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LSU pulls away from Arkansas after sluggish start, clinches SEC West

I'm sick and tired of hearing...

All these people complaining about Alabama making it to the National Championship.

They are the 2nd BEST team in the nation! It’s not their fault that they are not on in the same Conference but the same Division as LSU.

Yeah Oklahoma State may have won against more Top 25 teams than Alabama did. But that’s because most of the teams Alabama played aren’t that good this year.

The SEC is the best conference there is. I mean we did have 3 teams in the 1, 2, and 3 spots. Not only were they SEC teams they were SEC West teams. 

Sure both Alabama and Oklahoma State had 1 lost. But Alabama lost to LSU the number 1 team in the nation. Ok St. lost to Iowa St. who wasn’t ranked. And I know that Ok St. was dealing with the loss of their basketball coach. But still.

Everyone keeps saying Alabama had their chance to play for the National title. Well so did Ok St.

I personally am glad it’s LSU and Alabama playing. It’s not going to be the same game as it was earlier in the season. Both teams are going to give it all they’ve got.

If Oklahoma State had made it to the National Championship game they would’ve gotten slaughtered by LSU. Sure their offense is good but they wouldn’t stand a chance against LSU’s defense. There is no way that Ok St. would score more than 21 points on LSU. And that’s just how it is.

And all these Auburn fans complaining about Alabama making it. You know if the tables were turned and it was Auburn there instead of Alabama they would be saying completely different things. And all of them saying they are going to root for LSU instead of Alabama. I remember last season all the Auburn fans getting mad because Alabama fans would not root for them and rooted for Oregon. Double standards? Seems that way.

I always want the SEC to win the title. And if that means I have to root for a team I don’t like. I do it. Especially if it means the title stays in my state.

Enough of my rant.


And I’ll throw in a ROLL TIDE!

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of crap for this but I could care less.

rickate-kateick-caskett replied to your post:Forever laughing at the idea that LSU has a lower percentage of winning the SEC West than Mississippi State.

He hasn’t won a Heisman, but he certainly hasn’t “Wallaced” a game either. By the way, if you wanna know what the inside of the Georgia Dome looks like, let me know.


 said: By the way, you’re welcome to come to Starkville anytime and get your picture made with the Golden Egg.

Okay, for one, the Egg Bowl? Not a big deal to me. Especially last year when both teams sucked so much that the only touchdowns in regular time were from turnovers, and it took a guy sliding on a wet field to be the ‘highlight’ of the game after a guy stripped the ball out of his arm (though Bo is an idiot for carrying the ball untucked. But Bo and I have a love/hate relationship that is relative to the amount of stupid decisions he makes per game). That’s not anything to brag about. That’s pathetic. Also pathetic? A defensive end kicking Bo Wallace in the head at the end of the game while he was still laying on the field. Tacky and unsportsmanlike.

Number two, the only thing Mississippi State fans ever talk about? The Egg Bowl. They base the entire success of their season on if they beat Ole Miss or not. Mississippi State could literally win the SEC West, and compete for an SEC Championship. But if they managed to make it in spite of losing to the Rebels, the season wouldn’t mean as much. True story. 

Number three, I have a photo with the Egg. And its not a big deal because the Egg changes hands all the time. Yeah, you kept it for four years, so what. It’s an EGG. It’s a trophy that only means anything inside the state of Mississippi. Sure, its cool when you have it at your school, but I’d much rather have some bowl wins/a winning record/be competitive for an SEC/National title. 

Number four, the only time Mississippi State has been to the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship Game? 1998, the literal worst year that the SEC has had in its history in football. And State lost, in 32 seconds, in the fourth quarter. The only time Mississippi State has been the SEC Champ? 1941. 

Number five, Ole Miss has been the SEC Champ six times. 1947, 1951, 1952, and 1960. Ole Miss also doesn’t give a crap about statistics because we just busted a giant ass hole in those by breaking a 42 year drought to go to Omaha for the College World Series. We are totally good, thrilled even. And no one is this program is proclaiming Heisman candidates or blathering on about how they are going to 'win the state’ or championships, or whatever schtick Dan Mullen is now trying to sell to the masses. The Rebels aren’t anywhere close to the level of LSU, Auburn and Alabama. They know that. They are working to fix that.

Number six, I will let you know. Going to Atlanta for the Chick-fil-a kick off against Boise State next month. 

(you are still my friend though. :))

Tigers maul Mississippi State

Fucking A, Jesus Christ. 

I doubted LSU. Still do, as National Champ favorites. But that defense, just sheer athleticism. Now if they can sprinkle some order and discipline, they could get Rudy for a receiver and Lame James as a quarterback and it wouldn’t matter.

The Tigers held No.25 Mississippi State to 193 yards and 13 first downs, and that’s all you need to know about that.

OK, maybe the final score, 19-6, but it’s more dominating than that. 


Fucking wow.

The Thursday game was a key SEC West matchup. Even though we already knew that LSU was going to beat Mississippi, we needed to know how dominating they’d be.

Holy crap.

And I’m not even a believer yet.