second amendment zine

What is best in life? A good bike is best in life. I love bikes, guys. I wish someone would make snake lugs. I love conan, guys.

My entry to stefie’s super sweet zine called WE AINT GOT TIME TO BLEED, previously known as SECOND AMENDMENT. This is gonna be a pretty radical zine and you should all get it! Wouldn’t you love to have a good colour print of Thulsa Doom popping a wicked fixie wheelie with a snake cult AK-47?

Work in progress. A submission to Stefie’s action-movie zine “WE AIN’T GOT TIME TO BLEED”. I was lucky enough to snatch Total Recall before someone else did. It is one of my favorite Arnold flicks and one of the first I watched, I actually went to the movies as a little kid to see it. Boy, was I scared shitless of the Mars scene where they’re blowing up like balloons, ahahaha. Anyway, this should be done by tomorrow or Thursday, so stay tuned!

There are times when I get to this point, and realize I hate what I’m currently working on. To the point where I can’t tell if I hate the composition and should start over, or to just finish it off. Yet again, this is all I’ve been working on mostly (neglecting the other things I should be working on), so I may need a break before I end up scrapping this accidentally.

What do you dudes think? (and yes, I know some limbs and mouths are missing, and the wheels look blocky. Work in progress boooooy.)