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"You're so complicated,"

                              ❛ I told you that you probably wouldn’t want to know all this,
                  but you insisted– –
                                                   and now you know. I’m not some nerdy guy just
                  writing for some stupid magazine in the hopes of being recognised.
                  And maybe to you that’s a disappointment, but it’s the truth that I
                  guess you wanted and deserved, so the door’s there, and you can
                  walk right out of it cause I don’t need more people getting hurt just
                  because of me.

                            You deserve better. ❜

you get into a fight - a.i.

request: you are his younger sister and get into your first fight / ashton

a/n: i couldn’t decide if the anon meant a first fight with Ashton as their older brother?? so im guessing that they meant a fist fight like in school or something lol so i hope this is what they were requesting

“Okay, what the fuck is your problem? You’ve been on my ass the whole morning!” you shouted, drawing the attention from multiples of people passing through the hall. For the fifth time this week, the snobby group of girls that talked shit about everybody was using you as their main target. They’ve been teasing you and finding ways to aggravate you all week and now you’ve finally had enough.

The group of girls smirked, almost laughing at the way you stood up for yourself as they finally turned to face you. “What do you mean? We aren’t even doing anything,” one of them responded, innocently crossing their arms. You clenched your jaw, ignoring the several pairs of eyes warily watching you and the girls.

“You know exactly what I mean,” you retorted, stepping forward and shooting them an icy glare. “Making fun of me and making snarky remarks behind my back didn’t go unnoticed, so just stop.” You were just about to turn and walk away when one of the other girls mumbled something that was enough to make your blood boil.

The abrupt surge of anger that burst through your body made you whirl back around, dump your book bag onto the floor, and lunge towards the girl with rage. She was caught off guard and flinched away, but you still caught onto her and swung at her jaw. Her other friends were shrieking as if they never expected you to be bold enough to fight one of them.

You grabbed a fistful of her hair and was drawing back for another punch when someone wrapped their arms around your waist and lifted you up. Your rage didn’t help, which explained why you were kicking and struggling in frustration to get out of the person’s tight hold. That girl deserved to be fought and you still wanted to take your anger out on her, but you couldn’t escape no matter how hard you tried.

“Y/N, calm down, it’s Ashton,” they lowly murmured in your ear, which made your eyes widen in realization. Your brother had removed you from the fight, not some random stranger or even the principal, which would’ve been way worse. After a couple of moments, you finally decided to relax.

Once you were safely away from your brawl, Ashton set you onto the floor and disapprovingly shook his head at you. He handed you your book bag and raised his eyebrows, giving you a moment to explain yourself.

“Ashton, she was on my ass this whole morning!” you exclaimed to defend yourself. “You don’t understand how long they’ve been doing this, but today I just snapped and had to do something. Aren’t you proud that I stood up for myself?”

“I am glad that you did that but you didn’t have to fight her, Y/N! You better hope you don’t get suspended or anything like that because mom would kill you,” he replied, glancing down the hall and pushing his hair out of his face.

You hesitantly nodded, glimpsing away from him in shame before you were looking up again. “Why’d you pull me away like that? I still wanted to beat her ass.” Ashton’s lips were tugging up in amusement, adjusting the strap on his book bag as he began walking down the corridor.

“You’re my little sister,” Ashton simply said, shrugging his shoulder. “I have to protect you. I’m not just gonna let you go and do stuff without making sure you’re alright first.” You softly smiled, trailing after him as he glimpsed down at you with a grin.

“And plus, if those girls were bothering you I could’ve just talked to them. An intimidating big brother always works.”

5SOS Blurbs!

Send me a number and a boy and I will write a blurb!

  1. Nerd!5sos
  2. Jock!5sos
  3. Spy!5sos
  4. Boxer!5sos
  5. CEO!5sos
  6. Fratboy!5sos
  7. Best friend!5sos
  8. Daddy!5sos
  9. Teacher!5sos
  10. College!5sos
  11. Punk!5sos
  12. Hockey!5sos
  13. Royal!5sos
  14. Mornings with him
  15. He’s the new kid
  16. you go to the ___ (aquarium, zoo, etc.)
  17. You’re insecure about your weight
  18. You admit you’re depressed
  19. He’s insecure about his weight
  20. Movie night
  21. You have a panic attack
  22. Cuddles
  23. You’re his photographer for a photoshoot
  24. He sees you in his clothes
  25. You’re a virgin and he offers to take it
  26. Make out sessions
  27. Your parents walk in on you two
  28. He/You say “I love you” first
  29. You’re cold and he warms you up
  30. You get nervous the night before your wedding

This could be so much fun! Let’s do it! If you guys want something specific out of one of these numbers, just specify in your request!

so edgar does one of the gestures, i think it’s joy?? if he kills you
and I was going to make a post about him being a poor sport and rude, but you know what
no, he’s not. he deserves to celebrate what little victories he can get
because he is in a really shit situation, and honestly he’s still nicer than a lot of pvpers ive met