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the get down appreciation week
day one: favorite male character

[caption: three gifs of ra-ra from the get down. him with an excited dizzee, looking worried after rapping his part. him preparing to tell his parents the truth about what happened to the salon. him after his call with tanya as he says: “the force is strong with this one.”]

# renewthegetdown

  • Trini: (in the mine, in front of phone with Billy recording) If you're stressed, use this. *shows a light-up fidget spinner*
  • Trini: If you're really stressed, use this. *picks up the head of a ceiling fan and spins it*
  • Kimberly: (comes into view atop a cliff face, shouting) Or use this! *picks up the head of a wind turbine and spins it*
  • Zack: (comes into view with another wind turbine head)
  • Billy: Oh, dear.
  • Jason: (comes into view with another wind turbine head)
  • Billy:
  • Billy: Holy...moley.
  • Trini: (mumbling) And I'm sending this to my abuela....
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Oh dear.

Syaoran you know it’s ok to stay on the floor sometimes. Kurogane is a ninja. I’m sure he’s got this. 


Okay I’m gonna get sappy here for a sec but whatever who cares.

It makes me so happy that One Day at A Time (2017) exists because finally FINALLY there’s a family on television that is like mine. From the opening credits the moment I heard Gloria Estefan singing to a montage of photos that looked like they came right out of one of the albums on our shelf, things just felt right.

The Alvarez family are Cuban yes, but the whole point of the show is that they’re caught between worlds, sharing values from both Cuban and American society. The main language in the household is English but they still have bouts of Spanish exclamations. They eat out but abuela also makes cafe y arroz con pollo. The whole “this is MY house” argument between Penelope and abuela. The addressing of the stigma toward depression and divorce in the Cuban community. The frustration of Elena not always being able to communicate the way she wants in Spanish. Penelope’s exasperation as abuela took out the quince photos. The exceptional strong-will and independence and dramatics of Cuban women.

Y'all, this is my family. When abuela Lydia talked about leaving her sister behind in Cuba, I couldn’t help but break down thinking of the 12 siblings my own abuela left that she never saw again. The family in Cuba I will never see.

I never thought I’d find something like that on television. And I couldn’t be more grateful that I did.

the rain will wash you clean

A surprising number of people expressed interest in me posting the Princess Diaries fic I wrote last night, so here we are.

It’s a scene tag for the end of the first movie (and isn’t exactly second-movie-compliant). Most of you can probably figure out what scene it is, but for reference, it’s set after Joe motions the rest of the security guards out of the entry hall so that he and Clarisse can have some privacy.

Anyhoops, I hope y’all enjoy.

the rain will wash you clean

The first time Joe kisses Clarisse, it is raining.

His touch is gentle, the brush of his lips feather-light against hers. She feels the warmth of his hand on her waist through the thick layers of cream silk, feels the soft sigh of air against her mouth as he pulls away, feels his hesitation in the fibers of his movement.

She suspects that, should she look at him, she will see hesitation—and warmth, always warmth—there too, clouding his dark eyes.

He is not one who was built for fear. She has seen him smeared with blood—his own blood and others’—has seen him tired and aching and wary. She has seen him angry, and hurting, and furious. She has seen him with his eyes burning, and his teeth bared. She has even seen him terrified, once, as she looked up at him from where she had been knocked to the floor by the concussive blast of a grenade. But never before had she seen him afraid.

She thinks, though, that if she looks into his eyes now, she might see fear.

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