In a ultra patriotic borderline nationalistic country such as the USA, I fucking wonder why the confederate flag is still a thing????? Like they were secessionists? They didn’t wanna be a part of the usa? And yet ???? I mean you’re super proud and love your country and pledge allegiance to be united under god or whatever the pledge is and then u defend a flag that is the opposite of what you pledge????????

Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it. But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government.
—  Catherine Frazier, press secretary for Texas Governor Rick Perry • Pouring a bit of heavily-couched water on the burgeoning secessionist movement within the state of Texas. In fact, it isn’t even limited to the Lone Star State — since the reelection of President Obama, secession petitions have been filed by (presumably) disgruntled voters in 30 states. The Texas portion of this discontent has furnished a petition with well over 25,000 signatures, the amount at which the Obama administration must review the list and issue a reply. Our guess? No go. Perry coming out against this movement is instructive, perhaps, in how seriously he now takes the rhetoric — back in May of 2009, Perry opted to stoke such sentiments, while speaking at a Tea Party rally in Austin. source
Vladimir Putin’s plot to get Texas to secede
For Moscow's right-wingers, payback means teaming up with a band of Texas secessionists.
By Casey Michel

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union two decades ago, many Russians have come to blame the United States for their plight; a seething resentment over U.S. culpability in the loss of Russian national power is one of the reasons Vladimir Putin is so popular. It has only worsened since the United States has led an international effort to isolate and sanction Moscow over its annexation of Crimea and incursions into eastern Ukraine. Thus, over the past 15 months there has been a sudden, bizarro uptick of Russian interest in and around the American Southwest, most notably Texas, where secessionist sentiment never seems to entirely die out.

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The disruption of the meeting has given the group a boost in publicity and support. It also provided a glimpse into the Republic’s political alternate reality and the radical and not-so-radical views of its supporters. Some have had violent confrontations with the authorities, and some are retirees more interested in the minutiae of the establishment of Texas as a country from 1836-45 than in overthrowing the government.

“They’re a harmless, clueless and interesting group of generally nice older guys with too much time on their hands,” said Jerry Patterson, a former Texas land commissioner, who recalled receiving Republic letters demanding he vacate the office. “Certainly law enforcement has something else to do. They have never tried to enforce their demands beyond writing amusing letters.”

The sheriff of Kerr County, Rusty Hierholzer, who led the raid and execution of the search warrant last month, said the letters appeared to violate a state law that prohibits delivery of documents that simulate a summons or other court process. The large contingent of officers, he said, was necessary because of the group’s history.

In 1997, the group’s leader at the time, Richard L. McLaren, and his supporters abducted a West Texas couple and held them hostage, leading to the standoff. A member of the group was shot and killed in the gun battle. Mr. McLaren surrendered and remains in state prison. Other members have been charged over the years with assault, forgery, the impersonation of an officer and, in a 1998 federal case, threats to use a weapon of mass destruction.

“I don’t have a problem with this group, but when they do things that violate the laws of this state, then I have to take action,” Sheriff Hierholzer said. “If I had just sent one officer to this meeting, to execute that warrant, I have a serious concern as to how safe my officer would’ve been.

“You look at Waco, Timothy McVeigh, some of this ‘sovereign citizen’ stuff,” he added, referring to the 1993 F.B.I. assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco and the terrorist who was executed for detonating a truck bomb in Oklahoma City in 1995. “There’s radicals in everything we do. It’s the radicals that I’m concerned about.”
Don’t Secede, Just Move - Peter Z. Scheer/Truthdig

There is a growing and idiotic movement by people dissatisfied with American democracy in the form of President Obama’s re-election to secede from the union. I have a better idea: Just move.

Most Americans already hold to this maxim. Although some of us have become obsessed with national borders, the boundaries between the states are utterly porous. Except for minor limits on the transfer of vegetables, semi-legal drugs and pornography, Americans are free to roam.

It’s why one in 10 of us has elected to move to the promised land of California. We must be a sensible state, as a majority of Americans choose to live here. It’s certainly not by force.

Americans so hostile to their own nation that they would secede from it should simply move to a state such as South Carolina that has never really been too comfortable with reintegration. (I say this because it continues to fly the Confederate flag above the statehouse there.)

Let’s face facts: Obama styles himself after President Lincoln, and is unlikely to let the redder states simply walk away, even though they’re a financial drain on the rest of us and offer little in return. We don’t need a second Civil War, but those of us in the new Union will surely bomb your ass if you try to exit (personally, I say let them go).

So just leave the online petitioning business to those of us with serious concerns and move your trailer to Alabama, where you’ll probably be a lot happier and get more bang for your tax dollar, besides. There’s always Alaska, where they pay you oil money just to stick around. And if the U.S. is really so terrible, you could just self-deport to one of those cutthroat Ayn Randian utopias where survival is a matter of wits and cunning and superhuman will, like the Colombian jungle or Shenzhen. Just a thought.

If you’re still so upset that Obama won to the point you want to leave, then do it. Put your money where your mouth is and leave. I am so sick of these teapublicans harping and barking nonsense about “taking back America” (to the Dark Ages) and “saving this country” when the reality is that none of them have the balls to take real action. Pissing, moaning, bitching, crying, and whining. It’s all they do.
Make the Confederacy's Defeat a National Holiday
150 years ago this week, the Confederacy surrendered to the Union. Let's celebrate it—every year.
By Brian Beutler

This week provides an occasion for the U.S. government to get real about history, as April 9 is the 150th anniversary of the Union’s victory in the Civil War. The generous terms of Robert E. Lee’s surrender to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House foreshadowed a multitude of real and symbolic compromises that the winners of the war would make with secessionists, slavery supporters, and each other to piece the country back together. It’s as appropriate an occasion as the Selma anniversary to reflect on the country’s struggle to improve itself. And to mark the occasion, the federal government should make two modest changes: It should make April 9 a federal holiday; and it should commit to disavowing or renaming monuments to the Confederacy, and its leaders, that receive direct federal support.

The fact there is “debate” over the Confederate flag is something I will never understand.

In no civilized place on this planet would that flag have been allowed after the Civil War was over. It had to be outlawed back then and it most certainly should have been outlawed years after anyway.

I’m sorry, I CANNOT wrap my head around the fact there is “debate” over this. If I were one of the States that fought against the secessionist South, I’d say “Know what, secessionist fucker? We’re gonna stop paying for your roads and bridges with our Federal taxes, given you STILL believe in  your Confederate flag and in your secession. Be my guest and have a damn good time, WITHOUT my money. Either you take that Confederate flag down, or this is what happens.”

Hot damn.

I’ve been sitting here reading many ignorant and uneducated comments about the confederate flag. Therefore I will gladly give you a short lesson on the history of it.

To begin with, it’s the Confederate Battle Flag or the ‘Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia’ or the ‘Second Confederate Navy Jack.’ It was the not the signifier of the state, it was the signifier of the army. It is the flag under which proslavery secessionist forces fought. So basically, this was the flag people flew when they were willing to fight and die to keep slaves.

This flag is a symbol of failed traitorous people who only wanted to continue to subjugate, torture, and enslave an entire race of people only because they looked different and were considered less than human.

In much of Europe, it is still illegal to fly the Swastika. Therefore, many Neo-Nazis have turned to fly the Confederate Battle Flag instead. In Europe it’s illegal, in America it’s “constitutional.” AKA Europe is ashamed, much of America is not.

Your heritage is hate and you’re in denial of you can’t see the racism behind the flag.

***Be careful about what you build your identity with. For example, it wasn’t a great idea for a huge number of people in my country to include a symbol of a white-supremacist traitor government as a deep part of their identity. But they did, and now we’re going to have a huge fight about it. #TakeDownTheFlag

hermdoggydog asked:

AU where Lyanna Stark and Elia Martell swapped roles (i.e. Rhaegar married Lyanna, Elia was betrothed to Robert, Rhaegar abducted Elia for the same reasons)? Would Robert's Rebellion have played out the same with the North and Dorne swapping places? Would we get Oberyn as Hand, the Starks as secret Targaryen loyalists (Robb in place of Quentyn?), and the Dornish as secessionists (Arianne in place of Robb)?

Interesting question. 

I don’t think a rebellion plays out anywhere near the same. In this scenario, the Starks and Tullys and Arryns aren’t going to rebel, so that leaves just the Baratheons and Martells and they don’t really have the manpower to make a go of it. Maybe if the Lannisters join them, but that’s unlikely to happen at the outset. 

If Southron Ambitions is at all close to true, I see this as a case where the “loyalist” faction takes charge rather than a civil war (especially since Robert’s in the Eyrie when this happens, and also Rhaegar doesn’t really have anywhere to run in this scenario) - Aerys is declared infirm and put into confinement for health reasons, there’s a council of Regents, and a Great Council is summoned to deal with A. who’s on the Iron Throne, given that the king is mad and the Crown Prince technically is an outlaw, and B. what’s the succession going to look like if Rhaegar’s set aside Lyanna for Elia. 

This could get very complicated - the Starks, Tullys, and Arryns are going to express in no uncertain terms that Aegon be chosen over his father as the new Crown Prince, the Martells will seek to defend the rights of Elia’s unborn child but probably would be unwilling to work with Rhaegar’s faction due to the whole abduction thing, the Baratheons would be definitely anti-Martell, as would the Tyrells, and the Lannisters and Greyjoys would be a real wildcard. You’d probably see a pro-Viserys faction develop as a third option between the Aegonites and the Martells.