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Week 43. Blessing your dashboard with some lavender aesthetics and my spread for this week

First, this is my first time trying to write a “paragraph” entry and I think I should continue doing it. Second, our “midterm break” started this Thursday so this week hasn’t been really productive but I’m forgiving myself; After all, it is my 17th birthday on the 31st.

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Babysitter And I

Characters: Jungkook X You
Genre: college!bts AU, fluff
Word Count: 4805
Song of the Day: Love & Pop - For You

A/N: i.. don’t.. know.. where.. this.. came.. from lol started as a crack kinda but it ended up less of a crack than i thought it would be, then paired with a dramatic title and, voila!

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Where college students often made use of this time to catch up with pending assignments or earn some pocket money, Jungkook just had to catch a cold during his precious second week of semester break; and being a part-time barista had meant that the job wouldn’t risk a sick kid ruining their daily revenue when he can barely taste the difference between a roasted coffee bean and an uncooked chickpea, which had meant Jungkook was left with no choice but to idle at home till the very day he properly recovers from the cold.

Though currently gig-less by unfortunate circumstances, his week hadn’t been too bad. He needed the rest, from both earning money and just general responsibilities as an undergraduate; it’d been a while since he could stay in bed for one whole day without the fear of missing a class or running late for his shift. He was getting bored of binge-watching midnight Netflix, though; all his housemates were gone for the week for hell-knows-what with their constant crazy weekend getaways.

But then, there was a knock on the door; a polite one, it couldn’t have been the guys then.

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              The scene unfolding before her very eyes was tragic. A couple breaking into an overly loud argument in the middle of the small restaurant without an ounce of compassion for the people around them trying to enjoy the usual quiet of the place, including herself. “I don’t mean to be a gossip but this has to be the second time I’ve witnessed this pair break into an argument – last week at the grocery store.” Mathilde knows the solution is simple as she saw a waitress approach them and ask them to kindly take it outside. “Pity, don’t you think?”

yoi bluray/dvd sales broke 60k in the second week we doing so good like literally breaking records. so proud. so in love. making history. *sheds a tear*

season 2

fake ah crew ryan finally starting to take murder breaks seriously, but realizing somewhere around the second or third week that the thing about murder is that it’s a really, really great stress reliever

and so suddenly he’s got a lot of stress that he has no outlet for, and he’s on the verge of punching people, like, all the time and gavin practically breaks the sound barrier trying to get away from him every time he walks into a room

and then one day geoff’s alone in his penthouse and there’s this loud, insistent knocking, and he pulls the door open and ryan blows past him without even saying hello, and geoff is like, “um.”

and ryan growls go away and shuts himself into the kitchen (”you know this is my house, right?” geoff says, bewildered and a little insulted.)

and then he hears horrifying crashing noises coming from the kitchen and he’s like, nope, i’m out, i’m gone, i don’t know what he’s doing in there but i’m not sticking around to find out

and four hours later he comes back and cautiously heads for the kitchen—and there’s ryan, absolutely surrounded by baked goods, like literally every surface is covered with brownies and cookies and cakes and scones and there’s flour and eggshells everywhere and ryan’s sort of staring at the delicious carnage like he’s not entirely sure how it happened

“so,” geoff says, unable to decide whether to be amused or deeply, deeply unsettled, “you’re a…stress baker.”

and of course ryan’s like no absolutely not this was clearly the work of baking gremlins— well okay maybe i had something to do with it— well okay maybe i have a problem, shut up, stop laughing, tell no one, tell no one

29.03.2016 || Studying in France. I’ve had a really hard time getting started for my upcoming exams in May, but I’m getting there. I’ve accepted that the conditions aren’t perfect here to study and that I’ll probably get less done than I had hoped. But that’s okay. I’ll do my best and
If this week realllyyyy sucks, there’s still a second week of Easter Break to study my ass off. Hope your week is going better than mine! Happy studying everyone! ✨🖇

The Final Experiment Chapter 1: Just An Average Day (Reader, Nick Fury)

Summary: It’s just an ordinary school day for Kaitlynn Grace until a mysterious agent shows up with an unusual offer for her.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,218

A/N: This is going to feature an OC that I made, just because it’s easier, but because it’s in first person it can be read as a reader insert so I’m going to continue to title it like that. But, if someone wants me to write something with an actual reader insert, just give me a scenario and a character. Thanks! *takes a deep breath* Okay… here we go…

My name is Kaitlynn Marie Grace. I’m 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. My life was pretty average. I’d wake up, follow the morning routine, and then mom would drive me to school. Well, let me rephrase that… I wasn’t quite back into the routine. But give me a break, it was only the first day of the second week of school. Ugh. I hate Mondays.

So I dragged myself through the doors of what would be the prison of my mind for the next nine months, hoping that I could survive the day without the urge to murder someone. I got my things out of my locker without much conversation. After all, I didn’t really have any friends. I was an awkward intellect, smart enough to think that a B- was a bad grade in any subject. I was shy and quite  a daydreamer, easily distracted and most definitely an anomaly.

But more about me later. I went on to my first class. Biology, first thing in the morning. Lucky me. After enduring almost an hour of hearing Mrs. Updike drone on about the mitochondria and countless rabbit trails, the bell mercifully dismissed us. And on I went, passing through my other classes in much the same way.

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Splatoon : First Match! - Page 1

We reached the first comic milestone on my patreon, which means regular comic updates! We start with Splatoon! Next week, I update other comic, another after that and then we come back to Splatoon. So there is one update for each comic after three weeks but if we break the second milestone, there will be two updates per week!… but, that is then and if. Now, Saturday will be the comic day.

“First Match! Splat Jam vs Vitamin INK ” happens a few months after events of “Heroes of Inkopolis”. It’s the first day of turf war league and Team Splat Jam is about to battle against Team Vitamin INK. Who will win this one?

Seventeen Reactions

“Seventeen hyung line reaction to their s/o being very frail and get’s hurt easily (like physically, but not on purpose)”

Seungcheol: You have nothing to worry about with him, his dad would come out and he would keep a close eye on you all the time. “What out for that babe! That was close aren’t you lucky I was here *gif*”

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Jeonghan: “I know you get hurt easily baby! Why do you think I carry bandages? Im always prepared”

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Joshua: He would pretend to flex his arms a little, making you giggle at him “don’t worry babe I’ll protect you from getting hurt”

Jun: Jun would watch you hit your knee and automatically cringe at the bruise that formed. He’d rush to you, “baby you need to be more careful you know how easily you get hurt”

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Hoshi: You were both practicing for a dance when you rolled your ankle “babe! This is the second time this week, maybe you need a break”

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Wonwoo: At first he would always giggle a bit at all the bruises you have but after a while he’d be really concerned “is there anything you could eat to help build up and prevent being so frail?”

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Woozi: He would try his best to make sure you didn’t get hurt, he would watch after you closely holding your arm to prevent you from falling.

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Sketch dump 3/27

I make a blog and instantly get overwhelmed with sickness and other unfortunate accidents that take time away from it.

These sketches are a promise to myself to come back and make something more complete. Time to improve some clean lineart/expression!

Also bless the wizard job, the robe looks so comfy

Vampire AU

“Am I just your child? Or am I something more?” She shrieked, slamming her fist into a table in frustration. It squealed and broke in half. For a second she felt bad about breaking it but it was quickly looked over. Week after week her master tempted her with quick teasing touches that left her dizzy and wanting more. She had tried to bring it up before but would always be brushed away like a piece of unwanted trash. She was finally at her breaking point, “either you tell me now or I’m leaving!”