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‘Kanan had totally forgotten the deal Ezra made… And that nothing he said or did could stop it…. Ezra… Or whatever it was controlling him… It was going to hurt Sabine… Kanan… He said to stop it…. He had to save her…’

‘He didn’t have a choice…’ 

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You’re on your period (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

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A/N: This is short, but it’s Ashton fluff. Hope you guys enjoy it <3 


It was a Monday and, as if they couldn’t get any worse, your period started during the middle of the day in one of your classes. Thankfully, there was an extra pad in your backpack and you only had two hours left of classes, but you didn’t have any pain killers. Those two hours could not have gone slower and when you got home, you immediately changed into sweatpants and took three Advil. You lay face down on your couch and close your eyes, waiting for the medicine to take affect.

Soon, you heard the door shut and Ashton yell “I’m home!” You groan in response and attempt to wave at him from the couch. He chuckles and walks over to where you’re laying, kneeling down next to you.

“What’s up, babe?” He asks softly, pushing a piece of hair behind your ear.

“My period started today and I took Advil a little bit ago but it’s not doing a whole lot and my lower back is killing me and my head hurts and ugh,” you groan in frustration, “I hate being a girl sometimes.”

Frowning he looks at the ground for a minute thinking of what could help your pain. When he looks back up he says, “do you want to cuddle?” 

A small smile comes to your face and you nod your head. 

He pulls you up for a moment so he can lay down, then he motions with his hands for you to lay on top of him. With your head resting on his chest, you feel his hands come around your waist and under your shirt onto your lower back. Your eyes start to grow heavier as his hands draw designs on your skin, slowly taking the pain away as your muscles start to relax. Soon enough you were asleep and Ashton wasn’t far behind, both of you sleeping the afternoon away until dinner time. 

tHERE ARE TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE,, lmao I’m so sorry I just thought seeing them one after the other was funny but I’ll get to them in a sec but long story short–I think it’d be bad writing to make Lance Black Paladin. Not just because he has no thematic link or parallels to Black, Zarkon, or Shiro, but also because it would go completely against his character development. Lance only wanted Black for the glory. 

Now compare this to Shiro, who was able to seamlessly bond with Black, who was able to heal and open up through their bond, who activated her wings, teleported, phased into the astral plane, ect. Who’s been fighting Zarkon for control and took back his bayard. He fought for Black’s autonomy as well as his own when they faced the emperor. 

And then of course there’s Keith–who was able to connect with Black out of a desire to protect Shiro and later to carry on his will. Who literally talks to Black like Shiro is right there beside him and finds comfort in that, who deeply cares for Shiro and what’s best for the team and has fought Zarkon one-on-one just like Shiro. I support Shiro being True Black Paladin and Kuron being a clone, so for now I’m just going to set aside Shiro for a second and talk about why Black settled for Keith in his absence instead of Lance. 

Because Lance’s motivations at the time are…very different. He didn’t care about Black or what Shiro wanted–and in fact, he started off antagonizing Keith while the guy was clearly still deeply mourning and literally spat on what Shiro asked by dismissing his last will entirely. Literally, the bottom line here is this–Lance wants a promotion, and Keith wants the person he loved most back. And Lance is willing to boss around someone clearly grieving because he has to be number one. 

And mind you, Lance says this after Keith reacts like this. So Lance saw how heartbroken Keith looked, saw how important this was to him and how much he was grieving. And he still chose to further upset Keith by pushing the issue for the sake of his own pride. That’s not something a Black Paladin would do. 

Owning up to the fact that piloting Black wasn’t his place and realizing being leader isn’t a popularity contest and they all have their strengths was a huge step for him. And it’d be such a waste to tear all that development down just because people want to see Lance “in the spotlight.” So yeah, I think it’s a total disservice to him and Keith and Shiro if they suddenly made Lance Black Paladin just for the sake of giving him what he wants. He’s maturing past that and I’m proud of him for that. 

And so is Allura. The fact that she took the time to explain her very personal connection with Red to him while she never did so with Keith is huge. And the fact that she’s the one who passes on Red to him and trusts him with Alfor’s legacy is monumental. I wish more people would recognize the gravity of that instead of insisting not being Black Paladin somehow makes Lance second rate.

First drawn on iPad, then at the halfway of the colouring process I moved to work on the computer. I’m a sucker for mermaid!aus, so of course I needed one for McLennon. I only used watercolour brushes + a crayon brush, and topped it with a watercolour texture in the background. Read more for the 2300 word story that I wrote to accompany this!

Paulos, the youngest son of King Triton, is forbidden from going on land. Ever since the kingdom of Atlantis lost its queen, Mary, to a mysterious disease, King Triton has strictly refused from letting anyone ashore. There is nothing else that Paulos wants, though, his curiosity too strong.

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He gives you a massage (Calum Hood)


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Trigger warnings: none


Mondays were always horrible. Your backpack was full of textbooks, a water bottle, and notebooks, and you had classes all day. As the day went on, you could feel your shoulders and back slowly getting more and more tense and sore. Sighing with relief as you reach your apartment steps, you make your way up before unlocking the door. You set down your backpack and take off your shoes, feeling the muscles scream at every movement you did.

Walking over to your small kitchen, you lean your elbows on the counter and check your email. You started rubbing one of your shoulders with one of your hands, when you heard the door shut and hear your boyfriend, Calum, say “I’m home.” A small smile came to your lips and you responded with, “I’m in the kitchen!” Soon, Calum came around the corner and and smiled saying, “Hey babe.”

“Hey,” giving him a light smile.

“Is your shoulder okay?” He asked, seeing you rub it.

“Yeah it’s fine, my shoulders are just sore.”

“Want me to rub them?”

“Oh, you don’t have t-” 

“I want to,” he replied, grabbing your hand and bringing you to the couch.
You laid down and felt him start to take your shirt off, so you sit up slightly and help get the shirt off completely. He then unclipped your bra and moved the straps to the sides of your arms and out of the way. A sigh of relief left my lips as I felt his warm hands glide up my shoulders starting to find and work out the knots before slowly moving down my back. You accidentally let out a small groan when he hit a particularly sore spot on your lower back and you could feel him smirking behind you and mumbled “shut up,” with a small smile on your lips. After one final rub he leans down and kisses your cheek and then re-clips your bra and grabs your shirt. 

“Feel better?” He asks, handing you your shirt after you sit up.

“Tons, thank you,” you give him a soft smile and put your shirt back on.

He smiles and gives you a hand up before giving you a small peck on the lips before walking into the kitchen to find you both something to eat.

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Brienne x Tormund?

Who has the best bear story?!



You say that you’re not good for me, cause I’m always tugging at your sleeve. And I swear I hate you when you leave but I like it anyways..

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