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Contemporary Black Artists on Tumblr

Have you popped into the Black artists on Tumblr tag yet? It’s an endless scroll of GIFs, photography, paintings, illustrations, and more, more, more. Here’s a small collection of Tumblrs you can follow to get you started:

The Artist Akuji (@theartistakuji​)

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Beautiful digital art that just feels clean, fresh, and pleasing to look at. The artist’s Jamaican-American background shines through in a lot of her work, like this West Indie piece.

Maya Ajani (@mayaajani​)

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Gritty, detailed, cool as hell marker art. Everything is a little bit gnarled up and raw and, just to repeat with deserved emphasis, cool as hell.

Liam Gavyn Salt (@liamgavynsalt​)

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Liam Salt dabbles in seemingly all things visual art: painting, digital, photography, illustration. He does it all well, but It’s his GIFed up self-portraits that we wanted to showcase. Those are some finely tuned, well-thought-out scribbles up there.

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God I keep thinking about what it felt like watching this scene for the first time with my little brother.

I remember how he kept looking at me so hopefully, because at that time I had only recently just come out as a lesbian. He knew how much this meant to me, and how much this meant for other people like me, he didn’t even tease me that I kept tearing up for the rest of the episode.

Happy Second Anniversary Jailbreak!


Happy Second Anniversary

I know nobody that is more unworthy than me to be loved. I cheated. I lied. I committed mistakes, not only once. I deliberately welcomed temptations even for just a temporary pleasure. I was likewise such a hardheaded. I did not obey reminders not because I couldn’t but I didn’t want. I was being immature. 

Notwithstanding, he accepted me over and over again. I saw how much pain it caused him every time, even he tried to hide his suffering. Then just every time, I begged him not to give up on me. His unconditional love for me just made me realized how stupid I was. He never deserved to feel any agony. I can’t and will be capable to find a love greater than this. A love that is willing to forgive and accept despite the unbearable pain I caused and my imperfections. So I will never give him again any reason to go away. I did not promise, but I told myself to never let him feel the same way. And we are able to reach this far because we did not let any challenges destroy our relationship.

Greetings, Tumblr! To the immediate left of the photo is @marsincharge and to the immediate right is @nukirk and together, we’re the co-creators of the #TheBlackout, the team behind the Shorty Award Nominated #Blackout and #Blackoutday! For the uninitiated, #Blackout is a tri-monthly call-to-action with a mission to celebrate and (re)define Blackness. It takes place on the 6th of every third month starting from March 6th! That means it happens on March 6th, June 6th, September 6th, and December 6th.  

We’ve been getting ready for our second anniversary on March 6th and are excited to announce that on Feb 6th starting at 2 PM EST / 11 AM PST, we get to have our turn at what Tumblr likes to call “Answer Time”! We’ll be answering questions about the hashtags and the Blackout’s goals and future. You can ask us anything at anytime, but we’ll be doing the most that day, so hit up our ask box here!

Can’t wait to answer your questions. 

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【 undertale 2 years】
today is the second anniversary of  Undertale
UT reallly gave me a lot of great timesa and meet new friends, hope to continue later.
Happy Birthday ,Undertale!

今天是undertale 滿2周年!!!
Happy Birthday ,Undertale!

Undertale Anniversary 2017

[Recommended music - Undertale Hopes and Dreams Remix Kalbur]

I know I’m late. But this is actually my first time to make a Undertale fanart officially.

There are some symbols I put in to show the relationship of the timeline of the first/last human and the story events.

Anyway, please enjoy it. I didn’t do anything last year and this could be the only one.