sechskies friendship


Suwon + Sunghoon

Sunghoon’s hang-out with Suwon the day after he had been released drew a lot of attention from media, as shown by the paparazzi pictures that were taken that day. Suwon responded to the haters by tweeting: “Why do people have so much to say about me seeing my friend”. 

Born-to-be star Hoon-ie,
Hoonie who sings 90% of the vocal line. Thank you and sorry. I feel like I’m putting all the burden on you and am free riding.
I think we can still compete with other idols in terms of visual thanks to you, so I’m always grateful.
Please take care of it more so that we can be outstanding compared to black kies.
And you take everything that’s sweet and cringey.
It’s your charm and your strong point, so please continue!
If you need more parts in a song, I’ll give you 4 more measures from mine.
It won’t feel like a big loss, if it’s for you.

-Suwon’s letter to Sunghoon (2016)

My only same-age friend JJang Su Bal!
I feel like you’re a member I can be proud of in my heart.
Why? Because I “fixed*” you! (*Sunghoon revealed in Radio Star that he helped DSP’s CEO pick out the members)
Let’s just continue to be good friends like we always have been!

-Sunghoon’s letter to Suwon (2016)


Jaeduck + Jaijin: Busan Boys

Prior to debut, Jaijin and Jaeduck were in a dance team called “Quick Silver” based in Busan. Having no where to go in Seoul, they lived together at a janitor’s house for a while. 

Hi~ This is Duck
It’s really embarrassing to write a letter to you.
After we met, I could learn dance,and I could become a member of Sechskies.
Looking back, I feel like it’s all thanks to you that I could live a life full of wonders and fun.
Recently, you’ve been making me laugh a lot and you’ve been telling me good things when it’s just two of us together. Life is really fun.
Innocent and honest Jaijin~
Let’s keep having fun together.
Also let’s practice dance
-Jaduck’s letter to Jaijin (2016)

My friend
Always be healthy. Health comes first.
We’re making same memories in the same era…
We have to be healthy to do anything.
Every moments of right now will be remembered as the most radiant in our lives.
I love you <3 bro
-Jaijin’s letter to Jaeduck (2016)

pic cr: Abril