Rare  footage of me dancing to Jet Black Heart 


Cause I was talking with lillileinein about how much Ayatos happy ending reminded me of the magic conch scene from spongebob squarepants

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Recently finished the game again as my newest Lavellan Rift Mage. Romanced Solas. And now I can just feel the pain that Solas and Flemeth were feeling when they spoke. Oh, poor Flemeth. Dareth Shiral.

So today, I started my run with Solas’s breakup and ended it with the epilogue. I’ve played the Crestwood scene so many times (and watched the footage of it over and over again when I went to write that scene for myself) that I can go through it without flinching (mostly). I’ve become a little detached from it. 

But oh man, that moment when Isii sees Solas for the last time (and doesn’t know it). 

And when he goes to Flemeth with so much remorse. 

Literal ache in my chest. 

It seems silly in some ways to feel that intensely about it, especially since I know exactly what’s coming and have experienced it before. But there’s something about the level of emotional engagement I have with this game (and that romance in particular) that just really tugs at me through the whole final sequence.

Now please, Trespasser. Don’t fuck that up.

Tbh this is how I feel when you guys message me/send me fan mail. I love it. aND I LOVE YOU MY KITTIES!!!