Things that drop when the new album drops

- Calums pants

- Ashtons man bun

- Michael girls

- Luke’s mom

- me into my grave

- some rude ass 5h fans when they listen how awesome we are

- some bitch in the hospital that said one bad little itty bitty detail about any of the things in the album

- then into the bitchs grave

- me outta school

- me in life

tfw u get the four daughters of darkness trophy and u want all the girls to hug it out but then u remember that emily hates ashley bc of ur decisions–even jessica to certain extent–and that it would be v awkward bc ash is p much afraid of em now and jess is just confused how tf did she end up here???? wtf happened????? wh A t tF is GOinG oN???? and sam would be stuck in the middle of this mess trying to play mom


best friend!michael blurb

322 words

okay but sleepovers with best friend!michael, before you got to his house he’d have everything set up, your favorite movies would be pulled out of the shelf he keeps them on and set next to the dvd player. the video games that were easy enough for you to play were placed on the coffee table. three game controllers connected and ready because you both know we need that extra one incase michael unexpectedly loses to you and lets out a lil steam. your favorite snacks were bought yesterday courtesy to michael’s mom and ready to be munched on. one of michael’s shirts would be set to the side because he knew how much you loved sleeping in them. so when you opened the door to his house (with your own key) he’d be on the couch in the living room wrapped in a pile of blankets waiting for you to join him in the “bestest, funnest sleepover in the history of sleepovers” he’d say.

and after the snacks were gone and in your tummies, and the video games started to feel repetitive, and the movies were no longer funny, you two would head to bed. you’d slip on michael’s shirt and he’d change into his jammies. you two would lazily brush your teeth together and bump heads when you two went to spit. you’d sit on his bed and he would start to brush your hair as you began to put it in braids. and when michael decided he just couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore, he’d scoot to his side of the bed and made sure to switch out the pillows for the ones you liked, the ones that smelled like him. he’d wait a couple minutes before you complained you were cold before wrapping himself around you and sigh contently. giving you a sloppy kiss to the cheek before wishing you good night and a cheeky lil “i love you.”



Preference #2: The Longest Text Message-Childish Gambino (A Lyric Based Concept)

A/N: Before you read, I’d just like to mention that I truly do not believe these scenarios would ever happen, y'know, if you actually start dating one of the lads. Also, I love Jack, he seems like a chill ass Motherfucker and I do not believe he would ever steal any of the boys’ ladies. Ok? This is a work of fiction, do not take it to heart. By the way, if you’ve never heard of Childish Gambino, I suggest checking his shit out. He is a lyrical genius. His bars are dope as fuck and I swear I am in love with him because of it lol ok bye.

Ashton: I used to love your fucking mouth, you’ve had enough of mine, but what’s the reason for you never gave me any sign.

You angrily stormed out of the house, suitcase and car keys in hand. You’d had enough of Ashton and the constant fights you two had. He’d been gone for months on tour, and now that he was back all you two ever did was bicker and fight; it really put a toll on your relationship.

“Yeah, just run away because it really fucking helps!” Ashton growled from the porch.

“I’m tired of your shit Ash, all we’ve ever done since you got back is fight, fuck and repeat.” You stood in the driveway, glaring at the curly-haired Aussie. “This isn’t a relationship, it’s just a fucking game to you, and I’m done.”

“So, that’s it? You didn’t even try to fix what we have. I’m not a fucking mind reader, I don’t know what you’re thinking or feeling.” He ran a hand angrily through his already disheveled locks, “The least you could have fucking done was give me a sign, or told me as soon as this became an issue.”

“I shouldn’t have to tell you that sex isn’t the only asset to a relationship, dumbass.” You growl.

Ashton scoffed and shook his head. “Oh, please. The sex obviously wasn’t a fucking problem. You stuck out longer than I’d expected.”

“Fuck you,” you hissed and got in the car, driving off without a second thought of ever returning.

Calum: “You know it’s fucking childish to write a song to get me”, I’m always fucking childish, you knew that when you met me.

Calum had tried his hardest to get you back; from gifts to having friends convince you to change your mind, and, now, a song.

The song he’d written for you was his last resort, and deep down he had a slight feeling it wouldn’t work, but he pushed that aside and gave it a go. It was nearly two in the morning and there he stood on your porch, strumming his guitar. Once the song came to an end, he glanced up, waiting for your reaction.

There you stood-a stoic expression on your beautiful features he’d branded into his memory. You hadn’t said one word nor had you reacted. He was beginning to think you hadn’t even listened to the song, and it was a bit bothersome, if he had a say.

“Cal, of everything you’ve done,” you scoff. “I’d say this song was the most childish thing you’ve done to try to get me. I mean, seriously Cal, that would have been cute when we were like twelve, but we’re not, you need to grow up and move on.”

“Childish? Seriously, Y/N, we’re not that fucking old. Besides, any girl would be fucking ecstatic if I serenaded them this late at night, you’re so damn inconsiderate.” Calum’s grip on his guitar tightened as he continued. “We’ve known each other for three years, yeah I’m childish, we established that when we first met. You always use that sorry ass excuse; guess I’m not the only childish one.”

You rolled your eyes as he slung his guitar on his back and stormed off, forever gone from your life.

Luke: I hate it when you think you really gettin’ something good, and you don’t listen to your dudes when you really should.

Luke had invited you on tour with him and the band since 5 Seconds of Summer was touring America and Europe for the summer. Of course you jumped at the chance, and there you stood; backstage with 5SOS and their immediate family-you and Jack practically glued to the hip.

“Listen to me mate, sooner or later she’s going to break your heart,” Ashton warned Luke as soon as he got the lovesick puppy away from you. “I say break up with her now before it’s too late.”

“Why? Everything’s going great,” his blue eyes were glued on you in admiration as you giggled at something Jack had said.

“She’s clearly flirting with Jack, but you’re so caught up in this one-sided relationship you can’t even tell she’s interested in him.” Michael added.
“You’re all just jealous, don’t worry mates, you’ll find the one.” Luke gave a small smile to them before walking over to you and Jack.

A few weeks into tour and Luke was gradually realizing you were spending way too much time with Jack. He didn’t want to believe it, but his fear of losing you had become a reality when he went to your hotel room only to find you tongue deep in the older man’s mouth; his hand firmly grasping your hips-drawing you closer. Luke’s heart broke as he ran as far as his legs could take him away from you. Away from Jack. At that moment he knew he should have listened to his band mates, he was just far too deep in his feelings to actually listen.

Michael: I never was in love with you; I hope you know I’m meaning it.

Michael stared at you from his place on the couch. You’d gone to his flat and bluntly said you were done. He wasn’t sure what he’d done, except give you the unconditional love he thought you deserved, or so you thought.

“You weren’t that fucking great anyway.” He shrugged nonchalantly.

“I beg to differ,” you respond before glancing down to your feet. “I’m certain you’re just saying that because you’re angry, but I’m seriously done with this…whatever this was. All we ever did was hang at your place and have sex. Not much going on here and I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore.”

“Girls would kill to be in the place you’ve been in these past few months, but who gives a fuck right? Because relationships don’t always last, especially if you never loved the other to begin with.” Michael’s eyes were just as cold as his words.

He had admitted to never actually loving you throughout the entire relationship, but who were you to get upset, you didn’t love him that way either. It was fun while it lasted, but you wanted something real, and honestly Michael didn’t fit the standards you wanted him to.

“Well, I’m glad you’ve seen it my way,” you remarked before turning to the door. “I hope for your sake you’ll grow out of these ways and settle down because I’d hate for you to be alone the rest of your life.”

You walked out of his flat, a weight being lifted from your shoulders as you left the life of being “Michael Clifford’s girlfriend”.


“I’d like to thank Calum Hood for giving birth to Luke Hemmings”

Jones Beach, NY

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