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“I think you’ll like it. it’s got bi representation” I haven’t even come out to you yet am I just that obvious


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•I just did Solange’s whole newest album bc I listened to all of it p much last week while doin HW & I don’t remember specific songs yet 😰

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33. Biggest pet peeves

Ok here’s a few:
-When I’m waiting in the car for someone and we have to leave at 7 to get somewhere on time but they come out at 7:05 and they’re like “it’s not a big deal, it’s only 5 minutes” LIKE THAT SHIT COUNTS MAN BE ON TIME
-People who talk over me or interrupt me in the middle of a story like IM SORRY WAIT A SEC
-people who don’t silence their phone in a theatre (both the movie and Broadway kind)
-and they can’t help it technically but I get irrationally mad at heavy breathing/snoring at sleep overs cause I need silence to sleep. (Like having a fan on is fine, it’s constant and white noise, breathing is like a singular thing and it isn’t constant so I start anticipating it and I can’t sleep)
This makes me sound like such an uptight person but I swear I’m not omg

((….okay but…this fic…as heartbreaking as it is and as much as I want to curl into a ball after reading it (which means it’s good and I loved it but it’s prolly not gonna make it into my headcanon fully)…like…think about this for a sec.  Who was there the day that Maedhros and Maglor stole the Silmarils from Eonwe’s camp?  No one, as far as we know.  I feel like any witnesses would have been mentioned.  And who the hell would follow them at this point anyway??  There’s no way there were still any who claimed fealty to Feanor at this point, not after the disaster at Sirion.  Not after the brothers were like “hey we’re gonna raid a camp full of Maiar who’s in.”  Yeah no one would’ve gone with them.

So then…how is it that we get an account of what happened?  How is history able to record what happened to Maedhros?  Maglor would have been the only witness to his death.  And yeah Maedhros’s suicide is notably unusual because Elves don’t commit suicide, and if it’s noted as unusual that means there’s been some discourse about it, which could mean there was a witness other than Maglor who brought the story back and thus the discussion began.

And…check this out.  Even if there was some witness to Maedhros’s death other than Maglor…no one would have been witness to the fact that Maglor wandered the shore for forever.  That is a thing that happened when he was alone. And he was alone.  He was so alone.

Basically, the only way for history to have known about Maglor’s fate is if he told it himself.  But if the Sil was written in the First Age…then Maglor’s fate would have been relayed to the translator.  *gestures up at fic*

So yeah…Maglor helping Tolkien translate the histories the Sil dictates, and adding in some of his own recollections.  Bomb for a modern-day headcanon? 8D  Bonus:  Elladan and Elrohir helping Tolkien translate the Red Book. 8D (Not my headcanon but it bears mentioning alongside.)))

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Isn't it sana and noora crossing the street in the tarjri/henrik picture?

i really don’t think so, i’ve looked closely at them but the people don’t really resemble them soooo idkkkk but i think julie might be throwing us off or it’s just a tiny scene with solely isak and even and sana will come into the scene after a few secs who knows

Drama: The First Step

ALTAIR THEATER “Rigel Vol. 1 -encounter-”: Morning Scenery | A Little Effort | Pros and Stupid Amateurs | The First Step | Welcome Backstage! ~Rigel Arc~ | Now or Never
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(crowd applauding)

All: Thank you very much!

(sitting down)

Izumo: Phew.

Rintaro: Good job, you guys! I brought water. Here you go.

Izumo: Ah.

Maki: Thanks.

Yosuke: Thank you.

Rintaro: After a little break, it looks like we’re supposed to stand-by at the hall to send the audience off.

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