Without - obviously I don’t want to spoil too much for the viewers, but there is more that could be done with the Winter Soldier after this movie. Do you know - is that going to happen in Age of Ultron, or is that being left to a future Captain America movie?
As of right now, I don’t believe I’m involved with the Age of Ultron. That I can definitely say. As for the latter, listen: I don’t know. We’re just literally now putting this movie out there. You know how the story goes in the comic books. There’s a lot there to be covered still, and I’m equally interested to see where the guys are going to take it next. As far as I’m concerned, we just scratched the tip of the iceberg.


If I had to kill a cartoon figure, it’d probably be like, who’s that, like… yeah Road Runner! I feel like I always wanted to kill Road Runner when I was little and I just couldn’t. He always just got away. Other that or the Three Little Pigs. And how? Oh God, um, just with bow and arrow.