You’re a Nerd and He’s a Bad Boy (Luke) pt. Two

Part One

~One week later~

    *You’re POV*

    Its been a week since Luke and I kissed and it’s like it never happened. The day after the kiss, it had seemed as if Luke had no memory about the events that took place the day before. I didn’t stress the subject much but whenever I would try to talk about it he would find some excuse to leave or just change the subject.

    I walk down the empty hallways holding on to my backpack straps tightly until I am roughly pushed into a locker.

    “Hey!” I hear someone yell as footsteps soon fill my ears. Soon after I hear someone hit the ground with a thump, I turn around to see Luke standing over the school Jock, Dean. “Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Luke asks as he helps me up and checks my face and arms for any injuries.

    “I’m fine Luke I just-”

    “Luke Hemmings!” I hear a voice yell from down the hallway. Me and Luke whip our heads around to see a fuming Mr. Jennings, the principal. “Did you do this?” He asks referring to Dean.

    “Look Mr. Jennings I-”

    “No, Lucas, I am sick and tired of you abusing my students, do you know how hard it is explaining to parents how their children got pummeled by the school’s bad boy.” He says putting air quotes around the words ‘bad boy’.

    “Sir I-”

    “Say no more, Luke, you are suspended” He says cutting Luke off.

    “Excuse me.” Luke says obviously surprised.

    “You heard me, you are suspended for two weeks, I will have your papers sent to you at the end of the day.” Mr. Jennings says as hes walking away leaving a stunned Luke to make sense of what just happened.

    You’re probably wondering why Luke is so shocked by his suspension believe it or not as much trouble Luke has caused he’s never not once been suspended.

    “Luke, I am so sorry, this is all my fault.” I say frantically.

     “No its not, its not a big deal anyways.” Luke says waving his hand up at me. “Anyway, I was looking for you this morning.” He says.

    “Well, here I am, did you need something?” I ask him.

    “No, I just wanted to invite you over later.” Luke says wrapping his arm around me as we start to walk down the hallway to our first class. My heart beat goes twenty times faster when he touches me or even looks at me it’s crazy and I’ve never felt anything like it before, I guess he just has this effect on me.

    “Yeah sure.” I squeak out as I also try to calm my nerve down.

    “By the way the boys will be over, I hope you don’t mind.” He says.

    “That’s fine.” I say. Me and Luke continue to our classes, having small talk.

    It’s around 5:30 when I make it over to Luke’s house and as soon as I walk in I see all the boys sitting on the couch playing video games.

    “Don’t tell me this is what we are doing all day.” I say with a huge smile on my face as I look at Luke. I hope that wasn’t to obvious. Ashton pauses the game and they all get up and give me hugs but I sure tell you Luke’s was the longest.

    ‘We were just about to go upstairs and start up a movie.” Luke says with his arm still wrapped around my waist which makes my stomach flutter. I agree and we all walk upstairs. We all grab pillows and blankets before laying them out on the floor with a bowl of sweets in front of us. During the movie I’m resting my head on Luke’s shoulder as he whispers idiotic things making me silently laugh but I guess it was loud enough for the boys to hear because they kept glaring at us.

     “I’m going to the restroom.” I announce as I stand up.

     “Okay, I’ll pause the movie.” Calum tells me. I nod my head as I walk down the Luke’s hall and into the bathroom. I guess I left Luke’s room door open because I start to hear the boys talking so I decide to listen, not for any particular reason.

    “So, Luke, you and (Y/N)?” I hear Ashton ask.

   “What about me and (Y/N)?” Luke questions back.

    “You two a thing?” Calum asks. I smile at that statement thinking what if me and Luke were a thing.

   “Me and (Y/N), are you crazy.” My smile quickly drops from my face.

    “The way you act with her I’d think you two were dating.” Michael adds.

    “Look, I’m just being nice, you all know that she gets bullied. She’s one of my best friends okay, so yes I try my best to lift her spirits up.” Luke explains.

    “But I thought you said you kissed her.” Calum says.

    “Yes I did kiss her but it meant nothing.” Luke says. Tears start falling from my eyes as I realized that I’m in love with someone who will never love me back.

    “So you have no feelings for her.” Calum asks.


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whenever i see fans of bands or whatever taking photos with the band members and they are like hugging them really tight i always think to myself “how? how do you do that without having like the awkwardness hit you like a ton of bricks like how?”


AU Meme: You like Luke but Ashton likes You pt. 1

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