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Wait what's the story about half the boys in your grade getting your class kicked out of Disney world?

Okay, if anyone is going to read this story, you are legally required to listen to the song “Turbulence” first. Nothing will truly make sense without it. You sit your ass through the entire damn song, if you try to skimp out on it the Elder’s will find you. It’s completely vital to the full experience of this stupid ass story. This ENTIRE story exasperates me

Now, okay, so my high school senior class….was relatively a group of good kids. It was a larger grade then I was used to growing up, so I obviously didn’t know everyone in the school personally, but I could pretty much recognize everyone in my grade, and like okay, there were a lot of class clowns and trouble makers™, but for the most part, no one was really a dick and everyone was generally a Decent Person.

Then, for some ungodly reason, the song ‘turbulence’ gets released. 

Now, I think the song actually came out in like, 2011 or something, but it caused Notable Problems with my grade in particular. It was deemed our ‘CLASS SONG’, and every time it played at an event or someone just played it for fun on their phone or something, every single kid in my age group just unexplainably went crazy. You never really knew what was going to happen, and it got worse each and every year- making senior year the year of Worried Faculty, and not without reason. 

Senior Year alone, before this Disney incident happened, the song ‘turbulence’ lead directly to the slightly-violent concussion of an unwillingly crowd surfing teacher and a few freshmen at homecoming, and it was also being blasted on a blue tooth speaker when a couple of boys in my class Lowkey Very Politely High-Jacked The Plane We Were On, so, when we got to Disney World, the chaperones made sure to contact whoever was in charge of our party and told them under no circumstances was this song to be played.


So the school does a Disney trip for the seniors every year- they stay in a cheap hotel and shove four or five withering and hormonal teens in a room, they go to the parks during the day, one night they walk through Universal and see the Blue Man Group in concert, and one night they usually have a big dinner and dance party for the kids, usually held in Sea World. 

But, you know what came out when they were planning the Disney trip? Blackfish. So, the school board (and a lot of the students) were like “UMM-” and that left them scrambling to find a new location for the party. 

The Disney workers, being Disney workers, were super helpful when the school mentioned this issue when they called to make reservations, though. They were like, “Oh, this is great timing! Your school always brings such well-behaved kids every year, and we’ve been thinking about opening up our Fantasia Gardens golf course as a party location! You guys could be our first official party!” and the school was super flattered so they agreed. Disney was providing a dance floor, food, a DJ, and everything else, and it wasn’t going to really cost anything extra, so the faculty was like, Super Excited about it. They thought this was gonna be a great thing, they were the experiment to see if they would try this with other schools, it was an honor, and it meant that they had a great reputation in Disney’s opinion, so maybe they’d be open to providing the school with free/new stuff/opportunities in future years.

Now, let me tell you something- I was Kinda Fucking Miserable for most of this trip. The first day was fine, but the second day saw my friends abandoning me in Magic Kingdom with barely any explanation, so I spent all day roaming MK and Epicot alone, save for occasionally standing next to acquaintances and talking to my different-school friends in a group chat on my phone, and then later that night my friend since third grade like, got a school official and cried to her about how I had instigated a fight and that’s why I was alone all day, which is literally such bullshit and not what happened, it‘s been 3 years and I still cannot believe she actually pulled this fuckery, so even though we made up later in the week I was still pissed the fuck off for the rest of my life the trip. All of my roommates (the deserters) were walking on eggshells around me, except this one control-freak girl who tried to micromanage everything I did (even though literally none of it affected her)  and none of us realized how pissed off I was until I apparently physically threw her out of the bed while I was in a deep sleep, multiple times, and also stole her pillow. So the only person who I wasn’t Fully Done with was this tiny girl from a writing class, but she was potentially Half-Hamster, exclusively wore clothes made for seven year olds, couldn’t go on half of the rides because of her glass eye, and 99% of her conversation points was talking about all the plans she had to hang out with one of the other girls I was rooming with (who didn’t actually wanna hang out with her/got mad at me the third day there because the boy she liked was flirting with me), so like…she was sweet but I also wanna go on rides and not hear how great the girls I’m lowkey in a Blood Feud with are, you know? She wasn’t exactly prime hang out material here. So by the time we get to this party at Fantasia Gardens, we’re all lowkey pretending like everything’s fine but like. It wasn’t hard to tell there was fighting going on. And you could just look at all the other students around you and see there was also fighting going on. Shoving so many kids in hot rooms is never a good idea, like YIKE. 

Anyway, I needed something at this party to be fun. I needed to be released at this point. 

I walk into the place and immediately realize I’m a fucking outlier amongst the girls- every single girl had opted for a sundress, whilst I thought a black skirt and a nice blouse would be enough. This should not have been a problem, but hey. High School. What can ya do. (it just made me more stressed) At this point I was like, this is it, this is it, I hate literally everyone in my high school. There’s nothing holding me back. Graduation take me the fuck away. But I had to make it through this party and then one more day in Disney. 

The room was like, a barn, kind off? Or at the very least it had been decorated like one. There was barbecue food, a dance floor, a lake outside, and a mini-golf course that we were told we were allowed to use at any part of the night. The DJ was playing relatively normal dance/club music. After about an hour of strobe lights and watching people dancing, My Friend Who Hath Betrayed Me and I decided to head down to the mini-golf course. 

There were these two guys there, and I didn’t really know them but they were clearly those ‘All Our Classmates Are Beneath Us Because We’re Alternative And Like Anime And Heavy Metal Music’ types of guys. They took one look at my ass in a tight black mini-skirt and immediately started flirting with me, and on any other occasion I would have shot them down, but 1) They were both actively focused on me over my friend, who I was still mad at and 2) I was frustrated - so I started flirting back even though I wasn’t interested in the slightest (and I had petty reasoning, of course, but I was 18, it was a bad week, it was 100 degrees, give me a break. I promise 99% of the time I’m not Awful). So anyway, we get caught up in a game of mini-golf with these anti-establishment boys, who spend the entire time dissing our classmates for, like, dancing, and looking for excuses to show off in front of me/touch me. We missed like half the dance because of this. 

Right when we were finishing our game, we were contemplating going to the other golf course (I was looking for an excuse to head back to the party tbh we were literally the only four people outside it was starting to feel like the set up to a horror movie) when a girl came up and told us to head back in because the boys™ had busted out the alcohol and we only had a limited amount of time before the chaperones noticed. 

(They sold alcohol at our hotel, a bunch of people had fake id’s made before the trip for this very reason). Me and my friend didn’t actually feel like drinking but we took the excuse and the boys followed us back inside (we lost them on the dance floor and I only saw them once again that night). Anyway, we arrived to what we thought was Chaos, but was truly only the Beginning of Chaos

Right off the bat, I noticed the boys from my Gov class and the boys I knew from detention were huddled around each other, muttering under the music. That, I knew, was not gonna lead to anything good. They see me, and they’re like “Javert! Javert people trust you! Go request that the DJ play turbulence!” and I’m like. No. What are you fucking planning??? But they just keep pressing me. They would not drop it oh my God. One of my roommates overhears this, the one who’s mad at me because her crush she never talks to was slightly flirting with me earlier, and she’s in a petty™ mood so she asks why they want it to play but they still won’t tell her, just keep insisting that it has to happening. So she’s all, ‘I can get it to play’ and struts off to the DJ booth with an exaggerated ponytail snap. I’m left with these boys like. For fucks sake please don’t get anyone killed. 

A few boys break off to go tap people and let them know what’s going on. The smell of alcohol is strong. Boys are starting to discreetly take off their shoes and any valuables and hide them under the tables. The chaperones aren‘t noticing any of this. 

I broke away from the dance floor to get a soda, and one of the teachers sees me looking mildly distressed and asks if something’s wrong. And I know. I know that I have the power to kill whatever the hell is about to happen. I’m the sole person in this room that’s clued in who’s not whispering in excitement and waiting for the song to play. I still don’t even know what they’re all planning on doing, but I could end this so fast, just say the words ‘turbulence’ or ‘the boys’ or ‘senior prank’, and this would be nipped in the bud immediately. This could be over before it ever started, all because of me.

And then I reflect on how shitty my weeks been going, how I was frustrated with most of the people in the room, how I needed something fun to happen at this party to release me from hell. 

I tell the chaperone I’m fine, just getting a little tired, and they drop it and head back to the buffet line. 

I head back to the dance floor. Everyone is grinding with baited breath. 

The DJ’s voice comes over the microphone: “I hear it’s someone’s birthday tomorrow! Let’s play her favorite song!”

Turbulence begins to play.

The class goes wild, wilder than they’ve ever been before. The building may as well be shaking from all the noise and music. 

The teachers are trying to get the DJ’s attention to cut the song. He can’t hear them. 

The bass drops

Almost every boy on the dance floor screams, runs outside, rips off their shirts and jumps into the fucking lake

It was absolute PANDEMONIUM. This wasn’t even the funniest thing they could have come up with but everyone left on the dance floor was loosing their minds cracking up. The teachers and Disney workers were screaming at the top of their lungs and trying to haul boys back onto the land. 

Then the manager of Fantasia Gardens starts screaming that there are alligators in the fucking lake



A L L I G A T O R S. 


All the boys eventually make it back onto land- no one had been bitten or killed or anything, although a few apparently did see ‘shapes moving’ (it was late at night, so nothing clear), and one kid got kicked in the head and knocked out for a few moments and almost drowned, but everyone was intact. 


And like, you can’t fucking blame them. I’m sure when they were making the principal sign liability papers, they didn’t think to include ‘late night gator attacks in a lake’ on the list, they could’ve been put in serious trouble if something had happened omfg. But there was a LOT of yelling/ranting/cursing. NEVER before have they seen such inappropriate behavior, the school would not be allowed to step foot in the Fantasia Gardens EVER again, yadayada, that sort of thing. The more boys I found soaking wet, the more ridiculous this got- I knew which of them had planned it of course, but this was most of the grade. There were like, geeks and nerds and Good Kids™ who I never expected to do something like wild like this standing around half naked looking torn between proud and about-to-cry omfg.

Every single boy who participated got suspended for three days, but they had to space out which boys were suspended which days because they didn’t trust them to not throw a giant party on the days they weren’t there. 

The school is still allowed in Disney World every year, but are banned from Fantasia Gardens and received a fine. 

Turbulence’ was absolutely banned from being played at senior prom. 


characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^
words: 1545
summary: Apos finally faces the goddess.

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small rant, don't mind me

yknow how tyler and josh always say we can’t love them because we don’t know them? because we don’t know what they’re like at 3 in the morning? because we don’t REALLY know them?

then how come they always tell us they love us?

they don’t know me. they haven’t been there in those nights i’ve cried myself to sleep. they weren’t there the first, or second, or third, and so forth times i’ve cut my thighs. they don’t know how awful my thoughts get when i’m sad. they haven’t seen me during a panic or anxiety attack. they’ve never heard me laugh and never seen me cry. never seen my smile. they don’t know how messed up i actually am. they’ve never seen a piece of my art or a word of my poetry that spills out my emotions. they don’t know me.

they don’t know me, and they can’t love me, and i hate to say it, but they probably never will love me the way they claim they do. they don’t. they CAN’T love me.

Derek Nurse English Major Headcanons (All based on my experience as an English major)

  • He likes Wordsworth, because he’s trash like that.
  • Once spent 6 hours researching Alfonso II d’Este to prove a singular (1) point while writing a research paper on Robert Browning
  • Got lost in the shelves at Founder’s, just because there are so many books
  • Once had a solid 15 minute in class argument with someone about weather the Shakespearean Sonnet or Petrarchan Sonnet is better
    • Nursey is a fan of Petrarchan
    • the prof’s initial question was on if anyone could define an iamb
  • Once almost fought his History prof bc he asked for a paper that one intro paragraph, 3 separate body paragraphs/topics, and one concluding paragraphs. 5 paragraph format sucks.
  • Tries to be a writing tutor, but starts crying when the person used “first” “Second” and “third” as their transitional phrases
    • it was Bitty.
  • “Bro, how long is your essay?” “Umm…like 2k?” “Bro, its a 4-5 page paper” “Fuck how do i make this shorter? EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT I CAN’T CUT ANYTHING.”
  • Almost cried everyday in his intro level creative writing class bc there were people in it who were not English majors and they struggled with basic concepts.
  • He’s absolute trash for the Emily Dickinson is a lesbian theory. Brings it up constantly.
  • His Shakespeare class did a blocking exercise of one scene with actual professionals, and he never felt more alive off the ice.
  • Is always the guy who answers the prof’s questions immediately and doesn’t let them stew. But half listens to the question, and has to ask what the initial question was half way through.
  • HATES when someone asks if he’s English Ed.
    • Would rather skate in figure skates than teach.
  • Dex asks him for help once (1) on an English paper, and they get into a fist fight over the correct usage of the semi-colon and em dash
The Magic of Musicals Ch. 2

“… Connor.“

The name rang in Evan’s ears as he lay in his dorm, unable to sleep due to excitement, anxiety, and a full stomach. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t tear his mind away from the memory of that guy’s gorgeous face. “I’ll never have a chance,” he thought, turning over in his bed, discouraged. He was just dozing off when a new, more positive thought came into his mind.

“But maybe I do.“

The next morning, Evan was walking towards the banquet hall when he bumped into Jared. “Hey, Lorax.“ Jared said jokingly.

“For the last time Jared, I am not the Lorax.“ Evan mumbled just loud enough for Jared to hear.

“Whatever, Tree Boi,“ Jared answered, rolling his eyes. “So, how’s the snakepit?“

“It’s alright. I don’t really talk to anyone there, and vice versa.” “You don’t talk to anyone, ever.“ Jared rebutted. “We should’ve been in a house together. I met these cool girls last night. Kieren and Claudia.“

“Sounds like the perfect girls for you.“ Evan teased, relaxing a bit.

“Nah,“ Jared shook his head. “They seem to be pretty happy by themselves.“

“Oh. Oh.“

“Yeah, but it’s no big deal. Being queer isn’t the strangest thing here with giant squid and mermaids around, and I’m not currently sampling from the other side of the buffet.“ Jared shrugged.

“Speaking of sampling, did you already get breakfast at the banquet hall?” Evan asked.

“Nope!“ Jared smiled, popping the p. “Got it right here with me.“ And with that, Jared pulled out a bathbomb the colour of the Griffindor crest. “Supposedly tastes like courage.“ Evan was in shock.

“Jared! You can’t eat bathbombs for breakfast! What if there’s chemicals in it that make you sick?“Jared was about to go into a rant about how he only buys from Lush and it’s all vegan and perfectly safe to eat when they heard someone yelling down the hall.

“So it’s like drugs!?“ “I told you, it’s better than drugs, Jeremy!!“

((AHH there’s so much talking in this! Anyways, this is chapter 2 of this thing. There’s a couple things I want to say. First is wow, you guys actually like this crappy writing??? Thank you so much! I was actually kind of stressing that you guys wouldn’t like it, and i may or may not have cried with the positive feedback??? Second is, I have exams this week, so I may not be as active, so if I’m not on it’s because I’m busy crying and not sleeping. Third is, all the ships will be based on the ships in our group. I want to say that now so people aren’t saying ‘why is jared with davey from newsies? that makes literally no sense you witch i hate you‘ and yeah. Anyways, I hope you guys like this second chapter!!!))

Chapter 1

AN: I opted for the Tony X Reader as opposed to the Clint X Reader purely because I tend to like him a little more than Clint (NO OFFENSE CLINT BABY) Thank you for the request anon, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Tony X Reader

Request: Would you mind doing some Tony x reader or Clint x reader? Also, I love your blog!💕 keep up the good work!😚

Prompt (that I made up due to the open request): The reader is sick and can’t get out of the bed, and currently Tony is the only one in the tower other than them.

((^^^It’s the first day of summer *YAY* but, I am sick out of my mind… I can’t get out of bed, I can’t breath through my nose and my throat feels like I swallowed knifes or something, and my dad keeps bringing me hot tea because I can’t even make it myself (He is so sweet omg). Hell of a first day of summer, am I right? SO, I got this idea for a prompt because I wish that Tony Stark was here to take care of me! *cries*))

Warning: Mild swearing and some snot. You have been warned.


“Nurse Tony”


You groaned as you went to pull yet another tissue from the box, only to find that there were no more left. For a second you just sat there, weighing whether it was actually worth it to get up and get anther box or not to move at all. But, by the third time you sneezed and your nose was completely filled again, you decided that you had to make the long journey to the other side of the tower to restock.

You wrapped yourself in the fuzziest blanket that you could find (which was so long that it dragged along the floor behind you like a tail or something) and slowly made your way out of the room and down to the elevator. Using the blanket to cover your germy finger, you pressed the proper button for the floor with the supply room.

You passed by Tony’s lab on the way to the storage room, and you were shocked to see him working behind a screen. You had thought that everyone had gone on the mission and that you were the only one in the tower.

He heard you walking and leaned over to the side to see who it was. “Y/N?”

You stopped walking and turned to face him, wrapping your blanket over your shoulders tightly and over your mouth as you muffled a nasty cough. It hurt your throat too much to speak, so you just grunted in response to him.

Wow. ..” He said as he got up from his seat and began to walk to over to you. “You look like you just rose from the grave! You look like shit.” ((That’s how I feel rn))

“Thanks.” You squeaked out between coughs and sneezes. “Why aren’t you on the mission with everyone else?”

He pointed over his shoulder, gesturing to a table with all sorts of bits and pieces of his suit covering it. “The suit isn’t functioning correctly, I had to repair it. The mission wasn’t that big of a deal so they just went ahead without me.”

You nodded. “Is it better now?”

“It’s better than you at least.” He said as he pressed the back of his hand to your forehead. “Y/N, you are really warm.”

Your cheeks blazed a bright shade of red, and it wasn’t just because of your illness.

You felt your nose begin to drip (ew!) and you began to walk down to the storage room with Tony hot on you tail.

He saw what you were after and snatched the box right off the shelve, ripped them open, and handed you a tissue. You quickly pressed it to your nose and blew.

“Let’s get you upstairs and on the couch, okay?” He said, and you could have sworn that you heard some concern in his voice. Tony Stark was concerned about you, your cold must be messing with your mind!

He wrapped one arm firmly around your shoulders to steady your woozy frame, then guided you to the elevator.

“FRIDAY, please save and shut down all my progress on my computers and the suit.” He said as the two of you passed by his still up-and-running lab. “And, also turn the stove top on and boil some tea water too.”

“Oh, Tony you don’t have to help me out or anything, you were busy–”

“It’s fine.” He said with a cocky grin. “And anyway, don’t feel too bad. I’ll just take this as a ‘I owe you’ sort of situation.”

“Oh.” You said with a roll of your eyes. “So you are getting something out of helping me?”

He tapped your shoulder lightly as he helped you get comfy on the couch. “Of course!”

He went over to the kitchen down the hall, then came back with a large mug full of steaming hot tea. You took it gratefully in your hands and took a sip, the sensation of the hot liquid going down your throat made you feel ten times better.

Tony pulled up a chair next to the couch and cued up some sort of documentary about robots. You couldn’t care less about robots, but honestly you didn’t care about what you were watching. You were sleepy and drowsy, and you saw that Tony liked it so you agreed.

Every once and a while Tony would run downstairs and grab a new box of tissues, refill your tea mug, grab you more pills, or whatever else you needed. Though he seemed to be very selfish at first, you could tell that he really did want you to get better, and that made your heart flutter.


The team got back later that night. Most of them were tired and ready to go to bed, the mission turned out to be longer than they expected.

“I wonder if Stark even left his lab long enough to see that Y/N was still here.” Steve said.

Natasha snorted. “I doubt it, and if he did he would probably lock her in some room so that she didn’t get him sick.”

The rest of the team nodded in agreement as they made their way to the common room. What they found was absolutely shocking:

Tony was laying behind Y/N on the couch together with his arms wrapped around her from the back. Y/N was out completely, even letting out a light snore, whereas Tony was staring at the TV screen with his head resting on the arm of the couch.

About ten tissue boxes were thrown everywhere along with an empty bottle of couch medicine, three mugs of tea, and four blankets thrown across the couple.

Wanda smirked and lightly punched her twin on the shoulder. “I told you this would happen.”

Pietro groaned and slapped twenty dollars in her hand. “Yeah, yeah, you win the bet.”

The rest of the team laughed, then Tony’s eyes snapped up at them from the screen.

“Would you all shut up? It took her forever to fall asleep.” He hissed in a whisper, pulling the blankets farther up her shoulder as she stirred in her sleep.

Bruce smiled at Tony then began to usher everyone out of the room. As the herd went down the hall, he heard Clint call to him in a mocking voice. "Sorry, Nurse Tony!“

"Why you–” Tony began, but only to be cut off by his own sneeze. “Fuck.”

((Sorry it was short! But, I should be in bed all day so I will probably post more, so yay! Send me some kind thoughts as I try to get better! And tell me what you thought of my first Tony imagine!))


Gintama anime ep 316/manga chaps 550 - 551

Dear Gintama gods and Sorachi-sama,

I thought perhaps it was the lateness of the hour and the weariness of my eyes last night that caused the tears to run down my face right from the first moment of the episode: I lost it as soon as I heard dear sweet Yamazaki’s voice dictating his final report as the member of the Protectors of Edo, the Shinsengumi. Switching up Swimy’s ending song to the opening sequence instead just made me cry harder. When I watched the episode again tonight, though evening had only just fallen, and the same thing happened to me, Niagara Falls all the way, I was relieved to know that my tears hadn’t been due to exhaustion, that in fact the sadness I had felt and was experiencing again, was indeed completely genuine.

This episode means so much to me because it perfectly brought to life the moment that started my letter-writing campaign to you. As silly and most likely futile as my efforts might be, as soon as I started doing this I instantly realized how important it was to me to properly express my gratitude to you for all the joy you have brought and continue to bring to me on an almost weekly basis, whether it’s through the pages of your manga or by the way of the anime. I still regret not writing to you sooner; I should have started as soon as I fell in love with Gintoki right when he was introduced. But much like Gin-chan, I am a lazy person by nature, and therefore as much as I loved him and Gintama, and shipped Gintoki/Hijikata with the fervor of a thousand shippers, I did not do anything proactive about my love and appreciation, even as my affection grew in spades over the years. In fact, somewhere along the line, I actually started shamefully falling behind on both your manga and anime, since even as much as I loved Gintama, I began to take it for granted, figuring that it will always be there waiting for me. The fact that the anime always came back further lulled me into a false sense of security.

But then, towards the beginning of last year or maybe at the end of the year before, I got word that the anime was returning yet again and also, most importantly, that I have been missing out on a pretty epic arc that was taking place in the manga. It finally hit me then just how much I had been grossly neglecting Gintama and how I should really hit the books again to see what I’ve been missing. In doing so, I almost flipped out when the truth of just how much I missed really struck me since I dove in right when you were in the middle of the Shogun Assassination Arc.  It felt a bit like experiencing whiplash, as all of a sudden all these important events were happening. Little did I know that arc would just be the tip of a pretty epic iceberg.  I also quickly realized that I needed to do a lot of back-tracking since I missed just so damn much and had forgotten even more than that. As a result, even though I was probably less than 100 chapters behind at that point (I think I missed out on most of 2014 chapters), I actually started over from around chapter 200 and quickly caught up to chapter 520-something within just a short 2 and a half weeks span of time. If I did not have real life obligations I would have probably finished sooner. Revisiting the old chapters of Gintama felt like returning to a land of endless joy: a place I didn’t want to leave and couldn’t even remember why I would leave it in the first place.

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rules: you must answer these 83 statements and tag 20 people

tagged by  @meiyanaalexia (and @firebendingwolf xd) thank youuu ;w;
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the last:

  1. drink: nfc orange juice
  2. phone call: mom
  3. text message: in any chat: tumblr mutual or fb friend, on phone: supermarket
  4. song you listened to: Miracle of Sound - Fires Fade
  5. time you cried: yesterday (or actually 2 days ago since it’s 2am already)
  6. dated someone: never
  7.  kissed someone and regretted it: never
  8.  been cheated on: never
  9.  lost someone special: in short time 4 grandma’s pets died and one i’ve known since i was little kid, second liked me and third i was planning to take with me home
  10.  been depressed: might’ve had few years ago
  11.  gotten drunk and thrown up: never

    3 favourite colours:

  12.  pastel blue
  13. dark blue
  14. silver (honestly idk, i like almost all colors the same)

    in the last year have you

  15.  made new friends: yes
  16.  fallen out of love: no
  17.  laughed until you cried: yes
  18.  found out someone was talking about you: my mom on phone, does it count? :D
  19.  met someone who changed you: probably yes
  20.  found out who your friends are: kinda
  21.  kissed someone on your Facebook list: yes (my cat)


  22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: 83 of 98
  23. do you have any pets: one cat, fluffy round boy
  24. do you want to change your name: no
  25. what did you do for your last birthday: came back home to have little party with my family
  26.  what time did you wake up: around 13 o’clock
  27. what were you doing at midnight last night: like i’d remember that xD probably read bnha manga because yesterday night i’ve read a lot of chapters, i got really hooked
  28. name something you can’t wait for: for my dream to come true
  29. when was the last time you saw your mom: few minutes ago
  30. what are you listening to right now: Miracle of Sound - Ditto (it’s totally a coincidence it’s Gavin again okay, i listen to other things too xD) (dat sweet drop *-*)
  31. have you ever talked to a person named Tom: nope, but to a person named with Polish version of this name (Tomek) - sure
  32. something that is getting on your nerves: lots of things, for example those loud af flies that go to the light and won’t let me browse dank memes at night in peace
  33. most visited website: tumblr, youtube or kwejk
  34. hair colour: brown
  35. long or short hair: long
  36. do you have a crush on someone:  yeah
  37. what do you like about yourself: unproblematic teeth and personality
  38. piercings: only classic ears
  39. blood type: 0+
  40. nickname: none
  41. relationship status: single as a pringle, in long-distance relationship with fictional character ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  42. zodiac: swagittarius
  43. pronouns: she/her also dude
  44. favourite tv show: if animes counts too then the love of my life: Darker than Black
  45. tattoos: none
  46. right or left handed: leftie
  47. surgery: none
  48. sport: workout once few months .-. i swam a lot but then my fav pool got closed
  49. vacation: home
  50. pair of trainers: some no-name


  51. eating: rn nothing, but i’m starving, but it’s almost 3 am q_q
  52. drinking: same juice as mentioned in 1.
  53. I’m about to: watch Boku no hero academia, finish this post and go to sleep
  54. waiting for:  my dream to come true
  55. want: same as above
  56. get married: to Zuko? gladly  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  57. career: superhero, but if it ain’t gonna happen then chemical engineer


  58. hugs or kisses: hugs
  59. lips or eyes: eyes
  60. shorter or taller: doesn’t matter
  61. older or younger: younger
  62. nice arms or nice stomach: i don’t care about either
  63. hook up or relationship: relationship
  64. troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant


  65. kissed a stranger: no
  66. drank hard liquor: no
  67. lost glasses/contact lenses: yes
  68. turned someone down: yeah
  69. sex on the first date: no
  70. broken someone’s heart: maybe? I don’t know
  71. had your heart broken: kinda?
  72. been arrested: no
  73. cried when someone died: yes
  74. fallen for a friend: no


  75. yourself: yes
  76. miracles: maybe?
  77. love at first sight: idk
  78. santa claus: no ;w;
  79. kiss on the first date: i’m not really familiar with dating topic you see xD
  80. angels: sometimes, but generally idk


  81. eye colour: hazel
  82. favourite movie: catwoman maybe?
  83. ya mind if i tag you under things?: because i’m really okay with that and just wondering if i don’t bother you

anonymous asked:

AHHHH u like hawksong and the sequels? It is one of my favorite books/quartet ever. It helped me realize I was /not/ as straight as previously assumed.

I never finished the last one, because I could never get my hands on it, buT AHHHHHH.

I cried reading the fourth one because HOLY SHIT, I was in love with that.

But also, Ailbhe was and always will be my crush like holy fuck, I love him???

no regrets

Guess what I was watching? ;) No guarantee on anything I wrote here, I did some research but I’m not a specialist in the Olympics or anything I mentioned here.

read on ao3

One last push against the handles and Zayn was off, adrenaline rushing as quickly as his bobsleigh down the icy track. He could feel Liam breathing against his back and took a deep breath himself, gently steering the bobsleigh around the first narrow turn, this was it, this was their chance. If they nailed this run, they’d beat the Austrian team and actually place third. Third! In the Olympics! No English team had managed that in a long time.

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The stars don't even matter

Title is from the song Black & Gold by Sam Sparro, it’s super fitting and i realize that

Gen; warnings for blood and violence, injury, and a child being distressed. 

Dick Grayson has been de-aged, or maybe it’s a time-travel sort of mess, but that’s the problem, no one knows and Dick’s having a crisis. Thank heavens he has siblings, right?

original prompt from fourofthem: "ok ok ok deaged and/or blast from the past dick grayson meeting all the modern batlosers and being ok first of all i’m not memorizing your names all the boys are cindy all the girls are fred second of all bruce baby you can’t collect orphans third of all you’re all so grumpy lighten up you butts (also angst and everyone finding out that he wasn’t actually all happy sunshine rainbows the end)“

expect little plot, and lots of character stuff bc that’s how i am


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Feminism, in the first and second wave, was dedicated to actual rights that females didn’t have. An example of third-wave feminism is now criticizing on guys on Facebook who make one “sexist” comment, which will be taken out of context and posted on other social networks after a long and pointless essay with cries of “look at how I refuted this misogynist!” and “I am feminist, hear me roar!”.

And people still wonder why feminism isn’t taken seriously in this day and age?

Graphic T-Shirt Friday: Sharks and Battles

Me and my best shark impression. This shirt just asks for it! Also, shark week is coming to a close. I don’t actually have cable so couldn’t watch any of the new stuff this week but I tried to keep it up in spirit!

Speaking of shark spirit: last night I went into battle. I was having a super tired day and was just lazing around but when I stepped into my kitchen to put my bowl in the sink I saw it: A GIANT-ASS ROACH scuttled across the floor.

You guys…I don’t do bugs. I don’t do bugs and I REALLY DO NOT DO ROACHES. But my roommate is out of town and my boyfriend lives in another state (and was being somewhat unsympathetic when I texted him expletives and ROACH) so it was on me. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to use the kitchen knowing there was a roach about.

Our first encounter: he escaped under the stove. So naturally, I started to empty the entire kitchen and started bleaching all available surfaces (I was kind of hoping this would be our only encounter, although I couldn’t go near the stove for a while).

Second encounter: I moved something off the counter and THERE HE WAS. I flipped out and screamed and ran away. So did he. That’s when I started drinking wine.

THIRD encounter: kitchen cleared and he somehow appeared on the stove itself! I managed to gather myself enough to hit him with my shoe but he escaped into the actual stove (up top, where the timer is).

I almost cried around this point but knew I was in it alone. My solution? Heat that bad boy up. This was war. 

Fourth and final battle: I had him cornered. But he escaped the shoe since corners in kitchens are hard to get into with shoes. I saw him in another corner and then he made his fatal mistake. Instead of taking off for the safety of Under-the-Stove, he ran across the floor…RIGHT AT ME.

I screamed and stomped and then danced around because he had disappeared and I wasn’t sure if that was because he was stuck to the shoe or had escaped again.

But I emerged victorious: he was stuck to the shoe.

I screamed some more. Five minutes later gathered the courage to pick up the roach and throw him away (outside). Then I poured myself a LARGE glass of wine. And started to scrub the kitchen.

Oh, you don’t want to read my war stories? You’re here for…running?

Yesterday was a bad run day. I was SO tired from going to the Linkin Park concert the night before and a few nights in a row of less than stellar sleep. I kept it shorter than I should have and just focused on an easy pace. Kind of a shame really, because it was a gorgeous morning for a run.

Tonight’s the third of the four Lost Dog 5ks. This time, I’m just going to do whatever I feel like doing. I can’t stick to any sort of goal apparently. I’m still a little tired and my feet are still a little ache-y so we’ll see how things go. 

It’s been a low-run kind of week so I think I’ll step things back tomorrow for my long run and do 13 instead of 15. Then I leave for Rehoboth on Sunday to spend a few days working from the beach with my coworker and her fiancee! So expect some sandy selfies coming your way, tumblr!

Happy Weekending!


I see the difference in appearance here…
But can you see it? Can you see what I see?

I see in the first, no light in my eyes, no happiness, no joy. This was 6th grade. I thought about dying everyday

the second? I’m trying to look like I am happy when I’m not. This was seventh grade. I cried myself to sleep nearly every night.

and what about the third? Simple. I am actually remotely happy. This is eigth grade. This is now. And I am finally feeling happy.

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I'm in the process of writing my first novel and I've been really excited about it because I've never read anything quite like it myself, and then one day I picked up a book to start reading, and the plot is REMARKABLY similar. I've never read that book before so it is not at all plagiarism, just a horrible coincidence, but the end result is I've lost motivation to write my story because something so similar has already been written. Any advice?

Try not to sweat it, honestly. This is a completely normal experience. :)

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of communication, and numerous storytelling staples have evolved over time. Those staples are everything from evil stepmothers and chosen ones, to anti-heroes and damsels in distress. These elements are called “tropes” and although there are a finite number of them, and many of them are related, so it’s only natural that the same combination of tropes tend to show up again and again.

Also, when we think that we’ve written something wholly unique, and then find out something similar already exists, it can be such a blow that sometimes the similarities seem more glaring or important than they are. When I wrote my first novel, I thought the setting and characters were pretty one-of-a-kind. Shortly after I finished my second or third draft, a new TV show premiered and the initial setting felt like it was ripped right from my hard drive. When the protagonist was introduced and shared the same name as my protagonist, I was completely horrified and devastated. I actually cried about it off and on for a few days. I felt like there was no way I could publish it without it seeming like I’d ripped off the TV show, even though I’d written it long before I’d even heard of the TV show’s existence. I remember sending e-mails to my critique partner agonizing over changing my protagonist’s beloved name. I finally settled on two or three possibilities, but they never felt right. I watched episodes of the show over and over again to find ways to make my setting different. Then, thankfully, it was time for NaNoWriMo and I moved onto a new story for awhile.

By the time I got back to my novel, I realized the similarities really weren’t as glaring as I’d thought. In fact, the two settings were really nothing alike. Then, as time went on, I realized that the protagonist of the TV show was nothing like my character, and the world she lived in was vastly different. The show was eventually cancelled and now it’s long forgotten. I’d be surprised if anyone read my novel and even thought of that TV show. All those tears were for nothing.

So, truly, don’t worry about it. Odds are your story isn’t as similar as you think it is. Don’t be worried so much about tropes. Snow White and Cinderella both have evil stepmothers, young protagonists, and charming princes, but the stories are reasonably different. :)

Have a question? I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to read my ask rules before submitting your question or it may not be answered. Thanks! :)