> You wander the streets a little, still tired from your broken sleep. with the cigarette re-lit you hum a song you can’t seem to get out of your head. Your phone hasn’t rang at all, so either Kyarin’s still not home, or really doesn’t care. But you’re okay with staying out, Maybe you’ll see some familiar faces. 

Word of the Day

Secern, v. /se’sern/ - To separate; now only, to separate in thought; to distinguish, discriminate. To separate from the blood; to secrete.

     Source: The Oxford Universal Dictionary, 1955

==> Secern: go back to whatever place you’re calling hive. 

> Well… Hive is nowhere near the word you’d use for it. But it’s better than being in the hive of someone who’s never there, and leaves you alone. 

> At this point you’re done with highbloods. all of them. They can all stay safe on their high horses, one day they’ll all get shot off…

> Yeah.. right. 

> You awake from another unwanted dream, still huddled in you hiding spot, away from those who you’ve lost comfort with. You know you need to head out of the city at some point, head more so to the forests or coast where the abilities you know can come in handy. However you’re too exhausted to bother moving from your spot. 

> I'ts been too often that you’ve found yourself here. It’s more of a hive than any place you’ve lived before. 

I hate keeping secrets… and I hate having things kept from me… 

Especially with someone I’m supposed to trust… 

What’s that thing put people in… to try n’ discuss a problem? 

I feel a few people I know need that… 

Especially a certain Dragon, and an indigo that has apparently disappeared. 

…. Why do I go though this.. 

So, I thought of an AU, then it sprawled into something awful yet cute. 

So, Basically, Sec’s the opposite of what he is, A fluffy sweetheart, and is instead a vengeful, typical hemoist, highblood. And instead of giving up on killing limes because he enjoyed chevel’s company and found no justice in the act ( he killed them to avenge kyarin’s death, which was at the hand of a mutant), He then instead continues to kill them from the enjoyment of clearing away the scum, enslaving chev to use his abilities, which are being able to see where people have touched or stepped, and what blood colour they are. 

Sec also doesn’t hunt alone, he has a certain seadweller by his side~