Stay Calum Smut

Synopsis: After an argument with your parents, you go to stay in a friends house. But make a quick stop off on your way, to see Calum.

After a rather large argument with your parents, you packed a bag and stormed out of the house.

“Don’t come back tonight!” Was the last thing your dad shouts before the front door slams shut and you’re stood at the end of the driveway in the clothes you were supposed to be going out in.

“Ugh!” You scream before throwing your bag into the back of your car and getting in, uncertain of where you were really going to go. 

You could go to your friends, but you were supposed to be meeting them in the club in 10 minutes so they’d all be on their way.

“Where are you?” Your friend, Alana, asks when you call her.

“Change of plans.”


“Big argument with parents, need somewhere to stay. Looking for somewhere.”

“You can stay with me; spare key is under the mat. Drop your stuff off and come meet us like you planned!”

“I don’t know, I don’t feel like getting drunk and kissing strangers right now.”

“Suit yourself! I’ll be home later,” She says before putting the phone down. You sigh and start your car to drive to your friends when you suddenly remember something.

Calum was in town.

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5SOS preference: Cute Kisses

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Whenever Michael was in his cuddly and clingy mood but he had to leave for the studio or something he would always try to stay home as long as possible. Today was just the same, he was telling you some lame story just because he didn’t want to leave you but when he got a call from the other boys he knew he had to leave. “I’ll miss you” he said, kissing your nose first then rubbing his against it before pressing his lips to yours. Only to question a few seconds later “wanna come along?”


The morning was your least favorite part of the day, waking up to Ashton since you moved in with him made it much better but the pout when you woke up still couldn’t disappear. Ashton took you closer into his strong arms and pressed kisses to your foreheard and your hairline whilist one hand ran through your hair in a way to cheer you up. From now on every day was started with this ritual and from now on mornings were a lot better.


PDA was Calum’s favorite although there was also a side that wanted the affection between the both of you but when you were on the streets or at a party he couldn’t help but touch you or kiss you. Now you were at the restaurant with your family and the boys, his hand had been trailing up your leg, closer to your thighs the entire time so when you stood up to go home he pressed his lips to your cheek and bowed you down, dirty whispering in your ear “So soaked for me, all evening long, I’ll have to take care of it when we get home…or in the car”.


Today Luke was meeting your parents and siblings for the first time at a family barbecue, he was bringing himself down the entire time, thinking that your parents wouldn’t approve but little did Luke know that he was all you talked about and your mom would like him. Both of you were only a few feet away from your family and Luke began to try and pull back from this but you kissed him cheek “they’ll like you Luke, I love you and there’s no one that will change that”. After the barbecue Luke had spent all the day talking to your family, they liked him and he liked them. And of course you both shared your first ‘I love you’.

Your Teen Daughter (5sos)


Skylar 6 months after her 16th birthday


Presley on her first day of college (age 18)


Nidra on her 19th birthday


Sawyer Isabella on the first day of 11th grade (age 16)


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