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i fucking died this comeback killed me the music vid is dope af and the album is amazing and i dont even know to articulate my thoughts into words right now i am just so proud of them ??? xoxo, jooheons hair is so cute and fluffy tho ??!?? i just had to point that out p.s.: i have no idea what even was happening in the mv (other than the fact that changkyuns got dat 💰💰💰) but i enjoyed every god damn second of it amen 🙏🙏🙏

ahhh yess they really outdid themselves;; they were so excited for this album they spoiled so much lol :’ ) i think this mv was more symbolism than story but idc it was an aesthetic musical masterpiece!! and the dance wowowoow 

jooheon continues to slay (him during the cb show :OOO)! im rly proud, always was… and waiting for the day he becomes big in the music industry as one of the top producers :’ ) boy has so much talent


Awful quality but I couldn’t find these anywhere else.

Excerpts from Jeffrey Dahmer’s baby book.

First picture: 

First Prayer: 2 ½ years memorized.
Evening Prayer- Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. God Bless Everyone. Make Jeffy a good boy. Amen.

Second picture: 3-day-old Jeff

Third picture: Feet and tracing of hand

Fourth picture: (I couldn’t figure everything out, feel free to add or correct)

(???) - By Mom
(???) - We called you “Monk” (?). Your hair was so light.
-Lock of hair-
Hair has turned darker now.

Two nights

A/N: I had a few requests for a part two to “One Night” so here it is. I should have mentioned, it’s set around beginning of season 5, but in an AU kind of way? Whatever, you get me.

One Night

Her eyes tentatively blurred open and immediately regretted it as the light blinded her sensitive pupils. She pulled the duvet over her head, the foreign cotton bed sheets suffocating her naked skin. Her head was pounding and the dull ache behind her eyes was, in that moment, not worth the great night of sex she’d had with the handsome redhead from the bar.

“Mmmmmm, mornin’,” he muttered as if on cue, curling up behind Amelia and spooning her. The strong, muscular arms felt so warm and secure around her waist as they effortlessly wrapped her up.

“Good morning,” she replied, the sleep evident in her voice and the alcohol from the night before lowering the pitch by an octave. “What time is it?”

“Time for round four?” he suggestively joked, finding her neck under the covers and kissing the exposed skin. She giggled but instantly groaned at the pain it caused her head.

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts,” she moaned.

“Oh dear, does somebody have a hangover?” he teased.

“Shhhhhh…” she turned around in his arms and buried her head into his chest. “What do you have to do today?”


“I’m serious… errrrr…”


“Nothing?” she unconvincingly dismissed.

“What is it?”

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On the setlist and Floor’s favourite songs (x)

Dear interviewers,

Please stop asking 5sos about their personal lives; we don’t need to know. Stop asking Michael about his stage accidents; I’m sure he doesn’t like to talk about it every time they’re interviewed.  And stop asking things like “how does is it feel to be one of the biggest bands on the planet?”; they’ve answered that about a million times already, let’s be a little more creative here. 

Please ask them about the music. Ask them what they mean by “nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space”, since we all have a different interpretation of the lyric. Ask them about the writing of jbh and invisible and outer space / carry on, etc. Ask them if they’re going to continue the “new broken scene” theme into future albums. Ask them about the really cool sound the drums have in tgwcw and how that came about. 

I’m sure they’d rather talk about their passion than their personal lives. And at the end of the day we, the fans, care more about the music than who they’re dating. They’re a band, not a reality show.
The Unraveling

Fandom: Carmilla.
Pairings: LaFontaine/Perry.
Summary: Lola Perry is knitting a scarf and requires assistance. Set before the epilogue on episode thirty-six of the webseries.

“He and LaFontaine have been spending a lot of time together in the library lately. I think they’re kind of… dating. Maybe. Perry is dealing with that as best as she can.”

I watched episode 36. I had emotions. I wrote a fic.