second ammendement

Hamilton Performance

I feel like people are missing something really key that happened in the 2016 Tonys performance.

Lin changed one word. But that’s all it took to change the meaning of the performance and the Tonys.

“Weapon with my hands.”

They didn’t just take out the muskets to show solidarity, Lin is trying to teach us that what we do, say and write will change perspective for generations to come. He’s showing us how we don’t need a gun or violence to fight for what we believe in. Like Alexander, we have our hands. Our writing. Our words are immortalised when we write, no matter who takes us away. The massacre in Orlando has devastated our country, but why stay silent? Why give them what they want and silence ourselves? We need to make something that is immortalised. Teach generations that come that you can take away our loved ones, but you can NEVER take our words.

Disarming Society; Goodbye Guns! Hello... Less Lethal Guns.

Hear me out.

Guns are a problem, plain and simple. No one should be killing anyone. Far too many people die from both intentional and accidental shootings.

So, why don’t we make a change that actually makes sense?

Hunters have the right to own long guns, and at the moment, I’m not going to delve into legal guns used for sustenance. I’m also not going after “sport” hunting, as the funds required to purchase a license are actually funding animal and environmental conservation efforts in many countries, as well as being a tool used for population control. Of course there are far better alternatives to both issues (if you don’t inflate populations, they don’t require control, bounty hunters must be stopped in order to maintain natural populations etc), but at the moment, it’s not feasible to overhaul.

But. Hand guns and guns in the home have zero purpose and merely increase accidental shootings - particularly tragic when involving kids - as well as mass shootings, school shootings, murder, etc.

If a person wishes to have a gun for protection, there are many less lethal alternatives available right now. Today, there are rubber bullets, bean bags, tasers, debilitating mace and sprays like capsicum, and salt guns, to name a few. “Protection” isn’t the power to kill, it’s merely to disuade and disarm until law enforcement can contain the threat. A high powered salt gun or bean bag gun will stop any person in their tracks, and leave them disabled and powerless temporarily, without taking a life. 

No one has the right to take a life, and since the justice system does not condemn people to the death penalty, no one should die for it via vigilante justice. These alternative less lethal (shit happens, accidental death happens all the time, that’s why I say less lethal rather than nonlethal and ignore the many tragic deaths) could radically reduce violence and death statistics.

These types of weapons wouldn’t require the same safety levels as lethal ammunition weapons do, thereby making them more accessible to actually work as protection. 

Guns in safes simply cannot function as protection. Guns kept out of safes can and frequently do lead to tragic loss of life and limb.

I advocate for law enforcement to be armed with salt guns or rubber bullets, as a way to provide less lethal force and contain possibly dangerous situations without murdering anyone. Guns should be an absolute last resort, and so many people would be alive right now if cops didn’t always reach for lethal weapons. 

Disarming the public could nearly eliminate the need for police to even carry loaded guns. This is absolutely possible right now. We can get rid of so much violence and death, simply by loading guns with deterrents and not bullets.

What could the NRA and gun enthusiasts possibly find to argue against this? You want to shoot guns? Create secured shooting ranges where you can shoot guns that cannot leave the range. You want to carry guns? Pack a salt gun. You want protection? This proposition actually makes guns more accessible when an emergency occurs.

Look, I don’t expect mankind to end violence, it’s part of being human. However, I do absolutely demand an end to needless and truly tragic (very avoidable) deaths.

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Why does everyone who loves the second ammendment just assume that it has to include all firearms? Like yeah it’s the right to bear arms. Pistols? Fine, they can protect you if someone breaks in. Shotguns? Fine, you can hunt with them and also protect yourself. Semiautomatic rifles and other heavy fire arms? No. Those are used almost strictly to kill people. If anyone, the military should be the only ones to have them. I agree that the second ammendment should be a thing so we can “protect ourselves and our property” but 100% should the second ammendment only cover minor firearms like pistols and shotguns for citizens. Not a whole fucking artillery

A club no one wants to be in: Mothers who lost their children to gun violence

by Jamiles Lartey 

Every day in America, seven children under the age of 19 are killed by gun violence. Often, it’s their mothers who are left to speak for them and call for change. Photographer Ali Smith’s latest photo project, 7 Kids a Day seeks to capture these women, who she describes as “members of a club no one want’s to be a part of.”

Sandra Frank: “I didn’t talk about how I felt for 17 years.”

Sandra Frank’s son Teshawn Samuel was 18 years old when he was killed in 1999 in Brooklyn. “I went into hibernation. For eight months, I didn’t have a period from the stress. I didn’t talk about how I felt for 17 years,” she says.

Samuel was shot 17 times by four assailants while handing out invitations to his daughter’s fourth birthday party. She says that people in all communities are at risk for this kind of tragedy. “None of those bullets have a name on them. Violence can fall anywhere,” Frank says.

Diana Rodriguez: “It’s the loneliest club to be a part of.”

Samantha Guzman was 18 years old and weeks away from graduation when she was shot on her way to a bus stop in the Bronx. A group of men in a confrontation, believed to be gang-affiliated, began firing and Guzman was struck twice.

Rodriguez said she isn’t out to bash gun owners and enthusiasts, but believes gun control obstruction is costing lives. “Are your guns more important than my child’s life? With rights comes responsibility and accountability. I don’t see a lot of being accountable for what’s happening in our communities to our children.”

Oxsana Naunkim: “You hurt from your fingertips to your toes.”

Oxsana Naumkin’s son Nicholas was 12 years old when he was accidentally shot in the head by a playmate right before Christmas in 2010. She rushed to the hospital, but Nicholas’s brain activity had already stopped.

Naumkin is currently lobbying for a state law that would make it a felony if something happens in a home because a gun was stored irresponsibly. But more than anything, she is trying to heal. “I can’t even describe how losing a child feels… Every cell in your body aches. It’s hard to breathe,” Naumkin said. “Life will never be the same.”