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Two years ago today...

Two years ago today (Sept. 27), The Caretaker, a.k.a. the pilot episode for Class, aired for the first time in the UK and North America. A groundbreaking episode where the Doctor first properly met Danny Pink and (for the first time in the show’s history) allowed his jealousy to dominate. I remember the episode getting some knocks from those who were offended by the Doctor’s attitude towards Danny, with accusations ranging from anti-soldier to racism. In truth, as we now know having placed the episode in context both for Series 8 and the Clara arc, it was simply the Doctor being jealous that Clara found somebody else - someone who didn’t resemble his previous self. There’s a remarkable scene where the Doctor basically tells Courtney Woods that he’s expecting Clara to leave him.

Of course for those who don’t like talking about Whouffaldi, there’s another milestone worth noting: it’s the second anniversary of the introduction of the Scovox Blitzer. OK, it’s not really one of the franchise’s finest creations - at times it did seem like an escapee from someone’s garage - but there is one thing that sets it above all other monsters in the Who canon. It arguably has the coolest name of them all!

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Dracula and Dracula wife. Or the addams family couple. Those two will just wreak havoc on Halloween. It's like a second anniversary

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you know that one cg of subaru and yui dressed up as a vampire and a fairy? that’s hands-down the cutest cg there is in the entirety of diabolik lovers. I want to see ayato in a vampire costume tooooo…that would be so cute…!


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dedicated to my dearest friend shirley; thank you for always believing in me the past two years. you know i love u~  
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In November, Fake Criterions celebrates its second (!?!) anniversary. Again, we will be doing a contest. The theme?

CAGE MATCH - The Films of Nicolas Cage

ANYTHING in the fellow’s filmography is fair game- good, not-so-good, whatever. It just has to be a Nicolas Cage film.

Our Judges (in alphabetical order):

- Kasia Cieplak-von Baldegg, The Atlantic
- Molly Eichel, Philadelphia Daily News, The AV Club
- Paul Scheer (, NTSF:SD:SUV, The League, How Did This Get Made
- Chris Sims, Batmanologist & Senior Writer- Comics Alliance

The Prizes:
FIRST: Pants worn on-screen by Nicolas Cage in the film The Weather Man.
THIRD: A collectible (probably?) Nicolas Cage postage stamp from some far-off land.

The Rules:

- ONE entry per person, so choose your film wisely and design it creatively.
- E-MAIL ENTRIES ONLY. You can tag it on Tumblr if you’d like, but only entries received via email will be considered. Send them to fakecriterions[at], with the subject line “Fake Criterions Cage Match.”

We’ll announce and post the winners and other entries in early December, after the judges have time to pick their favorites.

Special thanks to Zach Osif and Brice Baum for their wonderful Cages for our poster. Want to download a copy? Here’s the PDF.

The fine folks at Criterion have nothing to do with this. They only provide inspiration for this little joke site and we are certain that they have far more important things to do with their time.

We must remember that hate is never right and love is never wrong.
—  Roman Kent, Holocaust survivor. In his speech on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. January 27, 2015.

This is my fan art for the 10th anniversary of Gene Luen Yang’s incredible graphic novel “American Born Chinese.” I started working with Gene on the Avatar books before I read this work of his. Its reputation preceded it (it deservedly won just about ALL the awards), and I had already gotten to know Gene and his writing by the time I picked it up—or so I thought. ABC’s structure threw me off at first. It was really challenging. Abrasive. Discordant. This wasn’t the story I had imagined and built up in my head from all of my friends’ and colleagues’ rave reviews. Halfway through I wasn’t sure I liked it. I wondered, “How is he going to tie all of this together?” And then BAM. He did. And the story and message were all the more powerful for taking me somewhere I wasn’t expecting to go. For challenging my expectations. How could I have presumed to know Gene’s story? And why would I have wanted him to tell it to me in a way that was comfortable and familiar to me? Powerful art and storytelling SHOULD challenge the audience. They should come from a specific point of view. Bravo, Gene!

I couldn’t pick just one… Such an amazing catalog from so many world-class artists/writers.

I’m honored, thrilled, intimidated, and daunted to be working with such an awesome publisher for my upcoming graphic novel series Threadworlds. Congratulations to Mark Siegel and everyone at First Second Books for 10 years of unique, creative, dynamic, daring, and varied books! Here’s to the next 10 and beyond!