fic; on the way down

for @leiascully‘s “resentment” challenge

standalone; heavy angst; trigger warnings related to mental illness, including PTSD, mentions of self-harm and suicidal ideation, allusions to addiction & paranoid psychosis; pre-revival; She leaves and of course it’s not for the reason he expected.

A/N: This was… hard to write. It is from a very personal place in regards to how I relate to Mulder and relationships I have had that ended for the same reason his did. I think we all have something we’re looking for in a new season of the X-Files and I am deeply hoping that the characters are given a chance to heal. The ending here points to that. There is hope at the end of this in the way I feel there is hope for me and anyone else who is forced to feel these things on a daily basis. 

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