hello hello a while back i asked what i should do when i hit 3k and y'all voted for a follow forever. that took too long so i decided on 2.5k and well you get the point. basically i’m an impatient little shit so here’s my follow forever ok.

big shoutout to some of my greatest friends on here:

nobritish, ohlicity, abbimills, colilnmorgan, imaginedragons, uries, lukeofficial, pornialls

and the rest of the people whose blogs i enjoy following/my friends. mutuals bolded, everyone else i love you from afar

agontcarter, americqchavez, amysragedydoctorarthurdrvillbarnvsbarryallens, brucebannarcatiylotzcharelsxavierclintbantoncolindonoghuecolinodonorgasm, danshrmandcwneyjrdeathstrcke, denielsharmandoomsdayydrahgonsdrakonlorddunedehaanemiliesclarkeevanpeterr, ewkilifassbhenderfelicitysmmoakfelictysmoakfightfourfihli, gamohras, gamoralordgrootly, guardiahnguardiansofthegalaxyshollansroden, iamgrooteisaaclaeheyjabberjaisjeaniegraykillianseakingrenlylanisterslaurelolivermattsmitmaximohffsmenoutoftime, miladyswanmydraconobucky, ohcaptainrurnohsansa, ohweecestolicities, oliversmoaksorocketpansansa, peterhale, peterquiills, ptersquillphilcoulson, qroatoanravinreyes,  romanovnat, rxginamillss-moakedsarhamanninqsebastianstanssmoakandswansmoakhsmoakyfiretheavengestywhin, uhrogers, unthinkableyouandmewclverinewessas, woahargentwolevrine

and my groups:

the homiesexuals, the arrow alliance, the smoaking arrow network, the 100 ladies network, the sebastian stan network, the ally a network, and the multifandoms network

and a ginormous thank you to mister colton haynes for making my life and tweeting out my gifset. feel free to do the thing again.

side note: if you’re not on here it doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy following you/love you! these are just some of the people who i reblog a lot from/stalk/cannot fathom how they are so perfect. i’ve probably just been dumb and forgot you, that’s the most likely option. otherwise you’re in one of the groups up there and still count.

introducing the first members of the Sebastian Stan Network (◕‿◕✿)

mara or i will message you with further instructions shortly. ^u^ welcome! make sure you track both #sebastianstannetwork & #sebstansnet. if you didn’t get picked this time around don’t worry because more members will be chosen very soon :3 so don’t forget to apply