*5sos and they can't find Ashton*
  • Luke:hi cow!
  • *ashton pops up*
  • Ashton:it's a cow Luke it not going to say hello to you!
  • Luke:there he is
I Can't Remember (Michael Clifford)

You woke up, with still-sleepy eyes and legs tangled in sheets. You couldn’t remember what the hell happened last night. You swung your body over the bed when a large hand grabbed your wrist. You screamed. “What the fuck?!” taking the sheets off the bed and wrapping them around you protectively. “What the fuck?! Cal give me the sheets!” A deep, admittedly sexy morning voice groaned. Peering at the man drunk you decided to take home, you agreed that your choice was pretty good. He had messy blond hair with some piercings and he was very very cute. And nude. He gulped, Adam’s apple moving. You almost drooled. “You’re not Calum are you.” he said. “Nooo really?” You said sarcastically after staring at him a good minute. “UMmm. Do you know what happened last night? I can’t remember, i woke up and you were there…and that’s it.” he said after grabbing his boxers from the conjoining bathroom. You shook your head. “No, I was going to ask you the same thing.”  You said grabbing your shirt from the laundry basket. Except it wasn’t your shirt. You had the same black tank top- but this one was several sizes too large. He stared at you. “I think that might be my shirt.” He said scratching his head. “By the way, what’s your name? I might as well know it since you’re at my flat.” Your eyes grew large. “Hold up- shit this isn’t my place.” you said wincing. “Oh and my name’s Y/N. How about you?” You said putting your hair up, sliding on battered converse and and- “Shoot. Where did my shirt go?” You asked before letting him speak. “Wait tell me your name first.” You said blushing. He laughed a bit. “Michael. Michael Clifford.” He said gauging a reaction from you. You nodded distractedly. “Cool Michael. So do you live with anyone?” You said in defeat, slipping on tight skinny jeans but not finding your shirt. He started to say something, but was interrupted by three shouts from outside the bedroom; “WE’RE BACK MIKEY-POO! HOW’D IT GO WITH THAT GIRL?” You panicked. “Okay Michael I’m going to borrow your shirt my god get some clothes on and oh shit do you have a brush what’s their name who are they?!” You rushed practically shoving jeans and a tank at him. He hopped on one foot sliding his jeans on- "Hurry… Walk of shame together?“ He asked offering his arm out to her goofily. You gave him a smile. “Only if we can get pizza together.” His eyes widened. “YES. um yes.” He blushed and you both walked out the door. In his head he was thinking, Damn, she looks amazing.

To the anon asking me about NovaHD: Sorry I don’t know that ship ^^;

who’s the cuddler: Tadashi. That big nerd just loves holding his small noodle of a brother tightly even though Hiro is squirming and telling him to “Get off bro. You’re heavy!”

who makes the bed: Tadashi. When does Hiro ever make his bed or clean his room lol

who wakes up first: Tadashi and then he proceeds to wake up Hiro with soft kisses on his back and shoulder.

who has the weird taste in music: Tadashi.

who is more protective: Tadashi no question *cough*GPStrackers*cough*

who sings in the shower: Both? Maybe they have a duet whenever they shower together lol

who cries during movies: Hiro. cried his eyes out during Iron Giant but then he denies it.

who spends the most while out shopping: When it comes to shopping for anything related to robotic parts and stuff, they both do. Otherwise for casual stuff like groceries, I expect Tadashi to take longer cuz he’d probably read the labels of every product he buys.

who kisses more roughly: Both.

who is more dominate: Hiro mostly, he’s kind of like a dominant uke if you get what I’m saying. Tadashi can be dominant too whenever he is pushed over the edge.

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x

You know, no matter how much I travel I can never quite seem to get used to how somewhere can be so hot in Autumn - uh, Fall. Back home It’d already be jacket weather and we’re hardly into September at all. Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s nice to be able to wear a t-shirt for more than two months a year.

Alright, here’s something people should think about and try to understand: there’s two ways you can look at blink-182.

The first way is to look at it as a group of people who work enthusiastically under the name blink-182. The people who see it like this are currently the happy ones that keep telling others to “be happy their band is saved” and seem to completely miss what blink means to a lot of other people.

The second way is to see blink as a group of specific people working and creating music together. Meaning that blink-182 is a concept that isn’t just some group of people, it’s a very particular thing for these people. Looking at what is going on now from this point of view, the band most certainly is not “saved”.

For example, if we would view blink as something that died, the first group is currently looking at it like it got revived, while the second group can only see something entirely different dressing up into the carcass of what they loved and pretending to be the same thing. This is why a lot of people are upset or even angry about blink continuing on without Tom, because to a lot of people it seems wrong and far from what they see as blink-182. I’m sure the people opposing replacing Tom in the band would be thrilled to see what would happen if Mark, Travis, and Matt would start a new band instead of going on with the name blink-182.

There’s also the people who keep wading in the middle, not sure whether to be happy a group is continuing as blink-182, or sad that the group isn’t.

I really wish people would understand that not everybody sees blink the same way, and there are multiple reasons why it upsets some more than others. The thing is there’s so many people who would rather wait for 10 years for a new album if it meant having the group create it rather than having new stuff sooner made by a group.

I think you should really give that some thought before you go pour shit on anybody’s necks simply because they see it differently than you do.

anonymous asked:

Is Remy rogues true love in every verse? The only places I've seen it that way would be "the end" where they marry and have kids and ultimate where she takes him into her being. Their are many more verse's where she has other husbands... I think ironically over the verses she has more husbands than we has wives and in 616 he is yet to be confirmed the love of her life some would argue Mags may yet fill that slot along with AoA. Who would you ship remy with if it turns out Mags was her soul mate?

She might not end up with Remy in every universe (this is Marvel, where happy endings are verboten) but Rogue seems to love Remy more than anyone else throughout the AUs.  Like you said, in X-Men: The End, they’re happy, and in 616 they seem to be one-another’s true love.  In the Ultimate universe they were nuts for each other, even though they had a short time together before he died.  In Age of X, they also seemed not to have known each other very well/long, but there was one hell of a spark.  And of course in most cartoon versions, they are featured as a couple/potential couple.  It just seems that most writers assume that they are supposed to be together, although they like throwing in a fair number of wrenches into their relationship.