sechiel schwarzschild


Uh…don’t ask why I did these. Something compelled me to do it. For some odd reason, drawing other people’s OCs make me feel…I don’t know…happy?

So yeah, people mentioned in the tags, you owe me nothing for this. XD I just want to thank you for following one of my rp accounts. Honestly I only have like 10+ followers but I’m happy with that, even though some of you haven’t actually talked to me yet. Anyway, thanks! /you can ignore this lengthy emo derp/

To Bruce and Chibz, you are my inspiration as to why I keep on drawing.

Elliemod, no, I am still not awesome, and I’m not mad at anything, really. XD

almighty, omg I miss you.

Oh and Sechiel you evil derp.

So me and almighty (walkingbriefcasebrigade) were talking about choosing a random eye color for Sechiel. Then this happened:

What if Sechiel is a biological son of the Schwarzschilds?

- His look will be like that above (for me he looks so…idk, cute? XD)

- Intelligent, a bit of a nerd, quiet and innocent (and pretty cold too)

- An accidental pervert.

- Blunt and pretty much innocent with other stuff (if you know what I mean)

Anyway, the Pear blossoms are for Chibz~ xD

Elisia and Kaellan - Names that branded them as experiments. The former added it to her new name, while the latter discarded it away.

The man who swore to protect the only sister that is like him.

And the woman who knows everything but decides to forget.

‘If you see the real us, will you still love us?’

Those ‘symbols’ are actually stenography. Well, I’m rusty, so I’m not sure of my strokes are correct. Anyway.

The word on Sechiel is ‘wrath’ while the one on Shams is ‘death’.