Trump On Kaepernick: "Maybe He Should Find A Country That Works Better For Him"
The Republican nominee criticized San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand during the national anthem on Saturday
By Nathan McDermott

On the one hand, I find it really insulting when right wing dickweeds tell us to just leave America if we have a single problem with it (rather than trying to make it a better country, to ensure it lives up to its ideals). On the other hand, I wouldn’t have a problem for a nanosecond if places like Texas, the Gulf states, Florida, and South Carolina actually seceded. So … it’s complicated.

The point is, Trump is a dickweed.


The First Order, also simply known as the Order, was a military and political organization that was active approximately thirty-four years after the Battle of Yavin. Inspired by the principles of the Galactic Empire, the First Order would briefly inhabit a wing of New Republic politics until tensions became intolerable. Fully seceding into the galaxy’s vast Unknown Regions, it would plot its ascension as a galactic superpower, and thirty years after Endor, fought against both the Resistance and the Republic for control of the galaxy. [x]

30 Day Gemsona Challenge - Day 1: Introductions!

Say hello to Covellite! She’s a  grumpy, cynical, pilot gem – and she’s very good at her job. While most covellites tend to fit the goody, wise-cracking dropship pilot stereotype, Covellite differs from her sisters in flight by being… pissed off - Most of the time, really. She is still as snarky as the best of them, though. 

  • Unironically listens to Boulevard of Broken Dreams 
  • Dozes off in her pilot’s chair 
  • Hates crumbs on her dashboard 
  • Probably won’t smile at you on the street but she means the best 
  • Attack Eyebrows, probably want to secede and form their own Independent State of Eyebrow

I doubt ill actually get these out on a daily basis, but I’m hoping to finish all 30 prompts of the challenge!

Religion And The Confederacy 

  • The perspective of what would quickly become the “Confederate States of America”—the southern perspective—balanced on two points: first, that the individual state was sovereign, even to the point of secession. 
  • Second, that the “peculiar institution” of slavery was not only expedient but also ordained by God and upheld in Holy Scripture. 
  • When news spread of the surrender of Fort Sumter on April 13 and of Lincoln’s call for 75,000 troops, one southern state after another seceded and the Confederacy (of 11 states in all) was born. With it was born the South’s embrace of religion as its moral defense and its motive force.
  •  Both North and South looked to God for meaning, and each side believed—with equal fervor and certitude—that God was on its side.

Photo: In 1925, the Alabama Chapter of the united Daughters of the Confederacy commissioned Tiffany Studios in New York to create a stained glass window to honor and memorialize the glory of the Civil War-era cadets of the University of Alabama. The window serves as a memorial to the South, not as a people or an army, but as an idea of the antebellum mentality. The window was dedicated at the University, then in present-day Carmichael Hall (now housed in the Hoole Special Collections library) University of Alabama.

more texan keith hcs bc yeehaw

  • would lay his life down for blue bell ice cream 
  • probably went a month just eating deep fried foods
  • is the biggest barbecue snob ever pls keith you cant even cook
  • has a shirt with texas on it that says secede
  • whataburger > every other burger chain
  • drives the dustiest pickup truck ever
  • has said “yeehaw motherfucker” at one point in his life

maidsofair  asked:

I find it a bit surprising that the realm stayed together so long after the Conquest, especially after the Dance. By the end, most of the dragons and dragonriders were dead, the capital and the countryside in ruins, and the heir to the throne was an underage prince that was basically a prisoner in his own castle. It seems like the perfect time to declare that the Targaryen experiment had been a bad idea all along and for the 7Ks to try to secede for good. Any thoughts?

Well, in the immediate aftermath of the loss of the dragons, the rest of the kingdom was faring hardly any better. The Dance was devastating, and so was the winter and the Winter Fever. After that, Aegon III kept the peace, and that’s what Westeros needed, was time to rest and let the wounds mend.

After that, you saw a period of Targaryen kings trying to redefine the Westerosi monarchy in dragonless terms. Daeron tried completing the conquest, his death at the peace conference would give the Westerosi more of a reason to stick together than apart. Baelor put a pin in that and so that was roiling under the surface, but Baelor had popular support from the smallfolk and the Faith (a massive institution with significant resources) that protest was pointless. Viserys made the difference, died, and Aegon started restoking that war fever, with Crown Prince Daeron forming the peace faction. Independence is nothing compared to the War Question, which never pans out. Daeron II takes over, has his deal with the Dornish, and now the war faction props up Daemon Blackfyre and we have the First Blackfyre. Daeron wins and quells the revolt, lots of people go to exile, and Daeron brings an era of prosperity that cools any independence movement. Then comes the Spring, and the drought, and no one is doing anything major because they don’t have the resources.

In that period afterward, with the Kings-Over-The-Water, Lords Paramount aren’t going to agitate for independence. Largely, their number two’s were backers Daemon, they don’t want to risk losing their seats to their rivals if Daemon’s heir wins the next rebellion and becomes the new King on the Iron Throne. The factionalism is Black vs. Red, not Independence…until Maelys the Monstrous dies on the Stepstones right after (relatively) Aegon V and much of the family burns to death in Summerhall, and Aegon, for all the nobility disliked him, was unquestionably sane.

Is it any wonder then, with the environment of togetherness found in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, the absence of a Blackfyre claimant, and the apparent risk that even sane dragons could present, that Southron Ambitions formed?

Thanks for the question, Maids.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


Rohan decided to take a break from his usual routine, and try to work on his drafts in public today. Weekly publication of his manga would begin soon and he needed 54 pages and a few colored pages in order to make a spectacular debut everyone would read. He was even sketching his drafts, which is a step he usually skipped but this time would not for that extra precisions. He would sit down in a cafe and finish the rest, he told himself. 

However the moment he tried to take the last seat available in a cafe, another child arrived to take that scene at exactly the same time. Rohan looked at him defiantly, not willing to secede his claim even for a minor. They would have to do something serious to settle this. 

“I challenge you to a game of rock paper scissors, winner gets the last seat at this cafe!” He declared boldly. 

Texas seceding is one of my greatest fears because it means that I will be even more stuck here in a radically conservative “country” and poor and otherwise underprivileged people will suffer for it

August 25, 1849: This morning Col. Wm. Hamilton, son of Alexander Hamilton of Revolutionary memory passed our camp. He is a small, active, smart looking man, apparently fifty, and was once undoubtedly a very handsome man. His exterior is now not of the smoothest, though a decent hat would much improve it. He was wearing, or rather is capped with, an old, rusty, torn, shockingly dilapidated, part of a straw hat – the major part it is true, but a very considerable minority has seceded.

‘At the Extremity of Civilization’ : A Meticulously Descriptive Diary of an Illinois Physician’s Journey in 1849 Along the Oregon Trail to the Goldmines and Cholera of California, Thence in Two Years to Return by Boat via Panama by Israel Shipman Pelton Lord.

The sad story of William Stephen Hamilton’s dilapidated hat. 

there weren’t many ns posts last night because it takes me way longer to do things than i expect and I still haven’t finished the last couple pages of the chapter. I’m waiting for my bread to thaw out enough to have my marmite toast and then I’m going to be catching up on greek grammar and doing some kitchen cleaning, but i will try to take a break in a few hours to finish up NS 1870s-1920s stuff

mostly it is 
- railways are too expensive but suddenly the coal industry booms
- prohibition is a thing but we will just go over to our neighbours who don’t have it yet and bring some home
- Wilfrid Laurier appears like once???
- all liberal governments all the time purely out of spite and not for any actual reason other than because patronage, because british parliament system, and because cons made confederation and confederation is Bad
- we are totally gonna secede except no politician is actually serious about that anymore

In the Lower South (SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, FL – those states that seceded first), about 36.7% of the white families owned slaves. In the Middle South (VA, NC, TN, AR – those states that seceded only after Fort Sumter was fired on) the percentage is around 25.3%, and the total for the two combined regions – which is what most folks think of as the Confederacy – is 30.8%. In the Border States (DE, MD, KY, MO – those slave states that did not secede) the percentage of slave-ownership was 15.9%, and the total throughout the slave states was almost exactly 26%.

I think that’s more then 3%

White people lived in poor conditions sure. Well black people were being tortured, murdered, & worked to death. Do you really think I care about your ancestors “struggles”.

And you can’t forget about how most of the slaves were shipped to the Caribbean. That’s a whole bigger topic.