The guard looked up as she approached, eyeing her in a way that was all too familiar, thanks to her father and his choice of dinner companions, and it was exactly what she needed at the moment. Her spine straightened, her teeth gritting as she passed the guard by, wishing for the hundredth time she’d had her gun instead of the small butterfly knife in her bra.

Clenching her jaw, she cleared her mind of everything but getting to the backroom, so she could spy in peace, and entered the casino. Bright lights and a plethora of colors assaulted her eyelids, the sound of music and laughter drifting about everywhere, along with the voices of the dealers and the machines pinging.

Felicity stood still for a moment, fisting her hands beside her, taking it all in. She wasn’t used to such crowds, and her experiences with such large number of people had not always been the best. No. She preferred her computer and her solitude, maybe a few people.

The dinner with Dante and Amara and Oliver Queen at the penthouse had been nice, a voice whispered inside her. Awkward but nice.

Felicity hushed the voice, not willing to hear whatever it had to say, shaking off her musings and started walking towards the back of the huge area. The closer she got, the more clearly she could see a narrow corridor of some kind, with a single curtain at the end.

Assuming it was the room the man had referred to, Felicity looked around to make sure  she wasn’t being watched, then made her way to the corridor. Once safely there, she stood at the curtain, trying to listen hard for any sounds, but heard nothing. Hesitating for a second, she pulled the curtain away slightly, peeking around it, and saw a simple wooden door with a keypad on the side.


Stepping into the small area, she pulled the curtain back in place, concealing her from everyone outside, and checked the keypad out. She knew her father’s security, having installed a lot of it herself. She knew if she cracked the lock, there won’t be any alarms of any kind. And the keypad was complex, but not uncrackable, not for her at least.

Pulling her lip under her teeth, Felicity concentrated completely on the lock, undoing it in a matter of seconds.

The minute the lock opened, a hand grabbed her roughly from the back.

Felicity’s hand instantly went to the knife she’d hidden but a gun pressed into her ribs, stilling her.

She turned slowly, looking at an older man a few inches taller than her, his face cruel and harsh, especially under the dim lighting by the curtain.

“What are you doing here?” the man demanded, his hand shaking her in a way she knew would leave bruises.

Felicity opened her mouth to make up an excuse when the man’s eyes fell on the opened lock. Shit.

“Well, well,” he looked at her with interest. “You want to get inside, little girl? Then, let’s get inside.”

Shoving her hard through the door, he pressed the gun into her side, ordering her to move.

Felicity didn’t try struggling.

In a place like this, she knew it would be futile, that she’d have her own knife in her back before she’d even turned around properly. Being smart about this was the only to way to make it through.


The dark room in the back of the casino was lit up with multi colored lights that should have made it look cheap and flashy but had the opposite effect instead. Unlike the outside, there were no female servers in there. That was the first thing Felicity noticed. No women at all, and that told her something very important - whatever was going on here was highly private and highly important. It was only under those circumstances that women servers were refused at a gathering.

Okay, then.

Felicity let her eyes take it all in. There was a huge round table in the center of the room, with dangerous looking men siting around it with a single gun smack in the middle of the table, within the reach of each and every man.

And seated right across from the entrance, facing the door and every other person in the room, sat Oliver Queen.



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