#44 5sos Imagine… The Airport *Luke Hemmings*


       ”Where is he?” you mumbled to yourself; your eyes searching for your boyfriend among the sea of people in your local airport.

    You found yourself gnawing on your bottom lip as you weaved through the giant crowd of people, searching for your long time boyfriend, Luke Hemmings. He had been away on tour with his band for over six months, and you were desperate to see his face again.

       You flicked your gaze upward as you read the gate sign, a large smile finding your face as you realized it was the right one. You felt a flurry of butterflies in your stomach, a giddy feeling of excitement bubbling in your veins. Raking your gaze across the pile of people tumbling out of the terminal, you felt your eyes rest on a tall, lanky bread stick with a messy, blonde quiff.

       You felt massive tears slip down your warm cheeks as you ran to your sky scraper of a boyfriend. He met you half way, his arms spread wide open for you. The both of you practically fell into each others arms as you embraced, your chest heaving with ecstatic sobs. A small giggle escaped your lips as you felt the ground leave from beneath your feet; Luke tightening his hold around your waist and lifting you up to spin you around. After a few moments, he put you down, his neck bent slightly so he could nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck, his stubble tickling your skin.

       ”I missed you,” you whispered; your grip tightening immensely.

       ”I missed you too,” he murmured back.

       You sniffled and released him, but not before planting a quick, passionate kiss on his lips. Holding him out at arms length, you got a good look at him, your eyebrows quirking slightly as you noticed that he had grown at least a good four inches since you last saw him.

       ”You’re so tall now… At this rate you’re going to be six foot eight,” you giggled.

       You watched bemusedly as a soft flush colored his cheeks, him raising his arm to scratch the back of his neck, embarrassed.

       ”Yea right,” he quipped sarcastically.

       ”I’m serious babe… how’s the weather up there?” You asked; a satisfied smile finding your lips as you watched his blush darken.

       ”Pretty great if you ask me,” he countered.

       You grinned as he scrunched his nose and stuck his tongue out at you cutely. You stood on your toes and planted a firm kiss on his lips; a small smirk finding its way onto your mouth as you heard several disgusted groans from behind you. Pulling away, you turned around, a small blush dusting your cheeks as Luke wrapped his arms around you from behind, him pulling you to his chest. You smiled widely as your gaze landed on three boys, each of them complaining humorously about how gross you and Luke were and how the both of you needed to get a room.

       ”You guys are just jealous that Luke’s dating me and not you,” you teased.

       ”Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” Luke asked.

       ”Nope,” you giggled; laughing harder as you saw each of their expressions turn to one of horror.

       They all just rolled their eyes at you before walking up to you, enveloping you in a cute, giggle filled group hug. You tried to return their affection but Luke’s arms were wrapped around your waist and arms, making you unable to move them.

       ”It’s so nice to see you guys again,” you murmured happily.

       ”You too,” they all muttered back.

       After they let go, you tried to maneuver your way out of Luke’s grip so you guys could go get the luggage, but Luke only held on tighter.

       ”Luke, we need to go and get your stuff,” you informed, trying to pry his arms away.

       ”No,” he whined.

       You gasped as he pulled you down, you landing roughly on the ground. Luke’s legs were on either side of you with his chin planted on your head. You couldn’t see him, but you could just imagine his bottom lip sticking out in a pout.

       ”Luke, we’re in the middle of the airport,” you sighed, your face flushed in embarrassment.

       ”I know,” he stated stubbornly.

       ”We can’t just sit here yea know,”

       ”Yes we can,” he countered.

       You huffed, trying to act annoyed but failing because of how happy you were to be reunited with him.

       Suddenly, he started talking, “Sorry… I just don’t want to let go of you yet.”

       You blushed even harder at his words, letting out a sigh before leaning your back against his chest, a small smile on your face, “I guess we can sit here for a little while.”

       You laughed as you heard another chorus of groans before they all left, muttering about how they’ll just get the luggage themselves, not wanting to have to watch anymore of you and Luke’s adorableness.

       You smiled as you felt his chest vibrate with giggles.

       ”You know I love you… right?” you murmured, lacing your fingers with his.

       ”Yea… and you know that I love you too hm?” he replied.

       ”Mhm,” you hummed, letting out a sigh of content.

       You felt the curious stares of other people in the airport, but you honestly didn’t care. You were too enveloped in you and Luke’s little bubble to. You smiled as you felt his lips press against your hair. He moved his head to your shoulder, his hot breath hitting your ear, relaxing you. You closed your eyes as he began to run his fingers through your hair, enjoying the feeling. It was in that moment that you realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him, but that page wouldn’t be turned for a long, long time.


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