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Hey there! I'm going to be a senior in high school next month, and I'm incredibly interested in pursuing a career in game design. The thing is, while I've been playing around with programming in my down time, my high school doesn't offer any actual computer classes, and I'm worried a lack of preparation might really screw me over when I go to college. Is there any way a student not given opportunities in advanced math and computer classes can study a field like computer science? Thank you!

If your primary focus is on programming, you want to become a good programmer first and become a good game programmer second. I didn’t actually formally learn any computer science until I reached the university level either. I started with the introduction to computer science classes, and worked my way up from there. If you’re going to a university, I wouldn’t worry about not learning it in high school. Just make sure that you have a solid math foundation and understand the concept of proof by induction, and pay attention in your theory and lower division classes once you get to college. School is a place to learn, whether at elementary or university level. Be a good student, go to office hours and talk to the professors and TAs to explain what you don’t understand.

That said, if you are planning on studying computer science for game programming specifically, here’s the list of topics I’ve found to be particularly useful. This is by no means comprehensive, but I have found myself thinking “I’m so glad I learned this in school” more than once about each of these.

  • Algorithms, Big O Notation, and how to calculate your program’s run time
  • Data structures and how to store data. Many times, the solution lies in finding the right structure to solve the problem.
  • Object-oriented principles at work. Object-oriented programming has four fundamental principles - inheritance, encapsulation, dynamic dispatch, and polymorphism. I’ve found myself referring to all four of them quite often.

  • Proof by induction, and just what this means.
  • A rock-solid understanding of trigonometry. How the angle, sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, and cosecant relate to each other.
  • Matrix math, specifically multiplication and inversion.
  • Vector math. Normalization, addition, and subtraction, especially in 3 dimensions
  • More advanced vector math. How vectors are used to represent planes, and the concepts of the dot and cross product.

It’s ok if you don’t jump into the super advanced subjects right away. Work on building a solid foundation and understanding of these concepts - the more advanced subjects are built on them, and a shaky foundation will lead to confusion when things get advanced.

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morgan can you do a michael blurb where he cant help you study for finals bc hes an idiot but he helps you relax bc you get too stressed out plS BC ITS FINALS WEEK for me

“What the..” You groan, “Michael, you should’ve just stayed at home! You’re no help at all.” He chuckles and reaches around your neck to put his chin against the top of your head, “I did drop out of school, you know. Or have you forgotten the whole ‘band’ thing already?” You sigh and put your hands over his, pouting slightly as you glare down at your textbooks and papers that are scattered all around your desk. “How could I with you reminding me all the time?” you tease, pinching the back of his hand. He yelps and pulls away from you, “Not nice!” You giggle and swivel your chair around so you’re facing it, putting your hands on your knees as you sit criss-cross in your chair. He sighs as he looks down at you, finally realizing how tired you are. He squats in front of you and takes your hands from your knees, holding your hands gingerly, “Babe, why don’t you take a break?” You shake your head quickly, feeling some stray strands of hair fall out of your bun, flying into your face, “I-I can’t. It’s finals week and, and I can’t.” He sighs and kisses your knuckles with sad eyes, “I hate seeing you so stressed, this isn’t worth you strung out on caffeine and maths problems. Why don’t you just take a break, it’s almost midnight anyways.” You shake your head again, “My history test is tomorrow, Mikey, I have to study more.” He smiles up at you, “What’s the day that World War II started?” Instantly you spout off, “The first of September, 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland.” He grins even wider, pushing himself by the balls of his feet so he’s teetering over you. “What are the six trigonometric functions?” You rattle off, “Sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent.” He giggles a bit and reaches forward to cup your cheeks before kissing your lips once chastely, “See? You know all that stuff!” You blush a light shade of pink and look down at your lap, but he nudges your chin back upward so you’re looking at him. “C'mon then,” he says softly, pulling you by your hand out of the seat. “Let’s go make some tea and we’ll watch a movie and cuddle or something, let’s forget about this stupid school stuff.” You roll your eyes but follow him anyways, “It’s not stupid.” He squeezes your hands and nods at you as you enter the kitchen. “You know I’m proud of you, right?” You look up from where you’re grabbing tea bags, “Hmm?” He sighs and leans his back against the lip of the counter, his gangly arms crossed over his thin, broad chest. “I’m proud of you for sticking with all this stuff, I never could have done it even if I didn’t have the band,” he tells you, his voice quiet as he examines his Converse-clad feet. “I would’ve dropped out anyways and I would’ve been at home doing nothing and probably been working at a low wage job not being too happy. But here I am, just getting home from a tour of basically almost the world, and I get to come home to you.” You find yourself blushing darker now as you pull at the skin of your lip, “Thank you, Michael.” He grins and reaches out to kiss your forehead for a long moment. “What about those cuddles?”

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