Soccer Calum

okay but can we talk about soccer Calum pls ??? like he’d be running across the field, ball at his feet and score the winning goal only to look up at you in the crowd to see you running down to him with a huge smile on your face. you’d be so proud of him (no matter how many games you’ve attended and have seen him win) and he’d know that and just the thought of you cheering for him in the stands with his number written on your cheek in black eyeliner was enough to motivation for him to want to win, and being successful in doing so. You’d run into his arms and he’d catch you, a big huge smile plastered on his face when his teammates surround you guys and all start cheering. Your outfit would consist of a pair of leggings and a jersey with his number and ‘HOOD’ written on the back so everybody knew that you were his and it would just make him so happy that he got to do his favorite thing and have his favorite person on the planet support him 100%. after every game you’d walk to the car, hand-in-hand and he’d kiss your cheek and thank you for giving him the motivation to keep playing and keep winning. That would lead to a kiss from him and sEEING HIM ALL SMILEY AND SWEATING FROM THE GAME WOULD JUST MAKE YOU WO HAPPY. oH AND DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE CELEBRATION SEX WHEN YOU GUYS GOT HOME

★ Sultan Has A Very Good Second Friday !

Saturday 16 July 2016 

Sultan had very strong collections again on its second Friday but the drop is there compared to what the film has been doing before. The collections were in the 7-7.50 crore nett range on the secomd Friday. There was a noticeable drop on Tuesday and it is there again on second Friday but this was sort of expected as there was a new release. Even though Great Grand Masti has not done well it has hit the collections of Sultan by around 15% on the second Friday.

The second Friday is still a big number and only six or seven films have a better second Friday with most of these coming on a open week and for the other films the second Friday was day eight whereas here it is day ten.

Friday - 36,59,00,000
Thursday 37,25,00,000
Friday - 31,50,00,000
Saturday - 36,50,00,000
Sunday 38,25,00,000
Monday - 15,50,00,000
Tuesday - 13,00,00,000
Wednesday - 11,00,00,000
Thursday - 9,50,00,000
Week One (extended) - 229.09 crore apprx

Friday (2nd) - 7.25 cr apprx
Grand TOTAL 236.34 crore

The business on the second Friday does make it hard to reach the nett figures of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but when Great Grand Masti was preponed it had made it a stiffer task already as to chase lifetime records, two open weeks are must and preferably three should be there. This will cost Sultan around 10-12 crore nett over the week. The share could still reach there as it racked up around 125 crore distributor share in week one and is chasing 162 crore of Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

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