second amenment

i can’t believe the emo revival is really happening. ive been saying it for like a year and a half, it’s gonna happen, ive been reading the signs… and now paramore is back and invader zim is getting a revival?? also i keep seeing people wearing tripp pants?? just two days ago i stumbled upon a 16-minute-long vine compilation video that was just all badly filtered montages of mcr’s band members set to music (not mcr songs). it was published THIS YEAR and had a fuckton of comments by teens crying about how hot they are. it’s really here kids… it’s really here

you all remember dan and phil play sims 4 #26 at exactly 4:44 when dan howell called susan 2 “suzy” right. is that just me. what u gon do

If you had to rank boss, wfh, flex, down, wi, sledgehammer, mmo, me and my girls, tmg
How would you rank them?

For me it would be

Flex 💪🏽

I don’t know how to rank the rest


On the setlist and Floor’s favourite songs (x)

“Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion.
For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him!“ - Isaiah 30:18
No one likes to wait. Sometimes it seems that God has put us on a shelf. It can be bewildering, frustrating, and depressing. The fact is, there are some blessings we are never going to receive unless we wait for them. Yes, these times of waiting are uncomfortable for us. Sometimes they’re downright painful. But if we try to make our own way instead of waiting on God, we will miss out on God’s best for us.
Prayer: Lord Jesus, You know how hard waiting is for me. Please give me the patience I need to wait for Your perfect timing in everything. Help me not to settle for the second best. Amen

Two nights

A/N: I had a few requests for a part two to “One Night” so here it is. I should have mentioned, it’s set around beginning of season 5, but in an AU kind of way? Whatever, you get me.

One Night

Her eyes tentatively blurred open and immediately regretted it as the light blinded her sensitive pupils. She pulled the duvet over her head, the foreign cotton bed sheets suffocating her naked skin. Her head was pounding and the dull ache behind her eyes was, in that moment, not worth the great night of sex she’d had with the handsome redhead from the bar.

“Mmmmmm, mornin’,” he muttered as if on cue, curling up behind Amelia and spooning her. The strong, muscular arms felt so warm and secure around her waist as they effortlessly wrapped her up.

“Good morning,” she replied, the sleep evident in her voice and the alcohol from the night before lowering the pitch by an octave. “What time is it?”

“Time for round four?” he suggestively joked, finding her neck under the covers and kissing the exposed skin. She giggled but instantly groaned at the pain it caused her head.

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts,” she moaned.

“Oh dear, does somebody have a hangover?” he teased.

“Shhhhhh…” she turned around in his arms and buried her head into his chest. “What do you have to do today?”


“I’m serious… errrrr…”


“Nothing?” she unconvincingly dismissed.

“What is it?”

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Mrs. S in the trailer for ‘Governed as It Were by Chance’ (x)