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It took waaay to long for me to finally do this request I am sorry…

Welp, here you go. The strangest circus in your life.
1. The mighty magician Ghetsis, his pretty assistant Colress and their victim sideshow N (who actually does all job alone, escaping the trap box within 20 seconds behind the curtains, while Ghetsis is doing his “magical” moves)
2. Cyrus is a mix of a acrobat, a balancer and a juggler. His shows always take place at high altitude and always are space-themed. They look pretty stunning tho.
3. Maxie is a walking volcano in tights, a fire breather. He is always super serious during his shows and thinks he looks pretty cool breathing fire. Hovewer after shows Archie barely kisses him.
4. Pretty obvious, I think. Archie works with sea creatures as a trainer and he loves them all really much. He named on of his seal as “Maxie” and that drives insane the real one Maxie.
5. Again, pretty obvious. Lysandre is a rich and cool lion trainer. He is also sponsoring the circus (I don’t know why is he doing that seriously). He also loves to talk with a cute french vet who works with his lions. 
6. Just no comments.


moments ♥ twenty-second

The anime finally closes it curtains. The second season is on 2016–still too far :/   But let’s drift away from the angst www KaruNagi in this episode is—what the hell why do we have a fckn confession scene ohmyghad and Nagisa looks like he has boobs ohmyholymacarons, wth anime staffs wwww ♥

AND KARMA, OUR LITTLE DELINQUENT. his expressions killed me too many times. Each facial responses he makes to Nagisa’s pain and badassness–I CANT EVEN PROPERLY DESCRIBE MY FEELS DAMMIT. I am too proud of my precious pair ♥

*embraces both Karma and Nagisa as well as the whole cast* SEE YOU NEXT SEASON, GUYS. I thank you from the depths of my heart for allowing me to join your fandom. Stay Badasses!



okay so now that we know Kara’s big Childhood Movie was The Wizard of Oz, there’s no way that she and Alex haven’t seen Wicked. They both cried. Multiple times. (Heck, they’ve probably been multiple times. At least one of them being before Kara became Supergirl.)

Kara always cries big time at Defying Gravity, both pre-and post-becoming Supergirl. Pre- because of the whole ‘holding her powers inside and trying to be normal’ is, well, a bit draining at times, and post- because, yes, that’s what it felt like, she had to try because she had to save Alex and that’s what Elphaba is doing and, yeah she always cries for, like, fifteen seconds after the curtain goes down.

Supergirl has been caught on film floating a few feet off the ground and singing a bit of Defying Gravity to a girl wearing a Wicked shirt. (The girl asked, and how could she refuse?)


SC Johnson Wax Administration building
Racine, Wisconsin, United States of America; 1936-38

Frank Lloyd Wright
(photography by Planet News Limited)

“It is like a woman swimming naked in a stream. Cool, gliding, musical in movement and in manner.” Life magazine, 1938.

«The structure of the new laboratory, awaiting its glass sheath. The horizontal tubing form both wall and window between the brick walling of the wider, square floors. The intermediate circular floors are free balconies within this outer curtain (second image); The board sheeting which entirely enclosed the building during construction, making it possible to continue concreting throughout the winter (third image).»

see map

via “Concrete Quarterly, 10” (Spring, 1951)

Original Imagine: Imagine having shower sex with Chris

Author: Grace

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1070  

Warnings: abuse (kind of), smut, language, 

A/N: First try at smut writing, not sure if it’s good or not :/ love this blog by the way!

Ever so slowly you turn on the tap and the water begins to fly out. As it heats up you swiftly undress yourself, ridding your bruised and battered body of the sticky clothes that lay upon them. Once you see the steam emerging from behind the curtain, within seconds you’re underneath the perfectly heated water, scraping the dried blood from your body.
It’s been going on for about half a year now. The abuse. It all started after your mother left, your father took it out on you; he had no one else to take it out on anyway. First it was chores, always having to clean and cook, but then he started on the drink and it became physical.
Your friends don’t know, apart from your boy– just friend Chris. You don’t really know what the two of your are. Definitely friends, who have kissed and… done other stuff. But you’ve never been good at talking to people.
You tend to zone out when you get in the shower so when pressure it applied to you shoulder a shudder of fear runs through you,
“It’s only me.” they whisper, running their hands along your back,

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How I want season 4 to open

My muse wanted this in script form but I have no idea how to do that so this will have to do.

Scene opens with a sweeping view of an unknown beach, panning over the ocean toward a simple looking villa tucked inside a cove. The water is clear, the sand is white, and the pale light of dawn peeks over the horizon. The view pans toward a window on the second floor, through billowing curtains, toward an arm hanging off the side of the bed, peeking out from underneath a plush white comforter. The well manicured nails are painted red.

Something vibrates on the nightstand, but the hand doesn’t move. It vibrates a second time, and then–

Another arm appears, one more muscular and obviously masculine, reaching across to silence the phone buzzing on the nightstand. The view pans up above the bed to find Oliver spooning Felicity.

Swallow Your Sleep | Chapter 1

Summary: Sakura knew that planning to kill a Kage wouldn’t be easy, so abandoning her life was a price she was willing to pay to get the job done. But becoming a pawn in a game she wasn’t ready to play had never been part of the plan. “You’ve always been so foolish, Sakura.” Rated M for future content. SasuSaku.

A/N: Here we go. An hour earlier than I planned on posting it. First chapter of my newest multichaptered SS fanfiction. I’ll be aiming to post a new chapter every two weeks, so the next one will be out around the weekend of September 4th. Hope you enjoy.

Green eyes assessed the room, studying its contents carefully, trying to make everything look the way it was supposed to: neat, orderly, with dirty laundry still in the basket in the corner of the room.

Her focus remained on her windows for a few longs seconds, staring at the curtains that she kept tightly shut. She knew that at one point over the past hour, an ANBU had passed by, carefully studying the houses, perhaps peeing into the windows, to make sure that everything was the way it should be.

Of course, if it had been a Hyuuga, she would’ve been found out already; her suspicious behavior certainly would’ve caused alarm and Hokage-sama would’ve been alerted right away.

But she had to make sure that nothing looked out of place. So when she left her bedroom, her normal clothes on and her old, worn, backpack thrown over her shoulder, she knew it looked like she was simply going into the hospital for a late shift.

That’s what she’d told her parents at least.

Her stomach churned when she thought of them. Their last conversation that had taken place at dinner that very night could very well be the last time she ever spoke with either of them. Now, they lay sleeping in their bed in the room across from hers.

She would’ve never been able to tell them anything, or to even hint to them that something was awry or that she’d be going somewhere. If she’d wanted them to live, they’d have to remain entirely oblivious and ignorant to what she was planning.

She didn’t want anyone else she loved killed.

Walking down the streets of Konoha, she quickly—but not fast enough to arise suspicion—made a bee-line for the main gates. Praying silently, luck finally came through for her when she didn’t see a single familiar face the entire walk. With the gates in clear view, she knew it would only be a matter of minutes before she was out of the village and running far, far away.

Stopping before the front gates she politely smiled to the ninja sitting behind the desk off beside the road. He had a vaguely recognizable face; she could remember he was somewhat new, older than her by possibly ten years, and his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes almost reminded her of Naruto. For the life of her Sakura couldn’t remember his name, but she greeted him politely anyways before approaching and informing him that she’d be back by sunrise—right after she knew his shift ended and someone else would take his place—and that she was just going to the gardens Konoha had that were located several miles east of the village, to retrieve some herbs.

He smiled right back at her, showing off the gap where a front tooth was clearly missing, before nodding and waving her off, after jotting a few notes down on a clipboard.

Yet before she could even turn away from him, breaking eye contact, she felt a presence immediately to her left. From the look on the ninja’s face in front of her, she knew it was an ANBU. Her stomach churned once more as she recognized the look on the man’s face as panic; fear.

“Pass please.” The ANBU ordered in a stern, almost-nasally voice. Sakura frowned as the strange voice fell on her ears; of course she wouldn’t recognize his voice. She’d never been in contact with a majority of any of the root agents, with the obvious exception of Sai and the ANBU that now kept guard at the front of the hospital during the day time.

With compliance, she turned and handed the guard her perfectly-formulated excuse in the form of a small, yellow slip of paper.

“I’m going to the hospital’s gardens. The ones east of the village. I should be back soon, I need to pick up herbs for my medical salves.” She tapped her foot impatiently. “I have patients waiting that could have used some of this stuff days ago,” she did nothing to hide the annoyance in her voice, implying that it was due to the new, near-constant ANBU patrol and their need to stop and check-in with the ninja that roamed the village. ‘For security purposes’, they would also say, but Sakura knew better than that.

Hokage-sama didn’t trust a single ninja who had worked under the Godaime.

Sakura knew this wasn’t a random stop though; with her proximity to Tsunade, it made her a prime candidate to being tailed nearly day in and day out.

“It’s past curfew,” the ANBU informed her, handing her back the slip of paper.

Sakura rolled her eyes clearly, knowing that he’d see, and pocketed the pass. “Hence why I have special permission to leave the village,” she said it clearly, as if an idiot could’ve figured that out. “The hospital never closes, and my shifts never really end. That’s what happens when you’re a medic. Now,” she made a move to step around him, “if you’ll excuse me…”

But as he blocked her path again, she halted, looking up at the mouse mask he hid his face with and managing a half-hearted glare.

He didn’t say anything, he simply studied her, eyeing her up and down and even leaning towards her, only to loom over her for a few long seconds as he appeared to study the top of her head.

“Are you done?”

The man remained silent but eventually it was clear that his urge to end their exchange overpowered his need to stay and question her further. Instead of stepping aside, he became a blur as he launched himself upward and into the trees, disappearing into the night.

Sakura didn’t even look back toward the ninja at the desk before she briskly walked away, through the gates, and away from the village.

As soon as the gates were out of sight, she began to run. And as she picked up speed she worked hard to keep her emotions—and ultimately her chakra signature—in check and under control. The last thing she needed was for an ANBU to leave the village and chase her down due to something as suspicious as that.

And when she was absolutely certain that she wasn’t being tailed, she paused, turned West, and took off, sprinting through the trees as fast as her legs could carry her.

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anxiety isnt cute. its opening the shower curtain every second to check that the doors still locked. its gathering the courage for three hours to tell someone you like their shirt just to back out last minute. its suddenly not being able to breath when you walk into a store. its trying not to fall asleep in math class because you were up until 4 glancing at your window in case theres a face there. its wishing you were dead because five years and thirteen days ago you tripped up the stairs at school. anxiety sucks ass, so why are you all romanticizing it?


The most UNREAL day just took place.
First, let’s start with WEDNESDAY 5/27/15
When avabomm won meet and greet from 95.5 and we absolutely sobbed for hours. Words cannot explain the feeling after trying desperately to win and then hearing your best friend on the radio, SOBBING, after winning this amazing gift.

So today, we got to meet our idol TAYLOR SWIFT. We were both so unbelievably nervous to meet her. I could see her for a split second when the curtain opened and I was in disbelief. This was the amazing human being who has helped me through so many things, and CONTINUES to inspire me daily with her strength, fearlessness, and absolute pride in who she is. I couldn’t believe I was in a room with her and was about to MEET her. I could hear her talking to fans she recognized from online and I couldn’t help but wish that was me. So, Ava and I enter the small room and hug her and she is absolutely BREATHTAKING. Like, hands down, the most GORGEOUS human I’ve ever interacted with. We thanked her for her music and helping us without even knowing it. I thanked her for her existence, it was casual😂 Suddenly, she looked at me and said I’ve seen your face before, where have I seen your face? My body actually shut down in this moment because how could TAYLOR SWIFT recognize my face out of the millions she has seen. It was unreal. I can’t believe that her endlessly talented and incredible brain recognized me. It was unreal. Back when she was posting 1989 pictures of fans, I made a separate IG account just flooded of my 1989 pics. I’m guessing this is how she saw my face through one of the hashtags. So we tell her we love her and she says it back and it was the craziest couple minutes of my life. She makes everything so comfortable, it’s like you are already friends.
So THEN I’m standing in line for merch and I check tumblr because I’m feeling hopeful and SHE FOLLOWED ME. the queen. And liked my post ??? the QUEEN. I feel endlessly grateful about this situation and I know how rare it is so I just have endless appreciation.

I wanted to write this all down while it was fresh. I’m so unbelievably happy. Thank you so much Taylor. Honestly.


Love & Rockets #49 (November 1995), Part 11

Could all of this linear order be a way of anchoring or securing Maggie as she goes through the endless chaotic events that make up her existence? Or are they meant to contrast the human figure with the flat surfaces and fixed angles of the world around us?

No idea.

Each of the above panels looks like a geometry lesson to me, the arrangement of the lines is so powerful. 

The third one reminds me of that one scene in The Shining, except a lot less creepy.

Two also’s:

First, the rear wall of the shower seems slightly tilted so that the tiles on the right are higher. Is that because the shower’s not a perfect cube (or whatever a three dimensional shape with unequal sides would be called) or because the viewer is situated at a less than central point? We do seem to be closer to the shower head than the sink.

Second, no shower curtain?

Magnificent anyway.